Let’s be very clear, despite what Democracy Project claims – this new hard right racist climate denying war mongering Government is not moderate!

Settler NZ gone cray cray

Who had ‘join a US War’ and ‘tax breaks for Tobacco’ on their first 100 day bingo card?

The game afoot now is the desperate camouflaging of just how hard right and racist this Government is.

From Democracy Project to Ben Thomas to Liam Hehir, the message is that this hard right racist Government isn’t hard right and racist at all, they are in fact very moderate.

Are they now?

The leaked memo from the Ministry of Justice highlights that the Governments agenda to start legislating a new definition of the Treaty that dumps 30 years of NZ jurisprudence on Treaty rights will cause enormous backlash…

Leaked ministry advice suggests proposed Treaty Principles Bill ‘highly contentious’

A leaked paper from the Ministry of Justice says the coalition Government’s proposed legislation to define the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi could be “highly contentious”.

Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi posted an image of one page of the document to social media early this morning, encouraging his followers to let the document “fuel … our fire”, a reference to his party’s opposition to several Māori-focused policies of the new Government.

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…REMEMBER, this Government is moderate and middle of the road and it is NOT hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing anti-worker, anti-renter Party at all!

TDB was very vocal right from the beginning that a National/ACT/NZF Government would be a toxic brew of beneficiary bashing, Māori bashing, Worker bashing, Renter bashing, climate denial, Qanon culture war revenge fantasies as social policy hard right racist Government, but not even we thought they’d also pimp for Tobacco and conspiracy theories.

This is a Government directed by two right wings.

One is anti-science hate and the other is pro-science hate.

The tail wags the dog.

If only all those ‘leftists’ on Twitter who were so incremental when we were actually in power and who were mostly involved in handing the right cancel culture war ammunition were as focused on economics then as they all seem to be now

We’d probably still be in power!

We now can see the full hard right racist agenda of this Government and the obscene direction they intend to take for their political donors.

This fight against the most right Government ever elected will demand a level of resistance that crosses into civil disobedience because it will require mass civil disobedience protests to fight this Government’s hard right racist agenda.

The very soul of NZs egalitarianism is at stake here and if we don’t recruit and broaden our appeal as a movement, we will lose 2026 and the vandalism this new hard right Government passes becomes the new benchmark.

The narrative constructed by Democracy Project and the rest of the Right Wing Troll Choir is that Labour is to blame for Jacinda having the temerity to save us from 20 000 needless Covid deaths and for promoting a secret pro-Māori agenda!

Now while middle class woke cancel culture identity politics fanatics mostly based inside the Greens sure as Christ didn’t help and alienated vast chunks of voters from the Left, using their woke dogma intolerance as a justification for a raft of Culture War revenge fantasies based in conspiracy alongside a punitive and counter productive policy is no justification at all!

Yes middle class woke trans activists were alienating and identity politics drove voters away, BUT THAT DOESN’T JUSTIFY:

  • Attacking Worker Rights
  • Attacking Renter Rights
  • Taking $555million form the poorest families
  • Vandalising Public transport
  • Starting a race baiting war on Māori while attempting to legislate away the Treaty.
  • Stopping cameras on fishing fleets.
  • Robbing Climate Change funds and road safety funds for tax cuts to rich people.
  • Allowing 8000 tobacco deaths for tax cuts WHILE GETTING US INTO A COUNTER PRODUCTIVE AMERICAN WAR!!!!


The Right are arguing for majoritarianism and pretending that’s democracy! The moral worth of majoritarianism is that 51% can vote to kill the other 49% – that isn’t democracy!

A modern liberal progressive Democracy acknowledges the inequalities the tyranny of the majority can generate and actively works to counter those privileges.

What we have here as an attack on those the National Party, ACT and NZ First hate.

That’s not democracy, that’s a Government of Malice and Spite.

Allowing apologists for this Government to paint it as moderate is merely greasing the spin, not challenging it.

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  1. Re Craig
    re rnz.
    ‘ACT leader David Seymour says simpler tax system would encourage a culture of success’
    Morning Craig.
    How about you ask seymour, *roger douglas’s blood-boy, how the last forty years of rogernomic neo-liberalism has worked out for us? Neoliberalism has tainted every element of an already corrupt little politic and economy giving way to an even more corrupt clique of the now hyper rich.
    14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires with in excess of $50 mil nett each and four now foreign owned banks stealing $180.00 a second in nett profits 24/7/365 says one thing while 600,000 AO/NZ’ers are needing food grants monthly says quite another meanwhile the mindless gaggle of public funds syphoning main political parties remain all the same thing, they’re all roger and davids blessed neo-liberal free-market myth of corruption and greed which seymour’s Radio New Zealand plaything spreads the psy-ops disease of the neo-liberal, greed-is-good, mantra.

    Regards …

    * roger douglas. A two term Labour finance minister circa 1984-ish became ACT along with a derek quigly cohort to begat the david seymour. Look it up?
    I have a photograph of winston peters in snuggle sessions with don brash outside a cafe in Wellington, I think think it was. Don ‘Bare Chest’ Brash, one time governor of the reserve bank[ster] .
    No mountainous ego to see here. https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2018/09/20/massey-university-lied-bad-day-for-the-woke-anti-free-speech-brigade/
    AO/NZ ‘politics’ needs a royal commission of inquiry so far up it that it’d make all the super yachts and Gulf Streams take off out of Auckland together. They used to go to the Cook Islands. I wonder where they go now? The Chathams?

    • Seymour has got his head so far up where the sun doesn’t shine that when he opens his mouth he thinks that the sun is shining. There is no other way to explain the mindless dribble he speaks. The sad fact is that there are still people who follow him, I guess it comes from their over inflated opinion of their ability. They follow the Brierley business model of buy cheap, sweat the assets (delayed replacement or asset sales) to make the numbers look good then take the money and run. His idea is obviously to run the government in a similar way, tax cuts for those who don’t need it, run the countries infrastructure down, division among the population so we fight each other and ignore whatever other scams he is running.

  2. Whilst the obvious rascist overtones in this agenda are impossible to ignore, don’t forget the real objective here.

    Rejigging Te Tiriti has the primary goal of removing any impediments to the sale and privisation of assets.

    Devious far right extremists like Seymour craft their spin in terms of “fairness”, “equality” and so on.

    But of course, they simply do not give a flying f@$k about you, your family, or your community.
    They were elected to represent their donors, whose singular lust for profit knows no bounds.

    And those donors have their eyes on exploiting yet more of this once fair land.
    As it stands, the Treaty of Waitangi is a significant roadblock, and they are demanding that roadblock removed.

    • Wanting one rule for all is just a stupid as woke fem bot trans activists wanting equality between the sexes. If you minimise either biological (woke) you maximise the differences in culture and if you try to minimise the differences in cultre (anti treaty) you maximise the differences in biology. Everything about the past two elections is very clear on that. Moderates chart based on surveys and poles. These new pop up Polynesia chart based on feelings and emotions.

  3. I’m not sure even majoritarianism is much of an influence in NZ politics. The two major parties kowtow to the 1%ers, with Labour also genuflecting to the 3%. The public aren’t even on their radar – or effective action on migration and housing and population planning and infrastructure would long since have been accomplished.

    We have a stupid, lazy, ignorant, backward, and corrupt government, with less sense than my chooks, and their predecessors were not a whit better. When the next Trumpist demagogue rolls into town he’ll have their jobs for the asking – because they are not paying their way.

  4. “The game afoot now is the desperate camouflaging of just how hard right and racist this Government is.”
    You forgot to mention of how a hard right and racist gubbimint has been sucking agri-money into private pocketsesssss since, oh, about 1912. A con job which grew into the greedy tumour called National in 1936.
    Eighty eight years later we sport the mother of all tumours. A National government with ACT and NZ first stalking alongside acting as deflector shields, which, lets me honest, was why MMP was created, a vehicle carrying lessor warts Labour,The Greens and @ The Maori Party along for the side show ride to make it look like we could luxuriate in choices when, in fact, we less, in fact none at all, choices and that’s the point we’re at now. There are dough nuts who believe we’re about to get freedumbs and choice’s an’ that. But oh no. What you will get is exploited then fucked without the kissing. In other words, we normal human, human-beings will get worked to death while the graeme hart’s and their cronies will get so richer they’ll never be able to spend all that money. Now? Ask yourself? Does that sound like normal behaviour of does it sound like mad bastards getting stiffies out of causing you and me to be imperilled by poverty? In effect they have a power trip over us. See, I don’t fucking like that thought.
    Here’s a laugh for all you old white grizzled cockies out there. Go to your local Marae and invite Maori around t yours for a barbi and a piss up.
    Then, form a bi-cultural Union. Yeah-yeah-yeah. I hear ya. I hear you saying the same dumb old shit. The same dumb shit that’s fucked you up.
    Maori and Farmer Unite. Please, just do it for God’s sake. Then? Do nothing. If you listen hard enough on the warm winds of a Nor Wester you just might hear david seymour squeak in panic. That heavy surf you hear? That’s not surf. That’s as a result of all that flushing after all that panic shitting coming out or Remuera.


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