Shocking failure of our Prime Minister to understand the bare basics of the International Court of Justice interim orders which put Israel on probation.


We are shocked at the complete failure of the Prime Minister to understand the bare basics of the interim orders issued last week by the International Court of Justice in their binding interim orders on South Africa’s claim of Israeli genocide against Palestinians.

New Zealand has a weighty moral duty and a binding legal responsibility not just to condemn genocide but to act to PREVENT the crime of genocide. The court makes this clear as does the wording of the Genocide Convention.

The ICJ has put Israel on probation. The apartheid state has a month to report back to explain how they are meeting the provisions of the genocide convention. Essentially the court has told them to stop killing Palestinians but to date they have ignored the interim orders.

The Prime Minister is unaware of any of this as his blundering answer to a question in parliament on Wednesday afternoon shows.

So far the government has made no clear statement on the court’s decision and has not explained how we will work to prevent genocide in Gaza as we are legally bound to do. All we have so far are a couple of rudimentary tweets from Foreign Minister Winston Peters.

We are not taking action to hold Israel to the terms of the genocide convention or for any of its war crimes such as “collective punishment” of a civilian population, withholding food, water and shelter and denying medical treatment.

Mr Luxon has condemned the killing of Israeli civilians but has refused to condemn the killing of Palestinian civilians or even to call for an immediate permanent ceasefire.

The government is engaged in a tawdry display of Eurocentrism and anti-Palestinian racism.

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  1. Kia Ora .John I am in direct contact with a Journalist in North Gaza which is totally blockaded by Israel with no aid coming from the South He says the the famine has already started as the IDF bombed all agricultural production, wells and hospitals People are so hungry they are eating bird seed and so thirsty they are drinking sea water .And people have started to die of hunger and children of the cold Our small Trust has sent money 3 times s including donations from friend to North Gaza for a group of Journalist to buy food from merchants and distribute to internally displaced people .Each time money is sent they send back a video of how the food is distributed People can make donations to save lives through New Zealand only exports 24.5 million of exports to Israel every year compared to one billion to the middle east .If Israel is intent on creating a famine through a blockade then NZ should block any ships from Israel fin Aotearoa NZ Ports until Israel declares a long term cease fire and opens up all border s for humanitarian assistance Because NZ exports way more to the middle east than Israel thier would be no worries about trade repercussions as NZ would highly likely gain in more exports to the middle east to make up with loss of trade with Israel Come on you farmers have a talk in the PMs ear as it’s one of those rear times where NZ can do the the ethically and morally right thing to do while being to NZ economic advantage ..Ban imports from Israel while increasing trade with the middle east if you click on you can see updates and videos photos from North Gaza. I am looking for a media outlet in NZ that has the guts to publish the impact of this war on Children in Gaza through photos and videos from journalist in North Gaza Weather you voted National Act NZ first Labour Greens or Te Parti Maori have a heart and donate to save lives in a man made famine Peter Marra

    • Trevor. He is the PM now, offering excuses on his behalf is baffling considering he is making statements regarding this in parliament. He holds total responsibility.

    • You’re missing something Trevor – National are not reading briefing notes when they are provided (and proud of the fact,) and planning on closing Ministries so as the rich can have tax cuts.

    • MFAT are consistently in the tank for ‘israel’. It isn’t an accident that they’ll always condemn so-called ‘terrorist attacks’ when Palestinians defend themselves against the invaders, but have nothing to say about the mass killing of Palestinians.

  2. I think this is a clear case of ideology being trotted out by an inexperienced politician that flies in the face of facts. Luxon will have received a full briefing on the ICJ decision and it’s ramifications. He chose instead to adopt a lobby based position. Sadly, NZ good name will suffer because of it.

  3. John – Wrong again…the ICJ stated that Israel COULD have been involved in War Crimes, but due to a lack of real evidence due to Hamas propaganda, and actions it cannot rule against Israel…therefore cannot order a ceasefire.

  4. John – Wrong again…the ICJ stated that Israel COULD have been involved in War Crimes, but due to a lack of real evidence due to Hamas propaganda, and actions it cannot rule against Israel…therefore cannot order a ceasefire.

  5. Why are so many surprised t the level of utter mediocrity, and incompetence displayed by this, so called, leader..
    What else could be expected from one who was lauded in the “media” for “saving” Air New Zealand, but actually just turned what used to be one of the better airlines to travel with, into a third class cattle transport agency..
    I suspect “Lux Liquid is very popular with Air NZ’s competitors, as myself, and no doubt thousands of other potential customers have gone over to anyone but Air NZ after what was, by a long way the worst flying experience I’ve ever had..
    Balloon boy is the most unfit person to lead a scout troupe, let alone a whole society.. So here’s hoping I can escape this hellhole before they shut the barn door on us..

  6. There’s probably a simple answer to Mr Minto’s shock. This country has its own problems and we need to sort those out before we preach to others beyond our shores.


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