36 pointless Action Plan with pointless Right Wing Action Man


This isn’t a Government, it’s vandalism of the egalitarian state as performance art!

Luxon’s ridiculous 36 point plan, (why 36 points? Why not 37?), is just CEO double talk used during a power point presentation.

They are pretending that setting a list and checking it off amounts to Government!

Indeed Luxon has already confirmed that this will be rammed through missing urgency again.

The deep problem for National was that their political values were hollowed out for Corporate interests.

They have had to flesh out the Lobbyist Election Talking points into actual policy and the venal self interest of that policy will shock many Kiwis, especially after they all realise the pittance the vast majority of them are getting in tax cuts.

If you were angry at the first 100 days, wait until you see how vested the interests are in what National are about to pass as actual policy.

This charmless Christian tough love gormless Dad routine he plays is the sort of pantomime taught at weekend management assertiveness CEO camps.

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Luxon is constantly trying to look tough while Winston and David suck up all the oxygen.

The problem for National is that this economic recession is starting to impact people who are only just hanging on by their fingernails and a bullshit 36 point plan that enables corporations to pillage the environment, dodge regulations and punish vulnerable people won’t come anywhere near Kiwi expectations of the State’s role in their lives.

The vast majority of New Zealanders like to the state to support them, not smite their enemies.




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  1. The Boeing buying bullshitting buzz worder, who conveniently had “no idea” that the Business Dept. of Air New Zealand was carrying out turbine work for the Saudi Navy, despite being the CEO of the Government backed monopoly, demonstrates on a daily basis that he is way out of his depth.

    When he gets put under any pressure from a decent journalist you can see
    the corporate buzz word muscle
    memory kick in.

    He doesn’t have any real meaningful answers to anything despite his magnetic fridge pad to-do list.

    It’s like a Jerry Seinfield show but without the humour.
    Everything is about nothing!

    A rag tag directionless bunch of no hopers flailing
    around like chooks with their heads off.

    They are already one-sixth of their way through their tenure, and apart from repealing anything and everything that moved, they have achieved nothing..

    Absoluta de nada!!

    • Out of his depth? Well he wasn’t a navy man anyway. Now Hobson was one of those, so perhaps leading to choosing people whose feet are firmly closer to the ground. A farmer then? Ummm. From Air NZ, or Corporate green acres, or shooting the breeze? – I dunno.
      I think we are set to sail on the Crimson Assurance – Ahoy.

  2. More like The NACTZI Libertarian’s DELAYING EXTINCTION PLAN.

    These should send a chill through citizens ! Whose ‘ national interests ‘ are enviromental resource pillaging serving ? For short term gain and immense profits to private cooperatives when the ‘ national interests ‘ should actually be long term survival on a dying planet.

    10.* Introduce legislation to amend the RMA to clarify application of National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management in relation to individual consents for freshwater and to extend marine farm consent.

    11.* Introduce legislation to suspend the requirement on councils to identify and adopt new Significant Natural Areas.

    12. *Finalise policy to keep agriculture out of the ETS.

    15.* Initiate the first regulatory sector review.

    The US ” Gaslands ” (2010 doco by Joshua Fox) is now NZs destiny;  whereby the private companies chasing energy had no obligation,  were exempt from any clean air or fresh water EPA legislation .

    The deadly secret – 296 ??? Chemicals undisclosed going into water tables and soils ! Even the rednecks became sick within DAYS but the Energy companies had bought their silence in NDAs in advance.

    This latest ” white gold ” documentary will blow the mind too. The absolute con job killing people’s livelihoods and health.

    The  comment on TDB,
    ” but the regions will be rich ” shows total ignorance and lack of knowledge of ecosystems, food chains  and life cycles . 
    NO ‘ thing ‘ taken  from an environment or added to it such as solvents or gases released, just magically disappears .
    10s of thousands of tonnes of water taken per hour up mountains to mine is sickness and famine on the plains downstream. EVERYTHING is interdependent.

    2 million litres of water with solvents are needed to make 1 ton of lithium. Farmers too will be indiscriminately f# .

    And the myths that those billions of tonnes of water needed are renewable . # BS


    • OToole you demonstrate an appalling lack of knowledge, I suggest you stop commenting on issues of which you clearly know nothing.

      • Brilliant summation OToole. Well reasoned, structured and evidenced based. Bob TF has such a low IQ he never posts anything of substance in response to genuine intellect. Perhaps if Bob TF had not been deprived of oxygen at birth, he’d have become a grown up.

      • Hahahahaha! You numpty, your whole comment is nothing, zero, zilch, nada.
        Ask the teachers and health professionals who gained the biggest increase in salaries in 20 years. So fuck you, you idiot. They stopped the National party leakage of nurses to Australia. National have started the leakage of police to Australia. Come back when you grow up.

    • The thing is, Trevor, as much as you’d like to, there’s no way to remove the pandemic nor the mosque terror attack.
      I’d say we were the luckiest people on earth -literally- to have our Labour leader taking us through.
      I have a hunch that, when you look into your heart, you’re anything but happy with the actual and potential damage that’s being done to this beautiful country, to our beautiful people by these criminals abusing their power. You just can’t be honest and admit because of the feelings of shame for being partly responsible. You voted for the monster, Trevor.

    • -Build more houses than any other Government since the 1930’s / 40’s despite 2 years of covid disruption.

      – Deal with the Bovis disaster left behind by a weak National who were not doing anything except try to keep ot quiet.
      -Got rid of the ridiculous single plastic bag use in supermarkets the National were too gutless to do anything about.

      -Organised and introduced the fastest uptake of EVs in the world.

      Made the biggest percentage increases in minimum and living
      wages ever.

      Dealt with the fallout from the mining disaster caused by National’s poor oversight and under regulation.National were sbout to concrete the whole entrance over…remember.

      Negotiated and signed up the best ever trade deals with European countries.

      The list is endless…one must pay attention to the news more often..

      • Even if they didnt produce the vague transformational change for some reason they couldn’t even advertise their actual economic acievements in the news narrative. They had bureaucrats playing the decentralise recentralise game. Hey guys let’s put all the deck chairs over here in a group. Hey guys let’s spread all the deck chairs around the deck. Hey guys the onboard swimming pool is full of consulting fees. Dive in.

    • They built more state houses, increased the minimum wage, made apprenticeship easier to get, started various plans for public transport, farm sustainability and water use although groundswell (swill) and various other nutjobs managed to delay any progress and actually had a plan for this coming years budget that did not involve stealing from the children, disabled and poor sectors of society.

    • Increase pay for those that get f all for one. At least they even pretended there was a planet to consider unlike these total wankers. I know that means nothing to you Trevor. What good has this government achieved so far? Reverse smoking legislation? Wow what a winner. That was top of my list.

  3. If Labour had had a 1 point action plan for each of their 100 days in office the may have achived 60 notable outcomes. But no, lots of “aspiration” with no notable outcomes.

    • I’m sure OToole wont mind me stealing his post…no notable outcomes, sounds like you’ve fallen down Luthers corporate speak rabbit hole without doing due diligence on Labour’s notable outcomes…what, no?

      Geez Clffordj

      How PEOPLE BENEFITED BY LABOUR – Song for Cliffordj

      Boosted funding for suicide prevention


      Delivered the biggest benefit boost in a generation, to help families with the cost of living


      Made the biggest ever investment in family violence and sexual violence support services

      New legislation to put New Zealand on a path to a smokefree future


      Delivered the strongest ever protections to clean up our rivers and lakes


      Fixed Resource Management Act to better protect our environment


      Delivered the largest ever Police workforce, with 1800 new officers to keep communities safer


      60,000 New Zealanders into the trades through Apprenticeship Boost

      Boosted student loans and allowances by more than $100 a week


      New schools and classrooms for 100,000 students

      Reinstated the Training Incentive Allowance for higher-skill courses, supporting around 16,000 people to retrain

      Launched and expanded Mana in Mahi, supporting employers to take on more than 5,000 apprentices

      First year of study fees-free


      Expanding the Pregnancy and Parenting Programme, so more women and whānau can access support for alcohol and drug issues

      Funding for night classes, to give more people opportunities to upskill .

      Upgraded almost every state school in the country through the School Investment Package .


      Scrapped the $5 prescription co-payment

      Made visiting the doctor cheaper or free
      Launched the Best Start payment, supporting parents with the costs of a newborn

      Launched Ministry of Disabled People to improve outcomes for Kiwis with disabilities


      Strengthened laws for addressing family violence by creating new offences and making victim safety the primary consideration in bail decisions

      The Families Package, the biggest boost in household income in a decade for thousands of families

      Extended paid parental leave from 18 to 26 weeks

      Indexed main benefits to average wage growth for the first time in New Zealand’s history, to give those most in need a fair go


      And there’s more …

      • Did you ask the Tool if you can steal his post, nothing to add for yourself?

        Sums you up Squeaky/Bert/Jacinda fan…when will your next change of name be?
        When all your predictions fall over I guess, latest one is Chippy will be Labour leader longer than Luxton is PM.
        Let’s see you post an apology when this prediction, like all your previous ones, turn to dust!

        • Cheers JK seems a certain troll above has been significantly triggered although most of his post is complete garbage and gibberish. Another apology, sorry all of Im wrong/Bob the firstt/Off White/Sour Krauts post is wrong…when will your next change of name be?

          But the most hilarious thing about his post is he can’t disagree!!!
          Where’s his idol John Key now, flew the coup when things got nasty, now flew the coup from ANZ. Or perhaps Im tighty righty , he’s to imbedded with the Chow brothers?
          As for predictions, my last one was 100% correct, Tighty righty turned out to be the idiot I knew you to be. Hahaha!!

  4. one way to fix the cost of living crisis is to stop people from living. shocking attack on the livelihoods of New Zealanders. Reminds me of Telecom doing restructuring just before Christmas every year. vampire squids with heartless souls. I guess they waited until the new financial year to send in the razor gangs. This austerity shit is going to send NZ to the wall – the party of sound financial management – lol what an effing joke – I bet Luxon and Willis have no idea about our sovereign currency and how to manage or use it, and if they do, then they’re just blatantly evil bastards willing to sell us to their masters for filthy lucre. I’m guessing they just have no idea and are just corporate shills being played. Not sure what is worse. deliberate malfeasance or being too stupid to know any better.


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