ACT lied about number of sub machine guns so they could get more sub machine guns


Minister accused of ‘misleading’ comments on semi-auto gun stats

The Firearms Minister is being accused of misleading the public over the number of people allowed to have prohibited semi-automatics.

Military-style semi-automatics and centre-fire rifles were banned after the 15 March terror attacks, bar a few carve-outs for pest control and gun collectors.

Associate Justice Minister (Firearms) Nicole McKee has repeatedly said more than 6600 New Zealanders are licensed to possess semi-automatics.

RNZ has sought clarification from Te Tari Pūreke Firearms Safety Authority about the data the police business unit holds.

It confirmed 6847 licence holders have a firearms endorsement to hold special classes of arms items.

However, only a fraction – 1593 – can hold the firearms banned by the Labour-New Zealand First coalition in 2019.

Of that number, only 328 people – pest controllers – can fire them.

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The rest with prohibited endorsements have firearms for collector, theatrical or heirloom purposes and have to store a vital piece of their guns at a separate address, making them inoperable.

The bulk of the 6847 endorsements account for pistols. The Christchurch shooter was not carrying a pistol.

Police Association president Chris Cahill said McKee’s comments had been very misleading.

“Clearly she is using these figures to try and suggest that semi-automatic firearms are already widely available when they’re not,” he said.

“That goes to the heart of why I don’t believe a gun lobbyist should be in charge of the firearms reform legislation or a review of the firearms registry.”


ACT have lied, lied and then lied again by pretending that there are already 6847 submachine guns out in society when the reality is the actual number of these weapons is 328!

ACT lied because they are beholden to the Gun Rights Fetish Glee Club now, and the Gun Rights Fetish Glee Club want the favourite toy of sociopaths, the AR-15, a military-style semi-automatic, they want those back on the streets for the retailers of these bloody things!

The only winners in ACTs policy are the AR-15 retailers!


I grew up on a farm.

There was a home kill shed just across my bedroom.

Guns are tools for farmers and hunters.

The vast, vast, vast majority of Farmers and Hunters treat gun ownership as the privilege that it is.

I have zero time for collectors, fetishists  and the self defence lunatics.

Attempts to have ‘combat shooting‘ made a valid sport is an attempt to spread gun fetishism and legitimise it.

The attempt to bring back the favourite submachine gun of sociopaths by ACT is driven by the Gun Lobby who have enormous power inside ACT policy now.

As for the terminology game and their freak out anytime we say sub machine gun.

If it looks like a sub machine gun.

Sounds like a sub machine gun.

And kills like a sub machine gun.

Then it’s a fucking sub machine gun.

Legitimate gun owners have nothing to fear, but we all have something to fear by allowing these gun fetishists to bypass our collective safety for their weird weapon love.

ACT are lying about the numbers so that you think there are already these bloody sub machine guns operating in NZ with no problems, that’s a lie!

There are not 6600 of these guns already in society, there’s only 328 of them!

Why the christ are we allowing these fringe fanatics who seem to get sexually aroused by guns to determine social policy on firearms?

This is not a ‘freedom’ we want or need.



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  1. McKee is all about misleading. She’s already made statements in the past about the new laws impacting “putting kai on the table”. Utter rubbish. She also said something about knowing people who would not follow the regulations. What does that mean? Don’t have any speed limits then Nicole?

  2. Of course ACT lied.
    The words/initials ACT, NRA, Atlas etc are synonymous with lying!
    That, in a constant swirl of politics, at least is a ‘given.’

  3. “Police Association president Chris Cahill said McKee’s comments had been very misleading.”
    Pot calling the kettle black much

  4. Come the climate / resource depletion apocalypse- likely in your lifetime Martin you might regret your visceral opposition to firearms. China and Indonesia will appreciate all the guns been taken out of circulation when they invade…. 😉

    • Bwahahahaha comment of the day so far.

      As I tell my “old” car culture friends who have guns and look forward to blasting away at anyone that comes on their land or section to take what’s theirs…maaayte…you will run out of ammo eventually, face it, think of another way.

      An old saying regarding society crashing is–socialism or barbarism, and that is what it will come down to–co-operation, trading, resource sharing or Mad Max/The Road style blood baths.

      It is all very well to have survivalist fantasies, but very few have such a sustainable possibility with rain water tanks, solar, gardens, security etc. The fact is millions will be stuffed when the ATMs, lifts, electricity grid and three waters go out.

  5. “This is not a ‘freedom’ we want or need.”

    Which of your “freedoms” can we dispense with? You know ACT will.

  6. i used to live in Aromoana .i met David Grey and knew Gary Holden and other people murdered by Grey .i remember standing by the side of the road thinking i had no future staying in the area .No one should have access to automatic weapons if we want to prevent another massacre There seams to be a major conflict of interest by the Act party on this


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