This Government is denigrating our Treaty, desecrating our Independent Foreign Policy and mutilating our Global standing – and they’re just getting started!


A visiter to NZ told me over the weekend that the two things NZ were known for internationally, our passion to do right by our Indigenous people and our reputation for Independence on the global stage.

He found it odd that NZ had elected a Government that was so intent on denigrating our Treaty reputation and desecrating our Independent Foreign Policy with such little debate.

I said to him, ‘Welcome to NuZilind. We are fixated on cow udders, sport and selling each other houses to get rich. Refusing to acknowledge the worst angels of our nature are now in power and burning values we never appreciated is what we do now’.

This Government is denigrating our Treaty, desecrating our Independent Foreign Policy and mutilating our Global standing – and they’re just getting started!

The looming privatisation agenda currently being drafted by the Rights corporate lobbyists will see mass deregulation of industry donors and ramming through legislation that will allow International Mining, Big Oil and Trans Nationals more access to our resources without the usual checks and balances…

Govt to free up foreign investment in ‘sensitive’ NZ land and assets

Ministerial scrutiny of whether overseas investments are in New Zealand’s national interest is to be significantly reduced in a move critics say risks eroding sovereignty but supporters believe will enrich New Zealand.

National and Act’s coalition agreement says the Government will amend the Overseas Investment Act 2005 to restrict ministerial decision-making to national security concerns only and make these decisions “much more timely”.

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The act requires overseas investors to obtain consent from the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) before acquiring interests in significant business assets, sensitive land or fishing quota.

…this new hard right racist climate denying Government have already managed to suck us into the vortex of a mother American war while jetting off to Australia to privately seek Military Industrial Complex influence into our politics.

This new Government is selling NZ off faster than we can notice.


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  1. This is what’s happening.
    ( It’s my thing ok. I’ve watched farmers forced from their farms, often with a family member missing after they, in one particular instance, suicided by shooting themselves with a .22 and when that didn’t work they finished the gruesome job by drowning themselves in the house water tank. Gave the term ” Taste a bit iffy to you mate? ” a whole new meaning around the tea kettle. )
    88 Years of agricultural exploitation is at an end which means the criminals must find another gig, preferably before they’re ripped to pieces by angry farmers WHEN THE FUCKING PENNEY FINALLY FUCKING DROPS!
    The Three Late-Stage Stooges above are desperately casting around for takers for our country, a country larger in land area and far more beautiful than the UK will be up for grabs once the Treaty and The Crown are gone, and both will go if we allow that to happen. In the meantime they’ll be lining up mates.
    Kia kaha @ Maori. @ Non Maori? The only thing you know about unity is that those three drunk people over there by the barbi will make a drunken punch up with the other three standing over there by the brazier.

  2. So we become a full-time vassal of the US foreign policy, which causes China to play hard ball on our exports to them. With farm land prices plummeting from the resulting economic difficulties, US Corporates and rich individuals buy up our land and resources at bargain prices. Any ability to stop the sales will have been dropped, or in the case of Maori, suppressed. Am I seeing a pattern here?

    • Yep, the current regime is entirely owned- at best- by paper ‘New Zealanders’ like the young-blood-enthusiast Peter Thiel.

      If Labour were actually left-wing, they could have gained a lot of popularity by preventing this. Naturally, they didn’t.

  3. Ok @ NZZ and G.L. We can see what’s happening, we can imagine where this is going and we know how it came to this and why. The question now surely is how are we AO/NZ’ers going to retain control of our current tenuous position during ever changing vectors in an increasingly tumultuous world where pretty soon all the usual rules of engagement will get wiped off the table?
    We can’t do this alone. It’s desperately dangerous to think we can. It takes the concept of delusional to unprecedented heights to think we can keep going while wading knee deep through the damage a few privateer kiwis have wrought on us from now 40 years of neo-liberalism.
    Look around! They’ve fucked us good and proper and they had every intention of doing so. They needed as to be weak and disorganised to get away with stealing our money as they privately liquidated our taxes-paid-for assets to build their fortunes. They’ve left us entirely in the open with our pants down round our ankles and for those of you who think we can go it alone with a little can-do attitude and a cup of tea and a marmite sandwich you really fucking need to go outside and get some fresh fucking air.
    We need a royal commission of inquiry to show, if nothing else, the scale of destruction they’ve left our AO/NZ in.
    Then we need some serious forensic investigations into who has, then where is, our wealth.
    We have to do that! We MUST do that. We need to know who fucking did this to us and then they must front up to an independent and very public inquiry. AO/NZ = 600,000 needing food grants= 200,000 hungry kids =Now crippled once was world first infrastructure=14 multi-billionaires = 3118 multi-millionaires each with $50 million nett = four foreign owned banksters who just rocked the fuck up then started stealing our fucking money at a rate of $180.00 a second 24 / 7 / 365 and that needs fucking explaining. RNZ is gone. TVNZ is gone. Commercial media is unlistenable. We need a public, independent of Bee Hive politics, royal commission of inquiry immediately.

  4. Independent foreign policy? The PRC dictatorshit won’t like that… “we” are its pwecious little neo-colony and vassal state.

  5. This new government is NOT denigrating the treaty, it quite rightly wants a debate on ‘The Principes’, you know the ones created only 40yrs ago, bad law to begin with, then the inserting of properties NOT in the initial treaty.
    But hey…of course maori are going to object as it will cut off the gravy train, the maori elite are of course angry, the grass roots maori have no clue and just do as maori elite tell them!

    • Hahaha I’m righty tighty acting on behalf of grass roots Maori from his privileged right wing ivory tower. Shame you don’t understand that this is about white right wing elitism. Do you seriously believe having a debate on the principles is anything but favoring a party that thrives on privatization where the rich get richer and the poor poorer?
      But then it doesn’t affect you with your holier-than-thou right wing mantra.

      • Once again squeaky something goes over your head….
        NZ needs this conversation, all of NZ need this discussion but unfortunately the radicals and shit stirrers do not want to even talk about it, why?….well maori elites may lose out, be thrown off the gravy train!
        So easier to make up lies and tell everyone it the treaty itself that’s under threat when it isn’t, only the ‘principles’ that were added only 30-40yrs ago are to be discussed/debated
        Maori know this, MSM knows this and the lefties know this….but are terrified of debate it seems.

    • Well said .They are doing what those thatvoted for them wants. Luxon has held his end of the bargain which he made to create a government of progress .I am delighted at his grasp of what it takes to be a leader .He is handling it farbetter than Hipkins did

    • The crown gave Maori a full treaty with one condition. The Crown gets to govern its own subjects. Seymour seeks to change the rules of the treaty signed between Maori and the crown. That is being considered by the National Party lead cabinet and they are rejecting those notions for idea that we are one people. Actually investing in the Maori economy during a period of austerity and tax and budget cuts make sense to the National Party. Ever since New Zealand is facing a choice between expanding the Maori economy by double digits, or austerity and selective race based expansion away from the Maori economy. The government is responsible for the growth of the Maori economy largely because of the unique rejection of Maori that this red hearing of a debate continues. Luxon, Seymour and Winston stand shoulder to shoulder preventing the Maori Renaissance and a lot of it is budget cuts which this treaty principles debate seeks to inshrine in New Zealand’s constitutional frame work. Official National policy is that the only solutions is budget and tax cuts. That’s what they seek to do always. But the issue is settlements. Not the reduction in government spending. The official policy of this racist right-wing government is that resources should be diverted away from Maori so that taxes and government spending cam be slashed. It’s always the same reason which is cutting wastful spending which is code for rejecting Maori aspirations and severe criminalisation of those this racist government seeks to reject and on the way the severe breakdown of the treaty of waitangi and further expansion of this curse that will destroy us all budget and tax cuts. Core National Party policy is very ironic given the flury of exploring Seymour and Winston have had to do. After watching All the Treaty speeches it’s just so obvious. Just know that I know and by extension all Maori know 100% that Luxon is 100% screwing Maori over let’s not get this smoothed headed act twisted Luxon has been given the job of cutting taxes and the budget his smooth headed act is just a tool to those means.

  6. Until both sides listen to each others concerns objectively, there is not going to be any progress in relationship. The silent majority are watching, and the ones living in the echo chamber think they speak for the majority. No peace will hold till both sides meet in the middle. There are no winners and losers as both are long gone. The past cannot be fixed, we are here on earth at most 100 years, nothing comes with you in death. Live in peace with each other, accept the other – as the other is just your brother from another mother.


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