The TDB Daily 24th April 2024 – Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Politics opinion daily reading list


Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Political opinion daily reading list

Because so much of the mainstream media is polluted by right wing free market ideologues pushing corporate interests:

TDB daily collates the best NZ Left Wing, Independent and Progressive Political Opinion and includes the best international voices.

Unlike Victoria University’s The Democracy Project, this will never be behind a Paywall.

We promise we will never link to The Spinoff.

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The Kākā by Bernard Hickey – Both Parliamentary watchdogs hammer Fast-track bill

RNZ – National emergency response facing 26 separate inquiries: What have we learned

Waatea News – Broadcast silence ends for Minister Lee

Newsroom – Leaked document reveals millions of dollars of cuts at Te Whatu Ora

No Right Turn – More criminal miners

Against the Current – Are Trade Union Officials Really Standing Up For The Rights of Workers?

Gordon Campbell on bird flu, AUKUS entry fees and Cindy Lee

Gavin Ellis – I have news for you, Sunshine: It’s not all bad

The Daily Blog – ACT and NZ First attack on Waitangi Tribunal makes it a Kangaroo Court Show Trial Redneck Jamboree

The Daily Blog – Wait? WHAT! NZ Police wanted 7 day open window to search anyone suspected of a gang insignia??? Unbelievable Police State overreach

The Daily Blog – John Minto – Dear TVNZ: The most contemptible piece of ‘journalism’ we have ever seen

The Daily Blog – Luxon sacks Melissa Lee and Penny Simmonds as new Government hits wobbles

The Daily Blog – GUEST BLOG: Bryan Bruce – Reintroducing Three Strikes Legislation: Why it is not a good idea.

The Daily Blog – The Working Group with David Seymour, Chris Penk and Damien Grant




Haaretz – Columbia University Gives Ultimatum to anti-Israel Protesters: Leave Premises by Midnight or Face Consequences

The Guardian – ‘Smokescreen’: officials voice concern over US plans for Gaza aid pier

The Washington Post – A secret pact at Trump Tower helped kill bad stories in 2016

Jacobin – The Publicly Funded Defense Contractor Revolving Door

Caitlin Johnstone – Stopping The Slaughter In Gaza Is More Important Than Your Feelings

Crikey – Here we go again: ‘Terror’ hysteria brings out the worst in the political-media class

Information Clearing House – Russia warns of direct clash with West over Ukraine military support



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