Luxon sacks Melissa Lee and Penny Simmonds as new Government hits wobbles



Wow, Luxon has sacked Melissa Lee and Penny Simmonds…

Melissa Lee gone from Cabinet as PM says media faces ‘significant challenges’

Melissa Lee has been demoted out of Cabinet, the Prime Minister has announced in a statement on Wednesday afternoon.

He said the move comes as the media sector faces “significant challenges”. Lee was until Wednesday the Media and Communications Minister. She received criticism for her response to the proposed closure of Newshub.

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Luxon also said Penny Simmonds would be taken out of the Minister for Disability Issues role to free her up to focus on her Environment portfolio. 

There was uproar earlier this year after new funding rules around the purchasing of services were uploaded to the Ministry of Disabled People’s Whaikaha website. Some community members felt “blind-sided” and said there had been no consultation.

…both Ministers were utterly out of their depth.

Melissa Lee’s bewildering responses to the Newshub implosion were just embarrassing and Penny Simmonds terrifying the Disabled community was obscene.

Rumour has it that the internal polling is incredibly bleak for Luxon and National and this sudden ritualistic slaughter of the weakest in his Cabinet is an attempt to get ahead of any narrative that barely 6 months in and this Government’s hardline agenda is already causing enormous backlash.

Good luck with avoiding that narrative.

The reality is most Kiwis are averse to this culture war bullshit and were just hoping their house price might go up 10% under National, they sure as Christ weren’t buying into a race war or conspiracy theory nuttiness as social policy.

The romper stomper 100 days of hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing agenda is shocking the middle voter while polarising those who have already disappeared down social media hate algorithm rabbit holes.

Sacrificing Melissa Lee and Penny Simmonds is meant to look tough but it’s a panic knee-jerk from a Government surprised at how quickly they have become hated.




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  1. Incompetence right across this government. Fucking hopeless, corrupt and out of their depth.

  2. I’m just wondering what conservative commenters on MSN will have to say about this. If it’s ever on MSN which it may or may not be. I’m looking forward to taking the piss to be honest.

    • Ok I’ll bite.

      This shows that if you don’t perform you get the “don’t come Monday” memo. Its called accountability.

      It also glaringly highlights that Labour ministers had to literally break the law to get the sack, and incompetence was allowed because “being kind”

      So do your best…

      • What a crock of it. How can Simmonds suddenly turn that stupid? Now we have Louise Upston taking over! She will probably start telling people in wheelchairs they could walk if they wanted to.

    • So what, doesn’t change the pathetic talent and dross for content , that taxpayers are funding. Boohoo some biased opinionated ideologues are gonna have their gravy train gone.

  3. Nothing wrong with moving early on underperforming ministers, unless you run out of ministers.
    A refreshing change from the Labour years.

  4. 6 years in Opposition to prepare.
    What do we get?
    No costed policies, and the f@ckwits they chose to inflict the carnage can’t even manage to do that.

    Cluxon in damage control from Day 1 with Seymour & Peters running rampant and now Ministers buckling under the strain.

    • The insolence of political parties today is immense. They fill the air with fatuous farts of promises and plans to do things they know will in reality distress many and disappoint a considerable number. But people get distracted by showy tricks and distractions; the pollies put on a party hat and blow into one of those squeakers we used to have (but they have been banned because the gummint cares so much about you, that because they can shoot into someone’s eye, especially a child’s they are dangerous. Meanwhile fireworks can do the same and burn down houses but they still are allowed for public use. And birthing units are shut down because they actually don’t care about children or young people at all.)

      We have a bunch of random brains that spark disfunctionally, there should be a garage for political brains to get coordinated like the firing of car valves. This is what we need. As AI is coming or being pushed on us, then we must demand brains with this type of quality of performance.
      Improving Car Engines with Advanced Variable Hydraulic …
      Machine Design › article › improving-c…
      motor system with valves for cars for better performance from
      29 Mar 2018 — The team’s design is a hydraulic-based system that precisely controls the engine valve timings, opening duration, and lift. It replaces the cams …

  5. Meanwhile, the disability rights movement is congratulating ourselves on getting rid of a particularly unsuitable minister, although we are somewhat concerned this could presage the government winding up the MDP altogether. As for Melissa Lee, I wonder if her negligence and incompetence over media policy was a contributing factor. However, reshuffles this early in a government’s first term? Not a good look.

    • Reshufflling not wrong. It shows that something is disturbing the cool, superior mask that they wear. The sooner the better. The bread of freedom is rising and we raise our heads and hands and shout something unintelligible. But don’t despise the power of yeast. I made some ginger beer and bottled it leaving it to finish overnight. Luckily I put it in the bathroom and when it exploded it shot the sugary drink all over but the real damage from glass shards was contained.

      I suggest have a regular ginger beer and think on its feisty, pugilistic properties, look for people who are like you in thinking, reliable and practical and start a series of local projects getting people used to coming together and have some sort of beers too. Need to be thinking along the same lines, not just talking, arguing, but discussing action that is useful, not just marches and protests.

      After those put the energy into shared sandwiches and a cup of tea and plan a project that turns into something wanted, something useful and lasting, And think of outcomes; start a garden and care for it and in a night thieves will pinch the best, birds or insects spoil the rest, pests run over it in a drunken spree. Got to have a good outcome for the first few tasks, later people will be more resilient. Work out what you all agree on, know and like each other, and decide to be loyal to the idea with committed support honestly promised and kept. (I have found that some people can stray, go off the agreed path.)

      Having regular chats all together and noting feelings and ideas and talking them through is essential. Got to keep on the same page as the saying goes. And have a meetings book with bare details date time and place and present and headings and a sponsor, patron or wrangler for each big idea! Note odd random ideas with brief details and the thinker perhaps in a coiumn on the side of the meetings notes. And read the Nelson book Commune, lend it round the group. It’s about forming an intentional family, that can be beside your own, or be inclusive. But working to a closer set of promises and understandings than perhaps in a family where small splits can deepen, or who may take opposite views with differences that can cause splits.

  6. ‘This is how I roll.’ Well just keep rolling Mr. Luxon. Roll the whole mess up and take it away. You are all underperforming. Please don’t expect a knighthood, you don’t deserve one.
    And while you are rolling away down the drain, take those two disgraceful ‘deputy dawgs’ with you.

    • Joy. On the contrary, why not give ill-considering Luxon his knighthood now, and let him fly off to Hawaii in Te Puke, in his cutie- pie PJ’s, with the missus making him cucumber sandwiches, sausage rolls and crayfish canapés, to gather sea shells on the sea shore, forevermore.

  7. Fair comments but they obviously have run out of ministers. Goldsmith is incompetent thats why he’s arts and culture and now media.
    If they had depth they would have promoted one of the also rans instead of giving the job to Ministers that are already struggling.
    You would think after 16 years Lee would have had some clue about the job.

    • Goldsmith is the “Claytons” minister. A minister you have when your not having a minister.

  8. He he he people get what they voted for, and it looks like the right people have voiced their concerns a bit late though as they only listen to a certain ilk of people. Luxon will be gone at the next election, tarred by association and the COCs will come out and shit on one another trying to get votes.

  9. Wow, both Jacinda or Chippie never sacked any shit minister. Chippie must be looking on saying to himself: “Fuck, if only I knew how to be a boss, I might still be PM.” The public will love this.

  10. Token sackings. Every new government has casualties. This won’t be the last ministerial dismissals. There are plenty of ego’s and those who are already acting like Stephen Joyce who when questioned on dubious corrupt practice in the shysters government he replied don’t worry its almost legal.

    Luxon will be wishing he was back running Air NZ into the ground and being paid handsomely for it by the time this term is up.

    • And yet they didn’t sack Joyce for his corrupt practises…costing taxpayers millions…

      In October 2014, Novopay transitioned to be 100% operated by the New Zealand Ministry of Education under current Minister Responsible for Novopay, Steven Joyce. Talent2 continues to provide the software but services and the accuracy of payroll is now the responsibility of the Ministry of Education through the government owned company, Education Payroll Ltd. Under the new arrangement the government assumes full responsibility for the provision of the education payroll service. They have since spent millions ($45M by 2015) in taxpayer funds fixing problems with the system.[7

  11. Good fucking job. I think her company made reality shows which is why she was freaking out about the RNZ-TVNZ merger.

  12. What an absolute joke. They might be bloody useless in their supposed roles, but the replacements might be worse. Luxon is a clown with the blood (and worse) of children on his hands.

  13. That news about Penn Simmonds having disability relieved from her, or vice versa, so she can get on with environment ministering could be okay. The Greens have demonstrated that it is hard to think of people needs and environment needs at the same time – (can’t chew gum and walk at the same time) – let’s face that propensity in advanced university?-educated intelligents with lots of learnings and leanings towards MBA.

    We are trained to be single minded, linear, specialist and going for new skills and disciplines. People as a study and concern are are low-rated – we know all about us and humanity. But our effect on environment is devastating, and affects our humanity so one can’t be expected to straddle both. Now if we can throw into the sea all the Ruth Richardsons the Jenny Shipleys and other fellow travellers on the right and left wing who pretend to be interested in people and keeping up living standards, we can start again with the basics.

    We might indeed have to return to some Sir Truby King* ideas to get the right systems started then we’ll be 80% better (80:20 success would be effective). and get no prating religious saint-mothers or puritan-authoritarian lifestyle wafflers in, there may be a handful of women or men in NZ/AO who could give what disability cases need, and care so we end up with fewer disability cases and more healthy, positive people able to busy themselves with their own lives and a decent living. That’s my new year’s wish for this year or even an early one for next year. Let’s have some changes from these automated, private school snobs and denunciators of the unwashed.
    (Note that when Truby King went to school in 1866 at 8 years after being sick, he wasn’t slow in his mind. He noticed that sport held higher priority than studies. I went to school in Taranaki in the 1950s and there was still more value attached to sporting prowess. Now they sit on the floor on beanbags with their laptops and stimulate their minds?   And possibly less sport.)

  14. Jacinda let ministers away with poor performance because she wanted to keep the be kind facade. Luxon is showing he is the boss and CEO s are used to demoting people for poor performance.

    • So Luxon as the boss didn’t pick them in the first place. Luxon is showing what an incompetent he is hiring or firing. A turd with a very polished head.

    • Jacinda had a triple A rating with Standards and Poor, Luxon CEO status means fuck all when he can’t reach Jacinda’s high standards and this coming from someone who worked in a fish and chip shop.
      What do you think Luxon will do once finished in politics Trev, a post overseas bettering the world? Ahh, that would be a no Trevor. If you think he’s here to help New Zealanders then I have a bridge to sell you and BobTF.

  15. Melissa Lee is into her 6th term and has never once won an electorate seat. How does that happen? Her only real world experience is in broadcasting so how the hell can a sixth term MP with 23 years of experience in communication, including a BA in it, fuck up so badly? My guess is that she didn’t. I think she did exactly what she was told and then got kneecapped to provide an excuse for their uselessness and make Luxon feel like a big man.

  16. Every govt fires ministers in the first months. Truth is the greatest friend of Left rationalists. But I understand how media works, from women’s mag covers.

  17. The National party is much like any other corporation.

    Stick your hand in a bucket of water, then pull it out suddenly. There is a period of time during which the space once occupied by your hand is empty, except for air. This period is how long the corporation will miss you. And, coincidently, about how long NZ will miss the Troika, when they too receive the natural and inevitable reward for their abysmal performance.

  18. Good job!
    The real crunch for the CoC Govt. will be at half time when Winston has to relinquish the Deputy Prime Ministership to Atlas Dave–which he will not enjoy one little bit. Mr Peters turned on Jacinda Ardern with his threatened letter to the Governor General before the 2020 Election, so Mr Baldrick Luxury Luxon should be under no illusion that an NZ1 power play of some sort will be heading his way!

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