Comrade Golriz has left the building – why mutilating her political corpse is so NuZilind


I am sad at the downfall of Comrade Golriz.

She was a fearless defender of her cause and was a leading light on the Left.

Sure, I rolled my eyes at the more woke dogma stuff, but I’m a 50 year old heteronormative white cis male and I tend to roll my eyes a lot.

That and I’m a prick.

Her shoplifting was never acceptable but the explanation of mental health issues and stress explains it and the decision to quit is commendable and the right thing to do.

I hope she gets the help she needs, but the far more eye opening part of this has been the glee so many on the right have taken to mutilate her political corpse.

It almost borders on a sexual excitement for some of you.

I enjoy robust debate and sharp comments and I will passionately disagree and debate with someone, but once I’ve knocked the person down, I walk away because I have no interest in kicking someone while they are down because there is no mana or honour in that.

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For many of you, the delight in Golriz’s downfall starts once she is on the ground.

There is a sadism and cruelty in the psyche of Little NuZulind and we are seeing it ooze like pus.

She is a human being, she has fucked up and she will pay a price beyond anything we could imagine.

The desire by so many of you to mutilate her political corpse is so fucking ugly.

My starting point on crime is mercy, and that’s what I hope for Golriz.

For those of you who claim I’m being soft on Golriz and that I would be singing a different tune if it was a Right wing MP, could I politely suggest you go fuck yourselves!

I have been an almost singular voice on the Left for defending right wingers who are being attacked for things I think are bullshit!

I argued Uffindel shouldn’t be judged on actions he did as a teenager.

I defended Chris Bishop and I spoke against abusing John Banks at his trial.

My defence of Golriz is not partisan, it is human.

The delight some of you are taking in the mutilation of her political corpse speaks ill of you, speaks ill of our culture and really speaks ill at our pettiness.

Now she has gone, can we please for the love of fuck get back to demanding what we enabled a bombing last week?

How is shaming Golriz more important than NZ supporting the bombing of one of the poorest places on earth is utterly beyond me.

There is a difference between disagreeing with Golriz and threatening her with sexual assault or violence, that so many of you are incapable of seeing a difference highlights just how mean and bitter a people we have mutated into.

I pity us as a people.


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  1. I think most people will leave Golriz alone. She has some things that she needs to accept and deal with. I am not a Green party vote, bit I only wish the best for her.

    It’s just the loud feral trolls and media that take such pleasure in schadenfreude.

  2. Quite right, it would appear obvious to most, that the shoplifting in this instance would be a metal heath issue. She certainly isn’t broke or has a criminal mind set. This isn’t the first time a public figure has been caught shoplifting and won’t be the last.
    It amuses me, that right wing politicians, their supporters and the trush media have been so arseholy about, what is a heath issue.
    Metal heath is a serious problem in NZ and should not be treated as a joke.
    I’m also concerned as to, how does anyone have a fair trial in this country, when the media and social media has contaminated the legal process?
    I guess they all be happy, if she went home and killed herself. Disgusting kiwi behavior in my opinion, have some compassion.

  3. ” That and I’m a prick.” Oh bugger off you are. You’re bloody awesome. I don’t know you personally but I’m sure you have a heart of palladium.
    A friend of mine and I owned a large second hand shop in a poorer part if town a long time ago. It was awesome.
    We had every type and kind of dodgy damaged bastard coming and going and thieving in that shop and now and then we’d catch one out but we’d just tell them off, take their photograph and often let them keep whatever they’d tucked up their shirt.
    We had one woman come by we called The Mad Shitting Lady. We were warned by other shop owners that if you pissed her off she’d come back after hours, do a shit then rub it all over the door handles of your shop and poke it in the key holes etc. She was an odd old thing. Her eyes looked off in different directions as she talked and once during what could loosely be described as a conversation her left eye rolled up towards the ceiling prompting me to spin round to look over my shoulder to see what she was watching crawling up the wall. I learned then that, that eye seemed to have a mind of its own and once bored would roll off to amuse itself elsewhere.
    We had a free box of broken junk and things just outside the front door that was too ugly to sell to anyone. In there, there was half a dozen of those cheap, awful children’s toys that looked like ‘Chucky Dolls’ .
    In came the Mad Shitting Woman and asked ” Can I come in and look around then!? Don’t wanna buy nothin’. Just to look?” I said “Sure, go crazy! ” She said, as her face darkened, ” I’m not gonna stand around here and be insulted” then with a huff she swung around and stalked ominously off. As she stormed out she paused at the free box then stooped down and pulled all the heads off the dolls one by one then stuffed them in a bag and stole away with them leaving their sad little headless carcasses behind.
    We learned that there are only two kinds of shoplifters. Desperate ones and mad ones.
    Random doses of cortisols , endorphins, serotonin and dopamine’s as a result of huge stress can do bizarre things to the collaborative relationships between the hippocampus and the amygdala. Golriz Ghahraman is clearly a fiendish criminal in need of harsh punishment so say the sadistic Neo-Right. I say she needs a holiday, a cup of tea and a couple of chocolate crispies.
    We’re in the hands of hypocrital handwringers and it will get worse.

    • Years ago I owned and ran a all male boarding house. I didn’t realize the social issues involved in running a (doss house) Lodge, unfortunately for me I took over the business at the same time as the introduction of community care for the mentally ill, which ment closing down the institutions and releasing the patients into the community with minimal support.
      Most were on some form of medication, which was issued once a week, as an out patient. They either took the lot in one go, sold it or didn’t take it at all. I was shocked at the Government’s brilliant policy of dumping these people on the street, one of my lodgers had been a Lake Alice patient for 24 years for burning his washhouse down.
      Evening meal time was interesting, I had two Jesus Christ’s, one Merlin and a Marylin Monroe, lucky I like Monty Pythons. But a real culture shock for me, I didn’t realize there were so many mentally ill people out there.
      It’s not their fault, mental illness can hit anyone at anytime, so I feel one needs to be compassionate, you never know, it could happen to you

    • CB It’s a global middle class hobby, didn’t ya know ? Real people, ordinary people, are tired of preachers. Shipley, Richardson, Clark, Ardern, this one, plus your pet, and Davidson, who defies categorisation altogether. When they’re serving pollies, they should have the wit to know better, or to get help.

  4. I can certainly agree with you about not condemning Golriz until you have all the facts . Depression is a terrible master and for some it is hard to reach out as they have this image to live up of being the strong one . To do something out of character will bring it to a head . Mullar ,Allen, and now Golriz have all been under the shadow of the Black Dog and need u derstanding not condemnation. Remember depression is not picky who it controls and we are all vulnerable.

  5. That’s all very commendable and caring Bomber, but then, by simply accepting a plea of “undiagnosed mental health issues and stress”, as the cause of someone’s offending, let’s not forget the suspicion and pressure that adds to the lives of those already living with diagnostically certified mental health disorders, but who don’t shoplift from selected high fashion outlets. Not to mention the fact that our prisons are full of those whose offending could be excused for being the consequence of undiagnosed mental trauma and stress, but we just call them common criminals.

    • You are generalizing the argument each person is different and we all act differently to a situation. Just because one person act in a certain way does not mean all.will act the same.That is what makes life interesting and sometime hard to take

      • Good call Trevor. No doubt a lot of those in prison have had all sorts to deal with through their lives, but it probably doesn’t include threats of death and rape on a seemingly very frequent basis from complete strangers.

      • I see his point being more along the lines of how society, certainly how the powers-that-be, view these actions as opposed to the underlying cause behind certain actions.

    • It is right to show sympathy and understanding towards those who have transgressed, particularly when the transgression does not involve violence or the total destruction of another’s livelihood. However it would be a strange society which knowingly gave state power into the hands of a habitual thief, a person with undiagnosed mental health issues, or a person who is particularly susceptible to stress. Ghahraman is not a fit and suitable person to hold power over the people of New Zealand. There were signs to that effect at her first entry into politics. Now no one, not even Ms Ghahraman herself, would claim that she is fit for such a role.
      However we must make a caveat or two. First, that Ms Ghahraman is not the only member of the New Zealand parliament who is not fit to hold office. The colonialist political system attracts people of questionable character, and then tends to further degrade their morals with every day that they spend within that institution. Ms Ghahraman is better off out of it.

  6. Perhaps there is Schadenfreude. The Greens are moralistic in their own secular religious way. Preachers are held to high standards. It’s just the way it is.

      • Martyn is a green and he said this earlier in January.

        The vast chunk of Labour/Green activists are placed and work within the Wellington Bureaucracy either with NGOs, Unions or State Agencies and their own sense of righteousness never allows them to consider if they are the baddies.

  7. Okay, I have depression and anxiety as post-traumatic stress disorder, but I manage and live with it. I hold down a job. To the surprise of many of you, I live a quiet life.

    But as a people we have moved on from what we were 50 years ago, now it is all about survival that is what we are now as a society.

    • Yes 5+c+w, it’s certainly about survival as we compete for limited resources and the wealthy can not be satisfied; even the moral requirement to pay people a living wage in Aotearoa seems a disappearing dream, whilst the rich get richer.
      Well done for getting on with ‘life’.
      I like Mike Kings view that we all think others have life under control but in reality we all are struggling.

  8. Help me here team.
    So Celia says Golriz needs time to recover from all this.
    Wait ,who else needs time to recover from their crimes-I cant get my head around this.
    Which crimes due to stress? Like explainable crimes or bad crimes?
    Im not trying to be being smart.

    • There is little hope for you if you can’t work this one out. Just don’t bother and move along to a more pressing problem. Good luck.

  9. Liberate, these trends, fash, exploited goods, that fashio,n , not only exploits it!s overseas toiled greed, exploit child workers. but shames, these wealth fashion philistines, to the uncaring exploit, of humanity, for look got the latest fashion acomp.

  10. Orbital most ever get over anxiety and depression. Depression isn’t you are running around feeling sad. It is where certain nerve endings in your brain burn out from over stimulation like to much trauma be it physical psychological or emotional. The person with it is left to deal with it the best they can with the help of certain drugs and going to management workshops set up by the ministry of health. In my case I can go stone cold emotionless and have no empathy whatsoever. Depression affects different people in different ways. Golritz with running big life changing risks. But when we with depression all pay the price when caught.

  11. I’ve no problem defending freedom of movement for shipping – the Islamic State armed gang was not that wealthy, what has that to do with being terrorist agents – the Houthi abuse their own people just like the Taleban.

  12. Goddamn what she did pissed me off. I never liked her attitude or her style of politics, though it was never personal since we didn’t know each other. Any screeching fool like her, and there are plenty, would grind my wheels. What she did pissed me off because her “apology” wasn’t that of a politican, and the monkey show that followed, and is still stumbling along, proved to me… rubbed my face in the fact… that I can’t take anything The Greens support or say, seriously. I hate their idiotic world view, but it exists, I thought with some degree of legitimacy, and I liked to listen to them occasionally to think over where I was by comparison. Now it turns out it is all just some commonplace contagion mental illness. All she had to do was say, yeah ok, I made a mistake, sorry about that guys… resign… and then disappear. No one had to say anything else. Now instead, a whole chunk of something I thought existed, doesn’t actually exist. Really inconvenient. I suppose it’s all for the best. Ultimately did me a favour. Good for her. She’s an alright gal. Hope she’s feeling better.

  13. “Her shoplifting was never acceptable ” At this stage it’s still just an allegation but you could have just left it at that.
    Mps put their hands up to be in the public eye.
    Save your sympathy for those transgressors under the radar who have no support system, no social connections, no advocates, no money for lawyers. They daily get squashed by the law without a tear.


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