19th Century white settler privilege has been smacked down at Waitangi 2024

Māoridom - 1 19th Century White Settler Cracker Privilege - 0


19th Century white settler privilege is being told NO at Waitangi and it’s just beautiful.

The turn out was enormous and the anger righteous.

You can’t treat Māori as a political punching bag in the election and expect redneck joy at Waitangi.

The reek of fear coming off Luxon at Waitangi is hilarious and watching Winston and Seymour getting booed and jeered at Waitangi was glorious.

If Luxon isn’t terrified by the race baiting ACT and NZ First have led him into by now, he’s gone burger as a leader.

There’s a world of difference between playing the banjo on The Platform, ZB Plus or Reality Check Radio and trying to cross burn at the place where our Treaty was signed.

The reality is the Right have triggered redneck bigotry for political purposes and are now they are getting some at Waitangi.

The white supremacist Trolls will be screaming, but etc reality is you can’t re-write the Treaty and expect Māori to accept it.

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Quote of the day:

Hone Harawira: “you buggers want to get rid of (the treaty), strip the treaty of its mana … to belittle te reo and try to make it a second class language in our land. It ain’t going to happen!” to David Seymour: “your shitty arse bill is going down the toilet”

Māoridom – 1

19th Century White Settler Cracker Privilege – 0

One of these two are more wooden than the other

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  1. Moan…moan…bitch…bitch….gimme…gimme..gimmie
    Same ol Waitangi day I see!

    Why the Govt turn up I never know, let them have a good old bitch and moan with each other without the PM and party leaders of Govt.
    Waste of fucking time.

    • You are wasting our f…g time you simple-minded, lazy jerk. Go and mow the lawn or wash your hands, make an improvement somehow, somewhere, with something that you can comprehend without thinking too hard about.

      • Waitangi day is wasting our fucking time Greywarbler.
        80% see it as just a day off work, 10% are maori and celebrate it, 5% are white and wanna be maori, 5% are maori and just want to cause trouble

        Which are you?

      • Oh Bob we rely on you to turn up with the regular. And always short too. At least something is reliable in this changing world.

        • Jack – son of Bob the Second
          And it becomes a handy talking point for someone who has very little conversational scope or ability. That’s the Left’s job – to fill the many idle moment in moaning and disparaging for Nat/Actack when they aren’t actually working. As most of them are, having been able to snatch or inherit the best or most secure jobs. Except perhaps rubbish collection, which is very important, but not as well rated as rorting in business and scavenging older businesses still ticking over with undervalued assets etc. etc.

  2. If David Seeless wants a treaty referendum then it would have to be on the same stats as when it was signed.
    That would be something like 80,000 Maori to 2,000 whitey. These are only broad approximates of the figures but you get the drift.
    Wow Maori were so generous and kind to Whitey to sign this treaty, to establish terms and regulations with the base intruders to stop the troubles and mayhem,maintain the peace, and establish a working relationship.
    I want to hear more about this.
    Scholar s and all people with knowledge do your thing.
    But the numbers speak.

  3. This from Gordon Campbell, Scoop https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL2402/S00009/on-tomorrow-and-the-spirit-of-moana-jackson.htm

    On Moana Jackson’s thoughts and findings:
    That notion, Jackson continued, requires “a profound suspension of disbelief”:
    “I’m not aware, for example, of any stage in French history, where the Emperor or President of France woke up and said, “I don’t want to exercise sovereignty in France anymore. I’ll ask the Tsar of Russia to do it.” And I certainly don’t know of any instance in Britain, where the king or queen of Britain woke up one morning and said, “I don’t want to exercise sovereignty in Britain anymore. I’ll go and ask the Kaiser in Germany to do it.’

    That is just historically not a fact of political and constitutional inter-relationships. And to assume that that is what our people did, flies in the face of that very human history, let alone the very Māori human history, where the notion of giving away the authority to make independent decisions is not just culturally inconceivable; it was politically impossible.

    That seems to me to express clearly how Maori would think and act in the signing of the Treaty. As Groucho Marx remarked sapiently “A child of five could understand this. Send for a child of five.”
    And Groucho Marx was a wise and cunning joker. And I am not joking that many MPs particularly in ACT National and that random doggie NZ First, aren’t really human now, and wouldn’t remember if they ever were, any thought from when being a child of five .

    • If the British Empire intended the ToW to be a Partnership/co government/ co government then the original English document would have explicitly stated that.

      • It’s not what at the time of the signing of the treaty it’s what happened after, the constant breaches of the treaty by the crown is why you’re we are here trying to protect Maori rights from a bunch of people who just showed up one day.

      • Robbie Wg
        The poor dears who drew up the Treaty back in 1840 didn’t have bright, intelligent, advisors to help them. They had to use their brains coupled with understanding, rarely seen together these days.

    • Yeah but wasn’t it a protection treaty, maori become a vassal of the crown. Then when the Brits lost their empire maori and pakeha became a vassal of the US empire with the Anzus treaty.

  4. Ha ! Fantastic stuff. A bit of toilet action for you seymour. Right up your ally I bet.
    You Natzo ACTzo NZ First so fuck AO/NZ O fuckers are lucky that Maori are so accommodating while under pressure. In most aggrieved countries the aggrieved aren’t satisfied until someones entrails aren’t hanging off a tree branch.
    Can I just say… thanks too, you fucking morons, for voting for an outdated clutch of greedy cretins. Good job. Well done. Gee thanks.

  5. Austerity is racist. Maori will bear the brunt of Nationals slash and burn agenda, and young Maori males will be the first to be let go as the Reserve Bank hikes interest rates to stop inflation.

    Iwi will simply be bought off with government contracts as the Treaty will be used to justify outsourcing public services to Maori organisations.

      • Mostly pre written speeches rather than free flowing debate, none of which is possible when a ruckus drowns out the participants.

        • It’s okay, Winston went to town on Newstalk ZB without those having a right of reply so therefore the ruckus is warranted as a right of reply to NZ Firsts policy on the Treaty.

  6. Luxon was dreadful, his 2024 speech he delivered at Waitangi was literally word for word & exactly the same as the one he gave last year in 2023, check it out, the Media actually picked up on it, talk about a embarrassing gaff by Luxon who should fire his lazy ass speech writer, it was pathetic? And the nauseating, condescending & easily triggered Winston Peters who insulted everyone there with his usual nonsense & negativity, talking down to everyone like they were toddlers & receiving the reception of jeers & insults he deserved then after being booed off the stage, claimed he had more important places to be & Ambassadors to see, good riddance, fuck off to Gaza or Ukraine & don’t come back, Peters offers nothing but bile & bullshit, which sums up his entire Life of taking & giving nothing back, a worthless scumbag! And Seymour, doesn’t this weasel faced prick have anything better to do than try to mess with the Treaty, I mean seriously, why is this fuckwit wasting time on this when NZ has a shitload of more pressing issues that need attention like a cost of living crisis, out of control rents, mortgage interest rates & skyrocketing energy & food costs & other things NZers want Politicians to fix but this Moron is wasting his & our time on messing with the Treaty, WHY & for what reason? Is it because the Principles legislation Seymour Butts is pushing to reinvent & reinterpret the Treaty has been written up for him by the same American Neocolonial, Neoliberal Lobbyists who paid for & sabotaged the Voice referendum in Australia to deny Aboriginals their rights? Seymour is a corrupt, cowardly Traitor to NZ, a sellout who has been captured by Foreign Interests, he should be trialled for Treason, he’s nothing but a quisling crook!

  7. There was no blood bath, no uprising, the Prime Minister not reduced to tears, no dildos thrown just words which are not violence. The MSM and the lefts attempt to whip up a revolution through their continued misinformation and agenda against the government has failed.

    • “Whip up a revolution” hahahaha, now there’s a conspiracy only someone from the right could come up with!
      Talk about hypocrisy on misinformation.


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