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If the National Party think burglary of their HQ is ‘sinister’, what’s it called when you have an alleged Chinese Spy in your Caucus?


National Party office burglary a ‘sinister’ start to election year

The National Party says a burglary at its Auckland headquarters is a sinister start to election year.


That’s wha it’s called is it? Burglary of their Auckland HQ is a ‘sinister start to the election year’.

What’s it called when you have an alleged Chinese Spy in your Caucus?

I call that an unacceptable danger to NZ sovereignty.

If you agree, sign my Petition asking for alleged Chinese spy and National Party MP, Jian Yan, to be removed from the National Party list.

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If you are angry about cruise ships stopping Ferries, it gets worse



Auckland ferry commuter delays: Public transport should have priority over cruise ships, says Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye

Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye says public transport must take priority over cruise ships after several ferries were forced to circle round the inner harbour for a cruise ship to berth.

Kaye said the situation was unacceptable, saying Fullers needed to explain why some services were cancelled.

“It is my understanding the timetable information of when the cruise comes in is published well in advance by Ports of Auckland,” she said.

Ferry commuters in Auckland are fuming because of delays caused by cruise ships berthing in the city.

If you are angry about cruise ships stopping Ferries, it gets worse.

Princes Wharf and Queens Wharf are supposed to be open for Aucklanders but when Cruise ships are in Port those Wharfs are closed off to the Public – there are 101 bloody cruise ships visiting Auckland this year – that’s 101 days Aucklanders can’t use their waterfront – how many bloated swine palaces are too many bloated swine palaces?

These bloated swine palaces are the perfect example of wonky economic growth.

Sure, they make money for the Port, there are replenishment dollars to be had, but the tourists flood downtown Auckland pushing up the store rentals at the bottom of Queen street for expensive international brand’s that locals don’t buy while the homeless sit outside the Dior and Gucci stores begging.

Isn’t that juxtaposition of beggars and luxury brands the very wrong type of Auckland we have built?

The never ending mass tourism is already causing Auckland infrastructure to groan and is turning most of our sight seeing spots around the country into never ending queues and open long drops.

In 2018 Auckland Airport received 2.72million tourists, that’s almost 3 times Aucklands entire population gridlocking that roading network.

At what point do we demand that the Tourism Tax be rapidly increased to pay for the infrastructure that locals have to tolerate and how many Tourists are too many dammit?

On a planet rapidly warming, we should be looking to limit tourism, not expand it!

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Why the Housing crisis WON’T be part of the 2020 election


The Housing crisis will be fastidiously ignored by the Labour Party and National in the 2020 election.

  • Despite entire generations locked out of home ownership.
  • Despite 14 500 waiting for State Housing.
  • Despite Renters rights still too weak to protect them from deplorable slumlords.
  • Despite Ghost houses that aren’t rented out so filthy investors don’t dirty their precious investments.
  • Despite homelessness continuing unabated.

Labour won’t highlight the housing crisis because they have failed to correct a damaged free market by trying to use more free market solutions and National won’t highlight it because over inflated property speculation makes the middle classes feel rich and that keeps getting National elected.

What we need is 50 000 new state houses with options to allow state tenants to buy them. The only reason slumlords get away with their malfeasance is because of the desperation created by the poor, the working poor and mass migration stresses all trying to get housing.

Remove the desperation by upgrading State houses forces the market to change, but that would also drive down profit margins and devalue the thing that makes the middle class property speculators feel rich, so Labour and National will studiously ignore anything that makes those voters fret.

It will be left up to the Māori Party and the Greens to demand action because Labour & National certainly won’t.



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UN landmark case for people displaced by climate change – Amnesty International


In a ground-breaking asylum case, a UN human rights body has ruled that governments must take into account the human rights violations caused by the climate crisis when considering deportation of asylum seekers, said Amnesty International today.

Ioane Teitiota, a man from the Pacific nation of Kiribati, brought a case against the government of New Zealand at the UN Human Rights Committee (HRC) in February 2016 after authorities denied his claim of asylum as a ‘climate refugee.’ He was deported from New Zealand to Kiribati in September 2015. The HRC delivered its decision on the case earlier this month.

“The decision sets a global precedent,” said Kate Schuetze, Pacific Researcher at Amnesty International. “It says a state will be in breach of its human rights obligations if it returns someone to a country where – due to the climate crisis – their life is at risk, or in danger of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.”

Teitiota says he faced land disputes and difficulties accessing safe drinking water in his home country as the result of the climate crisis, and therefore was forced to migrate with his family to New Zealand where he applied for refugee status after his visa expired in 2010. He was denied asylum by New Zealand’s Immigration and Protection Tribunal, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. He then took his case to the HRC on the grounds that New Zealand violated his right to life under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, by deporting him to Kiribati.

While the Committee found that Teitiota’s deportation had not been unlawful because he didn’t face an immediate danger to his life in Kiribati, it recognised that climate change represented a serious threat to the right to life and therefore decision-makers need to take this into account when examining challenges to deportation.

The Committee’s decision suggests that future claims might be successful where the evidence shows “the effects of climate change in receiving states may expose individuals to a violation of their rights.”

“The message is clear: Pacific Island states do not need to be under water before triggering human rights obligations to protect the right to life,” said Schuetze.

All states have the human rights duty to protect people from the harmful effects of the climate crisis, including displacement. It is therefore imperative that urgent action is taken to keep the temperature rise as low as possible and no higher than 1.5°C.

“The Pacific Islands are the canary in the coal mine for climate induced migrants. Low-lying island states such as Kiribati and Tuvalu are only one or two metres above sea level. The people there are exposed to severe climate impacts today, including limited access to habitable land, clean drinking water and subsistence living. Governments must consider this dangerous reality and a heating planet’s imminent threat to Pacific peoples’ lives and livelihoods.”

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Revolution in New Zealand? Not Even Close!


WHERE DO REVOLUTIONS begin? The answer, invariably, is “close to home”. Where demonstrable public need meets unresponsive public authority. Where collective outrage invites violent repression. Where injustice spawns indignation and indignation demands action. Where popular action generates governmental reaction. That’s where revolutions are born.

Once begun, what makes a revolution successful? It is tempting to respond with the purely historical observation that revolutions succeed where they are able to muster sufficient armed force to overwhelm those dedicated to their failure. People with guns allow revolutions to succeed. But is mere armed force enough? Surely, before people are willing to wage war on the Revolution’s behalf, they must first believe its objectives to be both desirable and achievable.

The need for guns, and the willingness to use them, almost always arises when the authorities announce their intention to thwart the people’s intentions. When real change, desperately needed, and now within the people’s grasp, is suddenly faced with the prospect of being halted and/or reversed by forces loyal to the status-quo. That is when people start looking for the means to preserve the imminence of change.

Historically, the people’s determination to preserve the imminence of change is soon extended to ensure the preservation of those who have made them believe that change is imminent. Fearing that the authorities are coming for their leaders, people typically resolve to impede their progress: peacefully if possible; by force if necessary. The leaders themselves, realising that the revolution’s failure will more than likely lead to their demise, are left with little choice but to keep pushing it forward as hard and as far as they can. The revolution’s survival, and their own, become welded together.

The French Revolution of 1789, for example, was kicked-off by the fear that the King’s troops were about to visit retribution upon the revolutionary crowds of Paris. The latter rushed to the Bastille, hated symbol of royal power, because they were convinced that within the fortress-prison’s walls they would find the muskets, cannons and gunpowder they needed to resist the King’s soldiers.

In the Russian capital, Petrograd, in February-March 1917, the soldiers who had refused to fire on the crowds of women demanding bread for their starving families knew that the Czar would immediately dispatch troops to disarm and punish them as mutineers. If their revolt was not extended, then many of them would die. Accordingly, they reached out to radical left-wing politicians and to their working-class supporters in the factories. By joining forces with the political enemies of the hated Czarist regime, and offering them the protection of their rifles and machine-guns, they helped to turn what had started-out as a protest against bread shortages into a full-scale revolution.

But, the events in Petrograd unfolded more than a hundred years ago. Is there a plausible scenario for revolution in New Zealand in 2020? The short answer is “No.” Nothing has occurred for decades in New Zealand that matches in any way the cultural, intellectual, and political preparations that preceded the French and Russian revolutions.

In Eighteenth Century Europe, for example, the cultural supremacy of the Catholic Church and the political doctrine of Absolute Monarchy had been profoundly weakened by what came to be known as “The Enlightenment” or “The Age of Reason”. Breakthroughs in moral and political philosophy, together with the rapid expansion of science, called into question the existence of the Judeo-Christian God and, thus, the “divine right of kings”. Within the ruling classes doubt grew, and from these doubts ordinary people drew confidence that their own ideas and priorities were as worthy of serious consideration as their lords’ and masters’.

Crucially, in the shape of an elected parliamentary assembly, the people had also identified a mechanism capable of supplanting the autocratic rule of the monarch. The self-evidently desirable objectives of “liberty, equality fraternity” were thus made achievable. In the people’s “deputies”, gathered together in the revolutionary “National Constituent Assembly”, the people’s will had finally found its political vector.

In Petrograd, 128 years later, the critical political vector of the “nation” had been replaced by Karl Marx’s “proletariat”. Likewise, the revolutionary mechanism ceased to be a parliament filled with elected representatives, and became, instead, a multitude of workers’ councils (soviets) filled with instantly recallable delegates elected in the factories and regiments. Replacing the Enlightenment and its philosophers was the revolutionary Marxist party – whose ruthless and highly disciplined “cadres” were determined to inspire and guide the soviets of workers and soldiers.

Other determinants of success were also at work in 1789 and 1917.

Bankrupt of both the ideas and the funds required to address the multiple crises afflicting his subjects, the French king, Louis XVI, set in motion a massive, kingdom-wide effort to identify and collate the grievances of the French people. These Cahiers de doléances provided the core agenda of the Estates General – the feudal body charged with advising the Crown, which had not been called together for 175 years! Thus equipped, the people’s representatives possessed a clear idea of what they had to do.

In 1917, also, the Russian people’s priorities were clear. Czar Nicolas II had led them into a disastrous war with the Austro-Hungarian and German empires. Millions of conscripted peasant-soldiers had been killed, the Russian economy was in ruins, and the Russian people were starving. Their lords and masters had failed utterly to protect them and were either unable or unwilling to feed them. When the leader of the revolutionary workers’ party, Vladimir Lenin, arrived at Petrograd’s Finland Station, his speech to the workers’ and soldiers’ delegates was short and to the point: “Peace! Bread! Land! All power to the soviets!” With these simple but highly effective promises, Lenin’s party ruthlessly blew away the political fog engulfing the ineffectual Russian parliament and set in motion the world’s first socialist revolution.

It should be clear by now that New Zealand’s cultural, economic and political situation bears no comparison with the two great Western revolutions. Neither Maori nor Pakeha culture offers anything to compare with the devastating ideological critiques which the Enlightenment and Marxism brought to bear on the political regimes of France and Russia. Animism with corporate clip-ons is no more a revolutionary doctrine than post-modernism incongruously blended with the politics of identity.

Nor is New Zealand trapped in the sort of intractable economic and military crises that brought down the Bourbon and Romanov dynasties. In fact, it presents itself as a highly successful neoliberal capitalist economy. Which is not to say that poverty has been eliminated, or homelessness overcome, merely that the levels of inequality and social injustice which beset all but a handful of western states is not dramatically worse in New Zealand than it is in other comparable countries. Certainly, the grave challenge of Climate Change looms over New Zealand’s future but, once again, that is a problem to which the entire world has yet to find a workable solution.

Most importantly, the New Zealand ruling-class retains sufficient faith in its ability to manage the nation’s affairs to render any challenge to its dominance ineffective. No mass movement with a practical programme of revolutionary change exists in this country. Nor does it contain a disciplined revolutionary party dedicated to creating one. Those who proclaim themselves champions of change and fighters against injustice are currently more willing to go to war with each other than with neoliberal capitalism. Indeed, it is possible to argue that identity politics, far from being a revolutionary phenomenon, has become the paradoxical vector for neoliberal consolidation. The ever-more-strident calls to recognise every new construction thrown up by the social kaleidoscope have a way of drowning out the truly revolutionary demands for a radical redistribution of the economic pie.

For the moment, in those close-to-home places where revolutions are born, there may be tetchiness and resentment, frustration and complaint, but nowhere is anybody uttering the cry that will bring a New Zealand revolution into being:

“We have found the way to make tomorrow better than today!”

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Dames head to tribunal over Whānau Ora turmoil

Five Māori women leaders including Dame Tariana Turia have filed an urgent claim to the Waitangi Tribunal alleging that the Government is underfunding and undermining Whānau Ora and they have told the Prime Minister they have lost confidence in Whānau Ora Minister Peeni Henare.

Turia, the founder of Whānau Ora, says Jacinda Ardern is out of her depth.

The five women wrote to Jacinda Ardern in November expressing concerns that Whānau Ora was being “destroyed by stealth,” seeking a meeting and expressing no confidence in Henare, but have had no reply.

They say the name Whānau Ora is being used for projects other than those commissioned by Whānau Ora agencies and the brand is being “misappropriated” by the Government.

This is a political trap being set for Ratana and Waitangi and Jacinda needs to be careful here.

But first, a brief explanation about what Whānau Ora is and why the Wellington Bureaucratic Elite hate it.

Whānau Ora is an attempt to gain public money to spend directly on Māori families. The philosophy is that instead of sending a person off to a dozen different social welfare agencies, you bring the wrap around services to the family and work alongside them to gain real outcomes, you know, the way you imagine the public service would work but doesn’t.

The justification for Whānau Ora was that the existing Government Agencies are all fucking hopeless at helping Māori and that in many cases the existing Government Agencies were either counterproductive or actually biased against Māori, so Whānau Ora was a genuine attempt at not only creating Treaty agency and sovereignty, but it was a real response to the bullshit Government Agencies.

The Wellington Bureaucratic Elite hate Whānau Ora with a passion.

They despise seeing any cent of their fiefdoms spent in any manner that they don’t control. Most Government Agencies do a  bullshit brown wash song and dance to pay lip service to the Treaty which includes a Māori name of their agency, some nonsense Māori design, Guyon Espiner level Te Reo pronunciation and that’s it.

Watching an Agency that is aimed at providing real direct welfare support without the Wellington Bureaucratic Elite wetting their beak is unacceptable to the Wellington Bureaucratic Elite so they have always wanted to destroy Whānau Ora and they’ve managed to do that under Labour this time by convincing Labour that Whānau Ora is a Māori Party trojan horse and have strangled off the funding.

Sadly Jacinda and Grant are beholden to the Wellington Bureaucratic Elite and back them in their personal vendetta against Whānau Ora which is dangerous politically because despite winning enormous support from Māoridom in 2017, this Government hasn’t delivered for them and cutting Whānau Ora’s budget is just another issue on top of the censoring of Māori mental health criticisms , the Wai 2575 health inquiry and Ihumatao.

This next step taken by the Dames is a ratcheting up of tensions before Ratana and Waitangi and a clear shot across the bow that the Māori Party will be running a real candidate against Peeni in Tāmaki Makaurau.

All the Māori Party has to do is pump up its party vote by using profile candidates and select one to go head to head in a Māori electorate with the determination to win.

Imagine this scenario. John Tamihere fights Peeni Henare in Tāmaki Makaurau, wins and brings in on the list Mike King, Pania Newton, Dr Lance Armstrong and Matthew Tukaki.

That kind of line up and strategy would see the Māori Party re-enter Parliament with a bunch of high profile Māori candidates and NZ First would refuse to sit in any Government that includes them.

Labour have done bugger all for Māori to avoid white backlash but that cowardice could harvest a bitter fruit if it topples Jacinda’s Government.


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Political Caption Competition


Hands up who loves Identity Politics?

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The Daily Blog Open Mic – Tuesday – 21st January 2020


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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Wait – what? So Jian Yang ‘s Office, the National Party MP accused of being a Chinese Spy, has been broken into?


News that the National Party Auckland HQ has been broken into…

National Party office in Auckland burgled in ‘sinister start to election year’

The National Party is hinting at sinister political motivations behind a burglary at one of its offices.

Over the weekend, offender or offenders unknown jimmied open a window at the party’s northern regional office on Great South Rd in Auckland’s Epsom and stole three laptops containing sensitive election material.

“On the surface of it, it looks like a disturbing and sinister start to election year,” National’s Epsom list MP Paul Goldsmith said on Monday morning.

…the suggestion from National Party staff and MPs is that this burglary is a politically motivated, which is deeply concerning, but notice how the lead here gets buried…

Goldsmith and fellow list MP Dr Jian Yang, who has been the subject of controversy because of his role in training Chinese spies, have their electoral office in another part of the building.

…so this is not just the National Party Auckland HQ, it’s also Jian Yang’s office who has been accused of being a Chinese spy???

So that means it could be the SIS, ASIS, CIA, MI6, CSIS or Christ forbid, the Chinese security system itself.

The problem when you have an alleged Spy in your Party is that everyone and anyone can suddenly become suspects.

If you haven’t had the chance to yet, please sign my petition asking for the National Party to remove Dr Jian Yang from the Party list.

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ACT using MAGA is politically schizophrenic but works for culture war



David Seymour uses Make Aotearoa Great Again slogan, denies embracing Donald Trump’s ideas

Borrowing Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan does not mean adopting the US president’s ideas on policy, says ACT leader David Seymour.

Seymour has announced a “Make Aotearoa Great Again” event for Waitangi Day – a clear reference to Trump’s theme for his 2016 presidential campaign.

There is nothing more politically schizophrenic than ACT using MAGA branding. ACT are free marketeers while as Trump is deeply protectionist, but the success for ACT will be in exploiting the culture war dynamics of social media.

In the Facebook age, Elections aren’t won or lost on policy any longer, they are decided by how much hated you have for identifiable tribal representatives you fight with in your social media feed.

The success of Cambridge Analytics was in finding older angry white working class males who were betrayed by neoliberalism and culturally alienated by woke virtue signalling. These males weren’t voting until triggered by micro-targeted Facebook advertising that allowed right wing operatives to harvest their resentment.

ACT hijacking the Trump brand of political toxicity is an exploitation of an existing resentment social media has allowed to generate.

Increasingly the Right won’t argue policy difference, they’ll simply hold up the worst excesses of Identity Politics activists attacking the voters the Right are attempting to recruit.

This is the ultimate danger of a political landscape dominated by pure temple Identity Politics, tell white males they are the problem long enough and they’ll become the problem.

The real threat of a run away ACT vote could become reality if Andrew Little is foolish enough to attempt to reset the free speech-hate speech debate before the election. The things Woke activists in NZ consider is ‘hate speech’ is so vast it will drive voters into ACTs arms.

Unfortunately we are only starting to comprehend the damage social media mixed with toxic identity politics can cause the body politic and the Right are adapting far faster than the Left to exploit that.


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Ummm, should we be cutting the NZDF budget right now Grant?



Top ministers order Defence Force spending cuts to help lift New Zealanders’ ‘wellbeing’

Top ministers have ordered a “deep dive” into the Defence Force’s spending in a bid to free up more funding to “lift the wellbeing of New Zealanders”.

Look, the NZDF are excellent at shooting civilians, burning their homes, handing them over to known torture units, gaining intelligence from torture and then hiding and lying about all those abuses of power, but should we be cutting the NZDF budget to ‘help lift New Zealander’s well being’ because as the apocalypse in Australia has proven, you need a military to help in the immediacy of a civil defence emergency.

As part of Fortress Aotearoa I support a dramatic increase in military spending, the reason for this is because the climate crisis requires a military level civil defence response.

With the climate crisis here and rapidly unfolding ON TOP of an over due Alpine Fault earthquake, is the NZDF where we should start making cuts?

If Grant is short of a spare bob for well being, well he’s the one borrowing Billions for bloody roads.

Yes the NZDF has a lot of money, yes that existing budget should be redeployed into climate crisis type emergency responses, but should the budget be cut?

I would be arguing that we need MORE money going into the NZDF, not less.

Our military will be needed in the Pacific during worsening climate events, they will be needed at home to deal with those worsening climate events and they will be needed to protect our fisheries as climate change wipes out fishing stocks.

It’s not the responsibility of the NZDF to care about the well being of NZers, that’s the civilian Government’s responsibility, the NZDFs responsibility is protecting the national interest and seeing as Grant is spending billions on bloody roads, maybe he should be taking that budget knife to his own spending first?

Look, I’m no fan of the bloody military, but the climate crisis changes everything, and our military will rapidly become our first response to that crises. Amputating their ability to respond seems desperately short sighted.

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Political Caption Competition


Hick South Islander unable to spell the word Comrade or Ardern

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The Daily Blog Open Mic – Monday – 20th January 2020


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

Moderation rules are more lenient for this section, but try and play nicely.

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What Simon Bridges will be saying to Duterte after launching Strike Force Raptor


Simon Bridges to raise concerns over killings in Philippines trip

Along with National’s Defence spokesperson Mark Mitchell, Foreign Affairs spokesperson Gerry Brownlee and New Zealand’s first Filipino MP Paulo Garcia, Bridges will meet with a number of politicians and officials for talks on trade and other cooperation.

Talks will include the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Jose Rene Almendras, Manila’s mayor Isko Moreno, the boxer-cum-senator Manny Pacquiao and a Cardinal Luis Antonia Tagle.

Bridges said he would raise concerns over the extrajudicial killings of drug dealers with the Philippines government where appropriate.

“Clearly there’s some differences in opinion between New Zealanders as a whole and the Philippines administration where it comes to issues of penal policy and drug offenders and death penalty and the like.”

NO THERE’S NOT! National want to roll back the civil liberties of beneficiaries, prisoners and gang members, the difference is simply the degree with which Duterte goes to, but not the direction!

If it’s anything like him raising human rights concerns with China, Simon will come out praising Duterte’s tough on crime approach and ask him to visit Strike Force Raptor when he launches it!

If Bridges was smart, he’d severely criticise Duterte’s human rights abuses to look tough, distance his Party from the reek of Chinese corruption and make Strike Force Raptor look genuine and not the raw meat policy brain fart it really is.


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Latest Royal Update: Ungrateful Millennials get kicked out of parents house 


Details of Prince Harry and Meghan’s split from the royal family revealed as world reacts

In a separate statement, Buckingham Palace announced the couple would no longer use their royal titles and would not receive public money for royal duties.

The couple will no longer represent the royal family on official duties including military duties and “wish” to repay the $4.5 million of taxpayer money they used to refurbish Frogmore Cottage. However the property will remain their home while in the UK.

The new model will take effect in the northern spring 2020.

To be completely honest, I don’t give two shits about this royal bust up, but I am taking delight at the generation war this has ended up becoming:

  • The social climbing Millennial wanting all the fun and none of the obligations.
  • Boomer parents paying for it all and getting shitty about the lack of work ethic.
  • Woke feminists screaming this is all about CisHets hating Meghan being a WoC.
  • Whipped like Hazza trending as a hashtag #WhippedLikeHazza.
  • The ugly estranged half family of Meghan vomiting toxic personal details.
  • A Prince of the Crown begging for voice work at Disney for his Princess wife.
  • The glaring absurdity that this is dominating the news when it should be really Prince Andrew’s connections to a billionaire sex offender that we are still talking about.
  • Claims this is Meghan sticking it to the patriarchy when in fact the Queen is the most powerful Matriarchy in the world.

All that said, there is something wonderfully normal in this new age of subjective rage watching a family tearing itself to pieces with all members claiming they are the wounded victim while everyone else takes sides on social media.

Just like in real life.

Can we get back to the planet melting please?



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