Bashing beneficiaries is so petty, cruel and counter productive – which is the point


40 years of deunionisation has seen worker wages stagnate so much so that the working classes eye the pittance beneficiaries get with envy and that envy becomes bennie bashing with the speed of an ACT voter proclaiming, “I’m not racist but….”

What’s outrageous about this current Bennie bashing that was the centre piece e of Luxon’s State of the Nation Speech (as if beneficiaries were the biggest issue confronting NZ FFS), what’s outrageous is that it’s counter productive, deceitful and maliciously pursued.

Firstly, the numbers are all garbage bullshit…


…exactly. Luxon’s including people who are disabled in these numbers, expecting them to get a job to make your stats look better is bullshit!

It includes young people disowned by their families.

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It includes the people who need a bloody safety net, not the bash from Politicians who are misleading people with bullshit numbers!

The reality is that this Government are cutting disability benefits by $2300 per year and pushing 13000 kids into poverty just to afford tax cuts for their rich prick landlord mates!

How disgraceful to deceitfully manipulate the numbers to justify sanctions against beneficiaries after robbing those very same beneficiaries!

This is cruel and counter productive social policy, which is what right wing voters want.

They don’t care if the beneficiaries suffer hardship, those voters hate beneficiaries and want them too suffer

Unsurprisingly Trevett and Young claim this Bennie bashing wasn’t cruel which is a reminder of the bubble world those two inhabit.

It was cruel because the reason Luxon is bashing the shit out of beneficiaries was because National Party minders are panicking that his weak insipid leadership to date alongside and his week in, week out, week in, week out, week in, week out, week in, week out, week in, week out, weak in, weak out getting torn to pieces by Seymour and Winston is making him look weak.

Because he is weak.

He’s the weakest Prime Minister we’ve ever had.

Geoffrey Palmer aside of course.

Chris had to butch up and do the angry dad routine against the only group he can beat up – the disabled and beneficiaries.

This is an act of desperation by Luxon and here’s the reason why…


…Luxon is weak, he’s bashing beneficiaries because they can’t fight back!

This is the very personification of political weakness, miss-using number to justify beating up on the vulnerable right after robbing the disabled of $2300 per year and pushing 13 000 kids into poverty.

That the entire political punditry class can’t see the insincerity of this speech and the purpose of it really tells you something about how group think works in action.



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  1. Bennie Bashing seems a national sport second only to rugby…for Nashnull and various vindictive lunkheads nationwide.

    Capital requires a certain level of unemployed to keep downward pressure on wages and discourage working class organisation. The Reserve Bank and Govt. want higher unemployment, allegedly to help with inflation. However the State on behalf of capital runs a sadistic non welfare system which turns people into “jobseekers” because they want to keep the MSD/WINZ spend down to a minimum.

    The contradictions are rather obvious. Less jobs, but you are harassed for not being able to find a job! Bennies are demonised to divide working class people and fightbacks. Othering has usually been a good tactic to divert the working class from looking at the ruling class.

  2. It isn’t actually counter-productive in his world. It gees up his base and Peters’/Seymour’s as well. I guarantee is responsible for at least some of the uptick in National’s polling. Appealing to New Zealand’s mean streak is never counter-productive as far as votes go.

  3. Easy solution:Pay (much) higher wages, then watch all those vacancies vanish. It’ll attract all those skilled workers they claim to need from abroad as well.

    I thought NAct believed in market forces.

    Apparently not, not when it comes to wages and the labour market.

  4. When his friends find out how much this is going to cost in processing, prosecuting, jailing, rehabilitating, rehousing, shutting out of work and housing owing to convictions, rearresting, re jailing his new social victims over and over, they’ll hit the roof. He could double jobseekers money right now and still come out on top. The moon unit can’t even count. He’s creating gang affiliates and criminals. Imagine just the dental bills! What an eggburger.

  5. It’s all so obvious we of the Left sometimes can’t be bothered unrolling our tongues to condemn it. Why I wish you had a national outlet where your opinion could have more effect.

  6. On the contrary, I suggest that Christopher Luxon is not weak, but that it suits him to toss out glib platitudes a la John Key, knowing full well that magically transporting beneficiaries into some sort of employment is not going to transform the social community, or help balance the government’s books.
    It’s the same old ‘ divide and rule’ mantra, and it’s vicious. The jobs frequently aren’t there, and even quite well qualified persons who want to work are stranded, or stuck in soul-destroying ruts. There are some who should not be expected to be in paid work, and consigning them to a grim struggle in permanent poverty is also vicious. He and his social welfare minister are either hypocrites, fools, or both.

  7. Many years of working the soil sans internet but the last mainstream resistance to the ’84 rich takeover, the National Programme, on my transistor, I regularly anaerobicized peasant sayings from my middle-class gut. Here’s one, ‘NZers’ sympathy for each other is only matched by their suspicion of one another’.

    Why, that, and the English language community, we never got to Scandinavian levels of mutual … wealth.


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