I’m glad the Oscars snubbed Barbie


Barbie star breaks silence on Oscars snub

One week after it was revealed Margot Robbie was snubbed by the Oscars, she has broken her silence.

The Daily Mail has reported the Barbie star, who missed out on a Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards, sat down for a Q&A session hosted by the Academy Museum this week where she addressed the situation.

While she didn’t directly speak about her own snubbing, the 33-year-old Australian actress did speak out regarding the snub of Barbie director Greta Gerwig, who also missed out on a nomination for Best Director despite the film receiving multiple nods in other categories, including Best Picture.

Oh for the love of Christ, who gives a fuck?

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The planet is melting, the planet is stumbling into war and the main issue of the week was Barbie getting snubbed.

Firstly, it wasn’t snubbed, it got plenty of nominations.

Secondly, it’s a shit movie about a fucking toy!

It’s like complaining that Transformers wasn’t nominated for best picture!

I’m amazed that a Corporation reliant on the plastics made from the petroleum industry and who has fucked with the body image of women for decades is now suddenly a ‘you-go-girl-feminism’ cinematic triumph.

That this corporate pink washing advert manages to compete against Oppenheimer, a heavy duty examination of the power of atomic weapons, perfectly sums us up as a global culture right now.

Funnily enough both are inspired by Germany. Oppenheimer was born to German parents in New York and he studied in Germany, Mattel based Barbie on a right wing German adult cartoon character and toy, Bild Lilli, who was a high end prostitute who partied with the far right.

How charming.

Watching Barbie to bond with feminism would be like watching He-Man and his roid rage muscle Mary mates to understand masculinity.

To paraphrase Oppenheimer, “Now I am become Death, the tedious ennui of worlds.”

Barbie is an advert for a toy company reliant on the plastics made from the petroleum industry.

If that’s your ‘feminism’, you might be part of the problem.

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  1. Ha ha. I may not always agree with everything you say but on this we can be in total agreement

    (Plus maybe – just maybe – her performance wasn’t that great)

  2. The broohah is not about the movie Martyn, Margo and Greta are women….ergo the snub is against women doncha know, mysogyny!!
    I’m pretty sure, if Margo/Greta had been black, the nominations would have been practically guaranteed as the ‘racist’ smear wins every time.

  3. Oppenheimer was crap as well, not because of storyline/content but because of the worst editing and soundtrack that I’ve ever seen or heard, seemingly pitched to appeal to adolescent gamers.

  4. One of your better posts Martyn so I am loath to suggest that like most you have missed the point of the moronic film. The whole lesson was summed up at the beginning when the little girls, happily role-playing motherhood, became entranced by the entrance of the manufactured idol and smashed their babies into the ground to follow the feminist dream of career success and independence. Ha.
    Not only have corporates manipulated the body image of women (the porn industry does that too – I look forward to your article on that) they have influenced the mental images of young women.
    But yes, I too was amazed at the success of the film. And watched in unmitigated horror as my feminist friends organised girl’s evenings and carted their poor daughters off in droves to watch the excrescence.

          • You’re a Kurdish nationalism activist? Well I’ll back you there but you won’t get much support on this site – activism for stateless people is extended only to Palestinians here.
            I am confused by your second sentence. Are you meaning Kurds have lived in Anatolia for centuries?

            • I would like to clear up any confusion. Say that Türkiye is a nation state. There are many minority nationalities living in this nation. Yes, that’s right, Kurds are a minority living in the east of Turkish Anatolia. However, we see them as a part of Mesopotamia, which has been living in Anatolia for centuries. The east of Turkey is the territory of Northern Mesopotamia. It is the region where the eastern campaigns of the Ottoman Empire were most intense. When Turkey was founded in 1923, it acquired the management of the lands containing eastern Anatolia, namely northern Mesopotamia, within its national borders within the framework of the Treaty of Lausanne. These are ancient lands where 7 million Kurdish citizens currently live together with the people of Anatolia. This has been the case since the Ottoman period. Just like your Maori people! But the Kurds are more free and rich than the Maoris. This is the democratic richness brought by the nation-state understanding. Equal citizenship right is our indispensable principle.

  5. Woke movies, narcissism and victimhood is what we get when we dabble with identity politics. Sadly nothing is immune from this toxic cancer.

  6. Well, that’s just charming. I had numerous lunches with Barbi when Margot Robbie was filming Z for Zachariah here. I can’t wait! I’m getting stoned, get my ice creams out and get my Ken out too and so fuck off and everything!
    I bet you’re a Miss Marples fan aren’t you. All tweeds and stout, moor wandering ankles.

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