Erica Stanford sowed the exploitable mass immigration harvest she is now damning!


As the explosion in low wage easily exploitable immigration becomes apparent on gridlocked Auckland (while robbing Auckland of transport infrastructure funding) and as rents skyrocket, it’s now that National are saying let’s ease up the naked exploitation eh guys?

Bernard Hickey compares how National sowed the mass immigration harvest…

Here’s Luxon announcing National’s policy of increasing the working holiday age to 35 from 30 and allowing migrants to re-apply for these visas three times. working on September 7th, which was the last month of that year to September with the net migration of 118,000:

“Migration does have huge tax benefits for us. It does have economic multiplier effects.” Luxon via Newshub in this article titled: “National vows to boost immigration to help New Zealand economy.”

“We will also scrap the median wage requirements and let businesses and sectors like tourism attract the staff they need at rates that reflect their skills and experience.” Luxon via Crux

All of those policies are aimed at increasing numbers of lower-skilled migrant workers on temporary work visas.

Luxon was also keen on increasing migrant worker numbers in April in this piece on Newshub titled: Luxon says migrants will be key to filling critical staff shortages. 

“We are a party that really believes in immigration. We think that migrants have a huge value and a lot of contribution to make to New Zealand.

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“Across all sectors of New Zealand we are short of workers at the moment. We have sent a message to the world that we are fundamentally closed for business. If you’re a migrant coming to New Zealand, you might be a nurse or a doctor, there is currently no pathway to residency. 

“If we want to attract the best we have to be the best in terms of an immigration system and an Immigration New Zealand response and we’re not at the moment.” 

“We’ve got to do a much better job of making a much more competitive offer for working travellers… that want to come here and work in kiwifruit [picking] or tourism. We should be out there promoting New Zealand. 

“We need to waive the fees, we need to extend the age, if you’ve been here once you can come back a second or third time. The same thing needs to happen, if you think about our healthcare workforce we haven’t been approving those people and actually getting them here.” Luxon via Newshub on April 13.

…this is the problem, National’s rich exploiter mates want the low wage economy they’ve been promised and they want it now, unfortunately National are well aware the geopolitical pressures generating huge demand to get the fuck out are swamping us with desperate economic refugees and not well educated specialists.

National are in a bind, because much of NZs growth is fake GDP inflating high migration but even they can see that Auckland City’s infrastructure is close to permanent exhaustion.

This economic pressure is going to cause cultural tensions.

Immigrants are about to join beneficiaries and Māori for the bash.


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  1. Yes I clearly national saying we need to let more people in to work in the shitty jobs no one else wanted to do for fuck all per hour .Now the two faced bitch is moaning her tits off because there are too many of the low wage people here so they will have to bash then along with all the other benny people .I did not see her say how she was going to stop the mass export of people that has ramped up since they were elected .

  2. historically immigration british, pasifika whatever has been a lever to keeo nz pay low….that’s the simple reason the nats support it

    • Well shucks we can all protest quietly and hit them where it hurts, their wallets. Just a hundred silent operatives would do it, none of them knowing who the others are or even if they exist. Could cause millions of dollars of damage within a week. Just bleed them out, constantly, untraceable, looks like a series of chance events, no marching up and down queen street, no flags, no badges, no common identity, just quietly obstruct, delay, ignore, refuse, lose stuff, and destroy using whatever you know about your way of life and how it interfaces with the enemy. No need to get arrested, no need to get mad, just do. Bleed them dry. This is culture war. This is solidarity. They can get hit by the media again and again, they can cry enough, but still bleed them, on and on, never stopping.

      • It is at odds with basic democratic principles – this secret squirrel shit is the modus operandi of wankers like ACT/Atlas.

        Opposing excessive immigration is populist, and given how poorly it has been administered, any well-thought-out anti immigration campaign will attract public support. And it needs public support, because there are multiple entities boosting immigration without giving a toss about NZ interests: NZ’s numerous scumbag employers. The Real Estate sector. Indian and Chinese nationalists who imagine NZ should be pathetically grateful to have them degrading our quality of life and the integrity of our public institutions. And wokester migration boosters who imagine NZ’s colonial history makes it owe Uncle Tom Cobbly and all residence – when in fact NZ’s only colony was Rarotonga. And of course the benighted and desperate far-right economists whose desperation at the failure of their ideologically driven crap policies has been driving all this nonsense. I long to see them lose their shiny sinecures and obliged to work for a living in the economic wasteland they have created.

        • Something of the kind of defiance mentioned by Daniel, is already happening. It’s very, very quiet but also noticeable.
          I won’t even say what I’ve noticed but it’s on TV. People are not doing as they’ve been told in past few months. They are defiantly carrying on with what they had started and increasing it, as and when possible.
          I will say that it’s been noted by right-leaners too and they have taken measures to avoid it. In their narrow little brains, they think they can.
          As with the flag debate, the defiance was subtle but you could tell that people were very angry and unimpressed by the whole referenda nonsense.
          Why do you think the least attractive option was the one we picked to go up against our old flag? Had we picked the brighter, more attractive option, it might have won and we didn’t want that.
          Nostalgically, I still have my NZ flag coffee cup which has ‘Shonkey’s Cup’ written in the bottom with felt-tip pen.

  3. The recent unprecedented spike in immigration occurred under the last government, a Labout government. Nothing to do with Erica Stanford.


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