Political Caption Competition


Next they’ll want to milk cows in Parliament while arguing climate change is a socialist hoax that doesn’t require methane emissions to be included in target


  1. C’mon they just want to show how at home NZ citizens of the right feel in Parliament. The next step will be to turn it into somewhere they all go to lounge on the furniture and have a chin-wag over a beverage from the bar in the corner.

  2. Next thing all MPs of good standing with their human constituents of either gender, will wear fake breasts to show solidarity with their mothers who manufactured and moulded them. Good egg eh!

    • Too right. Parliament not only makes the laws, it stands by them as well. Though sometimes it does stand by them and watch as they lie limp on the ground after having been infected by poisonous wealth-crazed mercenary economic doctors.

      • Note this is not referring to medical doctors (good) – but using doctor as in someone not medical, who fits up some deal to someone else’s disadvantage.

        Urban dictionary –
        Doctor (US style) A person who kills your ills with pills, then kills you with bills.

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