E tū union advocates for exploited migrant workers amidst growing employment uncertainty


E tū, New Zealand’s largest private sector union, is voicing strong support for migrant workers in the security industry facing exploitation and unfair treatment.

This advocacy comes amid growing concerns about the vulnerability of workers, exacerbated by recent legislative changes in New Zealand’s employment landscape.

A group of ten migrant workers, previously employed by S.E.A.L. Security, epitomizes the need for robust worker protections.

Having paid between $50,000 and $70,000 to secure employment in New Zealand, these workers were left in financial and emotional distress after being made redundant months into their three-year employment agreements.

The recent reinstatement of 90-day trial periods for all employers by the New Zealand government is viewed by E tū as a step that increases the vulnerability of workers, especially those new to the job market or in precarious employment situations. This legislative change, coupled with the repeal of Fair Pay Agreements (FPAs), signals a worrying trend for workers’ rights and protections.

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“We are determined to fight for the rights and welfare of these exploited workers,” said Georgie Dansey, an E tū director. “The current environment, with the extension of 90-day trials and the absence of FPAs, underscores the importance of union support and collective action to safeguard the rights of workers, particularly those most at risk of exploitation.”

E tū is committed to providing support and seeking justice for these migrant workers, advocating for fair treatment, proper compensation, and the upholding of their rights as employees in New Zealand.