ACT go full gun nut & highlights their ultimate weakness


ACT gun policy is an ‘attack’ on Kiwis’ safety, police union says

The police union has called out ACT’s gun policy, saying the party can’t have any credibility on law and order while wanting to scrap the incoming gun registry.

ACT announced on Friday it, if in power, would repeal most of the gun registry, leaving exceptions for pistols and restricted weapons.

Police confirmed on Thursday the registry will begin to be rolled out on June 24, forcing owners to register their guns and details with the police.

ACT love guns. The Gun fetish clique have over run them and their policy is totally insane.

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Look, there are a billion legitimate reasons to be scathing of the manner in which Police incompetence led to the Christchurch terrorist gaining access to the weapons he did, and we should be critical of Police at all times, but the gun registry is a perfectly sound and legitimate regulation over those who want guns!

What is dictating this decision by ACT are the feelings of the gun owners who are offended that the Police would encroach into their privacy, and while over reach should always be avoided, a gun registry is in no way shape or form an egregious intrusion by the State.

ACT are a right wing values party and as such their policy is drenched in hard right ideology that is driven not be science or reason, but naked blind obedience to those right wing values.

A gun registry makes social sense, ACT will repeal it because they don’t believe the State has any business regulating guns in the first place, they will risk public safety for purely ideological reasons.

ACT wants to rewrite the Treaty and then force it upon Māori without understanding the race war they would ignite in doing so.

I simply don’t believe that the majority of Kiwis have any idea just how radical right the ACT Party are and how much influence they will have over Chris Luxon in implementing much of that far right agenda.


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  1. A gun registry will work over time. but short term it wont. It will be as good as any follow up action police take to check that gun owners are in fact registering their weapons, and with under resourced police will that happen. Criminals and violent gang members won’t play the game and will access weapons anyway. I have guns and don’t have a problem with registering them, and believe it should have happened decades ago however I’m not the problem gun owner am I. Registering weapons is a bit like buying an electric car. You know it’s probably the right thing to do, but you also know it’s a feel good measure that looks good but won’t save the world.

      • It used to. And using your logic, registering motor vehicles, aircraft, births deaths and marriages et al won’t work and are a waste of money.

        • No it didn’t work which is why the police chose to get the last one ditched.
          It was less than 60% accurate.

            • 100% true G.

              A friend of mine looked at sorting it out for the police (At their behest). They knew about the problem and lack of resource and the risks facing them at least a few years before ChCh but were not prepared to prioritise even minimal resources to chase up the list and do even the basics. They knew the staff they had were not ‘doing it’ for various reasons but they couldnt find a small handful of million to sort it out, not that year or in following years.

              Lists and processes work but they need to be resourced adequately and strike the right balance of bureaucracy.

              • The Police have generally used the assigned resources elsewhere as they know that licenced firearms owners are not a problem.

          • It worked fine, right up until when the police decided they wanted to use its funding for other purposes.

        • Most of those registries are for generating money, not public safety, which is the justification of the firearms registry.

      • please elucidate peach…they work fine in europe and the nra gun fetishists have blocked it in yankland…so your evidence is? tucker carlson doesn’t count

        • Really? There’s no gun crime in Europe? No illegal firearms? Wow, tell us how that works?

          • did I say no gun crime in europe, changing the criteria isn’t a ‘win’ it’s a sign of weakness….and I was referring to the register as you well know and it’s uses, not forgetting how many crimes are solved by doing a quick computer search….don’t try your 2bob fox tactics on me….just look at the INCIDENCE of guncrime in europe and compare it to the states.

        • Really? There’s no gun crime in Europe? No illegal firearms? Wow, tell us how that works?

          • It works by Europe having A FRACTION of gun crimes/gun murder/gun suicide than the Usa does …..

            How do you think it works Act’s free peach ????

    • We were also told that giving the N.S.A. the ability to record every single phone call and computer transmission would somehow end terrorism and drug trafficking.

      It was claimed that crime would collapse if we simply covered the cities with security cameras, licence plate readers and cellular geopositioning equipment.

      Forcing citizens to surrender their civil rights is not a real crime-fighting strategy.

    • Good comment.
      How many other laws that have met with extreme opposition from the freedom rights groups are now accepted as the right thing to do.
      For example, seat belts, bike helmets etc to name some simple ones.
      NZ has always had an issue with people doing what is right and sensible just because they don’t like compulsion.
      The classics for me are Muldoon usiy compulsory super as vote bait and the lack of a capital gains tax.
      Both of these would make NZ a better place as would a gun registry.
      After all do the gangs import the guns, yeah Nah they just go buy them knowing they can’t be tracked.

      • Actually yes gangs do import guns.
        Where do the drugs come from?
        Licensed drug users?
        Customs intercepts hundreds of guns a year and that’s just what they find.

        • but as the gun fetishists point out illegal arms will always be with us….the clue is in the name…..but why would a responsable law abiding gun owner oppose a register, unless of course he was selling under the table

          • Interesting bad faith assertion gargarin but I’ll signify you with more time than it deserves.

            Every licensed firearms owner I know, and I bet it’s more than you, opposes the gun register.
            Exactly none of them have sold anything illegally, they are all very careful law abiding people.

            But yeah police did actually license some gang members.

            You are smearing with some pretty awful insinuation.
            “Have you stopped beating your wife yet” level of bad faith.
            Have you?

      • It isn’t about compulsion — but rather the right to privacy; the right to resistance & self-preservation; and safeguards against confiscation.

        • Self preservation? In 99% of cases, a handy baseball bat would do.

          I dont think we have any grizzlies out in the woods but you may have to watch out for random gang members in some parts of the country.

    • We had a firearm registry but a labour government realised it wasn’t working and came up with a “better” system.

      In 1981 I sold a firearm to a mate and as we were both in town went to the Police Station to record the transfer. That transfer was never processed as the firearms officer had too many forms to process so just did what he could and that transfer receipt was never received.

      All owners are registered. Is that really not enough?

  2. Their Treaty stance is probably why Brooke Van Nothing to See Here was all worked up about teaching NZ history in schools. Doesn’t pay to educate people about what actually happened when you are trying wash over stuff.

    As for the gun issue they make nonsensical bullshit arguments that criminals won’t obey the law! No shit, that’s what makes you a criminal. It doesn’t mean you don’t take any action.

    • yeah, same Labeen removed the Musket Wars from the education curriculum because the devastation it caused among waring tribes was a key reason Maori signed the Treaty. But that’s an inconvenient fact in the mythologising of Maori good/everything ‘colonial’ and ‘western’ (e.g. Science) bad.

      • Well I agree that should in the curriculum as well if accurate. It doesn’t change what the Crown did post signing the Treaty one little bit.

        • I think that that’s all anybody is getting at Wheel, we are all interested in facts and balance and no more green brown or white washing which is all we seem to get these days. I am sick of the one side all right and the other side all wrong narrative. Its not allowing for any resolution of issues.

          The musket wars are a big part of why the Treaty happenned and it should also be taught that if the English didnt sink their hooks in then the Americans and French were positioned to. Colonialism was the name of the game at that time.

          • No, their just slaughtered them and left them to rot in the mighty Crusades!
            Weren’t we all taught what brave honourable noble people the knights of old were …………

      • Especially as the Police signed off many of Tarrant’s firearm & ammunition purchases, so had the details a register would contain.

        • Since when did anyone least of all the police “sign off on ammunition purchases????.

          The law was you had to produce and show your firearms license to PURCHASE ammunition.

          A gun registry makes perfect sense as these are not any old consumer products ,,,, they are tools specifically designed for killing ,,, the large calibers are designed to kill large animals ,,, which is what we humans are.

          Any past failings of police gun registry’s comes down to funding/resources ,,, Politicians have to provide and ring-fence this.

          Finally it makes perfect CER sense to have our gun laws identical to Australia’s ,,,, this would make hunting/hunter tourism easier on both sides of the Tasman ,,,, and hunters do provide a service in culling the number of these introduced species which have no natural predators, or at least not here in AoNZ.

          • Mail order firearms & ammunition purchases must be signed off by a police officer, after they have determined the purchaser is still “fit & proper”. Tarrant’s forms were supplied to the Royal Commission.

            • Yeah nah, Act the Free Peach ,,,,, you have to be a “fit and proper person” to obtain a firearms license,,,

              ,,,,, Mail order or online purchases would have the police checking/confirming the buyer had a VALID and current firearms license,,,, and possibly checking ( although I doubt it ) if they had any convictions/reports which would revoke this license .

              If they made the buyer go through the whole “fit and proper” routine required to obtain a firearms license to purchase ammunition,,, then the buyer would have to provide two new written testimonials etc every time,,, and that don’t happen, are you saying it does?.

              Firearms are WEAPONS,,, your Act party ‘let the market decide’, ‘booo to regulations’ ,,, is Usa witches brew gun nuttery, that AoNz should not be stupid enough to embrace….

              Stick that in your gun nut NRA pipe and smoke it.

              • FYI B Awakesy The mail order ammunition form for Tarrant signed by police is in the public domain (internet) and is not disputed by police as being real.


                In addition, we are aware of 11 ammunition purchases made online between 5 December 2017 and 12 July 2018. The details of these purchases are provided in the table below. The individual completed the required New Zealand Police mail order form for these purchases.“

              • It actually says on the form the officer signs, “I have inspected both the seller’s and the purchaser’s firearms licence records and I am satisfied that the purchaser is a fit and proper person to purchase the arms item(s) or ammunition listed herein.”

      • It wouldn’t, it will prevent no crimes, solve no crimes & waste millions, it will however create & arm a lot of criminals.

        • Large diameter uPVC pipe sold out in Australia with the advent of new gun law. It all went underground in lengths of a metre or so. Guess what they contained.

        • Thanks for proving my point Act’s free peach ,,,, “I have inspected both the seller’s and the purchaser’s firearms licence records and I am satisfied that the purchaser is a fit and proper person to purchase the arms item(s) or ammunition listed herein.” ,,,, The firearms officer checked Tarrent had a VALID and current firearms license ….

          Which meant by having such a license it was ‘fit and proper’ he could purchase ammo, according to our Laws.

          Now, is that 2-0 or 3-0 to me against you? 😉

          And do you like my CER tourist trade idea ?? 😉 🙂

    • Sam
      Does it? Prevent future attacks? You can obviously guarantee that. In the same way the covid vaccine prevents covid? And don’t call me an antivax gun nut. I had 4 covid shots unlike most here. I also don’t have guns. But when experts like you proclaim that something prevents something…then we need proof! So let’s have some proof Sam. Clearly you have some?

  3. Gun Registry is good policy that needs to stay, it will help over time, to sort out legitimate gun owners from the nutzos.

    Nicole McKee has somewhat downplayed her role in COLFO–NZ Council of Licensed Firearms Owners since becoming an ACT MP. When I looked at their site prior to her joining ACT it was quite clear COLFO had links to the US NRA via international sports shooting associations. Their online media appears to have since been cleansed.

    They make out it is a grass roots organisation but is in fact more a front for the Firearms industry and other related business operators.

    ACT needs to be flogged mercilessly in the Election campaign over their warm gun love.

    • The NZ “Gun Lobby” is largely a media invention, we have no large scale firearms industry in New Zealand to sponsor such lobby group (unlike the dairy, oil, supermarkets or liquor industry’s). Gun City is the biggest player in NZ, and globally they are just a minnow (or white bait for NZ context), the rest is just volunteers spending their own time & hard earned money mostly.

  4. ACT want American-style gun carnage for New Zealand, ‘cos the Police & the rule of law are “socialism”.

      • Yes the police have proven to be somewhat trigger happy. Statistically they don’t seem to miss

        • I was referring to Police arming Tarrant. As far as shooting & firearms safety, the Police are woefully inadequate & accidents are common. Poor training & skills.

          • The Taupo Pistol Club used to let the police use their range. The club often had to patch bullet holes in the roof after the police had used it.

      • Apparently a lot of people still think Labour is for the working class despite around 4 decades of evidence to the contrary. Now that is brainless.

  5. How many firearms did the Buyback disappear? Over 100000 “machine guns”. The registry will waste 100s of millions of dollars and disappear even more guns. All of which will end up in criminal hands. All. Safer communities? I don’t think so. Fortunately ACT will prevent this by binning the registry & all the rotten legislation around it. We need sensible laws, not stupid knee-jerk reactions which harm the law-abiding & arm the criminals.

    • This government has no problem in wasting millions with no outcome so while I agree with you the registry is a waste of time it will go ahead unless we as voters turf out Labour

      • It’s not a waste of time Trevor if it stops “law abiding” citizens on selling firearms to gangs. If you own a gun you should be able to account for it. Why do ACT think it only works for handguns? If it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter if it’s concealed or not.

        • If we wheel clamped all cars parked on public streets at night, we could reduce vehicle thefts & ram raids, now that would be worth it wouldn’t it?

    • Dave McCain this seems a bit of twisted logic to me. What do you suggest we do with gun owners. We don’t live in America, we have no right to arm ourselves and own a gun. There are valid reasons for gun use here and so the argument being if you have nothing to worry about, don’t be afraid to register your gun

      • And you & your family have nothing to be afraid of if you’ve done nothing wrong when we search your home, vehicle, phones & computers. Nothing to fear at all?

        • Sorry Dave still not sure what you are on about, do you seriously think just binning the gun register is good policy

    • Let’s have a wee look at what you are arguing. Having a register, will cause gun owners to hand them over to criminals because…


      Please explain why gun owners would do that? Doesn’t sound very responsible to me.

      • If you register your firearms, due to data breaches, you could be providing a shopping list for criminals, who may call round and ask you nicely to open your safe.

        If the firearms registry was actually about public safety & had real crime fighting uses, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, generally registries are used by Governments to confiscate firearms, with no guarantee of compensation. A registered gun, is potentially a lost gun, hence we have no more E-cat firearms.

        Currently registering firearms is free, but as time passes, “administration” charges will be added and it is likely given what the Police are currently trying, that these charges would rise exponentially, pricing people out of firearms ownership.

          • Doesn’t include address, phone number, security details and all the details of the firearms you own, unlike the Police databases (Excel spreadsheet).

  6. It was the Police themselves who abandoned the firearms register during the big update of firearms legislation in 1983. My Dad, an ex-cop, was not happy about this, but when catching up with other cops he discovered how useless and inaccurate it had become – and going from paper records to computers won’t change that because the recording system was not the source of the errors.

  7. The gun registry is a joke. It won’t capture the real threat that is organized crime and otherwise won’t step a Brendon Tarrant-type attack occurring in the future.

    It will be used by the Police as a political weapon ala Rachel Stewart.

    That Bomber wants this type of control in the Police’s hands is astonishing.

    • But the Police will only use their power for good. They would never dream of overstepping the bounds.

        • Of course not! and allowing them to write the laws they are to enforce is a fantastic idea, and having their union rep playing partisan politics is healthy for democracy and protects civil rights!

  8. And why the image from the US? Could you not find something that is scary from NZ? And for what its worth, it is only law abiding citizens that will register their weapons, such as the little thing my mother in law has to shoot possums. The criminals and everyone who wants one without the police from knowing will not register their weapons.

    and how can we forget the utter incompetence of the police leaving all these addresses and such in a somewhat abandoned building in AKL just for these to be stolen.

    • Yes over multiple days, shopping lists for criminals.
      In Western Australia they went one better and published the addresses of gun owners online.
      It’s then the gun owners fault when they are attacked or burgled and their guns stolen.

    • Fear, Martyn & the Government are selling fear, hence the irrelevant photo. Fear, be scared citizens, the Government will protect you.

  9. More than half of stolen recovered firearms have the serial number ground off.
    I guess that number goes to 100% after the register?

    • nah, they just crosscheck the numbers with the registry. Registered gun, grind the number of, unregistered gun, whoohoo….everything goes.

        • When Police rarely attend burglaries, do you think they have the time, motivation or budget to do that? Stick to watching CSI, rarely happens in the ral world.

    • A lot of firearms won’t be registered full stop, so will never exist in the register, making it absolutely pointless.

      • Yes it’s almost as if the Police legally licensing gang members was just as stupid and dangerous as they were told.

        Just as COLFO and others tried to get the high capacity magazine loophole closed, and protested against the axing of license vetters being done and government wouldn’t listen.
        Somehow COLFO are the evil gun lobby.
        How’s that inversion of reality working out for gun crime eh

  10. So says the Police Union.
    The same Police that handed an Australian terrorist both a firearms licence and a permit to bulk purchase ammunition in highly dubious circumstances, within weeks of arriving in the country and without any background checks.

  11. How many times over the last couple of years have we seen pistols or military styled weapons have been seized by police in raids etc?

    The answer is frequently, however what is never mentioned is that these types of firearms have ALWAYS been registered since at least post Aromoana and always been subject to strict security requirements however there is never any followup to how these firearms ended up in criminals hands.

    The answers are fairly simple:
    1/ They were obtain through theft etc
    2/ They are un-identifiable or
    3/ They entered the country illegally.

    In the case of option 1 these are fairly rare and when they do show up because they have been registered are easily traced back. Because of the cost and rarity of these legimate owners are keen to recover them or their cost so if are stolen are almost always reported and the cases where they haven’t been over the last 30 years can be counted on less than 10 fingers.

    In the case of 2 (about 60%) it is usually because the serial numbers have been ground off. In some cases because they may be able to be traced because of the rare nature of some and what has been reported but more common military type weapons (eg AR 15) this is very hit/miss.

    The remaining 40% however are completely invisible. There is no record of import/sale (something that has always occurred with sales via dealers but not the private market) or anything. These typically are smuggled via the same criminal networks as drugs etc.

    In some ways guns are even easier to smuggle in as a stripped down firearm look very similar to any other mechanical part during if xrayed.

    We do know from both our own experience and the experience of other countries attempts to create a registered that the costs are constantly higher than estimated and their accuracy is less than planned.

    So with this knowledge what exactly will a register change?

    Personally as a shooter myself I have no issue with my firearms been registered (with the possible exception one antique rifle I have that has no serial number due to its age and uncertainty about how this will be dealt with) however I and most of the other shooters I know and have spoken to don’t believe it will make any difference and the funding could be better used to improve safety in our society.

    One change that could be made overnight for almost zero cost is the judiciary using the laws currently available stop handing out wet bus tickets to those who use, possess etc firearms illegally.

  12. It used to be that the weapon was registered but not the owner. I still have my registration certificate for an old 3 0.
    It’s hard to see how registering the gun is any more invasive than registering the owner. Registering both allows the tracing of seised firearms to their source. Whether stolen or bought.
    What is the objection Act identifies?
    D J S

    • Insecure data handling by the Police means data on security & firearms held falls into the hands of criminals.

      Plus registration leads to confiscation. Always. That’s why Governments do it.

      Where have all the E-cats gone?
      Long time passing.
      Where have all the E-cats gone?
      Long time ago.
      Where have all the E-cats gone?
      Gone to the scrap smelters every one.
      Oh, When will you ever learn?
      Oh, When will you ever learn?

      Where have all the A-cat AR15s gone?
      Long time passing.
      Where have all the A-cat AR15s gone?
      Long time ago.
      Where have all the A-cat AR15s gone?
      Disappeared into thin air almost every one.
      Oh, When will you ever learn?
      Oh, When will you ever learn?

      • isn’t it time for you to dig out your old copies of ‘soldier of fortune’ for some self abuse peachy?

  13. Whoooosh!
    Thats the sound of any intelligent debate going clean over your head.
    Mandating or banning things only affects law abiding citizens and so this registry will have ZERO effect because the gangs et al will ignore it just as they ignore every other law.
    All this does is cause inconvenience for law abiding citizens and drive more cost into Wellington bureaucracy.

      • Why not?
        Just like alcohol and prostitution, making heroin illegal doesn’t stop it but rather makes it profitable for criminals.
        If people want to make bad choices, let them but let them deal with the consequences too.

      • You register your car so the Government can collect revenue, it doesn’t prevent any criminal use of vehicles.

        • Free Peach, that’s just a grumpy and false view of it, the reality is very different. The register is used many times each day by the Police, so, no it does not stop crims, but is a very valuable tool in pursuing them. It also provides the basis for WOF testing and motor vehicle ACC funds.

  14. Big-penis transplants and complimentary full length mirrors for luxon and seymour and their ilk and Ecstasy, Pot and LSD for the rest of us. There ya go. See? Who am I? No one in particular, but I’ve just given you a recipe for world peace and a pathway to a joyful and harmonious planet.
    Now, here’s a country that’s decriminalised all drugs, and now euthanasia. Portugal. What a dump.
    You will notice that most of the horrible place resembles Balclutha on a wet late Tuesday afternoon in June as a cold and bitter southerly blows around the back door of the Southy Pisser. You’ll know, though, that spring’s on it’s way by the promising sheen on last nights vomit. ( Note: No greens, just meat.)
    Those bleak streets where the odd few shamble about shopping for bargains in the cheap bins at The Warehouse will be talking, or perhaps more accurately puffing out grunts while squeaking excitedly about the wondrous ACT party and of how lovely it will be to watch them mate with the Natzos who, once combined, will make Balclutha even more beautiful than *Fungus The Bogyman’s toilet after a barbi and piss-up and a bout of the shits.
    Portugal aye? What a shitter of a place. Never go there. You ACT and Natzo fetishists wouldn’t understand.
    You should stick with the basics. Ugliness, greed, she’ll be rightedness, three feeds a day’s all ya need’ers and the sundry plasti-car drivers, wife whackers and kids lives wreckers. Portugal wouldn’t appreciate the brilliance, the beauty or the joie de vivre that you mercifully lack.
    FYI N’ACTzo’s
    Joie de vivre is a French phrase often used in English to express a cheerful enjoyment of life, an exultation of spirit. It can be a joy of conversation, joy of eating, joy of anything one might do… And joie de vivre may be seen as a joy of everything, a comprehensive joy, a philosophy of life.
    The Guardian.
    Warning! Contains disturbing images.
    So. Vote National and ACT and keep AO/NZ Balclutha’d
    *Beware of The Dry-Cleaners!
    Raymond Briggs
    The book’s fabulous too.
    “Life under ground in Bogeydom is full of snot, smells, slime, scum and other unspeakable things. The Bogeymen that live there revel in every kind of nastiness imaginable – especially their day-job of scaring human beings. But there’s one Bogeyman who isn’t so sure he wants to be part of Bogeydom after all . . .”
    So, you ACT and National Party voters. Dab on that Femme Stench and continue to live underground.

  15. I have a registered firearm and have no issue with the concept of registration itself, and Governments have a number of reasons (good and bad) why they might want to do this. Unfortunately they say it is for public safety, which is the same argument as saying registering cars makes us safer from drunk driving, speeding, theft, and ram raids. Registering cars has some value, but does not make us safer.

    Registering firearms will self-evidently not make us safer either, as all the reasons given about funneling firearms into criminal hands will still apply with theft and grinding off serial numbers. What it will do is tell the police and Government what firearms legal owners possess. Some might question how much value this information really has given the huge cost to acquire and maintain the registry, is there no other need in NZ that might be a better use of taxpayer money?

    Also it should be noted that there is an informal partial register of firearms already, in that all sales of new firearms are recorded and police have access to this information.

  16. Here’s an interesting fact, you don’t have to register your existing firearms until June 2028, meaning there are 2 election cycles before you are forced to comply, assuming the firearms registry still exists in 5 years time.

  17. It’s simple, if you want to own a firearm show you are a responsible person and register it. If you can’t be bothered then you are not a ‘fit and proper person’.
    No, it won’t stop the crims having guns, but over time it will place a level of control on them.
    Those owners that sold them to crims rather than hand them in during the amnesty just prove not all gun owners are responsible people.

    • Over time, more & more unregistered guns will move from the grey market to the black one. That is reality, Cahill is selling fiction & outright lies.

      • Yes look at the high profile shootings in Australia : the Lindt shooting = grey market gun, Darwin multiple shooting = grey market gun.
        Don’t know about the Queensland anti vaxers, we haven’t been told but I’m sure we are imagining it all anyway because Australia has a ReGiSTeR.

      • No comment, in the future if the gun is unregistered it will already be in the black market. I’m not sure what a grey market is, you either have a legal firearm or an illegal one.

        • A grey market gun is an illegal firearm that is used for legal purposes, like hunting. A black market gun is used by criminals, to commit crimes.

          • No Comment, if it’s an illegal firearm its in the black market. Don’t try and sanitise illegal acts. If you own a firearm show you are responsible and obey the rules; there are no shades of ‘grey’ here. Firearms are made to kill, show you appreciate the implications of that simple fact and follow the rules.

            • It’s the official terminology Peter Kelly, not his.
              Your level of ignorance doesn’t surprise.

            • It’s only a market, if it’s for sale.

              I’m guessing you never speed or park illegally? Always return you library books on time?

      • A lot of people made good money from the Buyback. Thanks taxpayers, was that money well spent, swapping old guns for new?

  18. Our latest spruiker Free Pash above. Another tedious village idiot to join our Bobblehead. Democracy is tedious. Sigh.

      • We had one for 9 years under Nact.
        Low wage economy was a dictatorship. Selling power assets was a dictatorship as the country voted not to.
        So no, we don’t want a Nact dictatorship government ever again.

        • I remember the show trials & public executions of opposition members & protesters, followed by the bloody revolution by troops loyal to Ardern that overthrew that evil dictatorship, a revolution which end with the arch-traitor Key fleeing to Hawaii on the presidential jet. It was truly evil times. Yeah, I remember that well.

  19. ” I simply don’t believe that the majority of Kiwis have any idea just how radical right the ACT Party are and how much influence they will have over Chris Luxon in implementing much of that far right agenda. ”

    Not long to wait now Bomber. Can you feel the excitement !

  20. 200 Million is a lot of money for this.

    It might be the answer to stop the guns going to gangs through legitimate wankers who sell them to the gangs.

    There are no means currently of following them – so a registration at new store purchase, voluntary by owners followed by firearms anniversary checks might be fine.

    As usual with the govt – how complicated will they make it?

    • Especially as a cheap angle grinder removes any trace of a serial number, making that $200 million registry worthless.

      • Free Peach, Firstly, removing the serial number immediately makes it an illegal firearm; secondly, the register can still be searched by make/model and registered owners contacted.

      • not to modern forensics it doesn’t you only attract attention to the fact your dodgy and warrant further investigation

        • Meanwhile in the real world, Police don’t generally investigate burglaries, even those where firearms are stolen. People are often just given a file number for insurance purposes. Now you can go back to watching NCIS.

  21. ACT only want to take advantage of an inept nazional party with a useless leader that will be losing votes centre, right, and possibly even left. They are boringly ignorant economists who like many organised religions, will welcome the end of the world, no matter in which way it arrives. Very sad for those of us who still want to believe that humanity could save itself from itself!

    • Just remember that Labour with an unheard of majority, has failed at every turn. New Zealand is significantly worse off. It’s time for change.

      • Wow did someone steal your lollies. You want to moan Dirty Harry?.
        How about the terrible conflict of interest by Acts Nicole ” Rambo” McKee.
        No, it’s not time for change at all.
        Labour have succeeded at every turn where only Nact could ever dream of being successful. New Zealand is significantly better off in all measures.

        • Someone did steal from me, dragged off in handcuffs they were. That’s what law & order looks like. Had to arrange it myself though.

  22. I must register my car, I must register my dog if I had one.
    Essentially, I need to register my identity to obtain a passport.

    People who whine about complying with a simple procedure that will likely save at least some lives really are precious little slimebags living at the bottom of the sewer.

    • There is no reason to suppose that registration will save any lives. Indeed it is more likely to do the opposite. THE INTENT IS NOT TO SAVE LIVES BUT TO INCREASE REVENUE IN THE SHORT TERM BEFORE PRIVATE OWNERSHIP IS ABOLISHED AS CLAUS SCHWAB WANTS,

  23. I have had a firearms licence since early 1995. The Arms Officers in Auckland city were very thorough, insisting on gun security that matched the letter of the law (no locked cupboards for instance) and would record every firearm & air weapon I owned at each licence renewal. Even though I don’t own any firearms anymore, they have insisted proper security is in place just in case. The background checks on me have been thorough and, I thought, clever at times in asking the right questions.

    My stepfather in Taranaki kept his firearms in a wooden box with a hasp & staple that could be picked up & carried away and that was OK. My ex-girlfriend’s father in Rural South Kaipara Head also put a hasp & staple on a flimsy cupboard and that was also OK with the local cops. Both had external screws into the wood that would take a minute to undo.

    Aramoana wouldn’t have happened if the Police at the time had enforced the existing laws, Christchurch wouldn’t have happened if the Police had done the proper checks.

    So no, I don’t think Labour’s virtue-signalling gun crack-down on law-abiding firearms licence holders has made society any safer. NZer’s don’t have the shoot first attitude that is prevalent in the USA.

  24. Scarey picture. I am imagining strains of Deliverance Banjo Music playing in my head looking at the glaikit looks on their faces.

  25. We had a gun registry in the 1950s and earlier. It was scrapped because IT DID NOT WORK.

  26. Martin Bradbury doesn’t seem to understand that people kill people no matter what the weapon is. Firearms are a small percentage of homicide weapons, knives are much higher. So should there be a registry of knives?
    Bradbury should be targeting (?) how an Australian terrorist was granted a firearms licence by police when he failed to have required referees, applied in Hamilton when he lived in Dunedin and was reportedly being ‘watched’ by Australian security surveillance.
    The police sadly failed to vet him properly so he went on to create carnage.

    • yes jack but semi autos make the job of killing so much easier and can be operated by ther unskilled shooter

    • Gangs have an exemption on all laws, unless they are caught & prosecuted, then it’s out with the wet bus ticket.

  27. Act’s Free Peach has obsessively posted over 40 comments in this thread,,,,

    I’m impressed but I wouldn’t let them have a firearms license,,, they share to many of the same views/arguments as the gun-nut nut, Tarrent.

    • Oh, & Free Peach is a fictional character, his comments are made up to pursue certain goals and are not necessarily reflected by any actual individuals. Thanks for your help. Be seeing you.

    • B for bully.
      Notice on this thread the actual threats and intimidation come from the left again, just like Posie Parker.
      And just like they did to Rachel Stewart getting her guns confiscated for a bad joke she made, to try and cancel her.

      Awakesby you and a couple of others above suggesting loss of license for daring to not think like you are a great example of the left forcing laws through that are used to threaten and intimidate those who think differently to them, while making us less safe.
      While secure behind a keyboard with no chance of your door kicked in and warrantless search.
      Cowardly post.

      • Keep-calm-and-don’t-be-a-gun-gimp ,,,, it’s hard to know the motivation of idiots like you, who want to have a secret armory capable of killing half a neighborhood ,,, maybe you’re a scared coward?.

        BTW I corrected your ( and the obsessive Actoid ‘free peach’), misrepresentation of the ‘fit and proper'( in reality a valid gun license) required to buy ammo.


        “Free Peach May 16, 2023 at 5:52 pm

        Gangs have an exemption on all laws, unless they are caught & prosecuted, then it’s out with the wet bus ticket.” ………..

        What a stupid stupid comment from Act’s ‘free peach’ ,,,,, On that stupid basis Everyone is exempt from the law unless caught ,,,, and gang legislation makes the laws against them the toughest when it comes to sentencing ,,, stemming from the Gangs and Organised Crime Bill,,, passed in 2002, who was in Government then? ,,,, followed up by

        Free Peach is obsessive and full of shit ,,,, and not worthy of a firearms license on that basis , imo.

  28. For anyone who still thinks a registry is a good idea, please leave your full name, address, telephone number, work details, details of any security system you have and a list of your ten most valuable possessions in the comments below…

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