Luxon’s accommodation u-turn highlights his tone deaf entitled evangelical prosperity theology privilege

Political commentators keep saying Luxon misread the room which is utter bullshit! They all misread Luxon! He sees his privilege through his prosperity theology paradigm where he has 7 properties because Jesus loves him - his accomodation allowance is a prosperity given to him by Jesus - that's why he took so long to u-turn!


If NZ was Air NZ, Luxon only cares about First Class, Business Class and considers joking with the Pilots as working class.

Those in cattle class are the middle classes & those who work outside the plane are the Bottom Feeders who never get to fly.

They exist to maintain the privilege of those who are flying.

This is the new class system of NuZilind.

The shock by almost the entire Press Gallery at how poorly Luxon handled this Accomodation subsidy highlights Luxon’s tone deaf entitled evangelical prosperity theology privilege.

I love how easy it is to read Luxon.

He is a gut politician, his first response to any social issue is a really weird and tone deaf statement that always exposes how genuinely Old Testament conservative Christian he really is with all the fake sincerity of an Air NZ safety advert masquerading as a corporate diversity virtue signal.

Before he was PM, he would walk these statements back in 24 hours, now he is PM, they’ve sent him to an expensive CEO weekend retreat on learning to be dominant to butch him up because Seymour, Winston and the Corporate Interests are having a field day playing him like chump.

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That’s why we’ve seen him stick to robotic CEO KPI language and when challenged, simply repeating the same talking points but louder and with a stern look on his face.

What’s interesting about his refusal to immediately admit mistake and change is that he did it with the EV subsidy as well. While he was damning Labour for the EV Subsidy, he was intending to use it himself and apparently the rumour is they really had to argue internally against him taking it because it was such a bad look.

He clearly used it for his wife’s car, but his intent to get it for himself and the amount of time it took to convince him was astonishing.

His National Party Mandarins must have felt the same panic back then that they did last week when he said ‘I’m entitled’ almost 150 seperate times in the space of only 5 minutes.

Can someone please edit all the times he said “I’m entitled’  and put that on TicTok?

The reason he refused to back down is because of his evangelical prosperity theology privilege. In Luxon’s branch dividend, Prosperity Theology preaches that the ordained and blessed by God are afforded huge wealth and prosperity.

It’s like Abraham’s blessings but on meth.

It’s what Bishop Brian Tamaki believes in.

The Bish has a huge gold watch, beautiful houses and expensive motorcycles because God loves Brian ever so much he is publicly blessing him with prosperity to bring more souls to Christ.

Hiding your prosperity when Jesus has given you the wifi password to heaven is considered a terrible shame.

For Luxon, him having 7 properties is proof positive that Jesus loves him, and hiding any of the prosperity and privilege that comes with being loved ever so much by Jesus is sinful.

Chris dug his heels in over his EV subsidy and paying himself $1000 per week to hire his own apartment while demanding brutal austerity for everyone else because Jesus loves him dammit!

If Jesus wants to give Chris all these privileges and benefits, then Christopher fucking Luxon deserves everything God wants to give him!

All hail baby Jesus!

Hush now sleepy hobbits, Democracy dies in darkness and Mellissa Lee is there to ensure the lights get switched off at Newshub.

This is what we is now, this is what we mutated into.


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  1. Premier house, can’t be that bad. Any of us would happily stay. A few buckets put out to deal with the leaks.

    He should just stay there. Do some home Fyi and get a quote to assess damage.

    • Marco+Battler. It’s a lovely old historical house in a beautiful woodland setting. There’s nothing wrong with aged axminster carpet or vintage wall coverings either, so please don’t go suggesting that the Bunnings boy does more DIY or he could ruin it; his whinging is akin to Meghan Markle wanting ancient St George’s Chapel spritzed with air fresheners. It could easily be reroofed over a vacation period, but gleaming politicians mustn’t be entrusted with decorating historical treasures.

      Chances are he just couldn’t be bothered shifting, and in the context of homelessness and so many people with no choices at all, a multi-propertied millionaire spouting about his entitlements is mind-bogglingly grotesque.

    • I doubt that there are any leaks, and if there are, they could be easily dealt with…
      It’s a bullshit excuse from a recidivist liar…It’s Key Mark 2…

      Luxon is fundamentally stupid…a programmed robot is Seymour..

      They both love the back patting attention and accolades bestowed upon them from the most shallow thinking simplistic of people that truly believe that somehow, magically, that they are going to get things done and their will be no downside consequences.

      What a bunch of dangerous, deluded, damaging dreamers they are!!

      N.Z. is in all sorts of trouble..Big trouble!!

  2. Wot’s all this about 70 hrs a week as an MP being hard work running out of cigarettes 4 day’s before payday from MSD is hard Labour.

  3. Lyin’ Luxon Contemplates Give-a-Little Fund.

    Sources reveal he wants to raise $53,000 to fund his next family holiday to Te Puke, Hawaii.
    “Getting away the bottom feeders and relaxing with the family around our 4k TV fake-fire is much needed respite, while I try and figure out that $250/week tax cut I promised everyone” he said.
    When pressed further, he said he saw no need to hang around & pretend to be a Leader when his friend Atlas Seymour was doing such a good job as Prime Minister.
    Asked if he intended flying Air NZ to Te Puke, he replied “Why would I do that? Some jerk ran that into the ground years ago. It’s crap.”

  4. The whole thing is a joke. Successive governments won’t fix government house, won’t fix planes that take delegations, won’t fix f’ing infrastructure. This obsession with comparatively very low govt debt is ridiculous. If they really are that obsessed, ditch the tax cuts and pay down debt faster. They won’t of course because debt is ok if its helping their donors

    • I’m entitled to it.

      More than just a poor choice of words? Well maybe. Some would say that the choice of language reflects a particular way of seeing the world.

    • ” I just wish the little people would stop moaning about success, ”

      This isn’t success its obscene greed and entitlement.

      You would pull the ladder up behind you so the little people don’t climb it.

  5. And again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”
    Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.
    Luxon is no Christian, why can’t the media hold him to account for his behavior?

  6. Thanks for spelling it out exactly why Luxon’s religion is crucial and does matter. The guy seriously does not give a fuck and his religion backs him up exactly as you describe. Luckily he is too stupid to hide it. Lets hope dozy and sleepy wake up. Where the fuck is Hipkins, surely surely his lack of response to anything National does will wake up the Labour party enough to get rid of him or is his clutch on the levers of power glued on forever? Excellent piece by John Campbell in 1news on this very issue.

  7. Well if the media didn’t see what Luxon really was they all deserve to go broke. They are to blame for this government no more no less. There never was a more orchestrated anti government press , no not for election year but for the whole 6 years. They happily dissed every single thing the Labour did. Jacinda Ardern became a blood sport for them all. They must have been so disappointed when Labour won a majority, so then they bought in the big boys with a new Leader who they could manipulate. Luxon is that figure head. No wonder he goes off script. What is his real job. He’s got no portfolios because they know he’s not capable,the speaker lets him and his mates get away with murder. If the right is happy with urgency for every single important decision then we have a democratic farce in progress. Many of us look to the farcical goings on in the US with Trump, well we are fast heading in to that territory and the right wing voters are in denial and turning the other cheek. One day those who are responsible for this cluster f**k will be afraid to look back because it will be too late and we will all be turned into salt.

  8. In fact pre-Constantine Christianity had a policy of non-property ownership and being dependent upon the hospitality of villagers wherever they relocated. The rich young man who asked Jesus what he should do to get to heaven was told “ Give all you have to the poor and come follow me.”

    Luxon is at odds with the New Testament here, and he mocks the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, but he was the nincompoop who commandeered a chauffeur-driven Mercedes to travel a few metres up Bowen Street, with a separate car for his hand maiden. Gotta laugh.

  9. God works in mysterious ways. Christopher Luxon’s prosperity heresy makes him an inept politician, and it will be key to his downfall. We do not need to waste emotional energy in judging him because the judgement of Ihoa o nga mano will soon be manifest.

  10. Can’t newshub get a camera crew in and show us plebs and bottom feeders what a slum premier house really is, so we can get some understanding as to the hardship Mr Luxon is unable to bear? Bless his condemned cotton socks.

    • pollytickle There’s a view of the dining hall online, where John Key had decorating done, allegedly. The chairs are so garish and disgusting it’s not surprising that even a dingbat like Luxon doesn’t fancy them. Sort of pre-Taj Mahal, with a touch of Disney and subliminal ads for Specsavers.

  11. Very soon Jesus will send down a massive bolt of lightening straight to that fucking big bald head and strike the fucker down the same way as he dealt with the money lenders in Jeruselum

  12. He’s a businessman I guess. They think it’s quite okay to claim their “entitlements”. He obviously wasn’t in PR or he would have realised that claiming – is it more than the average wage? – over and above his salary would not be a particularly good look. Particularly as he has few outgoings on the property. In my view, changing his mind is probably worse in a PR sense than telling everyone to fuck themselves. It makes him look weak, not something that’s appreciated by the National party. Of course he is supported by National voters, but they screamed blue murder when Jonathan Hunt claimed taxi fares from the airport because he was essentially too blind to drive. Although to be fair I think he probably could have bought a house a bit closer the bloody airport.

  13. luxon’s a pearl white sociopath hiding behind God who, so he hopes, will tell him how to fuck us on the deal.
    The more I see of luxon’s head the more I fall in love with Chloe Swarbrick.
    Chloe Swarbrick must become the new leader of the Labour Party, then, after she’s inaugurated, she can change the name to Green Labour. Or Bob. I don’t give a fuck actually. So long as Chloe Swarbrick lifts up the veils on neo-liberalism to give farmers and Maori a place to stand with a decent fucking view. And for us to see our neigh on forty year abusers have a royal commission of inquiry go up them like the IRD goes up a dope dealer. Diligently and with a moral determination.
    The ludicrous Natzo’s are sinking fast so let’s throw rocks at them for buoyancy. Labour? You’re fucking next. We’re going to go up you all the way back to roger and if he dies in the meantime we can dig him up.

  14. I said this earlier but to repeat, what you say here is exactly why his belonging to a nutso Christian cult matters to NZ. The guy does not give two fucks about anything except what can be called his ego, if he wasn’t such an empty vessel and had one. It’s why he likes being bossed around by the coalition as it makes it possible to be a leader without the trouble of ruling. His ability to suspend reality evidenced in expecting to claim the clean car rebate, before he cans it for everyone else (who could afford it) and claiming the accomodation benefits he is ‘entitled’ to show a true lack of basic intelligence, moral or otherwise. This guy is a real cypher the likes we have never seen in such high public office before, in NZ anyway and excluding Trump.

    • Lone Comet. Yep, a lack of basic intelligence. Presumably he was put in the job by Key and the painted ladies of the National Party, but even his media advisors seem to be out to lunch.They forget that they are the elected representatives of the people, and that is quite dangerous.

  15. As an aside, Work and Income had, and as far as I am aware they still have, a policy of not informing their “clients” about what the client may be entitled to, unless the client specifically asks.

  16. Luxon was keen to show us what a real kiwibloke he was slapping on some paint on his Waiheke Island shed, and getting through, as he said, “yet another weekend project”, on his Xmas holidays Insta page.
    Surely a little DIY on his premier house apartment would be easy for this Insta DIY kiwi bloke? Or was it all show?

    • He did a photo op assembling a cheap barbecue, using power tools while bending down wearing flip flops on his feet and no sun protection on his hair-challenged head. Hopeless. John Key was just as bad, could barely hit a nail with a hammer. Hopefully the Historic Places Trust can protect Premier House from such vandals, and dopey pollies wanting to “ modernise” it. If the guy doesn’t like trees then he should just say so.

  17. This begs a reporter question: do you subscribe to the prosperity doctrine?

    Do you know he believes in that? Because many branches of literal bible-believers look down on that as a disgusting mutation of ‘The Good News’.


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