Political Caption Competition


We understand


  1. “The visit was full of energy and chunking down on action points I can’t discuss publicly, but what I can tell you is – I asked Mr Looeng for some advice on what I should do next as Prime Minister of New Zealand, and he simply said “Watch me”.”

  2. ” Oh Luxie, you PR hopping trotter. We already have 3 trade agreements. The CEP Upgrade entered into force on 1 January 2020. Bit slow announcing a ” streamline” access provision that already exists, Luxie.”

  3. ” While we’re at it, Luxie , did you hear about our successful ” The Four National Taps ” –  centralised complete, state ownership and protections for water security ? “

  4. ” Aaah .. you still buying our wind turbines Luxie or has Porkie Jones suddenly thought BIG and will make them yourselves instead, hehehee ? “

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