GUEST BLOG: Jamie Dally – Migrant Exploitation


The latest allegations of potential migrant exploitation had me reflecting on the current Darleen Tana situation for starters those hybrid Ebikes that weren’t paid for are worth $5,000 each.

I think there is a massive rort going on in this country – all migrants are coming in having been set up with jobs, which when they get here aren’t available or last only a very short period. I believe that the local businesses that have accreditation to hire migrant workers are collaborating with the overseas recruiters and getting a kickback.

Let’s say a business here gets approval to hire 5 migrants and over in India or Phillipines or Argentina etc the employment agency finds these “workers” and charges them say $30,000 or more NZD to set them up to come to NZ then the business back here gets maybe a kickback of 30% so in the instance of 5 workers the business gets $50,000 – then the workers arrive in NZ and there is no job – but at least they got into the country using this process.

There is no way that this country has absorbed 125,000 migrants into this country over the last 12 months!

Imagine if my thinking is correct and say 40,000 of them got in and kickbacks paid – it could be as much as $400m of kickbacks.

Every migrant worker should be tracked from the day they arrive and followed up fortnightly by some govt organisation to make sure these cons don’t happen.

The situation with Darleen I can’t understand why they don’t  focus on employing young Maori? I can only assume it’s so lucrative to use migrants or just dupe them into paying cash and other entitlements.

If the migrant loses the job with the accredited employer that they originally came here for they cannot move to another employer very easily – the system is totally flawed.

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Then they end up broke, they can’t afford rent and they can’t afford to fly home. Respective property managers I’ve canvassed, are seeing people applying for say a 4 bedroom house and asking if they can put 16 people in them – I suspect these people take a head lease on a 4 bdrm house for say $800 per week then charge the migrants $200 per week each ie $3,200 per week and they pocket the difference – the poor migrants don’t know any better.

There are some very dodgy people involved in these migration scams.

Im of the strong view that a huge amount of this mass immigration is dodgy involving kickbacks and schemes

The economy here is bad – the jobs aren’t there, mass layoffs are happening it’s not good – if you are a migrant that has been duped then once you lose the job you are in a dreadful position especially if you signed a 12 month fixed tenancy

Property managers I’ve spoken too are renting a house to say a migrant couple with a kid then when they do the first inspection there’s 10 people living there – they are crafty – think they can be a head tenant and sublet and put tenants in bunks in bedrooms and garages

There is a serious illegal underbelly around all this migration
But will this govt do anything about it or are they an enabler?


Jamie Dally is a political commentator on Waatea News


  1. Yes NZ is importing a night mare .We will soon have two under classes ,the local bottom feeders and the imported exploited underclass .Sadly we need to stop imigration today to protect our own as well as the potential imigrants .For years we have imported labour with the same results as when they get here all is not any better than if they had stayed at home .The big difference they now have 30k of debt and a life time of poverty .1% will no doubt do ok but the other 99% will not .No disrespect but the pacific people are an example ,after 50 years they still come here for the dream of a better life but end up living in over crowded houses and working for the minimum wage at best .These people have and are still being exploited .Now we have another group we can exploit will the pacific people join the kiwis on the scrap heap.

  2. Now now, that sort of thing might force the Chow brothers to increase wages, and that could greatly cut into their profit-sharing with John Key. Can’t have that

  3. Look, New Zealand runs a dirty little visa farming operation that would make the Saudis and Qataris green with envy. Simple as that.

  4. While it’s understood there’s a need for seasonal immigration – a multi billion dollar industry won’t pay local workers decent wages, the arguably much bigger scandal than piss poor treatment of foreign workers is the ‘pay to play’ industry where money is paid to secure employment, and qualifying jobs include service industry, bottle shop and dairies.

    As always follow the money.

  5. Dodgy? That’s an understatement! But let’s not tar all migration (and migrants) with the same brush. There are other categories beside the temp work visas issued under the accreditation scheme. Arguably, some of the categories deserve some scrutiny, such as the student visa linked to sn advanced qualification, work visa and permanent residency (was the case before the CoV19 pandemic). But at least in theory, NZ gains skilled and educated people under this category. And let’s not forget that a small number of ‘migrants’ are in fact UN refugees and have no connection whatsoever to the dodgy accreditated work scheme.

  6. Is it possible that there are 2 classes of migrants? There is a genuine refugee type that wants to use their abilities to improve their position in life while also improving New Zealand & other migrants who just seek their own financial gain & are willing to use any situation or other people (even other migrants) to make a financial gain. It would appear that immigration is designed expressly for exploitative employers & dodgy migrants to exploit which has me wondering how such incompetent public servants actually keep their jobs.

    • You seem to think there are 2 classes of immigrants, refugees vs others.

      All immigrants are trying to improve their socio-economic status and ensure a better future for themselves and their children….that’s the most common reason for immigration.

      No one is working to improve NZ, whether they are refugees, other immigrants or kiwis!

  7. Computers work with 0 and 1 so I try to get to the basic motive behind people’s actions. Of course there are many reasons for what people do and varying degrees of willingness to share what we have to help others but if given a choice I prefer to be with people who look out for others.

  8. In a sense you are correct Bonny, there are two sorts of immigrants: 1, those that are linked to the various NZI categories and 2, refugees. The term migrant has been blurred somewhat by the way migrants are referred to overseas, eg, migrants at the US/Mexico border; migrants crossing the Mediterrian in flimsy boats.

    But here in NZ, surrounded by a large moat, all migration is highly regulated. There are no so-called ‘illegal’ migrants, all being either NZI approved under the various categories, or refugees, mostly UN approved refugees or asylum seekers, ie, people who arrive here unapproved but then claim refugee status on the basis of discrimination, which international law allows. I suspect there are a few high profile people in this relatively small group.

    Most UN refugees leave with little, and are often traumatized. As a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention, the NZ govt must take responsibility for their resettlement, ie, English language and literacy education, social welfare and housing.

    NZI categories are many, ranging from the investor category, work-to-residence after gaining a tertiary qualification, fast track under the skills needed category, eg, jockeys, nurses; and of course the temporary accredited work placement category.

    It is this last category that get all the attention, and rightly so as it is a scam for dodgy operators. But the blame lays with successive govts who introduced the scheme as a means of introducing cheap labour (think of all the lobbying going on to achieve this) AND Ministers asleep at the wheel, AND officials not having sufficient checks and balances. WTF, it’s a scheme just waiting for exploitation!

    But my point was, let’s not tar all ‘migrants’ with the same brush.

  9. The massive rort is pretending that New Zealanders don’t want to work and employing migrants as cheap labour. Whenever they say New Zealanders don’t want to work I usually add afterwards “at the wages you’re paying.” I thought migrants were meant to be making up for shortages in our labour force, not simply replacing New Zealanders. I know we have a shortage of doctors, but I didn’t know fthat we had a shortage of shop assistants.

  10. What is the appropriate migration setting?

    This year 130,000 new migrants. A rate of 2.6%.

    At the end of this year will a 2.6% migration rate mean the average kiwi is better off or worse off? Will the gdp per capita have increased or decrease?

    After 10 years of 2.6% migration and the population has increased by another million will NZAo be a better place to live?

    The beauty and sustainability of NZ is that it is not overcrowded let’s keep it that way.

  11. we don’t have housing or infrastructure lets fix that before we do anything else..letting them live in shacks with rivers of shit is a disgrace…but we love our indentured slaves in nz

    • I dont think its correct to blame “Labour policy” Trevor, although I suspect you’ll blame Labour for all current ills. Fair call. They coulda and shoulda done better. However, decisions made around immigration, especially around accredited temp work visas, is not so much a policy but a directive, a bipartisan setting, in part to fill employment areas that many kiwis won’t engage with because they feel the work is too hard, work conditions are shitty and/or wages that barely meet the living wage, and in part the making of Treasury think tanks. Cheap labour is food for the economy, yes? But ironically, not so good for the country. The current situation is due to an ‘over-correction’ following the Cov19 pandemic. Its unsustainable. The accredited employer scheme is highly problematic. Both the National coalition and Labour know this. Question is what will they do about it. It’s all very well for the coalition to push through changes in the first 100 days but watch the immigration space move at snails pace.

      • actually the current accredited work visa policy debacle is a policy, and not a directive. It was a policy created and implemented by the Labour Government. It replaced 6 prior visa categories in which exploitation wasn’t much a problem (exploitation occurred in different visa spaces) and replaced them with a category in which exploitation is now a huge problem. So what we see now is a direct result of both incompetence and ideology. It’s difficult to fix because it was such a massive and significant policy overhaul.

    • Trevor. Nope. It was Bill English who justified importing cheap immigrant workers by proclaiming that young New Zealand males were all work averse useless druggies. He lied. All he wanted was a low income economy, he’s that myopic.

      (This is the Bill who responded to the Hager/ Stevenson Afghanistan revelations by popping up to Auckland to see a pop concert. That Bill. You paid his airfare. You and me both. We probably still pay his airfares all over the place.)

  12. Most people in the world have had the experience of leaving the place where they grew up. Maybe they will only move as far as the next village or city. But for some people, they will need to leave their country entirely – sometimes for a short time, but sometimes forever.

    Every day, all over the world, people make one of the most difficult decisions in their lives: to leave their homes in search of a safer, better life.

    There are many reasons why people around the globe seek to rebuild their lives in a different country. Some people leave home to get a job or an education. Others are forced to flee persecution or human rights violations such as torture. Millions flee from armed conflicts or other crises or violence. Some no longer feel safe and might have been targeted just because of who they are or what they do or believe – for example, for their ethnicity, religion, sexuality or political opinions.

    • It doesn’t make NZ’s immigration policy sensible.

      There are enough economic migrants keen to leave their current locations to wreck NZ’s few remaining public services, not to speak of the environment, the housing crisis, or wages.

      We cannot take them all, in fact we should not take enough to negatively affect ordinary NZers. We are way over that level now, and a responsible government would greatly decrease migration, starting with compulsory workforce planning for employers wanting working visas, and requiring year on year reductions on visaed staff.


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