God (and Sex) is dead ! Thus woke Zarathustra


Why the world stopped having sex

The poll by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) found that 24 per cent of French adults aged between 18 and 69 said they had had no sex over the previous 12 months, compared with 9 per cent in 2006. The proportion of those aged 18 to 24 who had never had sex was 28 per cent, up from 5 per cent in 2006. Overall, 43 per cent of the 1,911 respondents said they had sex at least once a week, compared with 58 per cent in 2009.

Overall, the proportion of French people who have had sexual intercourse in the past year – 76 per cent on average – is at its lowest level in 50 years.

The results mirrored those found in other Western countries, including a separate study last year which suggested that the number of British teenagers having their first sexual experience by the age of 15 had declined by up to a third in the past decade.

In a social media awash with instant connection for desperately lonely people, better educated women have the agency to pursue partners with wealth and power to match their education while capitalism renders those men without money into an incel swamps of self loathing.

Without the 6 million odd years of sex evolution to find a partner and replace that with flat screen attraction, we have embarked upon a new sexual revolution of ghosting with infinite choices.

I think sex has become infinitely more complicated and young men are not coping…

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…we have raised a generation of girls telling them every boy will rape while raising a generation of boys who fear being accused of rape.

The new woke dogma of B-E-L-I-E-V-E every woman that ALL men are rapists using nothing more than the evidential threshold of something said on social media is as judicious as the Salem Witch Trials with less humour. It’s based on gender critical and race critical intersectionist assumptions that Women are morally better human beings who would never lie where as all men are evil.

No wonder we detach and avoid each other.

Alongside these grim stats is the argument men have privilege when they are the ones failing, which has led to a poisonous toxic masculinity that spawns even more incel hate algorithms with a violent misogyny.

The beauty of social media is that it is unforgiving and we are all now unforgivable. Outage Olympics fuels resentment and the most dangerous part of identity politics is when white men become the victim.

Tell young men they are the problem long enough and they become the problem.

The idea we are having less sex is driven by the new cultural disengagement between the genders.

Better educated women with money to buy Taylor Swift tickets vs men who can just stay at home and watch porn.

Less Brave New World and more ‘Sad and Lonely Old World’.

I see only further disengagement between Men and Women socially, culturally and work wise.

God (and Sex) is dead ! Thus woke Zarathustra! – (This is actually a very funny philosophical joke)


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  1. The fact remains that Marama Davidson proclaimed white heterosexual males to be responsible for all the violence in society, and she remains, surreally, the elected leader of a parliamentary party. The fact remains that Davidson suggested they delete themselves, when already they were deleting themselves in horrendous numbers, not helped by slippery Bill English saying that they were all unemployable useless druggies. If Louise Upston or anybody else is still under that midget’s thumb, the societal damage being done by politicians doesn’t bear thinking about. Those three alone removing themselves from the political arena might, just might, render us a slightly healthier society.

    • The KKK was set up by your beloved white males and led to the percecution of blacks in the US south. For centuries, whites have always seen blacks as sub human and have seek to dominate and exterminate them.

      • Stop transposing bad aspects of USA history to this country and applying them wholesale here. Time and again dimwits do this, and to no useful purpose.

        • millsy likes a good rant. KKK are extremely twisted about blacks but there is something in humans that has dragged them along to public hangings etc Divorcing reason from their interest even fascination with macabre drama, people turned up en masse.
          And what do we watch on television – some really horrid stories about violence and deceit. It’s a job for a lifetime to civilise oneself. I think Harry Potter’s story touched on this. And many young adult books present stuff that full adults have never confronted.

  2. “Why the world stopped having sex “?
    It’s because men are running out of testosterone. Stress, drugs and industrial chemicals are draining us dry.
    I asked my doctor for testosterone and once he got up off the floor after having feinted at the idea of it he explained to me the encyclopaedia of medical reasons when I must never, ever, use testosterone beyond what’s expected of a man my age. ” Oh my God! The thought of it! ”
    I responded by pointing out that he’d just listed the symptoms of low testosterone, not of excessive testosterone. In other words he was either wrong, thus fuck that in one’s GP or he was part of the UN-wellness pharma-industry lobbying for people to get sicker therefore more profitable. Pfizer? What’s your views on that?
    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the most reliable source of information is in doing your own research first. Then, talk to your ‘health professional’.

    • Why would any sensible woman or any woman or man for that matter want to have sex with Bob the first. He would bore them to death.

  3. And yet Marama, “ Normal men are shit” Davidson, and Bill “ Young males are shite” English, both managed to produce at least a dozen children between them. What is happening here ?

    • I think that society is degenerating thanks to feminism. I think that the middle classes are not only locked out of home ownership but marriage as well. Only the wealthy are getting married and having large families after decades of feminists telling little girls that they should prioritise there careers over family and that it’s all men’s fault. I really do think that the degeneration of new Zealand is feminists fault.

    • @Sam, I think that marriage rates and home ownership rates are falling because a higher percentage of houses are owned by females than in the past. Due to females on higher incomes being better able to afford property, and more females coming out of divorces with the family home. And that home owning females are unlikely to remarry a non home owning male, unlike the other way round. With many houses in the main centres, above the 1 and 2 million dollar mark, is it reasonable to lose this amount, to a divorce after as little as 3 years of marriage. It’s always been like this, but it is getting worse. Females have always gravitated affections towards males who happen to own a home, or other big asset, and therefore females often marry older more financially stable males, but rarely the other way round. Studying the civil servant booklet, that listed the names of civil servants and there incomes, was a common female hobby in colonial times.

      @Countryboy, why is intimacy on the decline? Is it that many males who have been through the family court process, have had the life virtually sucked out of them?
      Maybe it’s a case of once bitten twice shy. That often males are loath to even stand too close to a female at work, let alone initiate a relationship. And if many females cannot actually initate a relationship with the opposite gender, then nothing is going to happen. It’s now a concerning trend, that males are less likely to do cpr resuscitation on a person in medical distress, if that person is female, due to the perceived risk of being accused of something untoward. I’m not sure the feminists envisaged this outcome.

      @Millsy, there was plenty of slavery through the ages, and plenty of slavery in Africa before Livingston set foot there. Maybe some “saw blacks as sub human and sought to dominate and exterminate them”, but from a practical veiwpoint, it’s also likely that the tecnologically advanced people with large ships, cannons and muskets, could do slavery more efficiently, and did not invent slavery, which was already common at the time. And if African peoples had advanced faster, and developed bigger ships and better weapons, then they would have acted in the same way towards white people, that they would have conquered and enslaved.

      @Gentle Annie, as for Marama, perhaps she should step down as leader, if Chloe is elected co-leader, in the interests of gender equality. In that the Greens are not allowed to have 2 male co-leaders, but are allowed 2 female co-leaders, which appears to be blatant gender based discrimination.

  4. Existentialism what’s that? What do we, intricately involved with society experienced at a high level of refinement, know and comprehend of the forces that bring us together in the need of the spirit and of Eros? God, our belief in the higher being behind our lower being, can we comprehend? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_existentialism

    Philosophy, social anthropology, humanities – the trend is to draw us away from thinking about ourselves and the wonder of the earth and our lives, to spend thinking time in educating, subjugating ourselves in the STEM lines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics – brain ticklers all of them). There is promise of high achievements, new findings, good remuneration, On tv, films the workplace appears with wide, clean, uncluttered, sterile, brightly-lit corridors; be part of the group here and there is an implicit promise of work at the ‘cutting edge’ and membership amongst the elite looking to, even making. the future.

    The environmental way, dithers as to its best interests, aumals, and does that include humans, and which gender, or the planet our bedrock. We know our need for greenery but sometimes that’s obscured by industrial smog. We know the need for caring humans with a spectrum of interest and action, but the thrust is to technology and the money it generates. Those aware that we are animals, looking into our unique gifts and problems wrestle with luck and dedication and nous to find a way along the path less trod. They may be like maligned Druids and most have no concept of that cult’s knowledge, mind-set or practices. We forget the past and its learnings, and yearnings, though older traditions revered certain persons whose role and duty was to remember all and recall with stories and advice.

    Our history shows that humans may war against and wipe out greater civilisations and their knowledge; the barbarians at the gate, the Taliban smashing icons, or just numerous wars destroying young men, their youthful sincerity and physical strength. The cause of war is usually to build power and resources of the country managing the war enterprise which may not flow down to the wide population. So regularly, cultural and scientific achievements and civilised society makes gains only to have them wiped out. If we also wipe out a belief in God or an invisible powerful spirit, and not ensure the passing on through generations of developed moral manners, can we ever reach a state of balance in our ways of living and loving? Are we facing this situation now?

    When Helen Kelly died so early, Chris Trotter in memoriam put up a poem by Stephen Spender that lifts the mind away from industrial workings and prosaic human doings and cares. This is the middle verse of The Truly Great by Stephen Spender. The link below is him talking about it and then reading his own words.
    What is precious, is never to forget
    The essential delight of the blood drawn from ageless springs
    Breaking through rocks in worlds before our earth
    Never to deny its pleasure in the morning simple light
    Nor its grave evening demand for love.
    Never to allow gradually the traffic to smother
    With noise and fog, the flowering of the spirit.

    STEPHEN SPENDER – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXWKaB5bVyY

    17.24 mins of discussion The end of good and evil? | Slavoj Žižek, Rowan Williams, Maria Balaska, Richard Wrangham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEoPDfuycrE

    Whether we see humans as essentially good or essentially selfish and violent has been central to our politics, our account of society, and our vision for social progress. But is this very distinction itself a mistake? Recently, Harvard scientists have shown humans to be both the kindest and most malevolent species on the planet. While figures like Hitler and Stalin though responsible for tens of millions of deaths were also remarkably empathetic in aspects of their private lives.

    Should we give up the idea therefore that humans are either inherently good or bad and conclude that all of us are both at the same time with potentially profound consequences for our political beliefs? Or is it vital to retain the distinction to alert us to danger and to drive personal and social change? Or more profoundly, are the categories of good and bad themselves the underlying error and unhelpful, and even dangerous, ways of categorising human behaviour?
    #morality #evil #zizek

    Anthropologist and Harvard University Professor Richard Wrangham, renowned philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek, University of Hertfordshire professor Maria Balaska and the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams join Myriam François to discuss the nature of good and evil.

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    • @Greywarbler
      Inspired post. Very much appreciated. Thanks for links.
      ‘The essential delight of the blood drawn from ageless springs’ Profound line. The poet Kathleen Raine wrote a beautiful book, ‘Defending Ancient Springs.’ There is ‘a path less travelled’ or, prosaically, a process which creates transcendence in the blood state. There are many approaches to this.
      Kathleen Raine founded a society ‘The Temenos Academy’ and I came across another one ‘The Prometheus Trust.’ The underground stream never disappears.


  5. Good for you, bringing it up. I’m the reserved one that is inevitable in any large family so your point doesn’t really apply to me. I don’t blame anyone, being rational, and so Left.

    Talking to women like they’re the regular people they are is a good start point. Myself, I’m still scared of attractive women, I see so little of them, but I’m getting on board the talk boat. They are scared of males who don’t, naturally. We seem to have a lot of either womanisers or shybies on the Left side.

    Don’t take it personal. Many singles on my mother’s presbyterian side — they don’t take reality personally. It’s what happens.

    • If you look at all the jobs that keep society running, the transportation, the energy grid, law and order, construction. Overwhelmingly they are staffed by men. Meaning if men’s jobs disappeared tomorrow the lights wouldn’t turn on and society would fall apart but if we took woman’s jobs away society will be just fine.

      • Straight line thinking Sam. Once you stop women from working men may downgrade women as dumb dependents.. They will take the stance in arguments that the women has an easy time at home or at what she is able to do, and she has no rights to ask for changes or consideration because she doesn’t do anything to bring the money in that is needed. And some men want their wives at work, but still expect them to look after the house, and don’t do much to parent the children as supportive fathers.

        So women having the right to work and continue after marriage was a good thing after feminism agitated for it, and also a woman could take the step to pull away from a wastrel often through drinking, or a violent man, or one who was not even a companion as a husband. It has been known for a man to leave his wife suddenly without any discussion, saying he had been bored and when an opportunity came up the uncommunicative husband decided to leave what had seemed a stable, quiet marriage.

        Women as single parents getting the dpb would have worked out far better if they had had to take lessons in child rearing for NCEA credits. It is a heavy job and when women are supposed to work and be parents and house managers too, then things start to go wrong. Poverty of the purse, or in relationships, and in knowledge of self-management and the ways of the world and how to be a good role model were not always available. If they could bring the father along to such sessions, both would have benefited. But sloppy old NZ with a punitive attitude instead of respect for these young ones, who needed extra support to succeed in their duties either as separate parents or remarried or partnered would have prevented much of today;s problems.


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