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Scrapping Māori Health Authority Tramples Over Te Tiriti O Waitangi – Green Party


The Green Party condemns the Government’s latest trashing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in rushing through legislation, without any public input, that will see Te Aka Whai Ora scrapped and the health of Māori neglected.

“Disbanding Te Aka Whai Ora will have devastating and lasting impacts on the health and well-being of tangata whenua. Rushing this legislation through the House without public input and before the Waitangi Tribunal’s Urgent Inquiry into the matter is a subversion of our democracy and another example of the Te Tiriti trashing approach that has characterised this Government,” says Green Party spokesperson for Māori Health Hūhana Lyndon.

“Scrapping Te Aka Whai Ora represents a step back to a status quo that has failed generation upon generation of Māori. The institutional neglect of the past has resulted in Māori dying at four times the rate of non-Māori from preventable disease and illness.

“Wāhine Māori are among those least likely to access cervical and breast screening, leaving them more likely to die from cancer whilst our tamariki have a mortality rate one-and-a-half times the rate found in others. All of this culminates in Māori, on average, having a life expectancy seven years shorter than non-Māori in Aotearoa. Te Aka Whai Ora was an opportunity to end the shameful legacy of neglect Māori have endured in healthcare.

“Te Aka Whai Ora was the closest tino rangatiratanga compliant model in history. To end this work risks continuing poor health outcomes for Māori, to the enduring shame of this Government.

“The Green Party calls on the Government to halt its plans to abolish Te Aka Whai Ora and allow the Waitangi Tribunal the opportunity to assess the implications this would have before a final decision on the authority is made, ” says Hūhana Lyndon.


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Govt GST-sharing Proposal Gets The Green Light From Councils – Local Government NZ


Councils have welcomed the Infrastructure Minister’s comments today that the Government is considering sharing GST with councils.

The comments come following extensive advocacy by Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) to ensure councils have a range of funding levers to meet the growing needs of communities.

“Councils’ share of overall tax revenue has remained at 2% of GDP for the last 50 years, despite our ever-increasing responsibilities,” says LGNZ’s President Sam Broughton. “That’s not sustainable”.

“Councils acknowledge the need for more housing in New Zealand and we play an important role in delivering the critical infrastructure that supports those new homes.

“Currently housing growth just adds cost to councils. New tools like GST sharing on new builds would incentivise councils to provide much needed housing capacity.

“Continuing to rely so heavily on household and business rates is not a sustainable funding approach for local government. LGNZ will continue to work with the Government on a toolbox approach to addressing funding and financing challenges.

“Sharing of GST on new builds acknowledges the key role local government plays to deliver the infrastructure needed as our regions grow and will be an important piece of the funding puzzle.

“We look forward to progressing this with the Government,” Sam Broughton said.

S&P Global Ratings said last week that local government rates had not increased, as a percentage of the economy, in the past 100 years. Compare that with central government taxation which has gone up 200% in the same period.


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Criminal Bar Association – Media Statement – Gang Proposals


We need evidence-based justice policy that keeps our communities safe, while upholding a fair system of justice. The Government’s proposed new ban on gang insignia does neither of those things.

“Banning gang insignia is a repeat policy that has already failed to prevent crime or keep communities safe.” says acting President of the New Zealand Criminal Bar Association, Annabel Cresswell.

“We know that criminalising people by association is not only a breach of the NZ Bill of Rights Act, but a policy that will largely target Māori, Pasifika and our poorer communities, without addressing the causes of crime or making us safer.

“It is disappointing to see the Government oversimplify justice issues and ignore the evidence we already have about what would prevent crime.

“Our system of justice should uphold fairness, protect rights, and keep our communities safe based on evidence of crime prevention.

“In particular as a response to youth offending, justice policies should seek to prevent recidivism and keep our young people out of gangs, rather than to stigmatise them further. We know young people who offend or are most likely to join gangs, are those from a background of abuse or neglect, often from within the state care system, with addiction issues, or learning disability.

“Instead of focusing on failed punitive measures, the Government could resource interventions that support young people to thrive, through rehabilitative measures, mental health support, accessible addiction treatment, and pathways back to inclusive education.” Says Annabel Cresswell.


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Govt Must Regulate To Protect Migrant Workers On Work Visas From Exploitation – New Zealand Council of Trade Unions


The NZ Council of Trade Unions Te Kauae Kaimahi is calling on Government to regulate greater protections for migrant workers including decoupling work visas from single employers, and for a comprehensive review into the policy settings of the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV).

This follows the release of the review into Immigration New Zealand’s administration of the AEWV scheme, which found that the scheme did not work as intended and that INZ could have done more to minimise the risk of abuse. It found that “MBIE do not appear to have a methodology or approach through which they regularly are able to calibrate the extent or nature of migrant exploitation”.

“The Accredited Employer Work Visa scheme has enabled systemic and widespread exploitation of migrant workers in Aotearoa New Zealand,” said CTU President Richard Wagstaff.

“We have seen case after case of migrant workers having their human rights violated and being used as a source of cheap labour for unscrupulous employers.

“Work visas shouldn’t enable the exploitation of migrant workers. Government must ensure that migrant workers are protected. Decoupling work visas from single employers, and allowing them to work with work with other accredited firms would be a great place to start.

“There needs to be a wider review of the AEWV scheme that looks at the policy settings and the extent of the exploitation of migrant workers in those industries using the scheme, rather than just the administration of the scheme.

“Migrant workers must be afforded with the same fundamental rights and conditions as all workers in New Zealand and should be treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve,” said Wagstaff.


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Government Rips Off Motorists To Fund Truckers – The Rail Advocacy Collective


The government is considering moving away from the current fuel excise tax (FET) and move all vehicles into the same road user charge (RUC) system that all heavy and other diesel propelled vehicles use. We can only be hopeful that the oil companies reduce the cost of petrol accordingly.

The government has also scrapped the iReX rail ferry project and has indicated a preference for non-rail capable ferries for the Cook Strait. This will lead to trucks only crossing the Cook Strait due to rail having to double handle freight on this route.

Niall Robertson, the National Coordinator of TRAC says, “…by scrapping the rail capable ferries, Nicola Willis has either unwittingly or knowingly condemned the rail system between Christchurch and Hamilton to being unviable going forward, with a large increase of heavy trucks on that route.”

Rail is extremely efficient in moving large volumes of freight and is able to offer the lowest possible rates for non-urgent freight. On some routes (currently Auckland to Christchurch) rail can even compete for urgent freight with the most competitive rates, provided volumes are large enough, which in many cases are. Rail is safe, doesn’t pollute or cause road congestion. Road transport cannot handle bulk freight items like export containers, logs, coal and milk. While successive governments have built more motorways and straightened roads, new solutions for rail infrastructure were never considered.

Robertson says, “There is a myth that trucks are cheaper and more efficient. They do well for door to door deliveries and just in time products. However, at what price and who pays? Trucks are road hazards, polluters and cause congestion. They also do 99% of all the road damage as road damage goes up exponentially with every tonne added to the weight of a vehicle. They are now subsidised by motorists”.

Robertson adds, “… when the fuel excise tax (FET) and road user charges (RUC’s) of vehicles under 3.5 tonnes are added up (2022-23 figures), the revenue collected is $1.892 billion, but the revenue collected by vehicles over 3.5 tonnes is a mere $785.4 million. Truck RUC’s do not reflect the effect they have on congestion, road damage, safety and pollution. They are being subsidised by other road users by a 3 to 1 ratio. These figures will be a surprise to most motorists and brings a lie to the idea that rail is so much more expensive. In fact, motorists would be far better off subsidising rail!”

Robertson says, “Trucks will usually have 70% of the freight task to deal with, but currently the road transport lobby and ideologists are trying to take over rail’s role”.

TRAC chair, Guy Wellwood says, “The current government has embarked on an erroneous anti-rail, pro-road set of policies which is not ideal during a climate crisis, with a high road toll, with new evidence appearing regarding the health effects of tyre dust. Also there is a list of road transport projects for which there is a $24 billion dollar hole. Now is not the time to destroy rail, but embrace it!”

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Sex Buyers In The Spotlight In ‘Buying Her’ Film, Premieres In New Zealand – Stop Demand


As a nation that has decriminalised and normalised prostitution and the buying of sex, the film Buying Her is both powerful and relevant.

A first-of-its-kind film/documentary, Buying Her explores the lives of men who buy sex and what drives them. First-hand accounts from both sex buyers and former sex sellers including sex-trafficked women are gritty and raw. Buyers’ journeys, including childhood exposure to pornography, predatory attitudes and sex addictions, are laid bare. Their stories will be the stories of many of our own Kiwi sex buyers.

Buying Her (run time: 61 mins) has TWO screenings this week – Auckland and Tauranga – as part of a World Tour.

• Auckland – Wed 28 Feb 2024, 6.30 pm – Rialto Cinema, 167/169 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

• Tauranga – Fri 01 Mar 2024, 7.30 pm – Luxe Theatre, 21 Devonport Road, Tauranga

Each screening is followed by a Q&A Panel and a time of Networking.

US-based Exodus Cry is partnering with local groups Wahine Toa Rising, Freedom from Sexual Exploitation, Stop Demand, MASSIVE/Men Against Sexual Violence, Korowai Tumanako, Rise Above, Safe Surfer in bringing Buying Her to New Zealand. More details here.

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Is Child Poverty really too hard to cure?


In the NZH editorial (Tuesday 27th Feb) , titled: ”New Zealand is failing our most vulnerable – our children” it was stated:

On Thursday, Stats NZ released its latest child poverty measures, showing in the year to June 2023, 202,100 children were deemed to be living in poverty in this country. That’s an increase of 3.1 per cent on the previous year.

Oops. The editorial is incorrect to say there is an increase of 3.1%. It should have said 3.1 percentage points.  The actual increase in numbers of children is a whopping 35,900 or 20% and is described by Stats NZ as statistically significant.   

This 50% AHC fixed line measure is expected to show a downward trend when real incomes (incomes after adjusting for inflation) rise as is normally the case and is the trend until recently as can be seen from the figure.

The measure used here is the canary in the mine as it indicates changes in absolute poverty. It counts children under the 50% 2018 after housing costs median household income maintained in real value by a simple CPI adjustment. 

By year ended June 2023 it is clearly going in the wrong direction. More, not fewer children live in families who can’t sustain even the meagre 2018 standard of living of the 50% fixed line.  Corroborating the conclusion that child poverty got worse, there is also a 2.5 percentage change in hardship, the third primary measure in the Act. This shows 143,700 children were going without basic needs, such as fresh fruit and vegetables and doctor visits, and had to put up with being sick and cold. These figures must be taken as, or more, seriously as in these fraught times.

Of course there are other reasons to be even more alarmed. The official figures are so far out of date by the time they arrive and fail to cover the worst-off children whose families do not have a secure household address. Much more attention should have been paid to the consistent reports from the NGO sector such as foodbanks, budgeting services, ACM, Salvation Army, KidsCan and Variety. Charities report food insecurity is the number one reason so many are seeking help.  The situation for the 2023/24 year, not reported until 2025, will doubtless show further deterioration as there are no policy changes in the past year to suggest otherwise and the voices from the NGOS are louder than ever.

Victoria University of Wellington professor of public policy Jonathan Boston is quoted in the editorial saying:

…The data show how difficult it is to reduce poverty. We remain a country with significant child poverty and particularly high rates of poverty among Māori and Pasifika communities, which is very concerning.

Another interpretation would be that rather than it being ‘difficult’ there has just been no effective policies, especially in the last two years. We can expect now that merely increasing incomes will be even less likely to show an impact. One reason is that balance sheets of the poorest families have become seriously eroded as year after year the deficits have been filled with borrowing and a run down in assets. Debt servicing makes any deficits even worse.

Another reason is that to improve our stats in a cost effective way, means ways of pushing more support to the lowest income groups will have to be found. 

Just because child poverty is now more intractable is no reason not to try serious policies to turn the trends around. Indeed it is absolutely imperative that these trends are rapidly reversed for all our futures. Fortunately, there are things that can be done and done quickly given the political will.

Here is a meaningful start. 

  • Immediately pay the full Working for Families tax credits to all low income families instead of leaving the poorest out, to fall further behind. The value of the IWTC in July will be almost $100 per week per family and 222,400 children would benefit. To join this onto the family tax credit so all get the same access would cost roughly $600m. The fact it is so expensive gives some indication of the amount that has been denied every year to the worst-off over the last 18 years.
  • Immediately adjust the WFF threshold from the fixed 2028 figure of $42,700 to $53,700 and reduce the rate of abatement to 20% to take the pressure off families in full time low paid work. This would give them up to $3400 pa more and could cost another $680m.
  • Annually adjust all aspects of benefits and Working for Families, including thresholds, for wages (or prices if prices rise more rapidly).

Of course other policies should be also used to reinforce income improvements. Bed in a decent lunch in schools programme with secure funding, improve child care subsidies and subsidise public transport for the young for example. Find ways to rebuild shattered balance sheets, especially in housing. Reduce the impact of debt including student loans with debt forgiveness programme.

So how can this be paid for? Here is one suggestion that would not increase poverty.  Clawback 10% of NZ Super ($2 billion a year) from the wealthiest Superannuitants who would hardly notice with a modified surcharge as set out here: New Zealand Super as a basic income.


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Why National have to mislead about School property crisis, Beneficiaries, Truancy and Gangs


National are misusing under funded School infrastructure to claim Labour left them with an funding ‘crisis’.

Why does National have to lie about a ‘crisis’?

National are misusing beneficiary numbers to paint a picture of lazy bludgers bludging when the reality is that National are manipulatively inflating those numbers without telling you the truth that they are including the disabled, solo parents and those on the solo purposes benefit!

They always bash beneficiaries when white collar crime is far larger.

Why does National have to lie about Beneficiaries?

National scream truancy is terrible and that fining parents is the solution when the reality is that many children are working 30 to 40 hours a week to help keep their families afloat during a cost of living crisis.

Why does National have to lie about truant children and propose counter productive policies?

The explosion of Gang Violence has been driven by the exporting of a professional criminal class called the 501s (which refers to the Australian legislation number it was when passed)  who were forcibly removed from Australia under duress. They recognised the softness of the domestic gangs and using South American Cartel links have imported a cheaper, purer meth while embarking upon an enormous turf war.

Banning patches won’t do a fucking thing to that dynamic.

Why does National have to lie about a Gang patch ban and propose symbolic counter productive legislation?

National have to twist and deceive every time they say something because they need to deliver a billion each year in tax cuts to their rich mates.

National need to pretend there is a crisis in school infrastructure so that they can privatise it…

…National need to take from beneficiaries to pay for those tax cuts while demonising parents with truant kids and generating symbolic friction against gang members so you don’t notice this.

You aren’t focused on removing $2300 a year from those on disability welfare or that funding these tax cuts will push 13000 kids into poverty, you aren’t focused on any of that, you are focused on bashing parents of truant kids and gang members, people we all hate and despise.

You are having your anger manipulated by those who wish to advance their interests, not ours.

The ease with which this Government abuses power and glides on through is dangerously arrogant barely 4 months in.

It takes the Left 5 years to get this smug. National, ACT and NZ First have managed that in under 5 moths!


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Right wing ‘feelings; have replaced Left wing ‘feelings’ as policy and we are all worse off!


Feelings, nothing more than feelings.

Morris Albert’s 1974 classic ‘Feelings‘ kinda manages to sum up the current political culture.

Right now in New Zealand, you can win an argument with nothing more than ‘feelings’.

If you ‘feel’ the argument more than the other, then you win.

Crazy no?

Because objective truth, logic and rational debate are all heteronormative white cis male privileges, ‘FEELINGS’ are all that matter now and once the middle class woke activists triggered that new threshold for truth, the feral anti vaxxers and Incels and redneck racists and Groundswell astroturf protests have done exactly the same!

This is the new politics of the neoliberal subjective!

We have too many fucking feelings and we have allowed a culture where feelings trump rational objective logic because the ‘lived experience’ of victims, racists, rednecks, Incels, feral antivaxers and woke middle class activists all replace reality, objective truth and class solidarity.

The only people who should give a fuck about your ‘feelings’ are you, your family and close friends.

Outside of that, fuck your feelings.

Your feelings ain’t my problem.

If your self-esteem is hurt by my thoughts, the clue is in the ‘self’ part of word, ‘self-esteem’.

You decide how you feel about shit, it ain’t no one else’s problem OR responsibility!

We have replaced feelings for rational debates.

We have replaced feelings for objective truth.

We have replaced feelings for wider context.

The Woke started this in 2016 with their social media Lynch mobs, the feral Right have now perfected it.

Everything we are seeing right now from this far right racist Government is ‘feelings’ based, not evidence based!

This Government is passing conspiracy theories into social policy because deranged antivaxxers ‘feel’ angry about a vaccination.

This Government will cut public funding to Community Sports if they have a Trans player because their angry anti-Trans voters ‘feel’ angry!

This Government is bashing beneficiaries, prisoners, renters, Māori, the environment and workers because the right wing voters ‘feel’ angry no matter how counterproductive those culture war revenge fantasies are!

FFS – we are seriously going to go against all the science and just raise the speed limits on roads because people feel angry at not being able to rush home!

Fuck! Your! Feelings!

The Right have perfected the Woke’s outrage olympics and all politics is now your ‘feelings’!

This is the new politics of the neoliberal subjective.

The greatest danger posed by Idenity Politics is if white males start seeing themselves as a victim as well, which is exactly what the woke managed to achieve.

If we on the Left will be dictated to by our feelings, then the fucking Right will gleefully play that game too!

Can the Left move from Pure Temple politics towards Broadchurch Class Solidarity, because if we can’t, the most hard right racist Government ever elected will remain in power.

The new politics of the neoliberal subjective have robbed us of a unity based on rational logic and argument and replaced it with the sandcastles of feelings.

I’m not interested in your feelings, I am interested in your thinkings!

New Zealand Aotearoa deserves a State that helps the people and builds the nation, not one that tears everything down and punishes those their voters despise!

We should base policy on evidence, not fucking feelings!

We allow this hard right racist Government to hurt gangs, then the prisoners, then the trans, then Maori, then beneficiaries, then renters, then workers, then the environment and then you!

There is a whiff of casual fascism here Comrades – 2024 is the time to pick sides – there can be no more fence sitting, but we have to reach that place with thinkings, not feelings!


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Sweden Joins: Dangerous NATO escalation of Ukraine War 2 years on


Kyiv has right to strike Russian targets ‘outside Ukraine’, says Nato chief
Ukraine has the right to strike “Russian military targets outside Ukraine” in line with international law, the Nato secretary-general has said for the first time since the start of the full-scale war nearly two years ago. Jens Stoltenberg earlier this week acknowledged that the use of western-supplied arms to strike targets in Russia had long been a point of contention among Kyiv’s allies, due to fears of escalating the conflict. “It’s for each and every ally to decide whether there are some caveats on what they deliver, and different allies have had a bit different policies on that,” Stoltenberg told Radio Free Europe in an interview published on Tuesday. “But in general, we need to remember what this is. This is a war of aggression by Russia against Ukraine, in blatant violation of international law. And according to international law, Ukraine has the right to self-defence,” Stoltenberg added. “And that includes also striking legitimate military targets, Russian military targets, outside Ukraine. That is international law and, of course, Ukraine has the right to do so, to protect itself.” A Nato official confirmed to the Financial Times on Thursday that Stoltenberg said Kyiv had the right to self-defence, including by striking legitimate Russian military targets outside Ukraine. 

Extraordinary escalation here by NATO.

The pressure is now on Zelensky.

He knows the West tires and focus turns to Israel.

He knows if Trump wins, he will cut aid to the Ukraine and cut a ‘peace’ deal directly with Putin.

He knows his only chance is to regain global attention from Israel’s ethnic cleansing war crime is by escalation with Russia. If he uses the next generation heavy weaponry the West have given the Ukraine inside Russia proper, that could escalate Russian aggression to commit a terrible response bordering on a tactical field nuke.

Sweden just joined NATO, the expansion Putin wished to avoid has occurred BECAUSE he was foolish enough to start a war that has minced 370 000 of his own men!

I am Socialist Left as fuck and despise the American Military Industrial Complex, but I have never understood the spineless devotion of Putin apologists!

Putin is an authoritarian thug whose unspeakable violence marks him as a brutal dictator. His needless war with Ukraine is an abomination and he has assassinated anyone he likes, with Alexei Navalny but one of many Putin has had killed.

I don’t care about the Donbas provocations, that doesn’t justify a war where he is minced up almost half a million people!

Don’t forget his naked contempt for the Gay community and his cruelty towards them either!

When Putin invaded the Ukraine, we all told ourselves in the West that the great Chessmaster had blundered and had grossly underestimated the power of sovereignty to the Ukrainian people.

I wrote at the time that I hoped we were right, and that he had blundered, but I feared it was we who were blundering.

I argued Putin would invade because of his strong Orthodox Christian faith and that he had come to view his leadership in comparison to the great Russian Leaders of the past and after the attempted coup in Kazakhstan, Putin decided that true greatness for Mother Russia would reside outside of America’s Rules based Order regime and that Russia could be great again in a destabilised world.

I fear Putin forced his country into war and sees the 370 000+ casualties and dead as a great price to pay for Russia to seed chaos and build power from that chaos.

His only regret is that he didn’t start sooner!

The blackbelt Judo in him knows winning can be the one prepared to take the most pain and that submission is as good as a knock out.

It is absolutely in Putin’s interests to seed more disruption. Russian Intelligence finger prints are all over the Hamas plans of October 7th and Russia’s new friendship with Iran sets up the Middle East as a new front in Putins war.

Already Western appetite for Ukrainian support is waning as money is taken to Israel.

Russia’s ability to throw their own men into slaughter to literally blunt Ukrainian forces is staggering and has gridlocked any gains. The new Western heavy armour and jets will be ready for early this year and if the Ukraine can’t force an advance, all Putin has to do is wait for Trump to win and cut a peace deal with Trump.

The reality of how little time the Ukraine has to make advances could lead some to a desperate cross border escapade into Russia triggering a far more extreme response from Russia…

Kyiv has right to strike Russian targets ‘outside Ukraine’, says Nato chief

…You can see the impact of these new weapons already with the downing of a half billion dollar Russian spy plane and Black Sea fleet.

Expect more problems in Serbia as Russian backed interests start destabilisation tactics to keep the Europeans worried.

Putin knows he just has to hold on till Trump is re-elected and Trump will freeze Ukrainian funding and force Zelensky to the negotiating table.

Zelensky knows this too.

All eyes are now on Trump. His possible re-election is the momentum for every other power to try it on and take as much as they can before he is elected and then ‘negotiate’ a symbolic peace while keeping what they want.

If Trump wins, he will bring a level of isolation and internal fascism never seen before. His militarisation of ICE with massive detainment camps is the effective creation of an internal secret police with vast unchecked powers.

It’ll be the worst bits of the Handmaids Tale mixed with Toxic White Christian Nationalism.

Expect a spike in escalation for world attention as Israel’s ethnic cleansing war crime continues and worsens and Putin is tempted to do the most extreme thing he can which is give Iran the technology and material to successfully test a nuclear bomb.

Boss of Japan crime syndicate conspired to traffic nuclear material, say US prosecutors

Takeshi Ebisawa is being charged over a conspiracy to traffic uranium and plutonium from Myanmar, believing Iran would use it to make weapons


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Rise of the NuZilind Gumboot Ubermensch: Why not let redneck muppets rewrite the laws of black holes as well?


There has always been a dark side to NZ Egalitarianism.

Negative Egalitarianism.

The, ‘Oh you think you’re smarter than me’ mindset so many have when their ignorance is challenged.

Post Covid, the hatred towards ‘experts’ has been weaponised by the Right to exploit personal bigotries and prejudice and we see it most vividly in the Treaty Principles debate and the antivaxx movement.

This whole argument that “we the people didn’t have a say in Lord Cooke’s 1987 ruling” utterly misunderstands the nature of our democracy and is the intellectual equivalent of being a book burner demanding to run the library!

We have a representative democracy, not a participatory democracy.

We elect people and pay them well and resource them with the best advice to make the best decisions, if you don’t like them you kick them out of office once every 3 years.

Demanding a say in issues requiring deep wisdom, experience and technical skill like Constitutional Law and vaccines is like letting children design airplanes FFS!

You are all honestly smarter than Lord Cooke and the vast majority of medical experts promoting the vaccine are you?

The arrogance of so many of you is just jaw dropping in its level of self delusion!

I want an expert making decisions as important as this, not slack jawed yokels who are frightened every time there’s an eclipse that the moon dragon is eating the Sun God!

In fields that demand intelligence, why the Christ would you ask morons for their opinion?

It’s like getting them in to have a say over brain surgery FFS!

Why not let redneck muppets rewrite the laws of black holes as well?

Why would you listen to a redneck on advice for brain surgery, or vaccine science, or building a legislative constructional framework that allows indigenous people to access promises made by a Treaty the conquering culture never wants to acknowledge?

This hate of the expert because apparently the experts advice hurts your feelings is woke snowflake trigger level pathetic.

Right wing feelings from the Anitvaxx perma-grievance movement and the anti-Māori settler klan are what is deciding policy here, not expert analysis!

Ill informed, stupid, ignorant, right wing ‘feelings’.

Fuck your feelings.



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Could Māoridom become the competitive friction against the self-interested Public Service that well regulated Capitalism demands?


Daniel McLauchlan is one of the greatest political columnists in New Zealand and I hate that he is making me finally buy a subscription to the listener so I can read him weekly.

He’s so good he has finally made me pay money to the fucking Listener.

He’s also writing for The Democracy Project and while I am loath to link to that disgraceful NZ First apologist email masquerading as ‘public interest journalism’ (when really it’s little more than a daily corporate intelligence list behind a paywall), Daniel’s latest crusade on attacking the Wellington Professional Managerial Class raises important questions on how the State should regulate itself during Late Stage Capitalism that the Political Left need to look at…

Unjarndycing the State

The dogmatic political left invests its faith in the bureaucratic state; the dogmatic right trusts oligopolistic free markets – leaving New Zealand with crumbling infrastructure and corruption

…the Political Left have allowed the self-interested Public Service and the Professional Managerial Class to push self interested virtue signals rather than structural change and increased capacity of the State!

David Seymour says the Public Service is Left wing, bullshit!

If only this was true!

The Wellington Bureaucracy isn’t left wing! It’s a self interested Professional Managerial Class who use identity politics to mask their neoliberal hands-off-do-nothing-but-build-glass-palaces fiefdoms.

Oh they do the reo, and expose their pronouns and militantly ride bikes, they are effortless in their use of inclusion as a means to dominate and control the narrative, but they are a middle class clique, not left wing egalitarianism.

The Wellington Bureaucracy is a culture war of woke middle class Identity Politics aspirations backed with State funding, they may aesthetically be Left but they sure as fuck aren’t economically Left.

To brand the Public Service as ‘Left’ misdiagnoses the disease, symptom and patient!

The real power struggle in NZ isn’t Left vs Right, it’s between the Professional Managerial Class Corporate Consultants who influence policy to maintain their dominance and profit margins vs the self serving Public Service wanting to spend taxpayer money on their latest glass palace.

The Politicians are merely a masquerade of democracy to ensure participation that generates legitimacy, but the real power is between the Corporate Consultants who influence all policy to keep NZ deregulated and the self serving Public Service who are in it for their own fiefdoms.

The only chance any truly progressive movement gets in NZ politics is to ram your changes through in the first 100 days of any new Government.

That stops the self serving Public Service from stymieing your agenda and it stops the corporates from influencing it.

If we want true progressive policy to tax the rich and remove costs from peoples lives, it needs to be rammed through in the first 100 days or it won’t happen.

That’s why Labour have been so feckless and useless, they had no 100 day plan in 2017 and they didn’t expect to win an MMP majority in 2020.

They effectively became captured by the self serving Public Service and the Corporate Consultants.

Daniel talks about the lack of actual competition to the self-serving Public Service and to that effect Māori Social Service Providers could easily become the competition the self serving Public Service needs while building State capacity with a Ministry of Green Works.

The lack of results from a self serving Public Service riddled with Corporate Consultants could finally be challenged by Māori Social Service Providers that treat everyone who comes, but in a Māori cultural setting.

That development can drive the self serving Public Service to be far more responsive and force actual results out of them.

It’s allowing regulated capitalism to inject the dynamic of competition while building State capacity.

Imagine a scenario where Iwi joined forces with the State to create a 3rd Supermarket Operator with a focus on lower costs to customers, better work conditions for workers and better prices for suppliers.

Or expanding existing community health groups that are open to the entire community but run within Kaupapa Māori.

Same with Māori schools.

You can generate the competitive friction Capitalism requires while building up the State, not denigrating it.


The self serving Public Service is not our friend

The fundamental difference between Labour and National is that National MPs are all management psychopaths who excel at bullying others for results where as Labour wants to give everyone a cuddle at a hui with a vegan menu in Te Reo and side-order of pronouns.

The public service fear National, they don’t fear Labour and so when Labour pour billions into the Wellington Bureaucracy, they laugh and use it for more glass palaces.

The vast chunk of Labour/Green activists are placed and work within the Wellington Bureaucracy either with NGOs, Unions or State Agencies and their own sense of righteousness never allows them to consider if they are the baddies.

If we are to pour billions more into the Public Service, we must ensure these neoliberal managers don’t divert it for their own fiefdoms and pet projects.

The Right’s never ending march to amputate and slice down the State is so that the people don’t get used to a well functioning public service and so will politically agree to starve it of funds via tax cuts.

Global free market capitalism is dead, hyper regionalism is here. We need a bigger State with actual capacity rather than the threadbare barely regulated joke that it currently is.

We shouldn’t agree to cutting public services, we should fund their capacity and infrastructure rebuild while making the working conditions for those there a better quality!

Where should we get that money? Windfall taxes on the corporations and banks!

We need better conditions for those workers and the values of working 4 day weeks, extra holidays and housing solutions are aimed at making better working conditions as opposed to never ending inflationary wage pressures.

We need a sustainable bureaucracy rather than 7 figure technocrats who see their own fiefdoms and glass palaces as the measure of public policy achievements.

Grant was the ultimate Bureaucratic Insider, his relationship with the self-serving Public Service allowed Labour to not ask hard questions of its agenda to simply re-arrange the Bureaucratic structures as opposed to expanding the capacity of State.

A new relationship with the self-serving public service is required. They are gatekeepers and to force real change requires a Left wing that already has the policy ready to push through in the first 100 days.



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The Daily Blog – ACT’s patch hypocrisy + National’s wardrobe policing + NZ First’s terrorism insanity = our new counter productive gang policy



The Guardian – Macron refuses to rule out putting troops on ground in Ukraine in call to galvanise Europe

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Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice – please donate here.

If you can’t contribute but want to help, please always feel free to share our blogs on social media.

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Umm where does the Nashy get off pretending he has the moral high ground on Gangs?

"Egg me some cooks!" - The Nashy - too much weights, not enough speed work

Labour MPs react to Stuart Nash’s claims his tougher gang asset seizure policy was blocked by Cabinet

Labour MPs are disgruntled at their former colleague Stuart Nash after he claimed he fought for tougher policy on seizing assets from gangs. 

Party leader Chris Hipkins on Tuesday dismissed the comments by Nash, the former Police Minister, and denied his Government was soft on gangs. 

“Cabinet collective responsibility has never been one of Stuart’s strong points but, as a former minister, he’s entitled to have his views,” Hipkins told reporters. 

“One of the reasons we have collective responsibility is that people will remember discussions differently.” 

Other Labour MPs on Tuesday morning also expressed annoyance about the comments by Nash, who was sacked by Hipkins as a minister last year after revelations he leaked confidential Cabinet discussions to donors.

Wait!!! WHAT???

Where on earth does Stuart Bloody Nash, The Nashy if you will, where the bloody hell does The Nashy get off lecturing anyone about anything said in Cabinet meetings???








He doesn’t get any moral high ground to lecture anyone on.

The audacity and arrogance of the bloke to think he has a voice on any issue regarding Cabinet discussions after








Taking advice from the Nashy on Cabinet discussions is like Trump hosting a lesbian folk music festival.

Wildly inappropriate.

Is this your first steps to becoming a NZ First member is it?

Has Winston sent you the membership papers has he?

Shut up Stuart.


Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice – please donate here.

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Govt Focus On Gang Wardrobes Not Good Policy – Labour Party


The Government’s re-announcement of its impractical policy on gang insignia isn’t going to make it work any better, and will only put more pressure on already stretched frontline Police, justice spokesperson Duncan Webb and police spokesperson Ginny Andersen said.

“This is a superficial policy that adds little if anything to existing powers and even worse, the evidence shows it doesn’t work to reduce gang activity and intimidation,” Duncan Webb said.

“We all agree that gang intimidation must stop, but insisting that Police use their resources to chase down people for wearing jackets, bandanas, hats, even jewellery like rings, rather than criminal behaviour, is not the best way to do that.

“But this government is not interested in the evidence. Banning gang patches in Whanganui didn’t work as it was too hard to enforce,” Duncan Webb said.

Ginny Andersen said if the Government wants Police to do more they need to back them with resourcing, not cut their budget.

“Frontline police are stretched already dealing with criminal behaviour, so we have to look at what is the best use of their time. It certainly isn’t being the wardrobe Police,” Ginny Andersen said.

“New Zealanders expect that gang members will be caught and punished if they’re committing crimes – it doesn’t make a difference what they’re wearing. In fact it’s likely that banning gang patches will only make Police jobs more difficult as they’ll be harder to find.

“We support continued efforts to reduce the impact and influence of gangs in New Zealand, but it is disappointing that the Government is diverting resources from effective operations such as targeting the financial networks of gangs – hitting them in the pocket where it hurts them most – and ignoring the evidence that their actions will have no significant impact on reducing crime,” Ginny Andersen said.

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