MEDIAWATCH: Lloyd Burr immediately drags AM Show into right wing Troll bait journalism and it’s sick



Lloyd Bur immediately drags AM Show into right wing Troll bait journalism and it’s sick…

Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick denies social media rumour she’s in CCTV video with Golriz Ghahraman allegedly shoplifting

There had been social media speculation that one of the women in the background of the CCTV footage is Swarbrick.

But when asked about this on AM by co-host Lloyd Burr on Monday morning, Swarbrick denied it was her.

“No, it’s not me Lloyd and I guess thanks for being the first person in mainstream media who has put that to me directly on live television,” she said.

Burr asked Swarbrick if she thought that question was “unfair”.

“No, I’m saying that what I’ve seen in the past few weeks and months and my last six and half odd years in the Parliamentary sphere is that time and again we have seen real mis-and-disinformation whipped up online and that has meant that particularly women and women of colour in our Parliament have been the centre of those online maelstroms and I guess it’s just a really gutting situation, really sad situation on all fronts,” she told AM.

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…we have had numerous Right Wing TrollBots attempting to publish comments smearing Chloe in those images and we refused to publish false smears by Right Wing Hate TrollBots, but that is apparently where Lloyd Burr has dragged the AM Show in what is their new standard for journalism on TV3.

What a shamefully embarrassing way to shit all over the previous standard journalism on that network!

Using Right Wing Hate TrollBot rumours as your new standard for journalism is ugly and reactionary and the very reason why people trust mainstream media less and less.

The social media platforms Lloyd is empowering algorithmically suppress real journalism and promote Right Wing Hate TrollBots.

What Lloyd is doing is mainstreaming that.

Did he honestly believe that those rumours circulating for that long were going to be sprung on his show?

Did he actually think he had a scoop?

Is he that desperate for political relevance?

It’s so surprising he’s done this, he was really good over the election holding Luxon to account, watching him spray Right Wing Hate TrollBot lies as journalism is very disappointing.

I think Lloyd has made me go back to TVNZ Breakfast!

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  1. They are trying to make sure parliament, once again, becomes male and pale.
    No other explanation fits.
    It’s not in the interests of providing good journalism for informing the public intelligently.

  2. At least he clarified the rumour was incorrect.

    Would you prefer it wasn’t clarified and the rumour continues to circulate?

    • Rumours are rumours whether they’re based on fact or whether they come out of little pink fascists covered in roger douglas finger prints.
      I couldn’t sit that close to seymour and not worry about my health later.
      Chloe Swarbrick must be AO/NZ’s PM. After a period of decontamination of course.

    • Was there really any need to ask live on air other than to shame and humiliate another female left wing MP can you imagine them asking Willis that question . This interviewer just gave credibility to a rumor nothing more nothing less and it’s shameful

    • Yes this is one of those mixed situations – one it should not have been said at all anywhere, and two this gave her the chance to be faced with it and deny it. I think too much steam here on this as there will be regular stuff for next years of similar type on social media. Burr may shine as the truth-teller clearing up the back-stabbing tales tittle-tattling maliciously in the cauldrons and vats of spite on social media. Perhaps they will give up and use their time to make home brew – a better project.

  3. Asking questions of elected politicians is now considered out of order.
    Think the treaty, what is a woman, immigration ect.
    This is what the left would have us believe.
    More hard questions not less.

  4. A pathetic display indeed from this pillock. The Herald of course Tabloid style doorstepped Golriz’ house for several days, breathlessly stating that someone had dropped off a bottle of wine! Oh, the horror…At least they managed to drop the cops in it with reports of unmarked cars and the specific numbers of plods walking up to the door.

    One Herald piece included stating that Golriz alleged lifting took place in Green MP Swarbricks electorate!–ah hah–that is highly relevant…they were setting up a filthy link, the implication was there. The Natzos dirty tricks department work 24/7 like Mordor Orcs on speed when it comes to dirty politics, trash can trawling, underwear sniffing–people would be wise to recall that more often.

  5. “I think Lloyd has made me go back to TVNZ Breakfast!”
    Oh gawd strewth and journalistic tinkerings! Do you mean I have to go watch both breakfast abominations at the Shub and TVNZ in order to find the perfect specimens to pass judgement on.
    Sorry. Can’t do it. Life is too short.
    Give yourself a break @ Martyn. It isn’t worth the effort.
    Am I correct in assuming it was Lloyd 600’s first day at the helm on the “show”, and it’ll be Roin’s first day on what is going to pass as incisive journalistic integrity tonight after 7pm?
    Are you a masochist? I’m finding it hard enough to cope with Trotter as it is and worrying about his mate Gerry and his dad Toby rolling in their graves.
    Why bother about the fluff

  6. ” I think Lloyd has made me go back to TVNZ Breakfast! ”

    Bomber find something better to do than waste your precious minutes being talked to like a dumb arse and be no better informed than when you first tuned in.

  7. As a JP I had to process some documentation for a guy my age who’s name I recognised , and so would most of you. He needed verification about his father who was now in his 90s.
    The dads name was one of the most celebrated NZ journalists and media giants of our recent past. His father was a man that was celebrated, feted and sucked up to by the fawning Remuera its until he was of no more use. Beware you Mercedes chasers and Lloyd, the bell will toll.

    • Bit concerned about the need for anyone acting as a JP to be scrupulously aware of protecting people’s privacy. This doesn’t pass the test in my book, the nudge nudge wink wink going on here will probably identify someone to those in the know.


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