New Zealanders take action as media fails to accurately report Israeli genocide of Palestinians in Gaza


It’s been another dreadful week for Gaza with Israel continuing its bombing and slaughtering of Palestinians – mainly women and children – as it pushes ahead for the complete destruction of Gaza.

New Zealand of course is silent, except when it comes to making this worse for Palestinians as it did when the PM announced a halt on New Zealand funding for UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency)

All this despite the International Court of Justice finding a prima facie case of Israeli genocide in Gaza and issuing interim orders which require the apartheid state to return within a month to explain how it is preventing genocide in Gaza and following the Genocide Convention.

It’s a decision which puts Israel on probation but it has been so poorly reported by New Zealand media that there is widespread confusion – very helpful to the apartheid state but deadly for Palestinians.

New Zealanders were told by our media such things as the court “did not order a ceasefire”, “did not find Israel guilty of genocide” “was disappointing for Palestinians in Gaza” “was a win for Israel”. Only one of those four statements has any relevance to the actual decision and what could have been expected from it.

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Even the Prime Minister had no clue what the whole issue was about and that’s hardly surprising. In this case the media bears heavy responsibility for promoting “Israeli talking points” about the ICJ decision rather than reporting the outcome accurately.

Nowhere has the mainstream media talked about New Zealand’s responsibility to PREVENT genocide as a signatory to the Genocide convention and how the government plans to do this. There has been no speaking truth to power by the media here – just lamely taking Eurocentric anti-Palestinian reports from UK and US newspapers and media outlets.

There was a time in the past when New Zealand media would have done much better. Not today.

It’s easy to see how the Holocaust happened in Nazi Germany when most western media ignored the warning signs of virulent European anti-semitism and genocidal rhetoric against Jews. The same is happening today when western media are misreporting Israeli actions based on anti-Palestinian racism and Islamophobia.

The same media failure applies to reporting of the NZDF deployment to bomb Yemen – a decision made by a government which can’t even call for a ceasefire or an end to the slaughter in Gaza – not that our media had any expectation whatever that we would or should call for a ceasefire before bombing Yemen.

Even if the media has gone AWOL on Gaza the people of New Zealand haven’t. Details of the protest events across the country are on our Facebook event page here (with the basic details below)

North Island
Opononi – Gathering for Palestine
Sunday 4 February
5:00 pm
Outside the Four Square, Opononi

Saturday 3 February
TBA – Check PSNA Facebook events page for details

Whangarei – Rally
Saturday 3 February
10:00 am
Whangārei Town Basin in front of Hundertwasser Building

Auckland – An audience with the Palestinian Ambassador to Australia, Aotearoa & the Pacific Islands
Friday 2 February
7:00 pm
Western Springs Garden Community Hall – 956 Great North Road, Western Springs,

Auckland – Rally – No March
Sunday 4 February
3:00 pm
Te Komititanga Square – Britomart

Tauranga – Vigil for Gaza
Wednesday 31 January
7:00 pm
Corner of Coronation Park, Mount Maunganui

Sunday 4 February
11:00 am
Corner of Coronation Park, Mount Maunganui

Hamilton – Rally
Saturday 3 February
1:00 pm
End of Wairere Drive and Naylor Street, Hillcrest

Saturday 3 February
TBA – Check PSNA Facebook events page for details

Saturday 3 February
11:30 am
Marine Parade Soundshell Roundabout

Hastings – Rally
Sunday 4 February
2:00 pm
Hastings Town Clock – Hastings CBD

Palmerston North
Saturday 3 February
2:00 pm
The Square, Palmerston North

New Plymouth – Flags on the Bridge
Friday 2 February (Every Friday)
4:30 pm
Paynters Ave Bridge, New Plymouth

New Plymouth – Rally
Saturday 3 February
1:00 pm
The Landing, 1 Ariki Street, New Plymouth

Whanganui – Rally
Saturday 3 February
11:00 am
Riverside Market

Wellington – Rally
Saturday 3 February
Check out the PSNA Facebook events page on Friday for time and place

South Island
Nelson – Rally
Saturday 3 February
10:30 am
1903 Square, Upper Trafalgar Street, Nelson

Saturday 3 February
11:00 am
Blenheim Railway Station

Christchurch – Rally
Saturday 3 February
1:00 pm
Bridge of Remembrance, Cashel Street, Christchurch

Saturday 3 February
No Rally this weekend

Saturday 3 February
2:00 pm
Otago Museum Reserve to the Octagon, Dunedin

Friday 2 February
5:30 pm
Wachner place Invercargill 


  1. ‘Even the Prime Minister had no clue what the whole issue was about and that’s hardly surprising’.

    It should say: BUT that’s hardly surprising; he has no clue at all.
    Blaming the media for Cluxon’s cluelessness makes no sense. As a PM he should understand the words of the ICJ.
    The media is guilty of the inadequate reporting but they’re not responsible for Cluxon’s laziness, manipulations and stupidity.

  2. A lot more futile hot air from the antisemites who are universally ignorant of anything to do with the MENA. NZ supports Israel against the barbaric jihadists.

    • gaby – Agreed…The NZ Government gave $30 million to the Red Cross for Gaza already last year…no more for UNRWA…get the 3 Billionaires running Hamas to pay

        • I know, right? They wouldn’t be very successful though, because they don’t have any original material. It’s all just very predictable rehashed ho hum wah wah wah

      • Any criticism of Israel and its murderous agenda is regarded as being anti-semite, pathetic response and used all the time.

        The fact is that the Zionists use the Holocaust constantly as a reason that they have to be protected. Most European Jews post the war did not want to go to Israel they wanted to stay in other parts of Europe or move to Canada, the US, Australia or NZ. They live in many many countries and no doubt have to put up with anti semitic comments just like people of colour have to put up with racist comments on a regular basis. As a female I too put up with negativity from males!

    • It’s time to put on make up,
      it’s time to dress up right
      It’s time to raise the curtains on the Muppet show tonight.

      • Did you actually watch that and read the link? I ask because even Al Jazeera commented that:

        … has caused a backlash online, including among many Israelis.

        No such evidence of Gazan’s having a backlash against their little kids being taught to hate Jews. Given the public support for the Hamas atrocities on October 7 nobody should be surprised.

    • Gee, is any of it tied to flat out land theft, or being booted out of your territory because the Europeans didn’t want the Jewish ( which should not have been the Palestinians problem)? Then you blame the UNRWA! It’s not that organisation that made the IDF and Netanyahu arseholes.

      • My favorite complaint from the genocidal zionist psychopaths is about the UNRWA textbooks. They want Palestinian kids to be taught from the disgusting filth they force on their ‘israeli arab’ (1948 Palestinian) slaves- from which they exclude any mention of the disgusting mass rapes and murders and biological warfare that they committed against the human population of Palestine from their illegal invasion until today.

  3. Any chance that you and yours will “take action” against this….
    The UK statistics on anti-Semitism paint a grim picture. Figures from the Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that protects British Jews, show a 524 per cent increase in anti-Semitic incidents between 7 October and the middle of December last year.

    And as the article notes, the same is true in the rest of Europe, the USA, Australia…. Also this:
    Some will no doubt try to argue that the issue here is not anti-Semitism, but rather that people are frustrated with Israel or are expressing opposition to Zionism. But this does not wash. If your opposition to Israel leads you to attack or agitate against Jews, then your ‘opposition to Israel’ is just anti-Semitism rebranded.

  4. The previous government allocated $1.3 million to the International Criminal Court, ICC, and $700 thousand to the International Court of Justice, ICJ, specifically to prosecute Russia for invading Ukraine.

    Contrast this with the silence of our media and the lack of action by this government over the mass slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza,

    New Zealand has long been concerned about the mounting credible evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine…..

    No current government concern about the mounting evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza

    • Below is the team of lawyers that New Zealand hired and to go to the World Court in the Hague to intervene in the case of Ukraine vs Russia

      $700 thousand of taxpayers coin gets you this many lawyers.

      From the PDF on the website of the International Court of Justice. There are two URLs because the list goes across two pages.

      New Zealand,
      represented by Ms Victoria Hallum, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand,
      as Agent;
      Mr Andrew Williams, Chief International Legal Adviser (acting), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand,
      HE Ms Susannah Gordon, Ambassador of New Zealand to the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
      as Co-Agents;
      Ms Elana Geddis, Barrister, Kate Sheppard Chambers, Wellington,
      Mr Toby Fisher, Barrister, Matrix Chambers, London,
      Ms Jane Collins, Senior Legal Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand,
      Ms Hannah Frost, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of New Zealand in the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
      Mr Bastiaan Grashof, Policy Adviser, Embassy of New Zealand in the Kingdom of the Netherlands,

      New Zealand was one of the 32 intervening states that gave an oral submission to the World Court in the Hague on the merits of the case Ukraine vs Russia

      The lawyers for the Russian Federation objected that these 32 states were only there because the US hegemon yanked their chain.

      New Zealand spent zero $ and sent zero lawyers to intervene in the case South Africa vs Russia.

      So much for our stated concern for international law.

  5. Look, war is hell, civilians die, even more than necessary when Hamas hides in civilian infrastructure and encourages their martyrdom with the support of the UN.
    The death rate minus militants is well below other similar conflicts but the fact its the Jews involved attracts a whole lot of attention.

    • Netanyahu –“Nobody will stop us — not The Hague, not the axis of evil and not anybody else.”

      “If I was standing on the right side of history, I don’t think the side I was standing with would be saying that not even The Hague can stop them from killing everyone they want to kill.

      Turns out “Israel has a right to defend itself” actually meant “Israel has a right to commit genocide, and no other countries have a right to stop it.”

      “The majority of westerners are still ignorant of the extent to which Israel had been abusing and killing Palestinians prior to October 7. …. Literally everyone acknowledges the occurrence of the October 7 attack, while a vast percentage of the population is either uninformed or actively lying about the occurrence of all Israeli crimes from the Nakba on.”

      ” ….. “Israel demanding that everyone condemn the Hamas attack is like a bunch of thugs punching a man in the face over and over and then demanding that everyone condemn him for hurting their hands. The Hamas attack was the natural result of Israel’s abuses upon the Palestinian people.”

      “Israel isn’t relentlessly murderous and abusive because it’s run by Jews, it’s relentlessly murderous and abusive because that’s the only way to maintain an ethnostate that was abruptly dropped on top of an already existing civilization. This would be true if it’d been a Mormon state or a Romani state.

      Take any already existing country with its own ethnic and religious makeup and its own relationships with surrounding countries and drop a brand new artificial ethnostate on top of it with a deluge of immigrants who are designated special and above the people in that region, and you’re going to get a ton of violence.”

      Hamas are ” a natural emergence from the material circumstances that have been forced upon Palestinians. If you’ve got a group of people being sufficiently oppressed and violently persecuted by the ruling power, you’re going to start seeing violent opposition to that ruling power as sure as you’ll see blood arise from a wound.”

      “It just says so much about how the US empire sees itself that it can impose blockades and starvation sanctions at will upon nations like Yemen, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea for refusing to bow to its dictates, but when Yemen imposes a blockade for infinitely more worthy and noble reasons it gets branded an act of terrorism.”

      “the US empire is going to be imposing sanctions on a nation that’s still trying to recover from the devastation caused by the US-backed Saudi blockade that contributed to hundreds of thousands of deaths between 2015 and 2022. All in response to the de facto government of that very same country imposing its own blockade with the goal of preventing a genocide.”

      “We are ruled by murderous tyrants. By nuclear-armed thugs who would rather starve civilians to protect the continuation of an active genocide than allow peace to get a word in edgewise. Our world can never know health as long as these monsters remain in charge.”

      The National party in particular will suck as much thug dick as it takes to ‘get in that club’

      The only reason Winston stepped in to stop cutting our Aid funding to Gaza,,, is he’s smart enough to know that in 2 months time images of starving Palestine children are not going to be censored hidden and ignored like the 70,000 Yemen kids deliberately starved to death were….

      … and that sort of support for Israel would make many voters sick ,,,, hard core Zionists like Gaby, Nathan, and co excluded…. a sick minority.

    • The death rate, you don’t know what you are talking about – more Palestinians have died than Ukrainians and compare the time this has taken, with of course the help of that great democracy the US

  6. Gaby, Nathan, Theasus. I’m calling the deliberate deaths of 26000 Palestinians a crime. Genocide. You can call me anti semitic, anti Zionist or whatever label you wish to hide behind, but unlike psychopaths do I will not justify cold blooded murder as revenge or deterrence.
    In short your support of murder is disgusting.

    • Wow. If only you were morally and ethically superior then I’d care.

      Anyway, you need to get back to your Hamas support and teaching Gazans children to hate Jews. You know you want to.

      • Who said anything about supporting Hamas? I called murder, I’d call the same of Hamas killed thousands of Isrealis. I condemned the Hamas attack prior to this disproportionate response. Your reply shows a deeply sick support for murder.

        • This the tactic that Israeli state apologists use. Label anyone who criticises the actions of the Israeli state as supporters of Hamas. No room for any nuance whatsoever

      • You muppet. The IDF and Netanyahu are doing their best to breed more hatred. If it’s not straight land theft it’s “run over there it’s safe…. oh whoops we bombed you”. How many Palestinians were being detained even before last October? By the way a good number of these Israelis are about as Semitic as I am. Stop misusing the word.

        • Every time the kidnapped Israelis are released and some are released in the West Bank. More people in the West Bank are rounded up and take into detention without trial or charges.

    • With you Nick. Perhaps Nathan, Gaby and Co would give us their justification for the activities of organisations such as the Stern Gang and the continuing theft of the West Bank lands.

      • Kiwi joker, my father was in Gaza in 1945 with the RN, being shot at by the Stern Gang. He had just spent 4 years being shot at by Germans. I’m sure he was unimpressed by Israelis.

  7. Dear great Minto, I’ve been thinking quite well of One News lately but not so much for Gaza.

    The Holocaust parallel powers my thinking. Just said to someone if it was the Holocaust again I’d declare war to prevent that. The Israelis’ contradiction. And I would for Gaza.

    Israel’s fdtn was long before the Holocaust — an understandable but vicious project from the start. Conquer someone else’s land. That’s the spirit of Israel. As bad as WW ll Germans in the east.

    John Cusack, the actor, on X, a great champion for the Gazans, is now being shadow banned by the Fascist Musk. End of X as a free speech forum. And proof widget billionaires are dim as shins.

  8. The ICJ hearing was a preliminary hearing to decide whether, or not Israel should be put on trial for committing genocide.
    The court ruled that Israel should be put on trial for committing genocide in Gaza.

    Unlike the case of Ukraine vs. Russia where the ICJ did vote on Ukraine’s preliminary application for a ceasefire, and passed it. In a clear case of discrimination, the ICJ did not vote on South Africa’s application for a preliminary order for a ceasefire.

    If the ICJ had voted on South Africa’s application for a ceasefire, they would also have had to pass it. The evidence of harm to a ‘group’ or ‘people’ as defined by the genocide convention is overwhelming.
    The orders that the court did vote on and pass were somewhat vague and weak. Except possibly for two >Israel has been ordered to allow humanitarian aid to Gaza. >Israel has been ordered to give a report back within one month on how they are abiding by these orders.

    In a clear breach of the order to facilitate the distribution of aid to Gaza. Israel launched an attack on UNRWA the organisaton responsible for distributing aid in Gaza.

    Why is Israel targeting key UN agency UNRWA in Gaza?

    Will Israel refuse to supply the ICJ with a report on how it is complying with the orders of the Court?

    If in one month Israel fail to comply with the order to give a report to the ICJ, the court can make further orders against Israel to seek their compliance.

    • BG do something about it, people like you are pathetic, why is it other people think this job should be done by those supporting Palestine. Do it yourself, people will come, don’t be a woose

  9. Its no coincidence that the malevolent idiocy chanted by our young people at these rallies coincides with a shocking deterioration in education, history and geography standards as well as critical thinking. They have no idea other than fashionable protest apparel and trendy slogans.

    • Ever stood up and been counted on any issue of human rights Jack. Time to start I think, it doesn’t have to begin with palestine, organise a protest on one of the many other human rights issues going on in the world right now.

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