Winston Peter’s bluff and bluster at the United Nations fools nobody here


Winston Peters’ bluff and bluster in his General Assembly speech at the United Nations yesterday are a classic case of doing one thing at home and saying another for overseas audiences.

Peters’ described the war on Gaza as an “utter catastrophe” and labelled Gaza a “wasteland”. He went on to say Israel could “not be under any misconceptions as to its legal obligations”.

These were strong words but meaningless in the context of what the government has failed to do at home.

Mr Peters did not tell his international audience that the New Zealand government has:

  • Refused to stop New Zealand military exports which support Israel’s war on Gaza
  • Refused (and still refuses) to condemn Israel for any of its war crimes such as collective punishment, the mass slaughter of over 33,000 Palestinians – mostly women and children – the targeting of aid workers and deliberate starvation of Gaza’s Palestinian population
  • Refused (and still refuses) to call for an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza
  • Refused (and still refuses) to reinstate funding for UNRWA (let alone doubling its funding and bringing forward payments which the government has been urged to do)
  • Refused (and still refuses) to withdraw from the US war to target Yemen which is acting to oppose Israel’s genocide of Palestinians
  • Refused (and still refuses) to support or join South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at the International Court of Justice
  • Refused (and still refuses) to shut down the Israeli Embassy
  • Refused (and still refuses) to grant humanitarian visas for Palestinians with family in New Zealand

Winston Peters stands with the US/Israel on Gaza in every important respect but has tried to give a different impression to the United Nations.

There was nothing in his speech which holds Israel to account for its war crimes – not even a single punctuation mark.

It was a Janus-faced performance at the United Nations.


  1. Peters did not bluster, and deserves credit for not toadying to the UNO, and for addressing the issue of the Security Council’s undemocratic use of its undemocratic power of veto, wielded, I think, more by the USA, than by anybody else.

    • There’s nothing wrong with the veto in theory. It’s when it’s used for evil- as has been universally the case with the US, as the US does with everything else- that it’s a problem.

      • April 10, 2024 at 8:13 am
        “There’s nothing wrong with the veto in theory….” Mohammed Khan

        We can always count on Mohammed Khan to back up the imperialist powers and the systems they use to keep the rest of the world down.
        Mohammed knows his imperialists of choice, benefit just as much as the Western powers do from being able to over rule the majority vote of the world’s nations represented at the UN.

    • Winston Peters is a hypocrite who has stained whatever reputation he ever had by this performance in the UN General Assembly.

      ’On March 28, the ICJ ordered additional preliminary measures, which included requiring the Israeli forces to stop “preventing, through any action, the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian assistance” to Palestinians in Gaza’.

      On 30 Jan. 2024, Winston Peters cut New Zealand aid to UNWRA on unsubstantiated allegations made by Israel.

      On April 08, 2024, Winston Peters addressed the United Nations.

      Peters calls war in Gaza an ‘utter catastrophe’ at UN meeting

      Thomas Manch,, April 08, 2024, • 10:00am

      ’…..Peters said Israel could not “be under any misconceptions as to its legal obligations” after the International Court of Justice last month ordered unimpeded aid be allowed into Gaza.’

      Peters ‘impedes’ NZ aid to Gaza:

      POLITICS 30 Jan 2024

      No more aid for UN aid agency until Peters satisfied – Luxon
      12:41 pm on 30 January 2024

      ’….Heading into National’s caucus meeting this morning, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Christopher Luxon confirmed New Zealand would be withholding further funding for the agency until Foreign Minister Winston Peters gave the go-ahead.’

      Winston Peters is a lawyer, as such could not “be under any misconceptions as to his legal obligations”

      Commonwealth countries Australia and Canada have since reinstated their funding to UNRWA after Israel failed to provide evidence of their allegations made against the aid agency.
      Winston Peters has not reinstated New Zealand’s aid to UNWRA.

      The Times of Israel
      ISRAEL AT WAR – DAY 186

      Australia to resume funding for UNRWA, pledges further aid for Gaza
      ‘UNRWA is not a terrorist organization,’ says Australian FM after Israeli allegations that some of the UN Palestinian refugee agency’s staff took part in October 7 onslaught

      By AGENCIES and TOI STAFF, 16 March 2024, 4:18 am

      ’….Australia’s move follows Sweden, the European Commission and Canada in reinstating funding for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, which had seen its international funding frozen while the allegations were investigated.’

      After helping Israel starve Palestinians, Winston Peters is met by protesters;

  2. While some countries have veto powers the UN is powerless .The fact that those like the USA can veto any resolution is absurd and hardly lives up to the term UNITED .Hence the reason we have had ongoing wars for generations and hence the reason ISREAL has been able to steal land from the Palastinians for decades .Isreal should be made to return to the pre 1967 boundaries and have no say in the running of palastine .If they cant do that then they should all return to Europe from where they came .
    Winston is full of shit and clearly this government are prepared to lie to the whole world as well as to NZ as a whole .Note Luxon has not expelled the Russian embasy as he said he would while on the campaign trail while in oposition .He should grow some balls and kick both Russia and Isreal out at the same time .No doubt he will jump to attention and remove China when he signs us up to AUKUS.

  3. I am no fan of Peters but his speech was pretty good and covered all bases of concern.
    He condemned both sides as wrong stated a long term solution they need to respect the others right to exist.

    • The genocidal monsters of the zionist entity will never respect the rights of humans- in Palestine or anywhere else- to exist.

    • Trevor, if you invaded my home, I would not give up half let alone 95% of it to you. I would take it all back.

      Simple as.

      Palestine will be free from the Jordan to the sea.

      • No, as Gaby would attest to, resisting out right theft is anti semitism. That’s even more confusing as the Palestinians are actually Semites in the traditional sense of the word.

          • Do they? It’s clear their aim is to exterminate all Palestinians. Then what once that is achieved? Obvious.
            Israel also revealed that they didn’t bomb areas where they knew hostages were held, so the excuse of Hammas is a lie, they say. Conversely that means Israel certainly did know they were bombing civilians and aid workers, and it was done with intent.

            • It doesn’t really matter what they want to do. True, there have been many previous genocides by zionists- just look at the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Christian civilians in the Kitos ‘War’ for example- but there was always a reaction.

              And back in the day, we didn’t have the ability for everyone in the world to see in real time what these murderers are up to. Their control is eroding even in places which they have thoroughly subverted, and once power slips from their grasp, it’s never, ever, coming back.

    • Peters called the situation in Gaza “a catastrophe”. Obviously for the civilians of Gaza it is exactly that. A “nakba” as they might say. His criticisms of the State of Israel include such not-so “hard-hitting” words as “misguided” and “belated” while he extravagantly denounces the actions of the Gaza authorities as “heinous” and “barbaric”. In other words he is setting out to portray the situation as the exact reverse of the actual reality. Meanwhile New Zealand continues to deliver military support for the Gaza genocide.
      I have said it before and I will say it again. The Realm of New Zealand as a colonialist state is a force for evil in the world. Trying to nudge it towards more humane or moral policies is a waste of time and energy. The colonial regime must be recognised for what it is: an enemy to our own people and ultimately all the world’s peoples. It cannot be transformed into something better. It must be destroyed.

  4. To be fair to Peter’s at least he wasn’t asleep or abusing the media which is his normal pattern.
    I gather jetsetting around the world is his coalition payback for his 100 years in politics.

  5. John Minto’s many examples of what Winston and the NActFirst Govt are doing/not doing nails home the old saying about Politicians and others in power …….. “Look at what they actually do versus what they say”.

    … But I will add that what Winston said was pretty queer and mealy mouthed ,,,, I mean FFS does anyone talk to murderers about their “legal obligations” ,,,,

    In a further example of how shit zionists and their supporters are ,,,, they have been posting up pictures of the dead Aussie aid worker Israel murdered and mocking him ,,,, …..

    ….. and over 70% of Israel citizens support starving Palestinian Civilians ,,,, presumably because they agree with their defense minister that they are “animals”…

    The aid workers were killed because they were feeding the ‘animals’ Israelis are making starve ….

    Winston, Collins, Luxon and Seymor are happy to in have us a in the criminal membership of the United States of Violence

  6. Peters’ speech comes far too late what the fuck has the old coot being doing, oh! that’s right he been busy shitting on his own people us nonindigenous ones.

  7. He should be ashamed of himself, grovelling to the virulently antisemitic, morally defunct institution hilariously known as the ‘United Nations’. His ignorance of the conflict has been broadcast to the world.

    • @geraldtrudeau3223
      5 months ago
      Back in the 1970s when the narrative about Israel and Palestine was controlled exclusively by the mainstream media, we were never told the truth about what was happening there. The job I had at the time in the early seventies exposed me to a co-worker who was a Palestinian refugee. Granted he was not impartial, but what he described to me back then about how the Israelis would just break into your home, tell you to that you don’t live there anymore, and force you out into the street. This is exactly what is still going on today and demonstrates how the Israelis government has been conducting this slow motion genocide. The fact that Hamas is fighting back makes complete sense. My whole life, and I’m 77 years old, has been dominated by Israeli-centric Propaganda, but thankfully that’s being broken now, and people are being told the truth of this Zionist genocide.

    • Oh dear Gaby. Your wonder boy Netanyahu is a gone burger. He’s been such a douche bag that even Biden is prepared to say he’s now making a mistake. Poling in the US is probably supporting this risk to funding/votes from a certain contingent. The Israelis won’t risk this guy hanging around, almost regardless of continued support. Unless they are banking on Jared Kushner’s father in law coming back? Well that’s just sad.

      • Imagine being so desperate for votes in Michigan that you become a terrorist supporter. No wonder this site execrates Biden.

  8. It’s hard to believe Peters’ speech wasn’t vetted by our foreign policy masters, who, as they are ever more shamed and embarrassed by Israel’s barbarity, may have used him to say words they can’t. Still Peters must be made to eat his own words and how better to do that than to have his image carried high on posters and banners flying over pro-Palestinian demonstrations. PS; The speech wasn’t mentioned in this morning’s NZ Herald, so clearly our foreign policy masters are still vetting its reaction.

  9. Peters said what he thinks and what most of NZ thinks. On the other hand his and our countries actions are what is required from a vassal. Palestinians deaths or economic retribution.

  10. Only countries can bring cases to the World Court.

    Nicaragua has brought a case against Germany, charging Germany with supplying weapons to Israel and cutting humanitarian aid, to help Israel carry out what the World Court has ruled is a ‘plausible genocide’.

    Nicaragua also charged Germany with breaching the provisional order of the court by cutting German aid to UNWRA in defiance of the World Court’s order to facilitate the delivery of aid.

    Nicaragua submission to the World Court;

    “By sending military equipment and now defunding UNRWA [UN agency for Palestinian refugees] … Germany is facilitating the commission of genocide,”

    Winston Peters better hope that no country from the Global South takes New Zealand to court for breaching the genocide convention.

    On being charged by Nicaragua with breaching the genocide convention by cutting of aid to UNWRA, Germany immediately resumed its aid to UNWRA, causing Nicaragua to alter their application to the court to take note of that fact.

    New Zealand has not followed other commonwealth countries Canada and Australia who have resumed their aid to UNWRA,

    Winston Peters as the Minister who ordered the withdrawal of New Zealand aid to UNWRA, has still not reversed his decision, better hope he doesn’t find himself in the dock.

    • Let’s hope he does. Would like to send a memo to Nicaragua but don’t know who to. They might be interested in your list of Winston’s non actions countering his big noting at UN. Pat and John, please send missive to Nicaragua, South Africa forthwith.

  11. The UN security council is a sham By Wendell Griffen

    finally passed a resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza on March 26 after the United States abstained from voting.

    Almost six months have passed since Hamas fighters invaded Israel on Oct. 7, 2023. More than 32,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli Defense Forces in retaliation for that attack. Nations across the world have called for a ceasefire for months, but the United States vetoed ceasefire resolutions until March 26.

    You might be excused for not knowing that the Security Council passed such a resolution on March 26. After all, the Biden administration shipped more bombs and other war tools to Israel since then. President Joe Biden signed legislation that defunds UNRWA, the U.N. agency that provides humanitarian relief and assistance to Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem the day after the resolution was adopted.

  12. Winston Peters does New Zealand,proud he is statesman like which is a change from the Labour representative who was an embarrassment.

  13. Very proud of you, seeing you talking about the 1981 tour protests on One News. You’re an exemplar, a model. Hated by most NZers in every decade. But always right in the end. How it works I now see. Very, very proud of you. So, so, few like you.


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