The TDB Daily 13th February 2024 – Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Politics opinion daily reading list


Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Political opinion daily reading list

Because so much of the mainstream media is polluted by right wing free market ideologues pushing corporate interests:

TDB daily collates the best NZ Left Wing, Independent and Progressive Political Opinion and includes the best international voices.

Unlike Victoria University’s The Democracy Project, this will never be behind a Paywall.

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RNZ – Minister points to ‘backstops’ if councils refuse Three Waters amalgamations

Waatea News – Cultural report axing racism in action

Newsroom – A rare bipartisanship on terror and why that’s a problem

The Kākā by Bernard Hickey – The holes in National’s water reform pipes

Knightlyviews – From one old man to another: Time to call it quits

Bryan Bruce – Sometimes asking a simple question helps shed some light on a complex issue.

The Daily Blog – The Treaty Principles Referendum Bill is a lie built upon a false premise – Majoritarianism is not Democracy!

The Daily Blog – BIMs highlight the failure of the NZ neoliberal revolution

The Daily Blog – Atlas Network Shrugged – what is intellectually driving & influencing the NZ Right?

The Daily Blog – Ben Morgan: From Tucker Carlson to burning Russian oil infrastructure, a busy week in the Ukraine War!

The Daily Blog – Waatea News Column: The Treaty Principles Referendum Bill is a Right Wing Trojan Horse



Caitlin Johnstone – Ignore What Western Officials Say About Israel; Watch Their Actions Instead

The Guardian – Israel’s assault on Gaza is exposing the holes in everything liberal politicians claim to believe

Haaretz – U.S. Opposes Israeli Rafah Raid Without Plan for Displaced Gazans; EU Chief Diplomat Urges Aid Cut

The Washington Post – Republicans sidestep criticizing Trump’s attack on NATO

Jacobin – The Undeclared US War on Yemen Will End in Failure

Crikey – Right-wing group Advance begins Dunkley by-election attacks with fake news Facebook page

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