Luxon’s words against the Treaty Principles Referendum are meaningless garbage

One was more wooden than the other

PM Christopher Luxon rules out support beyond Select Committee for Treaty Principles Bill

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has clearly ruled out his party supporting the Treaty Principles Bill beyond Select Committee.

He also says he expects the entire process will be complete by the end of the year.

Speaking to media after the weekly Cabinet meeting, Luxon offered his clearest refutation of the ACT Party’s Treaty Principles Bill proposal yet.

“The National Party position – and as leader of the National Party now, not as prime minister – is that we will not be supporting that bill,” he said.

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“We’ve ended up in a place where we’re actually going to support it through the first reading, there’ll be an aeration of the issue through the select committee, but there’s no intention to support it beyond that … we won’t be supporting it beyond that.”

Luxon looked frightened at Waitangi, like a nervous virgin at an orgy.

The cosmopolitan Right where Luxon lives culturally are aghast at the level of backlash ACT’s race baiting Treaty Principles Referendum has generated.

35% of National voters are sickened by this redneckery, 65% however love Māori getting the bash.

Luxon’s weasel words on the Referendum mean nothing. If ACT dump the referendum element and push for a simple Conscience vote, Luxon can hand on heart vote for it because it isn’t what he just specifically ruled out.

He speaks out of both sides of his mouth all the time, he tells each audience whatever he thinks they want to hear with the precision of someone constantly covering his rase.

He does this time and time again.

There is a Congo line of Trans National Mining Interests eyeing up NZ…

Govt to free up foreign investment in ‘sensitive’ NZ land and assets

Ministerial scrutiny of whether overseas investments are in New Zealand’s national interest is to be significantly reduced in a move critics say risks eroding sovereignty but supporters believe will enrich New Zealand.

National and Act’s coalition agreement says the Government will amend the Overseas Investment Act 2005 to restrict ministerial decision-making to national security concerns only and make these decisions “much more timely”.

The act requires overseas investors to obtain consent from the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) before acquiring interests in significant business assets, sensitive land or fishing quota.

…and lo and behold, Dr Pork Shane Jones is bing appointed unprecedented fast track powers…

Fast track consenting in the fast lane

The Government is progressing changes to resource management laws as part of its 100 Day Action Plan, with the first steps taken to establish a new fast-track consenting one-stop shop regime.

“This new regime, which forms part of National’s coalition agreement with New Zealand First, will improve the speed and process for resource approvals for major infrastructure projects, unlocking opportunities in industries such as aquaculture and mining in our regions,” Regional Development Minister Shane Jones says. 

Cabinet has agreed that our new fast track consenting regime will consist of:

    • A new fast-track process contained in a standalone Act, with its own purpose statement focused on economic development;
    • A priority for regionally and nationally significant infrastructure and development projects;
    • A process for projects to be referred by Ministers into the fast-track process if it meets appropriate criteria;
    • A list of projects that will be first to have their consents approved and conditions set by an Expert Panel;
    • A process where referred projects will go to an Expert Panel which will apply any necessary conditions to ensure adverse effects of the project to the environment are managed appropriately, and where the panel will have only a limited ability to decline a project once referred.
    • A “one-stop-shop” where other relevant permits are obtained in addition to resource consents.

“The Government is committed to upholding Treaty of Waitangi settlements as part of the new fast-track regime.  

“The full details of this Bill are being worked through by Minsters now, and the aim is to have the Bill introduced into Parliament by March 8 as part of our 100 Day Action Plan.

The Government repealed the Natural and Built Environment Act (NBA) and Spatial Planning Act (SPA) in December 2023. 

Phase two of our RMA Reform agenda includes introducing this permanent one-stop-shop fast-track consenting regime, as well as progress on our Going for Housing Growth package, and other amendments to make it easier to get things done in New Zealand across aquaculture, farming, energy and other industries.

…come on.

Are we really going to give Unca Shane that level of power?

Come on?

Abolishing the Treaty Principles would remove obligation to engage with Māori at a critical juncture when Trans National Mining Interests are lining up to exploit land that can get fact tracked and won’t have the obligation of working with Māori.

Luxon wanted to play down the race anger at Waitangi but this isn’t happening in an economic vacuum. This Government has attacked worker rights, renter rights and gutted inequality programs and climate change funds.

His Government minus the race baiting is still a deeply problematic policy agenda for working class, beneficiaries and environmentalist. 600 000 need food banks each month, 300 000 are power and housing poverty, 26000 on emergency housing wait lists, 200 000 kids in poverty, an entire generation locked out of housing and deep inequality and poverty.

The sooner we connect the Trans National Mining Interests, the Atlas Network and all the local franchise holders, the sooner we understand the enormity of what we collectively face here.

Luxon’s words are meaningless in the face of those interests.


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  1. Your own figures showing the dire state of some in NZ at this stage cannot be blamed on the National Government but as a result of poor management over 6 years of Labour. National are trying to turn the tide and if successful all will benefit .

  2. Luxon is irrelevant full stop. He is allowing a megalomaniac dictate policy from an 8% vote share. We are fast being led down the rabbit hole led by a sheep in wolves clothing. Soon there will be no way back and Aotearoa will be a shell of its former self. Our independence is at risk and we will become a laughing stock with a puppet PM.

      • Oh but it was a problem. NZ First created the right wing neoliberal handbrake that we did not need, ironically after going with Labour because he wanted to kill off neoliberalism.

      • Difference was Trevor the tail wasn’t wagging the dog and Winston’s vitriol against said government was well known in the 2020 election, so Trevor don’t get too comfortable with the coalition of clowns holding together for long if Seymour gets the numbers he will bring the government down or force a referendum

  3. Your own figures showing the dire state of some in NZ at this stage cannot be blamed on the National Government but as a result of poor management over 6 years of Labour. National are trying to turn the tide and if successful all will benefit .

  4. I thought the treaty gods Finlayson and Little had solved the last great problem of Aotearoa, Maori sovereignty. How can there still be foodbanks and poverty and homelessness after these full and final settlements?

    • Over population without adequate employment and infrastructure. Started in 2008, the great Immigration ponzi scheme.

    • Probably because there are plenty of non Maori that rely on foodbanks and are homeless. I assume you are taking the piss.

      • Go to WINZ if you’re struggling to make ends meet, I’m discussing the rights and future of indigenous New Zealanders protected by a founding document here.

  5. Seymour said on AM Tv that the NZ Herald polled his idea for a referendum and 60% were in favour and 18% against. A closer read of the actual report stated it was a Taxpayers Union poll that Curia polling (David Farrar’s outfit that is very right-leaning) put out.
    At best Seymour was misleading; at worst he was lying.
    Jacinda, in her sottovoce comment, called Seymour for what he is: ‘an arrogant prick’.

    • The report for the Human Rights Commission in November says pretty much the same thing as Curias. The HRC report is openly available on line if you are brave enough.

  6. You do realize that the Ngai Tahu rep on the committee which will decide which DOC lands will be released for exploitation is also Ngai Tahu’s director on Bathhurst mining which wants to mine the land
    It’s not a problem though because Ngai Tahu reps are not subject to the conflict of interest rules.

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