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Top 10 Things to Do in Auckland – And They are All Free


Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city, and with its prestige comes many great places that you can visit for free. Picking activities to do can be challenging, especially when you are on a budget.

Here are the best activities that you can enjoy from dawn to dusk without limiting your opportunities.

1. Mount Eden View

The top of Mount Eden is the highest natural point in the city. Located outside the Auckland CBD, you can take a walk to the top of the mountain and enjoy the view. It will only take you between 15 and 20 minutes to complete the uphill distance.
From the top, you can relax and take in the city view. You will also enjoy the remnants of the volcanic eruptions from many years ago in the form of the 50-meter deep crater. Don’t forget to take the perfect pictures for your Instagram Stories.

2. Auckland Art Gallery

Do you love art? This chilled-out spot is a go-to location. The gallery is located at Albert Park in the heart of Auckland. You will find masterpieces in the gallery and excellent exhibitions.

The gallery is filled with art from both international and New Zealand artists. Check their website to see what they will be showing on your visit day. After you are done, you can take a pleasant stroll on Albert Park.

3. Picnics At Cornwall Park

If you love the ambience of the countryside, the tranquil oasis at the center of Auckland will fill your spirit. Breakaway from the city and head to Cornwall Park for a picnic with your loved ones.

The Park is filled with native New Zealand birds, grazing cows, and sheep, and many wander walking paths. The Park also offers free BBQs. All you have to carry is a kindle or a match.

The Cornwall Park website has more information about the best times to visit and the best roads to use from your location.

4. The Gannet Colony

For this location, you will need a car. You can just rent a self-contained campervan and take a day trip to the Muriwai beach.

  • The black beach sands are intriguing
  • The pumping surf is satisfactory for any surfer
  • If you visit the beach between August and March, the nearby cliffs will be housing a large colony of gannets
    The Muriwai beach is only 42 kilometers on the northwest side of Auckland. If you take State Highway 16, you will get there in 40 minutes.
    Plan a romantic picnic with your date and catch the beautiful afternoon west coast sunset.

5. The French Market

You have to eat to survive. So, why not take advantage of the bust La Cigale Market. If you love French cuisine, the place will blow your mind. Plus, the French market has everything you need for a good meal.
Visit the market for your groceries or an afternoon weekend lunch. The La Cigale opens every Saturday and Sunday in two locations:

  • Auckland’s CBD at the Takuti Square
  • Parnell at the 60 St Georges Bay Road
  • The CBD location only opens on Saturdays. Both sites are usually open until 1:30 pm.

6. Freedom Camping

If you are looking to set up camp in Auckland, there are free camping locations that you can visit. They offer excellent camping scenery, picnic benches, clean public toilets, internet access, and ample parking space. There are five main free camping sites that you can use:

  • Gulf Harbour Car Park located at the end of Laurie Southwick Parade
  • Hamiltons Gap located at the end of the West Coast Road in Awhitu Peninsula
  • Rays Rest Reserve located at the East Coast Road of Kaiaua
  • Te Toro Scenic Reserve located at 494 Te Toro Road in Awhitu Peninsula
  • Rosa Birch Park located at the Beresford Street in Pukekohe

It is important to note that free camping sites will only let you stay there for two nights.

7. Beach Day at Mission Bay

The mission bay is an alternative to the Muriwai beach. It offers Golden sands

Kayaking and paddleboarding Swimming waters

The beach also houses a playground known as the Trevor Davis Memorial Fountain, which also has a fitness park. From Auckland CBD, it will only take you 15 minutes to get to the beach by bus or car.

8. Auckland Museum

You do not have to give up site seeing on a rainy day. I find the Auckland museum to be very educational.

First, it doubles as a museum and a war memorial ground.

Second, the place is filled with historical events that shaped New Zealand.

If you love military and natural history, this is a location that you will enjoy visiting. The museum also houses special exhibitions. If you are an Auckland resident, be sure to visit the museum for free. Otherwise, check the museum’s admissions page for prices.

9. Auckland Parks

The good thing about Auckland is that you do not have to pay for movies. Auckland has a Parks program called the Auckland Council’s Movies that will let you enjoy a free outdoor movie at most of their parks. If you are in Auckland during the summer, take advantage of this program.
I recommend visiting the Silo Park on a Friday night. The movies there are projected on a Silo that is 35m tall. The Park is located in the Wynyard Quarter. The Movie in Parks program also has a site that has details of the movies that will be showing on different parks and their respective locations.

10. The Devonport Ferry

If you love adventure, then this is the perfect location for you. The Devonport Ferry will take you all the way to the North Head Historic Reserve. Since the 1800s, the historic mountain has been a defense fort.

You will find it at the entrance of the Devonport Auckland harbor, 16 kilometers from Auckland CBD. When there, you can take the historic walk track and:

  • pass through the military tunnels
  • check out the fortifications
  • check out the searchlights
  • check out the guns

The ferry website has a full ferry travel timetable.

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A sad end for Virgin NZ – E Tu


E tū members are hugely disappointed that Virgin Australia has decided to shut up shop in New Zealand quickly, bringing a tight knit workforce to an abrupt end.

The company emailed staff last night, telling them a shutdown was effective immediately. Roughly 600 New Zealand-based staff have lost their jobs.

Kylie Halligan, flight attendant and E tū member, says the last three weeks “have been a complete roller coaster”.

“To say I’m devastated is an understatement. I’ve not only lost a job, I’ve lost a family. The Virgin Australia bases here in NZ were relatively small and we all knew everyone. The bonds formed while working and staying away from home all the time could never be replicated in any other profession.”

Other members anonymously shared their disappointment.

“It came as a huge blow for my partner and me who were both employed by Virgin with combined service years of close to 20 years. It’s not just a job loss. It was a way of life and a career we cherished too, for me and the hundreds of others we’ve worked with. It’s an extremely sad time for all, as some of us have been here since the very beginning of the NZ operation and it breaks my heart seeing it all end so abruptly,” says one member.

Another member says the company hasn’t done enough to soften the blow.

“The tag line of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be ‘these are unprecedented times’. This phrase has been used to justify some of the most disappointing behaviour that I have seen from Virgin Australia to date. In the past month, my world and many others have been abruptly shaken, and rather than being given kindness, support and compassion from the company which I have served for the past 12 years, they have given me anguish, stress, and uncertainty.

“It will be very tough for many of us to move forward now, for people like me who have flown for the most of our lives, for the solo mothers who fly with us, for the pilots who have trained for a decade or more to get to where they were. The airline industry will not be what it was before. We are unlikely to find jobs working as crew again with much ease. My heart is broken from the sudden upheaval for my whānau and I feel dazed and lost.”

E tū Assistant National Secretary Rachel Mackintosh says that the union isn’t convinced Virgin needed to close so quickly.

“The company should have applied for the wage subsidy and done more to ensure the continuity of employment and pay for their workers. We are urging all employers, in aviation and beyond, to take advantage of the government wage subsidy and not let the workers bear the full brunt of the downturn.”

“The global aviation industry is in a precarious state. Airlines has been in a race to the bottom for over a decade and workers are paying the price.

“Fortunately, E tū members have been totally united though this which has allowed them to secure the full redundancy package under their collective agreement, plus some additional travel benefits. This had been uncertain through the last few weeks, but members stood tall.

“However, 19 members who have been employed for less than a year aren’t entitled to redundancy – this is a real concern for those members and their families. It’s not good enough.”

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MEDIA WATCH: Hooton, Gareth Morgan & Hoskings’ Death Cult Capitalism make them Vichy-Chamberlain cowards


The same right wing trolls screaming at Jacinda for shutting down the country this week were last month screaming at her for not shutting down the country last week‬.

‪Their criticism is sophistry masquerading as commentary and should be rejected with the force of projectile vomit.

Watching neoliberal devotees panic that this pandemic threatens their free market dogma is bringing out their blood lust of desperation to sacrifice the sick on their altar to Milton Friedman.

Hooton’s revolting Herald column, Gareth Morgan’s gruesome Morning Report interview and Hosking’s ghoulish Herald column last week all scream at the Government that 30 000 dead is fine as long as their sacred neoliberal economy is allowed to live.

They are Vichy-Chamberlain cowards who demand Jacinda should surrender to the virus so that their death Cult capitalism can continue because they fear the 34 year old neoliberal experiment is being exposed for the fraud it always was.

These death cult capitalists tell us that it is either or. We either save peoples lives OR we save the economy. That is a false choice, if we don’t save people’s lives, there won’t be an economy because it won’t function!

No one in NZ (other than Damien Grant) is crying out for Ayn Rand, Chicago School of Economics, or Adam Smith’s ungloved invisible hand, the frightened masses are begging the State to save them from this plague and that is what is terrifying neoliberal acolytes like Hooton, Hosking and Morgan.

It’s not ‘Socialism by stealth’ if the entire country is screaming out for it.

This pandemic is the wake up call we have needed, that free market capitalism’s illusion of ever expanding economic growth is a lie we simply can’t believe any longer. The Climate Crisis demands the changes the pandemic has enforced upon us, the challenge for the NZ Left is do we have an economic solution?

Sadly we do not.

Ever since Labour betrayed us in the 1980s, the Left have refused to reengage with the free market debate because they are fearful of the vicious idealogical war it inspired, this crisis demands those fears are pushed aside for serious reconsideration.

The wider progressive political movement has been hijacked by identity politics and ignored class and economics so that when the challenge to actually change the hegemonic neoliberal structure arrives, all they have to offer is complaints about how lockdown with their family triggers them and criticism of the virus is racist.

The Right are attempting to block any reform of their failed free market capitalism, luckily for them the Left are too busy deplatfoming one another to mount a counter attack.

A new Aotearoa Green Deal is a good starting point

  • Capitalist monopolies in energy, transport and finance have to be brought into public ownership and control. They should be subject to democratic plans drawn up by the whole community. Workers should have much stronger decision making powers within them.
  • All economic sectors to be made take steps needed to decarbonise the economy as much as is needed to reach zero net emissions by 2030.
  • Free and frequent public transport on electric buses and/or trains in all main cities.
  • Health care and education for life should be free and universally accessible.
  • Welfare, pensions, child allowances, should be universal wherever possible.
  • Taxation should be on wealth before income.
  • Public housing at fixed and affordable rents should be a right of all not just the desperately poor.
  • All workers should have a right to a job and the workweek reduced with no loss of pay to make that possible.
  • Local communes should be supported for control and delivery of as many functions of the centralised state as possible – including housing, education, health care.
  • Local communes to support cooperative forms of production of food, solar and wind energy,  electric transport, and media.

The realisation that we need economic sovereignty to empower a functioning State that has the resources to protect us from external shocks in a world being defined by external shocks can have powerful consequences politically, culturally and economically.

Unfortunately few on the NZ Left seem to have recognised this.

Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice going into this pandemic and 2020 election – please donate here.

If you can’t contribute but want to help, please always feel free to share our blogs on social media.

TDB Team 2020.

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So China lied about the virus and bought up all the protective clothing – can we criticise them yet or is that still xenophobic? 


When the first news of the Wuhan virus started circulating, an odd thing happened. Woke activists online in NZ felt any criticism of the virus was in fact racist and xenophobic.

Nigel Latte summed up the identity politics position in this now infamous tweet…

…this immediate position that criticism of the virus was racist was of course an absurdity. This issue was always a public health calamity and economic threat, it wasn’t a chance to virtue signal ones desire to tell everyone else they are racist.

New information last week that China was actually lying about the true extent of the pandemic, had secretly bought up all the global safety equipment while telling us it was ok and grossly under reported the deaths should start some serious questions about our ongoing relationship with China, but because many woke have globally transferrable skills, they see any criticism or restriction on migrants as an existential threat to their own economic freedoms and valuation.

When the National Party has become little more than a front for Chinese Business interests with an alleged spy inside their caucus and Jenny Shipley, Don Brash, Ruth Richardson and Chris Tremain Director’s of the China Construction Bank, Judith Collins interaction with Chinese Officials to help her husbands Chinese Company, Oravida, to gain more Chinese money  andMaurice Williamson’s love affair with  Donghua Liu seeing him become Liu’s personal handyman when doing up Liu’s batch and heavying the Police to drop domestic violence charges it is more than fair to start demanding far more scrutiny and public debate towards China’s power over our economy and political system, especially when the academic who is highlighting this influence is being intimidated and having her house broken into by Chinese agents, and there is a current SFO investigation into political donations to the National Party after a wealthy Chinese Businessman asked how much to buy 2 Chinese candidates on the National Party list.

The revelations that China lied, lied and lied again about this virus should at least embarrass the woke to stay silent. While that embarrassment is in place, perhaps we can have a discussion about Chinese Government influence over our politics, economy and future.

Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice going into this pandemic and 2020 election – please donate here.

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TDB Team 2020.

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GUEST BLOG: The Lockdown With Bryan Bruce Day 9 : Beware of the Bauers


When are we going to learn that foreign capital doesn’t give a damn  about you and me?

Last week we learned that the German based  Bauer Media Group will stop publishing in our country.

The List of magazine titles affected is long  and includes The Listener, New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, Australian Woman’s weekly New Zealand  ,Woman’s Day, North & South, Metro .. list goes on.Bauer  also publishes one of the country’s leading real-estate guides, The Property Press

So we are talking the loss of hundreds of writers jobs here

I see the  group is blaming the Level 4 Covt 19 restriction and loss of  advertising  for their  demise and I imagine we will see some political party finger pointing in the next few days.

But the reality is this foreign owned company will have been looking at how to cut cost  for quite a while now and the Covt 19  epidemic has simply  provided the reason for setting  it’s New Zealand operation adrift to make its global balance sheet look better.

Never mind the workers and their families involved.Never mind  the long history of a magazine like The Listener which, for over 80 years now, has been a hub for New Zealand  writers to tell stories which reflect our culture and identiy.

So what are we to make of this closure?

Well , we have to ask ourselves a couple of questions

The first is – how did one foreign owned company get to own most the magazines in our country?

The answer is that for over 30 years now neolibera lpoliticians on both sides of The House have argued it doesn’t matter who owns something just as long as we get to use it.

The trouble is,as we have just seen, foreign capital has no loyalty. It doesn’t care about the lives of its workers . You can tell that’s so  from the language neoliberals use . The workers are not “people” or to use a pre neoliberal word “personnel” they are a “human resource” – a bottom line item you can cut overnight if it is affecting your shareholders’ profits.

We saw the same thing with the shutting down of the Cadbury factory in Dunedin

My  second question  is – who are Bauer Media Group?

The answer,  it turns out, is that  they are largely one person Yvonne Bauer . She owns 85% of the global Bauer Media Group . She is in her early 40’s and her net worth is somewhere is variously estimated as being between 2 and 3 Billion .

In my view she  is symptomatic of what neoliberalism has made possible  over the last 30 plus years since Neoliberal economics has been in ascenancy – namely that  fewer and fewer people in the have been able to grab  more and more of the wealth of our planet That’s particularly true of New Zealand which many of the super rich see as a bolt-hole from the world wide  mess they have created.

So once this covt 19 epidemic is over we need to remember  how international companies like Bauer behaved  during this time and stop allowing foreign capital to  plunder our economy in the good times and dump us in the bad.

Kia kaha

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.

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Waatea News Column: Where the Waipareira Trust pandemic response goes, NZ should follow


One of the biggest dangers we have right now with the pandemic is the lack of effective community-wide testing.

If we don’t know how many people are sick, we can’t effectively manage the illness.

The Waipareira Trust has taken matters into their own hands and have set up a drive-in assessment centre in west Auckland to test whanau and provide immediate health advice.

This innovation follows other Māori groups around the country from Hone Harawira’s checkpoints up North to similar groups on the East Coast as Māori are left once again to fend for themselves and their communities.

During the Spanish Flu 100 years ago, local whanau would stand at the end of their roads with shotguns to stop outsiders arriving to spread the disease because they knew then as Māori know now, that Government looks after itself first and Māori last.

To attack these self-protective moves and community testing initiatives as Don Brash and Radio Talkback hosts recently have, ignores the history of this land where Māori welfare has always been nothing more than an afterthought.

Māori are sick of being the statistic and their agency to protect themselves and protect their community is one the rest of NZ needs to urgently follow if we are to get through this.

Pakeha have much to learn from Māori resilience.

First published on Waatea News.

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Life in Lock Down: Day 9




April 3: Day 9 of living in lock-down…

Another late-start to my work day. Everything is temporarily upended as clients are shuffled around so we can minimise our “bubble” by reducing the number of people we help. One of my colleagues has been removed from his clients; his wife works for a super-market and he helps out with her work as well.

I feel sorry for him. But it’s too much of a risk. He could easily carry something back  to older clients – many of who have some serious underlying medical conditions. Several would not survive a covid19 infection.

As per my usual route, I drive past the Park’N’Ride carpark: only three cars.

The white motorhome is still parked where I first noticed it on 31 March.

Onto SH2 for the now quick ride into Wellington. It’s around mid-day. Traffic seems… marginally “busier”? By “busier”, I mean an increase from three of four vehicles on the road with me, to six or eight. And it seems to be more cars than commercial trucks, vans, etc. I hope it’s my imagination.

Noting commercial vehicles; an “InterGroup” branded truck carrying a holding tank and heavy pumping equipment; an ambulance;  a large, empty scrap metal haulage double-tandem truck (essential?! really?!); “Countdown-branded covered truck; a Highway Patrol police car parked on the side of the motorway (one of only two police cars I see throughout the entire day); a “Bidfood” truck; “McFall” oil tanker truck; a skip-bin truck (empty); 4 “Mainfreight” trucks; “ACM” security truck; “Steinlager” branded truck; a “Chemdry” van (carpets gotta be cleaned even during a virus apocalypse so we meet our Maker with clean shagpile); “Frost”-branded van; a fire-fighting appliance and fire service van, on the side of the motorway; two container-hauling trucks (empty); a “FMS – Food Machinary” service van; “New World” branded truck; a “Waste Management” truck; a hi-ab truck carting heavy metal/iron machine parts; “Beaurepaires” van; an empty hi-ab flat deck truck; “Hirepool” truck; more roadworks with “Fulton Hogan” vehicles, north of The Terrace tunnel; a “Bosco” heavy-gravel hauling truck; in the city, a “Dawson”s grease-trap truck; a SCL Wellington (laboratories) car; a MTA car; a “Cricket Wellington” car in Vivian Street.

In Miramar, a van branded with “Vital” is parked in a spot and I’m fairly certain it wasn’t there yesterday. The garish orange colouring makes it hard to blend in with other vehicles nearby and kinda gives it away. Another individual or business for whom the lock-down is non-applicable?

On the radio, RNZ was carrying a story that Moodys credit rating agency had left New Zealand’s sovereign-rating unchanged. As a foreign financial website reported;

In its latest review report on New Zealand’s (NZ) sovereign credit ratings, Moody’s Investors Service affirmed the NZ long-term issuer and senior unsecured ratings at Aaa and maintained the stable outlook.

“The drivers behind the rating affirmation include Moody’s assessment of New Zealand’s strong governance, including sound monetary and fiscal institutions with track records of proactive and effective policymaking.


Moody’s expects the New Zealand economy to remain resilient in the face of shocks, given its trade openness, diverse and competitive agricultural export base, flexible labor and product markets, high wealth levels, and favorable demographics, driven by robust migration trends.”

That made me smile. Aside from not being the news National would like to hear (because it made the Labour-led government look like sound fiscal managers) – it stood in stark contrast  for when the Key-led government racked up a massive debt of at least $71.6 billion by June 2011 – three years after it had taken office.

Splurging on borrowing billions after two unaffordable tax cuts in 2009 and 2010, two other ratings agencies (Standard & Poors and Fitch downgraded New Zealand’s sovereign credit ratings thereafter.

All the while, the current government will be borrowing at least $25 billion to keep the economy afloat.

The lesson from this is simple enough; the capitalists on Wall Street were not impressed with National having to borrow to sustain their promised tax cuts. (In effect, National borrowed other people’s savings to put money into our back pockets. A quasi-socialist money transfer under the cloak of “tax cuts”. )

The capitalists on Wall Street, however, recognise that the current government is borrowing, not for consumption, but for stimulus. The difference is subtle, but nevertheless, real.

Meanwhile, focusing back on the road…

Despite only emergency road works supposedly permitted during the lock down, a roading gang with vehicles was operating just north of the Ngauranga inter4change. “Downer” vans were parked nearby.

Driving in toward the city, a low cloud-fog had enveloped most of the entrance to the harbour and eastern suburbs. Irony of ironies, even without covid19, the airport would have been closed this afternoon;



The Terrace Tunnel which, in the last few days was almost empty, had more traffic today. At least six or eight cars were present any one time as I drove through.

There seemed fewer people on the streets. Hardly surprising; it was a gray, over-cast day and entering the city it began to lightly drizzle. Not a day for a casual stroll through the city, lock down or not.

At Kilbirnie Pak N Save, a client required assistance with their shopping. This is not a task normally assigned to us – but these are unusual times requiring different solutions. Even with careful management by Pak N Save staff, to prevent over-crowding in the supermarket aisles, there were still “bottlenecks”; places where popular products were kept on shelves.

The two-metre phyical distancing rule became also impossible to maintain. This was not just because a small number ignored the protocol – but because one person in the middle of an aisle effectively blocked it with their two-metre “bubble”.

Which was sufficient to give real cause for concern to let smaller retail outlets open, or even larger outlet which had narrower aisles than a supermarket.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just butchers, Jenny Craig, storage facilities, and sundry assorted other businesses clamouring for the coveted title of “essential service”.

Next in line; golf courses;

As of Monday, the Covid-19 website’s list of additional services stated: “Turf maintenance is not considered an essential service and should not be undertaken at this time.”

NZG have asked for essential and critical maintenance to be carried out in a solo manner by an individual, who either lives on course or outside the golf facility.


“We know the government is trying to save lives here. Obviously growing grass isn’t that, but we’re worried about the damage at the end of it,” Murphy said.

“If we can do a little bit of essential maintenance by individuals doing solo work, we think that’s a reasonable exemption.”


“Our greens are our babies and if we stay away from those for too long there will be repercussions down the other end with job losses and probably club closures,” New Zealand Golf Course Superintendents Association president Steve Hodson said.

Is there anyone in Aotearoa New Zealand who isn’t running an “essential service”?!

Who is next in line? Sex toy shops?

Oh, wait… it had to happen.

Meanwhile, as some people have yet to understand the full deadly nature of this disease, there are now over a million cases of covid19 worldwide, and nearly 53,000 people have died.

By sheer fortune, we have (thus far) escaped the worst of it.

Golf courses can be fixed up. Jenny Craig can temporarily halt peddling its illusory promises of a svelte figure. None of which is worth a single human life.

Tonight, after I left Wellington, heading home, I realised I could no longer avoid going to the supermarket for my own grocery needs. Like something out of a Stephen King supernatural thriller, supermarkets have become a place of dread. Especially as we learn how easily the covid19 virus can be transmitted by a cough or sneeze. Or even – as it may be the case – by exhaling.

For the second time today, I “suit up” in my most-basic hazmat protective gear: a pair of blue latex gloves and a paper face mask that may or may not work.

And there’s three more weeks (at least!) of this to go.


Current covid19 cases: 868

Number of deaths: 1






FX Street:  Moody’s affirms New Zealand’s Aaa rating, maintains stable outlook – NZD/USD retests highs

Fairfax/Stuff media: Government debt rises to $71.6 billion

New Zealand Debt Management Office: New Zealand Sovereign Credit Ratings

Fairfax/Stuff media: Coronavirus – Government doubles borrowing forecast as economy worsens

Mediaworks/Newshub:  Coronavirus – Exclusion of butchers as essential service will cause ‘animal welfare crisis’ says pork sector

RNZ:  Jenny Craig defends stance as essential service

RNZ: Jenny Craig and storage facility staff told they are essential service

Fairfax/Stuff: Coronavirus – Golf clubs could perish if greenkeepers barred from caring for greens

Adult Toy Mega Store

RNZ:  Covid-19 – Confirmed global cases pass one million

Science News:  Just breathing or talking may be enough to spread COVID-19 after all

RNZ:  Covid-19 update – 71 new cases, down from yesterday’s high, but clusters increase

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Elemental: Hold the Line

Democracy Now:  Madrid’s Ice Rink Turned to Morgue as Spain Exceeds China in Coronavirus Deaths

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Acknowledgement: Rod Emmerson


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Over the years, Unite Union has fought for better redundancy terms for our workers at Skycity.

Many tens of thousands of workers in New Zealand will now lose their jobs without this cushion. Unite argues for the immediate provision of statutory redundancy rights for all workers by the Labour led Government, as this is also their own party policy.

Here I would like to tautoko the work of former Labour Party MP Darien Fentonwho tried to get this passed into law many years ago. 4 by 2 for all.

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I recently I blogged; POLICE BREACH PROTOCOLS.

Photographic evidence was provided to show the  RULE OF LAW being superseded by RULE OF POLICE.

People who break law; especially police and MPs (who are suppose to set examples for the public), should be prosecuted.

Bruce Hutton; identified by the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the conviction of Arthur Allan Thomas  for the  Crewe murders, as the officer responsible of fabricating  evidence i.e. planting a .22 cartridge; is the classic case.    It is also a classic case for the fact that successive governments and police commissioners refused to prosecute – providing   more evidence of the  rule of police superseding rule of law.

[In my view a bastardization of Bentham was applied: In Hutton’s case it was that the conviction of Hutton for a crime, outweighed the damage that would be done to the reputation of the Establishment!]


In 1972 when I was a detective; I was convicted of dangerous driving and disqualified for 6 months..

In 1983 as a detective, Mike Bush found himself pleading guilty to a drink drive charge.  Pleading guilty, he was fined $250 and disqualified from driving for six months.

Mike and I went on to illustrious careers:

He with a law degree to rise to commissioner.

Me with a BA and a Master degree, to commissioned rank in the police; later MP and Under Secretary;  and now an Honorary Consul and  trustee and CEO of substantial commercial assets in NZ.

So!  If Mike Bush and I could overcome convictions in Court; there is no reason why Clark and Mallard cannot overcome convictions in Court

Now we have two senior Politians, who, by my understanding of the “UNWRITTEN LAWS” the public are suppose to obey during Lockdown, applying a variation of the above, abuse of law by bureaucrats.

David Clarke – Health Minister if you can believe that!  And eminent geriatric of the House; Speaker Mallard – both exposing the rest of us to great dangers (according to their own government’s edicts)!

I was an MP once and I too understand what it is to apply ones own rule to unwritten rules – in my case Executive conventions:

Alan Ross Meurant is a New Zealand public figure who has at various times gained public … At that time, Meurant was a member of the executive: the Undersecretary of Agriculture and Forestry. … had as a director of a Russian-owned bank (PROK) domiciled in Vanuatu and was subsequently dismissed from the Executive. (Wikipedia)

If I could overcome being fired from the Executive of Government by Jim Bolger, there is no reason why Mallard and Clark cant take their punishment and get on with life.

Time for Jacinda to, step up?

This would demonstrate to the public of New Zealand; that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

Of course; the big question in Clark and Mallard’s cases are: WHAT IS THE LAW THEY HAVE BROKEN?

And if there is NO LAW THEY HAVE BROKEN;   then its open roadways for the rest us.


That fact that Mike Bush and I had criminal convictions but went on to greater public service; surely makes a  mockery of the ARBITRARY RULE applied  by many government (and private) employers:


That is almost as banal bureaucratic nonsense as is the ARBITRARY RULE; that seventies and over should stay home – because of their health risk.

Demonstrably there are over seventies with better health than many under fifties.


Ross Meurant; a former high-ranking police officer, former Member of Parliament, formerly with commercial interests in Syria and Iran and  currently Honorary Consul for an African state.

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Māori Party Welcome Seabed Mining Decision And Push For Nationwide Ban


During the challenges associated with lockdown, the Māori Party are congratulating Ngāti Ruanui and South Taranaki on the decision of the Court of Appeal, announced today, to stop Trans-Tasman Resources plans for risky seabed mining off the South Taranaki Bight, and are pushing for a nationwide ban on all seabed mining permits.

The Court of Appeal found that there were multiple overlapping errors of law in the approach adopted by the Environmental Protection Authorities Decision-making committee, including failing to address the central question of whether granting a marine discharge consent would be consistent with the objective set out in s 10(1)(b) of the EEZ Act in relation to discharges of harmful substances: protecting the environment from pollution.

“We send our mihi and congratulations to Ngāti Ruanui, our own Debbie Ngarewa-Packer, and all of South Taranaki for this hugely significant victory for their moana, their whenua and their whānau,” said Māori Party President Che Wilson.

“Here in Aotearoa, from Raukūmara to Te Hiku to Kaikōura to Pātea, we have seen that Māori are on the frontline of resisting extractive industries that pollute our environment and pushing for transformative climate action.

“Even with this positive outcome the Māori Party will stay vigilant and continue to campaign against seabed mining across the country.

“Ngāti Ruanui and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer have led the fight against seabed mining in Aotearoa. If elected as the MP for Te Tai Hauāuru this year, Debbie will take that fight into Parliament.

“The Māori Party position is to ban all seabed mining permits across Aotearoa. It is a risky and untested extractive technique that could cause unprecedented damage to our marine environment.

“We are the only political party in Aotearoa to have a policy to either ban or put a moratorium on seabed mining. This is a clear indication of why we need Māori Party MPs back in Parliament to fight for our people and our environment.

“We would also ban new onshore oil and gas permits, fracking, and new coal mines. A vote for the Māori Party is a vote for strong action on climate change and protecting our natural environment,” said Mr Wilson.

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South Taranaki Iwi Celebrating Court Of Appeal Decision To Stop Seabed Mining


Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Ruanui and Te Kaahui o Rauru are celebrating the decision of the Court of Appeal, announced today, to stop Trans-Tasman Resources plans for risky seabed mining off the South Taranaki Bight.

The Court of Appeal found that there were multiple overlapping errors of law in the approach adopted by the Environmental Protection Authority’s Decision-making committee, including failing to address the central question of whether granting a marine discharge consent would be consistent with the objective set out in s 10(1)(b) of the EEZ Act in relation to discharges of harmful substances: protecting the environment from pollution.

“This is an historic decision that sets a precedent that will have national and international implications. Ngāti Ruanui are celebrating this victory and we are proud to have led the campaign against seabed mining” said Ngāti Ruanui kaiarataki Debbie Ngarewa-Packer.

“This was the third time that we’ve been in the courts to stop seabed mining. As kaitiaki, we are clear that we will do whatever we can to protect our moana. Even with this decision we will need to stay vigilant, and we will be continuing the fight for a ban on seabed mining across the country.

“Seabed mining is risky and untested. Trans-Tasman Resources are wanting to use our moana in South Taranaki as a testing ground. This could have disastrous impacts on our lives, our abundant sea life, our food supply, our commercial fishermen, and the future of our tamariki.

“This permit was granted under a National government, but the current Government, which talks a big game on climate change and the environment, needs to actually deliver by taking heed of this decision and putting in place a ban on seabed mining permits in Aotearoa.

“We are proud to lead the campaign against seabed mining, in the courts and on the streets. We acknowledge our legal team including QC Richard Fowler, Justine Inns, Horiana Irwin-Easthorpe and Natalie Coates and our allies in this fight including Te Kaahui o Rauru, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining, Te Ohu Kaimoana and Greenpeace,” said Mrs Ngarewa-Packer.

“We’re facing off against the seabed mining industry because we believe kaitiakitanga and environmental protection is the way forward for our people, not big overseas corporates degrading our marine environment with no local benefits,” said Te Kaahui o Rauru tumu whakarae Mike Neho.

“We are thrilled with this latest decision to reject Trans-Tasman Resource’s permit, but we will continue work to ensure that our moana and coastlines are protected for our mokopuna and generations yet to come,” said Mr Neho.

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Top 7 Reasons to Invest in CBD Products This 2020



The demand for CBD products is growing all over the world. Consumers have become more aware of the recreational and medical uses of cannabis because such information is now widely available. Most people are investing in CBD products now more than ever. This high investment is due to various reasons, including the relaxation of stringent rules, popularity among consumers, and increased legalization. This sector is growing at an alarming rate as consumers continue to prefer it as a supplementary medicine. Users prefer these products due to the benefits that they offer. CBD products contain CBD, which is one of the main compounds found in the cannabis plant that doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. 

Here are some of the main reasons why you should invest in CBD products in 2020.

  1. Variety of Products To Choose

CBD products offer something for everyone, and one can never run out of options. Due to various options for consumers, sellers can expect an increase in sales this year. You can consume CBD in different ways, such as https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-hemp-capsules/, balms, edibles, or vapor, among others. Such options allow consumers to experiment with various products before settling for their preferred one. Products also come in varying concentrations and benefits for consumers. One such product is CBD tincture. It is easy to use and people often claim that it has many benefits. CBDfx tincture is a mood-lifter, for example.  Some use it for recreational purposes and others for cosmetic or medical reasons. In short, CBD products cover a large market segment; there are products for both adults and children. Therefore, it is wise to go for these products because you can never miss one that addresses your needs. Besides, it also means that sellers are now stocking a variety of products, which makes it easy to purchase at an affordable price as well as it increases availability. Products are entering the market from different parts of the world, and this implies that you have a chance to choose the most high-quality goods only. 

  1. Evidence From Research Backs Up Its Use

Earlier, due to the lack of research on the use of cannabis, it was not very popular among the masses. Most thought that it only had mind-altering effects and didn’t understand any of its therapeutic benefits. However, scientific research on CBD products improved its sales because consumers look for products recommended by trusted professionals such as doctors. Research on the benefits of CBD for patients with seizures, pain, insomnia, and arthritis, among others, significantly affects market performance. 

Currently, many organizations and universities are participating in research to understand more about the benefits of CBD products. With such interest from prominent institutions, it’s clear to consumers that cannabis has a lot of health benefits. As studies continue on more ways that CBD can be helpful, more consumers will want to associate themselves with it this year.

  1. Increased Legalization

The main ingredient in most cannabis products is CBD oil, and it is now legal in many states in the USA and other parts of the world. More and more nations are beginning to realize that it is impossible to overlook the unique health properties of CBD. These properties, backed up with evidence from research, have prompted legalization in various nations. 

In the US, the recent Farm Bill made it legal to grow and consume CBD products. It implies that more people will have access to products for use or to sell to others. Consumers no longer have to deal with back door quacks and can access licensed products from authentic stores.
4. It Offers Numerous Health Benefits

Health benefits are perhaps the main reasons to invest in cannabis this year. The potential of CBD to treat many conditions without leaving any side effect makes it a unique product of this century. Cancer, arthritis patients, and even athletes are looking for such products to address underlying health issues. CBD has many methods of consumption, such as vaping and edibles, allowing sellers to stock a variety of products. Moreover, many doctors are now recommending CBD products to patients. 

The CBD component of marijuana contains numerous health benefits. CBD can help to manage and treat a number of diseases such as depression, arthritis, and chemotherapy side effects, among others. Besides, it helps to manage chronic pain. CBD is advantageous over other synthetic medications because it is natural and has no side effects. You can learn more about CBD benefits at herbonaut.com.

CBD works by reacting with receptors in the endocannabinoid system to regulate various functions. Therefore, it helps to restore balance in the immune system, allowing proper body functioning. Moreover, increased information on the products backed up by research shows that CBD is a healthy compound which is why it’s a safe investment.

  1. Availability Of High-Quality Products

Consumers want quality, and sellers want to create a good reputation; investing in CBD makes these two things possible. Legalization has made it possible for manufacturers and sellers to offer high-quality CBD products. On the same note, with the availability of information on the market, consumers and sellers understand the different types of CBD products and can choose the best.

  1. Easy Accessibility

Before the wide legalization of cannabis for medicinal use, users had to use shady means such as purchasing the product illegally. As such, even for a person who wanted CBD genuinely to treat an underlying condition, there was no way to identify a trusted seller. There is encouraging development in the CBD industry, and people are investing in infrastructure. There is a high availability of both online and physical stores. The improved infrastructure allows consumers to have access to more products. Online sellers are becoming more trustworthy in the marijuana business, and those wishing to invest in 2020 already have established platforms. In other words, those consumers who are beginning to use cannabis will benefit from the increased accessibility. 7. CBD Does Not Cause the High and has Numerous Consumption Methods

Unlike the THC component of cannabis, CBD does not have psychoactive effects. This implies that you can consume it without getting high. This is a major reason to invest in CBD this year, especially if you want to use it for health purposes. Another key issue is that it has numerous ways of consumption. Whether you love vaping, smoking, eating edibles or using topicals, you can choose any method to include CBD in your wellness routine. 


The growth of the CBD industry across the world will influence the number of consumers in 2020. The popularity of CBD is due to the wide legalization of CBD largely due to its health benefits. There are few stringent rules as nations begin to realize the undeniable potential of the product. By creating a positive environment, the use of CBD is set to soar high with many consumers recognizing its unique properties. Now, You can easily get your hands on CBD products from  http://www.weedcenter.org and enjoy their benefits.

Compared to the past, the CBD market already has an upward growth, and consumers and researchers are on the lookout for more ways to exploit its benefits. It is, therefore, almost sure that the CBD industry will continue to increase as many consumers go for CBD products. Investing in CBD products this year is a wise idea as it will allow you to enjoy the many benefits that CBD offers. 


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Lyttelton Port Workers Resist Introduction Of Casual Workers During COVID19 Crisis – Rail And Maritime Transport Union


Workers at the Port of Lyttelton are resisting the introduction of casual cargo handlers due to concerns about COVID19.

RMTU South Island Organizer John Kerr says there is concern about a Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) proposal to “bring in 24, and possibly up to 40, new casual cargo handlers.”

He says the LPC has done good work in protecting workers from cross infection, including separating work groups into ‘bubbles’ to minimise the risk of COVID19 infection.

“However, introducing casual workers to the port is a risky move at this time,” says Mr Kerr.

He says casual workers are not obliged to accept work on a day to day basis, and the proposal could introduce new workers into workgroups with no guarantee they will turn up for the following shift.

Multiple casual workers could be introduced into workgroups, increasing the risk of cross infection, he says.

Mr Kerr says the compromise solution is to employ fixed term relief staff on a guarantee of six shifts per fortnight.

This would ensure the new staff would be allocated to stable workgroups, which catered for the need for extra labour, while minimising the risk of cross infection for workers.

Mr Kerr says the RMTU shares the goal of keeping Lyttelton Port open and operating safely.

“We need to ensure that our essential workers are protected as much as possible, both for their own safety and to guarantee the flow of vital supplies to the country.”

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