Casey Costello, Mark Mitchell and Cluxon – another case of Government double speak saying one thing and meaning another



Associate Health Minister Casey Costello likely confused over conflicting tobacco tax comments – Christopher Luxon

Casey Costello apparently misunderstood when she was asked by RNZ if she had sought advice to freeze tax for the Tobacco industry after they had proof that she did.

That defence holds no water because Casey Costello is a former Nazgul at the Taxpayers’ Union and they have worked for the Tobacco Industry and the Tobacco Industry is best mates with Shane Jones!

The idea that Casey didn’t understand she was asking advice for mates rates to her former mates is simply absurd!

Equally unbelievable.

‘I should have been clearer’: Police Minister Mark Mitchell corrects record on recruitment target

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He was being honest about the situation rather than politicking about it because the reality of Police retention was bigger than the election bullshit criticism.

Let’s not forget Cluxon…

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon corrects himself on Gaza statement

…this after Winston had to clean up Luxon’s Palestinian Aid fiasco on Monday!

This is just another example of Luxon speaking out of both sides of his mouth telling the audience what he thinks they want to hear.

He does it telling the press Gallery he won’t rule out supporting ACTs race war referendum and then tells Māori that he won’t.

He did it with National’s Tax Cut pretending it was $250 for everyone and he did it again today by claiming Mark Mitchell is wrong about expanding Police recruitment numbers out to 3 years when National promised 2 years.

This is another shonky example of how Luxon says one thing and then has to walk it back 24 hours later.

Meanwhile Palestinians keep getting bombard and this Government is supporting America’s latest war.

This hard right racist climate denying Government says one thing but means another.

Its default position is deception and farce.

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  1. From Stuff…

    Public health researchers highlight links between the ministers and the tobacco industry

    Links between politicians and the tobacco industry, and comments politicians have made which are the same used by tobacco lobbyists, including Associate Minister of Health Casey Costello, Finance Minister Nicola Willis, House Minister Chris Bishop.

  2. I think it’s becoming pretty clear Costello is a complete bullshit artist. The more that comes out, it’s clear there is no confusion. Is a prerequisite to being a NZ First MP, being a dodgy lying so and so? Peters, Shane Jones (especially), and Costello make it seem so.

    I am sure we will get Luxon’s Trump like bollocks of “expressing yourself wrongly”. That’s evangelical speak for liar liar pants on fire.

  3. C Costello is obviously not taking advise from tobacco lobbyists, the reason she doesnt want price increases on smokes is because her boss is sick of price rises on a packet of Dunny Blues. Next will it will be alcohol, Christ knows that a bottle of Johnny Walker is expensive enough.


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