The TDB Daily 1st February 2024 – Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Politics opinion daily reading list


Best NZ Left, Independent and Progressive Political opinion daily reading list

Because so much of the mainstream media is polluted by right wing free market ideologues pushing corporate interests:

TDB daily collates the best NZ Left Wing, Independent and Progressive Political Opinion and includes the best international voices.

Unlike Victoria University’s The Democracy Project, this will never be behind a Paywall.



RNZ – Climate Minister told: Make more emissions cuts here or negotiate carbon credits overseas

The Guardian NZ – New Zealand to ban PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ in cosmetics in 2026

Waatea News – UNWRA fund cut collective punishment

TDB Recommends

Newsroom – Sparks fly over Red Sea deployment

Newsroom – Jones to ‘make NZ jobs No 1’ to dismay of ocean allies

The Kākā by Bernard Hickey – ‘Please manage and fund our climate retreat’

No Right Turn – Drawn

No Right Turn – The obvious question

Gordon Campbell on ACT’s flat tax fever

Chris Lynch – “There is no specific definition of a woman” says Midwifery Council after removing words woman, baby, mother

The Daily Blog – Chloe Swarbrick as co-leader could spell political doom for Labour

The Daily Blog – Now ACT want to slash tax for the richest for a more unified society??? Welcome to ATLAS Network doublespeak

The Daily Blog – Will Warmongers Winston, Judith and Luxon resign if NZDF kill civilians in Yemen?

The Daily Blog – Only South Africa had the mana to take Israel to the UNs Highest Court for Genocide

The Daily Blog – Casey Costello, Mark Mitchell and Cluxon – another case of Government double speak saying one thing and meaning another

The Daily Blog – Ben Morgan: NATO’s evolution since Russia invaded Ukraine – Where to now?

The Daily Blog – Chris Fowlie – Marijuana Media’s predictions for 2024; NZ ranks highly for cannabis; Pot-cast link & more 

The Daily Blog – John Minto -Shocking failure of our Prime Minister to understand the bare basics of the International Court of Justice interim orders which put Israel on probation.



The Guardian – It’s right to probe UNRWA’s problems – yet what would replace it? Its critics have no answer

Haaretz Exclusive | Israeli Army Occupies Gaza Homes – Then Burns Them Down

The Washington Post – Meta’s Zuckerberg apologizes to child abuse victims in emotional Senate hearing

Jacobin – Biden Is Backing Israel’s Genocide — and Risking Reelection

Caitlin Johnstone – The Empire’s War On Journalism

Crikey – Adobe Photoshop’s AI tools put women politicians in bikini bottoms and their male colleagues in suits


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