MEDIAWATCH: When even Heather du Plessis-Allan doesn’t buy National’s anti-Māori race baiting…

Right Wing ZB Race War Fantasies

When even ZB Troll Heather du Plessis-Allan doesn’t buy National’s anti-Māori race baiting…

Treaty Principles Bill: Mixed messages by coalition Government awful – Heather du Plessis-Allan

It’s hard to shake the feeling that some in the coalition Government are playing silly b***ers over Act’s Treaty Principles Bill.

There is now a growing suspicion that the plan is to introduce the bill but then kill it.

The suspicion first arose on November 24 last year, the day the coalition agreementswere released.

That afternoon Chris Luxon said on NewstalkZB Drive he would kill the bill after the Select Committee phase.

I asked him: “Chris, let’s get this straight, you are not going to support it beyond the Select Committee stage come hell or high water? It’s not happening?”

He replied: “That’s very much the position of our Government, yup.”

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Within half an hour I was fielding texts on my personal phone asking if Luxon had really said what people had heard. One person close to Act messaged to say he’d had four people call him since the interview.

I assumed Luxon had made a mistake. He must have. Why would a Government waste Parliament’s time and resources introducing a bill they knew would never become law? Why would a Government start such a controversial debate for no outcome?

After the show I called to check that I was right, that it was just a mistake. It wasn’t. Luxon had meant what he said. The bill would go no further.

This week, he’s changed his tune. Now he’s not ruling it out.

That seems to be what David Seymour also believes. He has been adamant this week the Nats are keeping an open mind.

But in a twist, NZ First on Tuesday said the same thing Luxon had said in November. Shane Jones told Newshub that after Select Committee “we won’t be voting for it”.

When the Herald called Jones to confirm the comments later that day, he walked them back.

So how should we decipher the mixed messages?

Most likely, the bill is dead but the Nats and NZ First are pretending it isn’t to placate either Act or Act’s supporters who voted for a referendum. On the occasions Luxon and Jones admitted they would kill it, they were probably accidentally telling the truth.

In which case, someone’s being messed around.

It could be Seymour, if he really believes his bill has a chance. If that’s the case he will be relying on private assurances by NZ First and National they are open to supporting his bill beyond Select Committee when they have no intention to.

If it’s not him, it’s voters. Because in that case, Seymour is in on the charade, playing along knowing his bill will be killed but already confident he will get some sort of win to replace it. Perhaps, the rewrite of the Treaty principles that he wants but without the referendum that everyone has fixated on. In this case, all voters are being messed around – not just Act’s – because we are all being dragged through this upsetting debate for potentially no outcome at all.

…when Heather is criticising National, you know shit gone cray.

ZB fuels Settler NZs race war fantasies and when a defender of that crusade is asking questions about National’s ridiculous stance on allowing a little bit of a race baiting flirtation with no intention of delivering, Heather feels Settler voters are being cock teased and redneck voters are left with blue balls.

And not in a good National Party kinda way.

Heather’s derision hints at Luxon’s real problem here.

Luxon is part of the modern urbane CEO culture where wokeness is the new religion, being accused of racism at a cosmopolitan Dinner Party is almost as much a sin as misgendering someone or lighting a cigarette during the 3rd course.

A solid 40% of National voters are appalled at this culture war race baiting policy agenda, they only wanted their house value to jump 10%, they weren’t buying a fucking race war!

However, as much as that group is where Luxon plants his heart, his pollsters will be telling him  the other 60% are banjo twanging cross burning rednecks who want to give da Māori’s da bash.

This naked racism is dressed up as intellectual posturing on sovereignty and one person one vote sacrosanct democratic values that give them the righteousness of the Lynch mob.

That baying redneck anti-Māori mob is who Luxon has to keep in mind as he tries to tell Māori audiences that he isn’t racist while promising his own reactionary base that he is.

Heather isn’t disgusted that Luxon is race baiting NZ, she’s disgusted he’s only paying lip service to race baiting NZ!

Because Luxon is such a weak Prime Minister, he is being railroaded by a far smarter David Seymour and out played by a far more cunning Winston.

This Government is bonded together by a shared hatred of whom their voters despise, it has culture war revenge fantasies and anti-Māori race baiting as policy, it is a Government of spite.

When your policy platform is toxic, you attract toxic people.

Former National Party Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Chris Finlayson warned this type off race politics in NZ would spark something terrible into our debate

Christopher Finlayson, who was Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations under the last National-led Government, says whilst he doesn’t think there is any problem with ACT raising questions on what the Treaty principles are, he doesn’t agree with a referendum on the matter.

“There is a danger that the crazies could crawl out of the woodwork and use inflammatory language that is not the New Zealand way of doing things and I don’t want to see us becoming utterly polarised like places like the United States,” Finlayson says.

A referendum would only provide a platform for extremists.

“Some of those people who have been going around the country moaning about co-governance: One, they don’t know what they are talking about; and two, they are people that I’ve always described as the sour right.

“They don’t like change, they dream of a world that never was and never could be, they ignore the facts unless it suits them, they are utterly miserable.”

…the Crazies are here.

REMEMBER according to The Democracy Project and Ben Thomas and Liam Hehir, this is a moderate Government, not a hard right racist climate denying Government!



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  1. “being accused of racism at a cosmopolitan Dinner Party is almost as much a sin as misgendering someone or lighting a cigarette during the 3rd course.”

    Love it!

  2. This is a ploy by the coalition ,using Act bullshit to keep the voters busy while they sell off all the state houses and the health system to overseas money launders .Just need to look what happened over the last year while these guys were Maori bashing hard out the country was have an Asin invasion .Now where was Winston in all this /HE WAS A MAJOR CHEER LEADER ,after 3 years of preaching about the Asian invasion he did a 180 and jumped off the Maori waka and onto the flood the country with Asian cheap labour bandwagon .In the mean time we are being sold down the river by the government starting with ferries and rail ,next it will be private hospitals for all owned by off shore fleecers under PP builds

  3. David Seymour is a smirking, twerking arrogant faced little twerp who’s never done a honest days work at a real job in his entire life, but that smug look would be wiped off his dial real quick if he ever got the Treaty Race War he wants, Maori would see to that, this Country will burn if they attempt any of this & Seymour may find himself a target of a flying pink dildo like Stephen Joyce or worst, if he ever dared to destroy the Treaty? And everyone know’s that the devious quisler Winston Peters is as cunning as a shithouse Rat, both Seymour & Peters are running rings around the Corporate CEO buffoon/Delegator Luxon whose used to being the Big cheese of a Company but now he’s just a junior partner & it seriously shows how pathetic, weak & insipid the bald fuck CEO really is, he’s hopeless as a Prime Minister & is doing more backflips than a Olympic gymnast just to appease his Coalition of Clown partners? But this whole Maori Racebaiting garbage is just a Rightwing distraction & a shellgame to direct the Public’s attention away from the enormous & permanent damage they are intending to do too this Country on a Govt policy level, it’s cheap parlour game tricks, get everyone to look over here while we do stuff over there & they achieve this by getting people riled up by focusing on a Ethnic group such as the Maori’s to get others to hate, saying they are getting benefits no one else is getting & singling them out for attention! This is the same despicable Racebaiting the Israeli’s are doing to the Palestinians in Gaza & Palestine & the same hatred of Russian people in Ukraine with Russophobia being fostered by America & its Western vassals to demonise a ethnic group, making them a enemy to be railed against & hated but we have seen the dangerous results of racebaiting & where it can lead & that is to WAR! So National & Act are trying to create a NZ Apartheid system in NZ, a separate White settler Nation to preserve white privilege which must be maintained at the expense of the bloody Maorieeee’s who’s rights under the Treaty must be redefined to David Seymour’s liking so we’ll have a Referendum to change the Treaty to enforce Act’s Apartheid system of Governance? But National needs to stick with what it knows, running the Country into the ground, it’s got decades of experience in doing that so should forget about the racebaiting bullshit, the only stuff they are good at is ditching Labour’s Policies, even the good ones out of pure spite & idealogical hatred without replacing them with any Policies of their own, it’s far easier to slash & cut than create Policy but the National Party are to hopeless too advance the interests of all NZers, they never have & never will, they are a backward bunch who never plan ahead or future proof the Nation or show any vision for NZ, they are all about looking after their Rich mates, the Elite class of NZ, Landlords & Property owners & Farmers & to hell with the rest of NZ & that is why NZ will remain a backwater, Third World Country under National forever with no hope or Future, apart from Mass immigration & Neoliberalism gutting the Country to its doom so Loser Luxon will give Seymour his Race War as a distraction but Ansarallah & the Houthis have provided a example of resistance that the Maori people can emulate, not by following violent means like bombing but how to wage a successful resistance using disruption tactics such as closing down infrastructure like Govt buildings, businesses & highway’s to enforce a Economic blockade against a brutal bunch of thugs to force the outcomes they desire? If they want a Race War they will get one?

    • Yes, well said, antforce and gordon walker the facades are being readied for the big selloff and the race war is a distraction. The coalition is devious, and our new PM is stupid and looking way out of this depth.
      It would be good if he got a decent fitting suit his pants are poor fitting not very becoming.

  4. Luxon is being played like a fiddle and Aotearoa will burn, he thinks he’s clever with all his corporate speak but he is biting off more than he can chew and all of us will suffer. We all know that Seymour and Peters can’t be trusted, if he is so clever why doesn’t he know this himself or as a pretend PM delegation seems to be his key mantra. On another note commenting on this article by HDPA seems to favor the right wing agenda from the moderator perspective 2 of my innocuous comments were rejected not sure why .

  5. Looks like Luxon could be a two-faced hypocrite who shouldn’t be in parliament, such is his lack of knowledge of NZ and definitely shouldn’t be PM given his lack of experience.
    He is playing with fire and I think he’ll get his fingers burnt. But he wanted POWER, so he’s got no-one to blame but himself.

    He supposedly ran a very small airline.
    Do we know if he ran it well or did it run itself, despite his efforts?

    If he’s happy to make this big mess with the Treaty, stands to reason he’ll be making big messes everywhere.

  6. Baldrick, Luxury 7 Pads Luxon–call him what you like…is obviously way out of his depth. His missus looks as mad as snake too, but hey let’s not say anything about senior politicians partners right?–unless it is Clarke Gayford of course…

    “The Three Amigos”–Baldrick, Incel Dave and Vampire Peters do have problems galore in both strategy and tactics. Organise and put the slipper in where ever possible is what I reccomend.

  7. Been listening to the station sometimes lately. Feebilization of the brain.

    I’m afeared all the pretty good people with no good ideas (80 %), who like a good story (famously despite the facts) can be captured by the captious dipshit rich.

    The only defence is for the people’s parties to lead, which they haven’t done since … when? It’s the only defence, the only way to save the species. Where Corbyn and Sanders, and Cunliffe, fell down, not the fury necessary.

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