Like TDB warned you – here come the Machine Guns from ACTs gun lobby glee club


Every day you wake up asking, ‘what new obscenity will this hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government vomit up on me today’?

Well, today it’s submachine guns back on the streets.

TDB warned you that the Gun Fetish Glee Club inside the ACT Party was going to try and bring back every sociopaths favourite machine gun fantasy and lo and behold it comes to pass…

Semi-automatics on the table in gun laws shake-up

Semi-automatics could make a return to gun ranges with New Zealand’s firearms laws in for a major shake-up this term.

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National and ACT agreed to rewrite the Arms Act – in place since the early 1980s – as part of its coalition arrangement.

Everything is on the table, including changing the existing licensing regime and re-introducing the military-style weapons used in the 15 March terror attacks.

…as TDB warned you, the Gun Fetish Glee Club inside the ACT Party has an enormous amount of power now and they intend to bring back their favourite sub machine guns.

On top of allowing sub machine guns back, ACT have decided to back the local meth production industry by bewilderingly wanting the banned meth pre-curser Pseudoephedrine back on the shelves!!!

Fear that setting up your own Meth Cooking company might attract unwanted attention from other criminal organisations?

Don’t worry!

ACT has you covered by allowing the sociopaths favourite toy machine gun back on the market while dumping the Gun registry so you willl be able to keep you Meth Cooking company under the radar from the police.

For too long meth has been produced offshore by Triad and South American cartels, ACT demands to know why should all that meth money be made by foreign criminal organisations when there are so many desperate kiwis trying to make ends meet here in NZ and what better way to help the domestic Meth Cooking market than allowing Pseudoephedrine back into the country and over the counter while providing the machine guns to protect your turf!

ACT – the Party that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing!

Just to be crystal meth clear here, ACT’s solutions are MORE machine guns and MORE meth precursor ingredients?

The market will work out the rest will it?

The only winners here are domestic meth cooks and the Military Industrial Complex.




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  1. All signed off by a Christian leader…yeah right .
    It has taken just 100 days for this to become the worst leader and government in history. Of that there can be no doubt.
    The cost to their donors and backers are human lives.

  2. Nicole McKee doesn’t even make constructive arguments ( must take notes from Costello). She keeps equating existing gun laws with preventing people “putting food on the table.” What utter rubbish

    • No its what the gun lobbyists paid McKee for, your views on guns are yours to own and you are the recipient of the rewards of thousands of dollars in donations.

  3. I don’t know what the government is up to here. There’s a good case for professional goat cullers being licensed to use semi-automatics, but I’m not sure why anybody else needs them.

    • “There’s a good case for professional goat cullers being licensed to use semi-automatics”

      There already is, section 30B of the Arm Act 1983

  4. It’s what you get when you constantly screw over the most vetted, law-abiding citizens, you get the Government you have now. Time to suck it up, you reap what you sow.

  5. Nicole McKee with her allegations that gun owners are being treated as criminals because their wet dreams about military guns are not allowed would be laughable if not for the fact that she is in government with an equally deluded set of MP’s who could change the laws.
    She has no objection to insinuating that beneficiary’s, gang members etc are criminal and treating them that way but then gets upset when a few inadequate people feel like they need military guns to be complete and that they are being treated as criminals by having to comply with the law. If Australia can live without those weapons then NZ can as well

  6. Arming the public is a great justification for using weapons against the public from a policing perspective.
    Also, since seymor’s a slithering rogergnome his enthusiasm for weaponising the public will ultimately lead to well armed private security and provincial private armies and so well out of the accountability of a state that’s being demolished from within as I write. Anyone who isn’t rich will be a target and there are a lot of rich foreign people eyeing up AO/NZ as the carnage they, the rich themselves, have exposed the rest of our planet to.
    Did you vote for the natzo’s and their little warts? Then this is going to be on you. Lets be clear about that. The awful shit that’s about to hit the beautiful, peaceful AO/NZ fan is on you, you greedy stupid fuckers. In time to come, by and by, you will be dying as you look through dimming eyes at all your pointless material wealth that, unlike your soul, you can’t take with you. You should hope that no one asks you to prove you have a soul before your allowed [in] because if that’s the case, you’re going to be fucked aren’t you.

  7. This stuff just escalates things, leading to increased gun sales and ownership and eventually more private prisons and security and more heavily armed Police–not to mention more people dead from “lead poisoning”.

    Seymour was the hold out at the time of the mosque massacre re semi auto control in Parliament–we know now where here got his policy drive from, and then McKee was on board, a gun industry stalwart masquerading as a grass roots shooter. Nicole McKee’s COLFO (NZ Council of Licensed Firearms Owners) group used to have links to the US NRA on its www presence, which was removed when she announced her hook up with Act.

    Filthy stuff, thanks revenge voters.

  8. single shot military rifles are perfectly legal so this is probably a cover for semi autos….which are no fuckin use for target shooting unless switched to single shot which defeats the actual object of the exercise..more nat red meat for their hillbilly voters

    as for ‘food on the table’ semi autos are no good for hunting if that’s what is implied…get yourself a lee enfield or any decent hunting rifle much better for the job

  9. The conservative Germany just legalized cannabis so NZ government must surely follow, especially as tobacco is not seen as a problem here anymore. And if high power guns and pseudo are acceptable why not legalize meth, collapse the market, remove the violence and corruption and get people the help they need.

    • Actually a very good suggestion Ethan. Not only that but think of the high unemployment we have under National and how the cannabis market could take care of that.

    • Nothing like piling on some more abuse to New Zealand’s most heavily vetted, law-abiding citizens. You deserve this Government. Enjoy 😉

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