Luxon manages to be the cowardly lion, the Tin man and the brainless scarecrow all in one (Seymour is Oz and Winston the Wicked Witch of the West)


David Seymour says he doesn’t ‘believe’ comment from Christopher Luxon on Treaty Principles Bill

ACT leader David Seymour is refusing to back down on his controversial Treaty Principles Bill, saying he believes the Prime Minister’s opinion can be changed.

Seymour believes Prime Minister Christopher Luxon was “nervous” after Waitangi and could still back his Treaty Principles Bill despite ruling out doing so.

But questions remain about why the Bill is even getting to the Select Committee stage if National won’t support it beyond its first reading.

We ain’t in Te Puke no more Toto.

David bitch slapping the Prime Minister in public over this fucking race war inducing Treaty Principles Bill is just glorious isn’t it?

Has there ever been a weaker National Party Prime Minister in living memory?

Look, Winston and David are the maters, Luxon is a frightened virgin at an orgy.

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Treaty of Waitangi: Christopher Luxon cannot stop voters having their say on Act’s bill

Luxon and many observers may think that the hardening of his language against the bill this week – he’s now unequivocal: National won’t be backing the bill past select committee – might be enough to put the issue to rest.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

New Zealanders will vote on the bill – that was decided in coalition talks. The only power Luxon has now is to determine the manner in which they vote. This could be via an actual referendum, as Act wants; via a citizens-initiated referendum, which seems highly unlikely or by Act turning the 2026 election into a de facto referendum on its bill.

…or dump the referendum altogether and vote as a conscience vote.

This is what we have been arguing here for some time, Luxon is so weak he is getting trapped by the anti Māori extremism and free market extremism from ACT and NZ First.

Luxon manages to be the cowardly lion, the Tin man and the brainless scarecrow all in one (Seymour is Oz, Winston the Wicked Witch of the West and Shane the winged monkey).

Luxon doesn’t have the skill set or the emotional intelligence to deal with Political Rivals, his CEO tool kit means nothing here.

What is equally damaging for National is that they have contracted out their policy to corporate lobbyists so they don’t have policy so much as lobby talking points. These talking points are desperately being fleshed out now, and we see that attacking worker rights, renter rights and gutting public transport, removing $555million from the poorest families, gutting Somkefree amendments alongside opening up conservation land to Trans National Mining Interests while giving Shane Jones fast track powers is all they have.

Smash everything Labour built and pitifully adopt nakedly partisan donor recommendations and call that a solution.

Between the culture war revenge fantasies and nakedly opportunistic policy wins for friendly industries you have to wonder what voters were thinking when they vomited up this spite festival of a Government with a Prime Minister too weak to stop the worst angels of the Rights nature from tearing us apart.

I think post covid voters were so angry at Labour and da Māoris for not dealing meaningfully with their pain and anxiety that the electorate in blind rage turned to extremes everywhere and because the Māori Party triggered the overhang, National and ACT required Winston.

The looming economic crunch and geopolitical destabilisation alongside an inflation driven cost of living crisis will only exacerbate that polarisation, not stave it off.

The Greens and Māori Party are offering counter narratives. Nobody is listening to Labour.

Judith Collins would totally be the Wicked Witch of the East.



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    • Mr Luxon our Prime Minister is statesman like some thing that’s been absent for 6 years.
      Everyone in New Zealand will benefit.

  1. There’s nothing funnier than something that’s also terrifying.
    Watching The Three Stooges panic while trying to wrest AO/NZ off Maori so’s they can sell them and us non Maori by extension to corporate U$A Zombies just to launder a primary-industry crime cult who’ve been exploiting our farmers for last 88 years is hilarious. Luxon, peters and seymour look the very epitome of comic book criminals running around in small circles while bumping into each other. They should remember; there’s nothing they can do to head off the inevitable. The truth will out. 52 thousand primary-industry farmers, 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires each with in excess of $50 million after tax and four foreign owned banks taking record profits from we few kiwi’s equating to $180.00 a second nett 24/7/365 begs the question:
    How? Luxon? Peter? Seymour? When you’re ready to stop denying the reality that we know what you’re up to, how about stop running around in small circles, because they’re only going to get smaller, and come clean. Tell. The. Truth.
    I repeat.
    52 thousand primary-industry farmers, 14 urban multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires each with in excess of $50 million after tax and four foreign owned banks taking record profits from we few kiwi’s equating to $180.00 a second nett 24/7/365 begs the question:
    I don’t think I’d mind as much as I do if you were not so fucking arrogant about [it].
    You can reflect such stats as above while 600,000 need food grants and 200,000 kids live in poverty. Housing is such a blatant con job that house buying Kiwi’s can’t see the con job for its size and scope while the crime waves lurk behind twinkle-sparkle facades in the middles of every town and city in Nu Zillind. Banks are merely primary exports revenue generated money laundering machines. I would argue that banking, which is really just a logical fallacy has all the head fucking mystique of a God bothering religion.
    The only honourable thing to do is to come clean. Otherwise you just look like ugly fucking liars. The game is up luxon, peters and seymour. We know what you and those before you have done to us. We know. So stop with the charade, come clean and face the music so to speak. Mind you, it’ll be quite the fucking orchestra playing.

    • They certainly did not build houses to rent to the 25000 on the waiting list .It seems they were behind in schools buildings as well..Roads were not built .

      • If the private sector rental market actually worked there would not need to be anyone on a state house waiting list. Since National only sold state houses the last time they were in charge you can put the blame on them where it belongs for a major part of the housing mess we are in now. Have you not noticed the new government backpedaling as fast as possible on their roading promises now?

  2. Seymour wants to change the rules because he thinks the treaty unfairly benefits Maori? I’d like to put that theory to a vote. What a waste of money.

  3. “Look, Winston and David are the maters, Luxon is a frightened virgin at an orgy.”
    That’s quite funny @ Martyn, because we know Luxon is dedicated to the Missionary Position,
    but it’s probably the twerking EeeeOre Seymore that needs some exploratory experience in the real life human-to-human space (going forward). The transition could be quite traumatic. Reality from a lived experience to a virtual World while being somewhere ‘on the spectrum’.
    Christ! I hope they don’t expect me to have any ‘feel’ for the poor little chap when it all turns to shit because I’ll be all out of finite emotional capital.
    Perhaps there’s a Costello or a Head Gal that could give Him an education. Sure as shit they’re all on full throttle spin and bullshit at the moment


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