Half the country didn’t even know what the Treaty Principles – ACT want a referendum of ignorance and bigotry!


Poll: Half of NZers say they don’t understand Treaty principles

A new 1News Verian poll shows a slim majority of people, around 52%, are not confident in their understanding of the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

The poll, which ran from February 10 to 14, asked 1002 eligible voters: “How well do you understand the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi?”

Of the respondents, 40% said “not that well”, 10% said “not at all well” and 2% did not know or refused to answer.

Meanwhile, just 12% responded “very well”, but 36% said “well”.

Those groups of eligible voters who are more likely than average to say they didn’t understand the principles well were Canterbury residents, National Party supporters and non-university graduates.

Those groups of eligible voters who are more likely than average to say they understand the principles well were Green Party supporters, Māori, Pacific peoples, university graduates, people aged 30 to 39 years, and those with a household income of $150,000 and over.

It comes as the Government faces a divisive debate over ACT’s Treaty Principles Bill, which seeks to redefine the principles.

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ACT wants a binding referendum against the interests of the minority over an issue the majority don’t even understand!

ACT’s Treaty Referendum Bill is dangerous and disingenuous…

1. All citizens of New Zealand have the same political rights and duties

2. All political authority comes from the people by democratic means including universal suffrage, regular and free elections with a secret ballot

3. New Zealand is a multi-ethnic liberal democracy where discrimination based on ethnicity is illegal

…The Bill sounds good until you realise what it actually means

Lord Cooke’s ruling in 1987 was an attempt to create a framework that gave the Treaty meaning. He ruled, “the Treaty created an enduring relationship of a fiduciary nature akin to a partnership, each party accepting a positive duty to act in good faith, fairly, reasonably and honourably towards the other”, and this has been the framework for co-operation for almost 4 decades.

…passing ACT’s Bill would remove that obligation to work with Māori making the Treaty meaningless.

This is a direct attack on the Treaty and the very value of our Democracy

This whole argument that “we the people didn’t have a say in Lord Cooke’s 1987 ruling” utterly misunderstands the nature of our democracy and is the intellectual equivalent of being a book burner demanding to run the library!

We have a representative democracy, not a participatory democracy.

We elect people and pay them well and resource them with the best advice to make the best decisions, if you don’t like them you kick them out of office once every 3 years.

Demanding a say in issues requiring deep wisdom, experience and technical skill like Constitutional Law and vaccines is like letting children design airplanes FFS!

You are all honestly smarter than Lord fucking Cooke and the vast majority of medical experts promoting the vaccine are you?

The arrogance of so many of you is just jaw dropping in its level of self delusion!

I want a fucking expert making decisions as important as this, not slack jawed yokels who are frightened every time there’s an eclipse that the moon dragon is eating the Sun God!

In fields that demand intelligence, why the Christ would you ask morons for their fucking opinion?

It’s like getting them in to have a say over brain surgery FFS!

Why would you listen to a fucking redneck on advice for brain surgery, or vaccine science, or building a legislative constructional framework that allows indigenous people to access promises made by a Treaty the conquering culture never wants to acknowledge?

This hate of the expert because apparently the experts advice hurts your fucking feelings is woke snowflake trigger level pathetic.

Right wing feelings from the Anitvaxx perma-grievance movement and the anti-Māori settler klan are what is deciding fucking policy here, not expert analysis!

Ill informed, stupid, ignorant, right wing ‘feelings’.

Fuck your feelings.

Let’s be very clear, what the right are arguing for here with this Treaty Principles Referendum Bill is not Democracy, but Majoritarianism.

The benchmark for morality under Majoritarianism is that 51% can vote to kill the other 49%.

Great if you are in the 51%, not so great if you are in the 49%.

A democracy worth its name understands the power structures within society and provides a democracy that actually represents the wider interests of everyone.

What ACT are doing here is stripping away Māori political rights by strangling off any obligation to work with Māori. It makes the Treaty redundant so attempts to pretend this doesn’t impact the Treaty is just a deception.

Majoritarianism is not democracy, it’s authoritarian.

Democracy uses the State to build people up, Majoritarianism demands the State punish those the Majority despise.

We need to fight for our Democracy and not the empty legitimacy of Majoritarianism.

Just because you have the numbers to do it, doesn’t make it right or just or clever or worthy of us.

It’s counter productive culture war revenge fantasies implemented for nothing more than political plunder.

David’s argument that ACT stand for tino rangatiratanga is so misplaced I wonder if David has ever met any Māori…

The Treaty: We don’t believe Treaty of Waitangi is a partnership between races – David Seymour

Over the past decade, no party has shown more courage in standing up for the freedoms of New Zealanders than Act.

There’s been the freedom of parents to choose a school that suits their children, charter schools. Our party has stood for the legal rights of licensed firearm owners, freedom of speech, the freedom of vulnerable people suffering at the end of their life to choose assisted dying, and the freedom of people to go about their business in the face of heavy-handed Covid measures.

Now in Government, we continue to stand up for New Zealanders’ rights. We are reintroducing choice in education, beating back the thickets of red tape and regulation so deadly to innovation and development, and ensuring Oranga Tamariki has the rights of each vulnerable child as its unconditional focus, among other initiatives.

In these and other examples, Act stands for the mana of the individual, the right to live life as you choose so long as you are not harming others. Put another way, Act has championed tino rangatiratanga, or self-determination.

…at a time when the Mining Industry and Trans National Corporations want to buy up NZ land and the privatisation thugs are looking to rob us blind, we need more safeguards to our sovereignty than David Seymour’s limp and brittle definition of tino rangatiratanga.

All he is doing here is reducing the concept of tino rangatiratanga into the shallow individualism of the Western tradition.

Individualism über alles is a petty trade in for what Māori already have.

David wants to downgrade Māori from citizens to consumers.

Māori communalism is as close to Kiwi socialism as we are going to get! David’s attempt to reduce tino rangatiratanga into individualism misses the Māori values where sharing and communalism is central.

All David is doing is forcing a Western Philosophical definition of the self onto Māori and then telling them to accept it!

How does replacing Māori communalism for a shallow western definition of the individual, justify dumping the Treaty Principles?

If anything, wouldn’t further atomisation of Māori culture help fray the unity and allow ACT to legislate it away?

Māori tino rangatiratanga is the sovereignty of the people, not the self interest of the individual, if this is all ACT is rolling up to Waitangi with as a justification for their race baiting referendum, good luck.

ACT’s Treaty Referendum Bill is dangerous and disingenuous.




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  1. The problem with racially segregated government is that it leaves all political debate stranded in the 19th century, and tries to wind back the clock to the time when socialist theories, the welfare state and even trade unions didn’t exist.

    A classless society with equal treatment before the law makes special racial privileges redundant — the society works to organise itself in a way to best meet the needs of all citizens. Oh, but any mention of class so terrifies the ruling oligarchs on Wall Street! Thus dividing the workers along racial lines, and attempting to channel all discontent into the dead-end of racialistic nationalism, is the “solution” to prevent the labour movement from ever striking back.

  2. What a stupid 1 News Verian poll. Abolutely meaningless questions. Someone in the science fraternaty suggested that tehre shoud be a journal of no results. That’s where this poll belongs..

  3. “We elect people and pay them well and resource them with the best advice to make the best decisions, if you don’t like them you kick them out of office once every 3 years.”
    Quite so. That’s what just happened.

    • @ Tom gardner. You wouldn’t know what just happened if you had a blow job. Try your toxic, gaslighting shit elsewhere. Try newshub? I hear they’re recruiting.
      Great work @ TDB.
      “…passing ACT’s Bill would remove that obligation to work with Māori making the Treaty meaningless.
      This is a direct attack on the Treaty and the very value of our Democracy”
      And that, is precisely why it’s of the utmost fucking urgency that the Treaty be tied to our primary industry which is farming, or more specifically to family farming, the future of food production and a sustainable AO/NZ economy, just like it is actually but not so buried under fat, lazy Natzo’s and their parasitic cling-ons.
      Farmers? The National Party are the very embodiment of The Enemy and have always been so. Wake up! Look up! See those banks in down town Wellington and Auckland? Big shiny bank buildings glimmering in the morning sun? That, right there, is your enemy and below them in our electoral offices? In there are their minions.

    • I believe you missed the point, The democratic process is we elect politicians and they resource advice from experts to help them frame policies. They don’t go to the public for advice especially on issues like the TOW and then ask for a referendum on every piece of legislation they want to pass that not how our parliament and democracy work.

    • Interpretation of the Treaty of Waitangi is a task of statutory interpretation which is best conducted by those who are skilled in the field. That would normally be a matter for lawyers and judges, but lay people often have an interest, and may be able to contribute something of value to the process.
      In addition, whether we like it or not, the “principles of the treaty” have become political and we would be best advised to confront the ACT party head on over the issue rather than insisting fruitlessly that it should be left to the rulings of the courts.
      Martyn thinks that “The Bill sounds good..”. I would deny that. The “three principles” posing as statements of fact are in fact all untrue.
      “1. All citizens of New Zealand have the same political rights and duties”
      Not true. The Governor-General, members of cabinet, members of the House of Representatives all have political rights and duties different from those of ordinary citizens. ACT is trying to pretend that the Realm of New Zealand is a simple, primitive and natural democracy. In reality it is a structured system with highly differentiated roles, rights and duties. This representation of the political system mirrors ACT’s simplistic and false depiction of the economic system as one where every citizen stands in the market with equal rights and opportunities.
      “2. All political authority comes from the people by democratic means including universal suffrage, regular and free elections with a secret ballot”. That is constitutionally incorrect. King Charles is sovereign. He appoints the government of New Zealand, and he is not constitutionally bound to respect the will of the people.
      “3. New Zealand is a multi-ethnic liberal democracy where discrimination based on ethnicity is illegal”. Except that King Charles as the unelected Head of State continues to represent British racial supremacy in New Zealand.
      If the ACT bill causes us to ask some fundamental questions such as “Why should we have elections only once every three or four years?”, “Why should we continue to tolerate the secret ballot?”, “Why should we allow a Head of State who owes his position solely to his whakapapa?” then some good will have come from it.
      The good news is that regardless of whether the bill with its three principles is enacted by Parliament and regardless of whether it is confirmed by a popular referendum, rangatiratanga will continue unimpeded as the single guiding principle of social organisation for Maori and the working class.

    • That would be a fair assumption if all parties spent the same amount amount of money on advertising. When one group has eight time the budget then there is no democracy.

  4. Kiwis are not equal and will never be under this rabble .
    If I get a job on wellington I have to find my own accomadation and cant claim 1k a week .
    Law has just been past that prevents Maori from getting health care .
    The well off will be getting tax cuts while the poor get fleeced to pay for it
    1 million people live in poverty while a few thousand own 80% of the wealth in NZ
    Benificeries get jail for 5k fraud and white collar workers get comunity service and are never expected to pay back what they have stolen .

  5. This is absolutely spot on. Anyone who’s done Pols, or even had an interest in politics, knows it about the division of resources in a given area of territory. Stripped down from all the BS, that’s what politics is.
    How that happens is the nub. Theories and convoluted economic hypothesis work to fudge this basic issue.
    Control of the media, and with it, control of the message, work to manipulate the uneducated and not so uneducated, to voting against their own welfare. That’s why so many middle class idiots vote national or act.
    Manipulation, deceit, and spin are the propaganda of the right. They desire the rule of the few wealthy over the rest of the “peasantry”. So they lie, cheat, manipulate and deceive to get it. This process began in the 18th century and has not stopped. It continues in most western democracies today. NZ is no different. We just have had three generations of poorly educated suckers, who don’t know their history, nor their politics. That’s why they’re called shepple.
    Seymour tapped into this giant lake of ignorance, successfully, and this is the result.
    The only way to counter it, is to grow your knowledge base. That means waiting till the chickens come home to roost, THEN strike. Not before or you’ll get crushed.

  6. Considering that Maori never ceded sovereignty and there’s ample evidence even without the Waitangi Tribunal input. The principles actually suppress the true meaning to Maori tino rangatiratanga ova their lands, and resources. Remember majority of Maori signed the Maori version which was the norm at the time because they never spoke nor could they hope to understand the nuance of the english language.

    The CMS were instrumental in teaching Maori the Christian faith and first printed the bible in maori in 1827 at port jackson now Sydney harbour. When the TOW was signed mostly everyone including the pakeha attendance spoke Maori. The CMS were also instrumental in not communicating properly the English text and they benefited from this discrepancies because secretly they despised Maori and acted two faced as can now be witnessed in their letters but they also would become the benefactors to the TOW as Henry William the interpreter of the Maori text became a significant land owner in Aotearoa.

    Hone Heke was one of the first rangatira to sign the treaty because he believe that it was a continuing acknowledgement of ‘He whakaputanga’ of 1835 (Declaration of Independence) with the British crown. Four years after the signing of TOW Hone Heke would begin a process of defying british authority by attacking the symbols of british power successfully dismantling the flag four time which was the beginning of Northern wars nicknamed the accidental war.

    A referendum is a reductive binary (using Chloe strawbrick example) promoting a ‘Yes or NO’ to define a complex and nuanced understanding of a document that was unilaterally interpreted by the crown in the 1800s and Seymour believes that he has the mandate to unilaterally interpret the principals without the Maori nations participation.

    How has the Treaty of Waitangi suppressed non Maori?

  7. Interesting Bomber
    You have exactly the same elitist attitude as the 1% and Ivy League graduates in the USA
    Polling showed they believed the process had too much freedom and the elites should ban stuff which they deemed inappropriate like air conditioning petrol cars,air travel etc
    You’re a bit more extreme though. You don’t believe the proles should think!

    • You want to ban people from being trans, gay, having sex outside of marriage, joining trade unions, blacks from due process, etc.

      So who do who think has too much freedom?

      • Females in the western developed world ie

        And New Zealand

        From the age of 25 to 55 is a complete disaster area. Half of them will die single and childless. They produce more webcam girls than they do teachers.

        It’s these overweight and left over woman trying to create the infant they never had and don’t even want when we hear bullshit like men can give birth or 1+1= a fucken infinite amount of genders. It’s nothing more than materialism. The numbers are very clear theyre not breeding western woman are a complete waste of space.

        If we want to reverse the demographic decline and all out degeneracy then western men are going to have exclude western woman as long term partners.

    • “You’re a bit more extreme though. You don’t believe the proles should think!”
      Are you fucking kidding?
      Leading the Prols to thinking is presiely what Martyn Bradbury devouts his time in doing. That’s why The Daily Blog you, fucking moron. Or are you really that stupid? Are you a Machiavellian confederate snouting about to pop your little spanner in the spokes?
      The shit sent from the arse holes in National are flying to the fan and all you can do is a half arsed attempt at psychologically disabling the fan. Well, you might have gotten away with it before the internet but now, everything’s accessible including the acts of financial terrorism the natzo’s and their fat rich mates have been deploying against our farmers to build themselves into teh 14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires each with a $50 million dollar minimum fortune and aiding and abetting the four now foreign owned banks stealing our money off home owners at a rate of $180.00 a second 24/7365 after tax.
      AO/NZ isn’t in trouble.Our economy is mightily strong. The reason why the fat blue rats are rustling in the wood pile is because their attempts at hiding the Truth is becoming ever more terrifyingly difficult. Aye Boys?
      As I see it, there are two options open to the scum. Sell off then take what you and run like fuck to where you’re not able to come back from. Or. Fuck our economy over so hard that there’d be no coming back then sell us like slaves to foreign ownership after the treaty’s been fucked without the kissing and the Crown’s sent packing. How’s that for extreme mat?

    • You know everything is fucked up when the perfectly reasonable is interpreted as unreasonable and the unreasonable is perfectly acceptable.

    • Mathew, you didn’t write what you really wanted to write, I’ll finish it for you.

      – “blah blah elites blah blah academics blah blah “they” blah blah scientists blah blah George Soros blah blah elites blah blah “them” blah blah more elites blah blah intellectuals blah blah elites elites elites blah blah WHO blah blah Bill Gates blah blah Big Pharma blah blah Agenda 21 blah blah climate hoax”

  8. To try and make up for my appalling lack of NZ/Aotearoa history and try to balance my years of being subjected to a colonial view of it I am just finishing reading Ranginui Walker’s book ‘Struggle Without End.’ I encourage everyone to read it.

  9. There are no principles in/of the Treaty. But there are three articles which are pretty simple. I stop listening when I hear the word principles.

    • They actually believe in honouring the Treaty, just like previous National governments. A treaty is a contract and not open to determination by majority rule. The conditions surrounding a Treaty (contract) is for the Courts to determine, not the democratic process. We ignore these values at our peril.

  10. Why did the maori steal the cookie?

    ACT… because he hates freedom, democracy, and equality under law! I have liberated these cookies for the good of the people of NZ.

    National… this question is unnecessarily divisive. Everyone knows it is jobseekers who eat the most cookies. I am entiled to 50,000 of your cookies, even though I own a cookie factory. No crumbs for me, fools, haha suck it.

    Labour… the UN has declared Cookies an oppressive concept under section 4756.9b of the American Hate Foods Schedule. It is right and just that an oppressed freedom-eater should eat the blah blah blah blah…

    The Greens… he’s suffering from stress, leave him to eat the cookie. He’s done great work tending the globally-warmed hungry chickens suffering from jet fuel inhalation.

    NZ hard hat wearer… this is a biscuit. Cookies generally have soft centres. I remember when we had cake.

    Bomber… you don’t understand cookie time! A chef I know says cookies are whatever he wants them to be!! Are you a chef?! No! So shut up!! This is as close to socialism as we can get!


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