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How Labour will kill all our progressive hopes in 2021 and still win 2023


The middle class woke Spinoff have just realised what TDB has been pointing out for over 3 years now, Jacinda’s cautious domestic agenda won’t be progressive at all.

Hilariously The Spinoff can only see things through the lens of identity politics so it doesn’t mention class anywhere in this opinion piece about progressive NZ politics which kinda highlights why Jacinda can get away with identity politics virtue signals rather than class based transformative change.

Jacinda and Grant  are heroic when it comes to big calls in the midst of crisis, but when it comes to actual progressive reform, they are still peddling tinkering rather than transformative change.

The first baby steps of this new Government was to endorse a racist drug law, rule out a wealth tax, rule out lifting benefits before Christmas and refuse to mandate 10 sick days now.

Labour have bewilderingly locked us into a vast debt trap to fund trickle down economics by printing billions and instead of loaning it to the Government to rebuild our infrastructure, poorly funded public services and refund our welfare state, Labour have green lighted it going to corporate banks to fuel property speculators in the hope the newly inflated paper wealthy spend that false sense of prosperity in the real economy to help the little guy.

Once again Labour use free market mechanics to try and fix a housing market wrecked by neoliberalism. KiwiBuild has become KiwiSpeculate!

If only Labour’s NeoKindness could help beneficiaries, renters, prisoners, the working class, kids in poverty, first time home owners & cannabis users the way it helps property speculators.

Labour have spent so much time saving NZ from Covid they have had no transformative vision as to what to do next, luckily this isn’t the first time a Labour leader was forced to be transformative.

The left love Michael Joseph Savage. Every Labour MP who wishes to push their left wing credentials have photos of him hanging in every electorate office and Minister’s room.

Savage is lauded as the creator of the welfare state in the wake of the Great Depression.

He was swamped when he went into public as NZers gushed over how he had saved them all.

The most hilarious truth, provided by insights from John A Lee who served in Savage’s Cabinet and was the anti-Phil Twyford of his day, (in that he actually built Houses) paints a very different picture from the mythology the left have given Savage .

The truth is that Savage was incredibly centrist and not a radical at all. Backed up by the neoliberal Walter Nash and conservative manipulator Peter Fraser, Savage did all he could to stop transformative change, it was actually Savage’s Caucus who forced his hand repeatedly to be transformative.

The exact same dynamics are at play inside Jacinda’s Labour Government.

When there is a crisis, the Prime Minister shines, but when it comes to domestic policy, she is super cautious to the point of being timid.

Her decision to rule out revoking a racist drug law simply because 50.7% want to continue supporting the racist drug law is an example of this timidness.

Her decision to rule out a capital gains tax, a wealth tax and refusal to increase benefits are also evidence of it.

The counter argument is that she needs to hold the centre, but if you aren’t going to be transformative with an outright majority, when the hell are you going to be transformative?

The reality is there won’t be transformative change unless we the people demand it, or if the Caucus demands it, or if a crisis demands it.

Just as it was with Michael Joseph Savage.

Luckily for Labour the right is imploding.

National were seen to care more about the economy than the people during Covid and their insipid cowardice by turning on Simon Bridges to replace him with Muller has forever shown voters their venal self interest masquerading as right wing philosophy.

As National have floundered, ACT have looked stronger.

The problem is ACT are so right wing…

  • Cut and freeze the Minimum wage
  • Interest back on all student loans
  • No Kiwsaver subsidy
  • Cancel winter energy payment
  • Dump all climate crisis legislation
  • no more best start payments for families with new borns
  • cut welfare payments
  • no tax credits for research and development
  • cuts to working for families
  • $7b a year cut in public services
  • Abolish Maori seats
  • Abolish Human Rights Commission

…that the idea of them + National being the answer to 2023’s issues could only be true if we have been invaded by UFOs and they are demanding all members of the Government must be immediately handed over as human sacrifices to our new Alien overlords.

In THAT scenario, voting ACT + National in makes sense.

Outside that scenario, not so much.

Once left wing and centrist voters realise just how far right ACT really are, the fear of keeping them from Government will outweigh whatever sin Jacinda has committed over the previous 3 years.

ACT’s sudden and uncritical rise will hurt National and win Labour the 2023 election.

It’s easy to cry wolf when the wolf is a brain hungry zombie dog hunting for human flesh in a premature infants ward.

So Labour can continue to be timid and allow the polarisation on the Right to keep centrist voters sticking with Jacinda for 2023.

Peace ain’t coming because the problem with peace is that you can’t make no money from it.

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Waatea News Column: Ministry of Social Development debt fiasco an example of beneficiary powerlessness


An example from social media of the total power the Ministry of Social Development has over the lives of beneficiaries emerged last week and reminded everyone of the punitive welfare culture we still have in NZ.

A beneficiary posted a letter online from MSD that stated the Ministry had made an error in suspending their sole parent benefit and when they had attempted to repay the error, MSD had accidentally paid it out to a company and because they couldn’t get the money back, the beneficiary would have to pay the debt themselves or try and haggle it out of the company on their own!!!!

Why on earth should a beneficiary who has been wrongfully punished by MSD in the first place then be responsible for MSDs debt mistake???

At a time when Jacinda is trying to force her toxic welfare agencies to be ‘kind’ beneficiaries still have to live with a system designed to punish rather than prioritise their welfare as an individual.

If MSD was focused on the welfare of the beneficiary, this wouldn’t happen.

First published on Waatea News.

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Get ready for the Free Speech vs Hate Speech war of 2021


Are you ready folks?

2021 is the year when the NZ Free Speech vs Hate Speech debate explodes, destroying friendships, cancelling half the country and abusing the remaining rest.

Alliances will be torn asunder, political debate will never be the same and a level of toxicity will seep into public discourse that will ensure a polarisation unseen in NZ.

When the insanity of what is about to be released is over and the wasted political landscape despoiled, not one New Zealander will be safer from white supremacy terrorism and the only winner will be ACT.

So how the hell did we get here, what the hell is going to happen and what possible solutions should we be looking for instead?

How the hell did we get here?

It’s the worst possible time to debate free speech right after the Twitter purge, but that’s what’s going to happen.

Today it’s Qanon and Trump Incels being banned, tomorrow it’s radical environmentalists and critics of free market capitalism who will be getting banned, so don’t cheer too loud.

The looming hate speech debate is supposedly a response to the white supremacist terror attack in Christchurch, but the solutions of criminalising hate speech are all identity politic based intersectionist roulette virtue signals that will obscenely use the terror attack to justify gagging speech that the woke can’t tolerate while not protecting us from another white supremacist terror attack!

Blasphemy Law?

If NZ passes religious hate speech laws, I’m afraid I have no choice but to immediately break that law for the sake of our Democracy!

Remember, this new religious hate speech law will specifically target ‘hate’ towards religious beliefs???

But many religious beliefs are ridiculous. Under this law, ‘The Life of Brian’ would be considered hate speech…

From the archive, 30 August 1979: Nothing funny about Life of Brian’s Jesus joke

The Catholic archdiocese has called Life of Brian a “blasphemy”, adding that it was a “crime against religion which holds the person of Christ up to comic ridicule.”

The Jewish groups are equally damning. They regard the film as “grieviously insultlng,” and have described it as “a vicious attack on Judaism and the Bible, and a cruel mockery of Christian religious feelings as well.”

…I philosophically hate religion for many, many, many fucking good reasons, but because NZ is a liberal progressive democracy, I tolerate religion.

I tolerate Scientology, I tolerate the Exclusive Brethren & I tolerate those who believe in a magical invisible flying wizard for all their personal choices!

I also tolerate that they don’t pay tax – BUT I SURE AS FUCK refuse point blank to fear them!

We lose free speech to criticise religion? How the hell is that anything other than a victory for the terrorist?

This is a liberal progressive SECULAR Democracy, if you want to believe in crazy myths and crazy invisible magical flying beings, that is your total right to, but equally, it’s my right to mock those beliefs when they collide with my individual rights

Gender Identity Hate Speech?

I read the terrorist’s manifesto and I don’t recall him referring to Trans Allies or gender identity, so why criminalising the misuse of pronouns is being mooted as a response to white supremacy terrorism is utterly beyond me!

It’s particularly galling because the problem wasn’t hate speech laws, the problem was that the entire Intelligence apparatus of NZ didn’t bother doing their job, which is to protect us from the next possible terror threat!

This is the list of the NZ security apparatus, many acronyms you’ve never heard of, who are supposed to keep us safe with mass surveillance powers from this very type of terrorism, and I WILL CONTINUE PRINTING THIS LIST until you start appreciating how enormous a failure this was…

  • The SIS (Secret Intelligence Services)
  • The GCSB (Government Communications Security Bureau)
  • The NSG (National Security Group)
  • The Police Intelligence Unit
  • The CNSN (Cabinet National Security Committee)
  • The ODESC (Officials’ Committee for Domestic and External Security Coordination)
  • The SIB (Security and Intelligence Board)
  • The CTCC (Counter-Terrorism Coordinating Committee)
  • The NICC ( National Intelligence Coordination Committee)
  • The IAD (Intelligence and Assessments Directorate)
  • The NRU (National Risk Unit)
  • The NSPD (National Security Policy Directorate)

…the failure was with that list, that list who cost us over $100million each year to ensure this type of atrocity fuelled by extremism doesn’t rupture and cause mass loss of life!

To fucking pretend that Gender Identity Hate Speech is a response to this abomination of an intelligence failure is fucking infantile!

Why don’t we call this push for Gender Identity Hate Speech for what it really is? The criminalisation of Rachel Stewart & Ani O’Brien.

You have all seen how feral the trans debate between Gender Critical Feminists (TERFS by their enemies) and the Fourth Wave Feminist, Non Gender Binary Activist, Trans Ally Woke Stormtroopers has been online.

We’ve all seen the woke public shaming and cancel culture lynchings erupt in our social media feeds, like violent 1930s street fights as various factions attempt to mutilate the other for dominance.

The bewildering venom from this schism makes feuding Drug Cartels look tame.

I am putting money on the table that within a month of this law passing, it will be immediately seized upon by the woke to make criminal complaints against leading voices of the Gender Critical Feminist movement, people like Rachel Stewart and Ani O’Brien for old tweets they will have sent arguing their case.

Reasonable people would say I’m being hyperbolic in making that claim, to which I would reply, ‘Comrade, you’ve seen how this fight gets waged in your own social media feed, you know in your waters I am 100% right’.

This schism is so bitter, so cruel, so relentless in its defining the other as Nazis on meth, that a billion petty vendettas will immediately exploit this new hate speech law to wage final retribution on their enemies.

You’ve seen the Wellington Twitteratti in action, you know they can’t help themselves.

Now, personally I take a position that gets me in trouble with both sides.

I’m old fashioned when it comes to this, I think the path to finding your true self is one of the most important journeys of the human experience.

I find the idea of a spectrum of gender and identity to be as uncontroversial as the range of hair colour, skin colour and eye colour.

That some men believe they are trapped in a womens body, or a woman trapped in a  mans body, or people who believe they are both, or neither is not controversial to me at all and I believe it is basic courtesy to refer to an individual in the terms they wish.

The Trans community, who suffer terribly from mental health issues, deserve respect and the full protection of the law, especially when it comes to employment issues and renting rights and they need a process far less punitive than the current system to obtain basic legal paperwork to gain basic agency.

If a Trans person ever wished for whatever reason to share a cell or changing room with me, I would have no problems whatsoever with that.


(and this is what damns me as transphobic by some woke activists), as a heteronormative white cis male I don’t believe I have any right to demand women accept people they don’t want in their women only spaces.

That’s an issue for the sisters and aunties to determine, and I can’t in any good conscience tell women who they should and shouldn’t accept, that’s the very antithesis of fucking feminism!!!

Rachel and Ani and many other feminists and women have legitimate arguments and concerns as women, as feminists and as citizens that you can’t simply criminalise!

This debate cuts to the very heart of identity and how we perceive ourselves, it requires so much more love and respect than it has attracted and based on the toxic manner it has been waged, I have no doubt it’s petty enough to hunt down women like Ani & Rachel for a wave of vendettas once it passes.

What possible solutions should we be looking for instead?

There has to be a way to protect minorities so that they have the same agency as everyone else that doesn’t buy the Left into a destructive free speech war we will lose.

Everyone in a liberal progressive democracy deserves the same agency. Muslims, Queer or Trans people shouldn’t feel abused and threatened or frightened of simply being in public.  Graeme Edgler has written extensively upon this and makes excellent points on how we could balance freedom of speech with the right to not feel threatened.

The debate must be focused on anti-harassment, not free speech!

It must also be focused on better public broadcasting and more regulations on social media (including taxes to fund that journalism) to stop the algorithms from weaponising debate.


When you are class left, the demarkation of power in society is between the richest 1% and their 9% enablers vs the 90% rest of us, that’s how we win the democratic majority, but when you are a woke Identity Politics activist, all men are rapists, all white people are racist and anyone supporting free speech is an actual uniform wearing Nazi.

The mighty Nick Cave spells out the problem of cancel culture and how the identity politics woke are less progressive activists and more religious fanatics now…

…Politically there is real danger here for Labour.

The Prime Minister is emotionally welded to the Christchurch atrocity because she waded so deep through the trauma and raw pain in its aftermath.

She almost had to have her arm popped out of its socket to finally cancel the Christchurch memorial last year and only because the eruption of Covid might have tuned the memorial  into a super spreader event, and I think even Mohammed would roll his eyes over the irony  of that.

Jacinda wouldn’t be human if she hadn’t been imprinted deeply by that grief and horror, which unfortunately means she will burn any and all political capital in forcing these hate speech laws through, which is inane because this happened from a cascade failure of the intelligence services – blasphemy laws and gender identity hate speech isn’t a solution to a cascade intelligence failure!

Watching the Woke allow the entire NZ Intelligence apparatus off the hook for their total failure with the Christchurch terror attacks by demanding hate speech laws is one of the great intellectual failures of 2020 and 2021.

This is how ACT break 10% by June this year.


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Western Democracy broken by woke social media proxification and alt right misinformation cults


Many good points raised here in this opinion piece that asks if social media has led to Western Democracy turning on itself…

Why are free societies sinking into an anarchic pit of social media hate?

Is it right to deny people who incite violence a public platform? You bet it is. All free societies do this to a greater or lesser extent.

Open democracies which guarantee freedom of expression have always drawn lines. You cannot attend a civic meeting, or even stand on a street corner, and shout death threats without being arrested. The obvious charge would be of threatening behaviour or causing an affray.

Scarcely anyone would be likely to dispute this. So that’s the easy one. There are far more difficult questions to examine in what is becoming a major political issue for our time.

…meanwhile Blackadder sings the blues…

Rowan Atkinson says cancel culture is digital equivalent of ‘medieval mob’

Online cancel culture is like a “medieval mob looking for someone to burn”, Rowan Atkinson has claimed.

The star of Blackadder and Mr Bean has long advocated for free speech and has campaigned against legislation he believes stifles expression.

…I’m surprised there isn’t an action station petition demanding Blackadder be banned for appropriating a marginalised colour.

Social media algorithms have allowed for a toxicity of debate that is easily manipulated. A cacophony of sweaty truths all screaming for attention and no one listening. Woke Identity Politics activists have seized the joy of having no gatekeepers to express how much they hate white men while alt right Incel Nazi’s have seized upon the joy of having no gatekeepers to express how much they hate everyone else.

Millennial woke culture sees macro violence coming from micro aggressions and piously police those micro aggressions with virtue signalling purity mantras.

Alt Right Incel Nazis see white persecution and create some bullshit replacement narrative to justify their powerlessness and feed that resentment online.

Most people are on social media and most people have a woke activist or Qanon fanatic in their social media feed screaming their feverish truths. While these activists certainly think they are speaking truth to power by endlessly calling people out for breaches of woke mantra or fake news anti Trump lies, to everyone else they are simply toxic.

People stop seeing the political party and only see the activist and in the end proxification means the activist becomes the proxy representation of the Party, and seeing as people have negative feelings towards the proxy, they turn from the Party.

Voters aren’t voting on policy, they are voting on who made them feel resentful on social media!

The political is the personal now means what hurts me personally becomes political.

Before social media activists could only face each other off at protests or through letters to the editor or talkback radio. There were constraints of interaction but with social media there are none and it turns out the freedom to insult and dehumanise others is more addictive than nicotine, alcohol and meth combined.

Wokeness has become a puritanical religion with none of the beauty – it’s not so much the personal virtue signal, we are all dicks at times, it’s the weaponization by algorithms that make it so dangerous and damaging.

The danger of identity politics is that it locks people intellectually into only defining the world through their skin colour, genitalia or sexual orientation – it also becomes toxically subjective and tribal where the only solidarity is with other people who share the skin colour or genitalia or sexual orientation- without shared truths and values, the 1% and their 9% enablers continue to divide the rest of us 90%.

The Big Tech Tzars have manipulated our collective fear, ego, anger and insecurities through social media in a way that has led to the largest psychological civil war ever launched.

This current Western Democracy is late stage capitalism at its culturally most self defeating.

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The Liberal Agenda – January 26th 100 Days 4 Action Rally


The Youth of NZ will be standing up for climate action once again on January 26th outside of Parliament for School Strike 4 Climate NZ’s 100 Days 4 Action campaign rally.

“We believe it is vital to hold our new Labour-led government to account from the get-go. Like many, we have seen countless promises on policy, actions and goals in the past year – but we often question ourselves, what will they deliver? We are demanding real transformative action during this newly sworn-in government’s first 100 days. It is time for real change, to protect our people, whenua & planet, for good.” Says SS4C NZ Coordinator and Media Representative, Ethan Reille

As climate change affects every New Zealander and every part of society, we are inviting everyone to join us. This rally will be intergenerational. Parents, teachers, aunties, uncles and grandparents are asked to join youth on January 26th to stand up for climate justice, and the many issues that follow such.

“Climate change is not only an environmental issue but a justice issue as well, we are demanding that the Government addresses it with this in mind. Not only do we have a real need to mitigate its impacts on our planet, but we must do so in a way which protects the people who live on it, particularly those on the frontlines of climate change. In its first 100 days, the Government must act to ensure that climate justice is a key component to their decisions throughout this Governmental term.” Says SS4C NZ Coordinator and Media Representative Ash Putt-Fallows

We have collated a list of demands from people across Aotearoa, New Zealand, which we demand the Government act on in it’s first 100 days. To which on January 26th, we will take to Parliament to demand that real climate action is taken, based on such demands.

“We need to advocate now for a sustainable future and that starts here. We need action and we need it now. We want our government to listen to us as youth and as New Zealanders. Our house is on fire, and soon, all that we know will be too.” Says Ethan Reille

School Strike 4 Climate NZ will meet outside parliament at 12:00pm on January 26th. We plan to chant, advocate and present the demands we have collated from the voices of the public. We invite the public to arrive at 12:30pm approx, where we then aim to present our demands to Labour MP, Ginny Anderson and other representatives of the Government at 12:45 pm. Then we will finish with an open mic session, catered for the public, to allow all voices to be heard, while there is an opportunity.

Our demands focus on what climate action New Zealanders want from our government. This includes:

  • Prohibiting the implementation of, and phase out the use of fossil fuels nationwide
  • Investing in a 100% Renewable Energy economy
  • Investing & implementing in a just transition
  • Honouring its [the Government’s] responsibility to our Pacific Island neighbours
  • Decreased Agriculture Emissions
  • Invests in Climate Education

“We are demanding more quick and effective action for our government to help mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. We want climate justice and we want to be heard” Says Ash Putt-Fallows

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Child Poverty And Hospitalisation Study Gets Surprising Result – University of Auckland


Changes in income and movement in and out of poverty over time are only weakly associated with higher rates of child hospitalisation in New Zealand, according to a new University of Auckland study.

Published today in PLOS ONE, the collaborative study led by Dr Nichola Shackleton and Associate Professor Barry Milne from the University’s social science research centre COMPASS wanted to know if children in lower-income households ended up in hospital more frequently.

“Hospitalisation was only slightly elevated among those in poverty, and only for some conditions, notably oral health, and there was no evidence of a causal association between income poverty and hospitalisations,” says Associate Professor Milne.

New Zealand has high rates of child poverty, and poverty disproportionately affects children. Latest estimates suggest 21 percent of children live in income poverty, and 13 percent live in material deprivation (NZ Child Poverty Monitor 2020), and there is overwhelming evidence that socio-economic conditions have an impact on child health in New Zealand.

However, there is mixed evidence internationally for the impact of income poverty specifically on child health.

The study assessed income and income poverty (60 and 50 percent of the median household income, both before and after housing costs, as well as poverty persisting across years) across eight years (2002-2010) for children aged between 0 and 17 using data from the Survey of Families, Income and Employment (SoFIE) study. It also looked at poverty for children aged 0-17 from the 2013 New Zealand Census.

The study was undertaken before the development of the government’s poverty measures, so its poverty measures do not perfectly match those of the government.

These data were linked to hospitalisation records so the hospitalisations were counted for the 12-month period following the measurement of income and income poverty. They study considered ‘poverty-sensitive’ hospitalisations: otitis media (ear infections), oral health, respiratory and infection disease; as well as ‘any hospitalisation’.

However, Associate Professor Milne says the team did find associations between higher rates of hospitalisation and other measures of deprivation – material deprivation and area-level deprivation; the country is divided into ten areas from most to least deprived.

“Material deprivation is a measure that more directly tells us about families’ circumstances,” he says.

“This measure has eight indicators: receiving help from a community organisation; assistance obtaining food; wearing worn-out shoes; buying cheap food; going without fresh fruit and vegetables; feeling cold to save on heating costs; unemployment and being on a means-tested benefit.”

He says the team’s research doesn’t imply that poverty has no impact on children’s lives, or that lifting children out of poverty won’t make any difference to their lives.

“There is strong evidence that reducing poverty has beneficial impacts on education and social and behavioural development and on specific health outcomes, and this study did find associations between a different measure of poverty – material deprivation – and hospitalisation.

“However, income measures alone might not be sufficient to capture the diversity of household economic circumstances that have an impact on child health,” says Associate Professor Milne.

The research didn’t extend to investigating long-term income effects or child health issues that didn’t result in hospitalisations, which may show associations with income poverty in childhood.

The team’s next project will examine the specific role of household crowding on children’s health.

The relationship between income poverty and child hospitalisations in New Zealand: evidence from longitudinal household panel data and Census data by Shackleton N, Li E, Gibb S, Kvalsvig A, Baker M, Sporle A, Bentley R and Milne B.J.
Read the full study
The research was funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand (grant ref HRC17-250).

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Political Caption Competition


Soooooo Liddell has found his local PR person who will clean up his reputation then?

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The Daily Blog Open Mic – Tuesday – 19th January 2021


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Moderation rules are more lenient for this section, but try and play nicely.

EDITORS NOTE: – By the way, here’s a list of shit that will get your comment dumped. Sexist language, homophobic language, racist language, anti-muslim hate, transphobic language, Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics, 5G conspiracy theories, the virus is a bioweapon, some weird bullshit about the UN taking over the world  and ANYONE that links to fucking infowar.

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Daily Meme – Twitter Purge

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Time to get serious about migrants stuck at the border 



Each week there is a heart wrenching story about a migrant worker or international student or new citizen or tourist locked out or locked into NZ because of the Covid border shut down.

None of these people planned for what happened, they are victims of circumstance and deserve our sympathy and compassion for being so torn between two worlds awash in uncertainty and vulnerability.

This ongoing trauma and pain of migrant workers, international students, new citizens or tourists is matched by our own citizens scrambling to get home as well.

The naked reality is that the optimism sparked by the creation of the vaccine has been horribly misplaced as the pandemic grows, virus mutates and incompetent vaccine deployment.

The borders are shut until 2022 at the earliest, 2024 at the most likely.

It’s going to take that long to get 75% global herd immunity and we don’t know if it will need to be a annual vaccination similar to yearly flu shots.


The borders aren’t opening any time soon which means we need a better solution than this temporary measure.

We need to grant an amnesty to all international students and workers and overstayers currently in NZ and we need to expand capacity for processing travellers directly into quarantine via the RNZAF Hobsonville Air Base.

New Zealanders will not accept the virus getting back into NZ, but expanding arrival capacity is the only way we can meet demand from returning citizens plus the partners of those migrant workers and new citizens.

This pandemic isn’t going away, it’s only getting worse and it will be with us for far longer than most anticipate.

We have to expand capacity to ensure fleeing Kiwis can get home while extending some compassion to those stuck here or locked out through no fault of their own.


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GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – How will we explain Trump to our children?


Four years ago, just before Trump was inaurgurated, I wrote the post I have copied below.

At the time I got quite a lot of heated reactions to it along the lines of “Be fair! Give him a go!” and other comments suggesting I stop writing posts (at least that’s the general drift of what they said 🙂)

As he is about to leave the Whitehouse this week and I’m still here I thought maybe it was worth reposting it.

15 January 2017

How will we explain Trump to our children?

By this time next week Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

He got there by lying and belittling people.

Will we tell our children “That’s how you succeed in this world” ?

Will we tell them that “Money is everything” so avoid paying your taxes and your bills for as long as you can ?

Will we tell them “Wise up kid. The Golden Rule isn’t ‘Do unto others as you would have done unto you’ but..

..”He who has the gold,rules!”

Or will we tell them that having “a successful life” isn’t simply measured in money and that the meaning of life is to be found more in what you do for others – your family,your friends, your neighbours,your colleagues… your country – than what you do for yourself.

Will we tell them that’s why Trump will never be as loved a President as Franklin D.Roosevelt or remembered with as much affection and admiration as Mahatama Gandhi or our own Michael Joseph Savage.

Why? Because these men were self-less..not selfish..They inspired hope, not fear….believed that cooperation achieved more than conflict and championed truth and justice over lies and vendettas.

Will we tell our children that however bad the coming years of Trump’s presidency may become…. it will end.

That tyrants eventually fall….and that Trump will never have what he desires the most…..Respect.

Parenting and Teaching are two of the most important jobs in the world…for what we tell our children today will determine the kind of world we will have tomorrow.

Bryan Bruce is one of NZs most respected documentary makers and public intellectuals who has tirelessly exposed NZs neoliberal economic settings as the main cause for social issues.

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Will underfunded NZ Public Health screw up vaccine roll out?


One of the biggest concerns for NZ is how our underfunded NZ Public Health system will manage to stand up to any Covid influx.

It’s been cruelly underfunded for 35 years by neoliberalism and is being asked to perform a level of service beyond its capacity.

We have been lucky at the border, we have been lax with track and trace so our last line of defence, the poorly underfunded health system, is all that stands between us and full blown public health crisis.

America is having enormous problems rolling out its vaccinations, so are the UK and Europe and the recent history in NZ suggests we will also have major problems.

This is after all the same health service that screwed up the measles epidemic...

Christchurch GP Dr Hammond Williamson​ was not so optimistic.

He feared the roll-out would be a “disaster” as the Ministry of Health had provided little to no information about how it would work, and what would be expected of him and his colleagues.

Williamson worried the mistakes made in the distribution of the 2020 flu vaccine, which saw some clinics supplied with too few doses and others provided with too many, would be repeated with Covid-19.

“Communication about it was terrible. On the news repeatedly the public was told GPs had [the vaccines, but] they were delayed weeks and weeks,” he said.

…with the new mutations of Covid so much more contagious and with the math telling us that for every 1000 infected through MIQ, 1 will get through, our lax track and trace culture will see the first members of an outbreak presenting at hospital before it’s caught, and by then it will be in the community.

Lots of optimism about the vaccine overlooked the complexities of the roll out while undergoing an enormous surge in cases.

I just can’t see the borders opening until 2023 and that reality demands a bigger vision from the Government.

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Latest Human Rights Abuse by China


On top of all the recent sabre rattling from China, we now get this latest abuse of legal human rights…

China stripping licences from lawyers for Hong Kong pro-democracy supporters

A Chinese lawyer who represented a supporter of democracy in Hong Kong has been stripped of his licence amid efforts by Beijing to crush opposition to its tighter control over the territory.

Lu Siwei, who represented one of 12 Hong Kong residents who tried to flee to Taiwan, had his licence revoked by the Sichuan Provincial Justice Department in a formal notice given Friday.

Ten of the 12 activists caught at sea in August were sentenced by a Shenzhen court in December to prison terms ranging from seven months to three years for illegally crossing the border and organising illegal border crossings.

They are part of an exodus of Hong Kong residents following Beijing’s imposition of a tough new security law they say is destroying the territory’s Western-style civil liberties.

…punishing people for escaping your brutal regime is an irony lost on the Chinese…

Beijing says the legislation allows Hong Kong to “enjoy more social stability, economic development and greater freedom”.

…stripping the legal rights to defend protestors is about as authoritarian as it gets and with China’s insecurity over internal dissent and losing global face because of Covid, they are ripe to make an example of either Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia or anyone who questions their South China Sea annexation.

China is increasingly becoming authoritarian and the sooner NZ decouples from their economy, the better.

Our relationship with China is fast becoming a National Security issue, it is no longer just an economic one.

Increasingly having independent opinion in a mainstream media environment which mostly echo one another has become more important than ever, so if you value having an independent voice – please donate here.

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Political Caption Competition

Spot the difference

Spot the difference.

One of these people believe a satanic cult has stolen the election off Trump using a bioengineered virus spread by 5G to bring about a shadowy one world Government at the UN.

The other person is Jamiroquai.

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The Daily Blog Open Mic – Monday – 18th January 2021


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