Open letter to NZ Foreign Minister Hon Winston Peters and Prime Minister Christopher Luxon


Dear Mr Peters and Prime Minister Christopher Luxon,

We call on the NZ Government to demand the Israeli authorities end their inhumane blockade and siege and allow the international Freedom Flotilla safe and unhindered passage to their destination – Gaza 

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  1. What a futile exercise. Have they learned nothing? Israel controls the entire Gaza coastline and the flotilla won’t get within cooee of it, especially during an ongoing war when Israel will not allow any compromise to its security. Egypt has fully blockaded its border, too. Why don’t these misguided virtue-signallers call on Hamas to agree to a ceasefire, surrender, and hand over the hostages. The war would end.

    • Yes, gaby, we know you want the Palestinians defenceless so you can rape, torture, and murder them all. You don’t need to say so again.

    • The only futile thing is anyone expecting you to understand that other people have compassion when they see serious human rights violations by Israel. You are like a stuck record

      • It’s just zionism in action. This is how they all are. This is why the idea of a ‘two-state solution’ is absurd, because the zionists would never accept any real Palestinian state that has the military power to stop them in their tracks when they come to shoot a missile at a bunch of kids in a playground (as they did yesterday afternoon).

      • No, you’re the stuck record, so quick to criticise Israel while ignoring the hideous crimes committed by Hamas which our gov’t has, along with so many others,, proscribed a terrorist organization. Argue your way out of that.

        • You can skite about how you’ve subverted our government to pretend Hamas are terrorists all you like, babykiller, but it’s changing soon. Then, you will be tried for your crimes, which are worse than anything you have ever accused your enemies of.

        • Terrorist Organisation is just a bullshit hollow phrase. Same goes for one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

          Two million people locked in a concentration camp ghetto being starved and bombed. The empathy and understanding of Israel as a country for Jewish people after the nazi crimes and a millenia of anti-semitism has evaporated. Israel has now destroyed its political capital amongst people in western countries.

    • After years living under Israels rule would you be bending over to taken it you know where .Isreal should rehome all the Palastinians that they have forced to live in refugee camps foe the last 60 years .They should also leave the west bank and move all the people from gazza into all the illegal houses they have built there .THe scum isrealies could then move to gazza and rebuild it for the refugees that are living in Egypt and other countries

    • gabys been calling for the elimination ( which is genocide ) of Palestinians during the entirety of his posting history here at TDB ,,,, so the idiots own words betray his zionist bullshit, and he fools no-one while yet again making a fool of himself…..

      He goes further in showing what an evil clown he is, by claiming that not starving civilians in the war-sore ghetto of Gaza would compromise Israels security ,,, starving a civilian population ( half of whom are children ) is an act of Genocide ,,,,, and it proves that Israel is most certainly targeting children and civilians for death ,,,, which despite the western govts granting impunity to Israel ,,,, is a huge war crime,,, with our western Govts being grubby co-offenders.

      gaby and Israel are the worst child abusers and butchers on the planet ,,, when these sickos call people terrorists the bulk of the world rolls their eyes and say take a look in the mirror you ethnic cleansing war criminals.. .

      The Nazis were not fighting a war when they were destroying/ending the Warsaw Ghetto ,,,,,,, ditto for Israel and the Gaza ghetto/prison camp, that Israel created during their first round of ethnic cleansing back in the 1940’s …

      Israels been waging war on the truth since it’s creation ,,, and gabys a child abusing zionist truth-raper,,,, whose posting history betrays him.

      ,,,, I’ll finish by posting a link to some rather shameful NZ political history …. ‘Peter Fraser: New Zealand’s “Exuberantly Zionist” Prime Minister’

      • A bit of a clarification/correction of my above post ,,,, Nazi Germany WAS fighting a war (WWII) when it was destroying/ending the Warsaw Ghetto,,,, but the destruction of the Ghetto itself was not a war,, and despite the brave efforts of the starved Jewish fighters the German army would not have qualified their resistance as even being a proper battle in the context of WWII engagements due to the huge imbalance of force and the inevitable conclusion of complete destruction ,,,,

        Israel along with our dirty politics/media (and gaby), are pretending the Gaza Ghetto destruction is a war in a feeble attempt to mask who the zionists really are and what they are doing…..

        “This has laid bare the essence of Zionism which is racist and Genocidal” …


        Also there is interesting news about a Hamas offer to disband it’s al qassam fighting wing ,,, but that is dependent on a two state solution and Israel removing it’s illegal settlers who are conducting pogroms in the west bank ,,, and we all know rouge state Israel will never give up its racist criminal ways … ‘Israeli settlers backed by IDF destroy Palestinian property – Human Rights Watch’

    • “Since 1967, between 750,000 and 1 million Palestinians have been arrested by Israel. As of October 2023, Israel held over 5,200 Palestinian hostages, including at least 170 children. By November 2023, the number of Palestinian hostages, including Gazan hostages had increased to 10,000.

      Hamas has offered to release all hostages in exchange for Israel releasing all Palestinian hostages.

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