Leaked ministry doc warns race war: Remember, this hard right racist Government is ‘moderate’


The game afoot now is the desperate camouflaging of just how hard right and racist this Government is.

From Democracy Project to Ben Thomas to Liam Hehir, the message is that this hard right racist Government isn’t hard right and racist at all, they are in fact very moderate.

Are they now?

The leaked memo from the Ministry of Justice highlights that the Governments agenda to start legislating a new definition of the Treaty that dumps 30 years of NZ jurisprudence on Treaty rights will cause enormous backlash…

Leaked ministry advice suggests proposed Treaty Principles Bill ‘highly contentious’

A leaked paper from the Ministry of Justice says the coalition Government’s proposed legislation to define the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi could be “highly contentious”.

Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi posted an image of one page of the document to social media early this morning, encouraging his followers to let the document “fuel … our fire”, a reference to his party’s opposition to several Māori-focused policies of the new Government.

…REMEMBER, this Government is moderate and middle of the road and it is NOT hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing anti-worker, anti-renter Party at all!

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Now just rinse and repeat endlessly.


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  1. The fascist National Party and its dirty-rich cohorts and supporters are about to begin to behave like cornered rats and given their lengthy history of thieving from our agrarian primary industry leading to mountainous amounts of dodgy dirt they and their mates have had to sweep under any and every rug they’ll fight dirty lest the truth will out so things are going to get fucking ugly. Even uglier than judith collin’s frocks.

  2. What should be condemned here is willingness of TPM to publish a stole item knowing it is only a draft and bares no relation to the end bill.It has been released for evil reasons to stir up racial conflict.The racism is coming from TPM.

    • Trevor you have to be joking. The fact that National won’t even support the bill past the select committee shows National knows damn well who is doing the race baiting and it sure is hell is not TPM.

    • Trevor, is that official that TPM released the document? How was it leaked to them?
      Seems to me leaked documents are the only ‘open’ government we get in Aotearoa.

    • Why not? In Sweden every government document is considered to be freely available to anybody who wants it, and if you don’t want it published you have to make a case in court that it shouldn’t be. Not to mention the politicians as far back as that arse Roger Douglas said that we would be getting transparent government. Yeah right.

  3. Seymour just talks such rubbish. He is trying to stoke division but claims the MOJ has been overseeing increasing division. He basically so “oh the MoJ would say that” but then says the opinion is not biased. So they are right then?

  4. Luxon stating that National will not support the Bill past the Second Reading makes this whole exercise an extremely divisive and dangerous waste of time and money that is already undoing years of progress.
    What we don’t know is if Luxon is just mouthing platitudes, and if so, what dirty politics are being secretly played out here.
    If Luxon is sincere in not taking the Bill past its Second Reading, why is he partaking in such a monumental waste of time that puts so much progress at risk?
    Is this really the level he was prepared to stoop to so as he can be PM of a majority government?

    • You don’t seem to understand how MMP works .It is not that hard to realize there is give and take and for some a very dead rats to swallow. Labour did just the same when they went into partnership with Winston. Luxon was open with the voting public in saying if you vote for NZF be prepared for the caous it will cause

      • I understand exactly what we get from MMP, yes from both sides. What it gives is the abiluty of minor parties to extort extreme policies. Until the major parties are made to work together we will be on a merry-go-round to nowhere.
        Luxon could have formed a minirity government and shown that he actually has principals.

      • @Trevor. Cluxon didn’t HAVE to form a coalition with Winston.
        It’s simply his lust for power was greater than the pitfalls such a partnership would engender.
        Labour, to their credit, ruled out Winston from the get-go having learnt from previous experience.

        Trying to paint Cluxon as some sort of victim is pathetic.
        He’s weak, visionless and spineless. NZ is suffering already from this corporate pimp.

    • Well stated.
      Luxon is playing with fire to placate a coalition partner who will threaten to break up the coalition when Luxon decides to pull the plug.
      Either Seymour or Māori will make such a fool of Luxon, his govt. will be severely embarrassed and his knighthood will be in doubt. He has allowed personal ambition to over-ride good sense.

    • In case you hadn’t noticed that debate has been going on in a structured format smoothly since 1975.
      It’s not a question of Maori Sovereignty or Democracy – both would be possible.
      We don’t currently have democracy as we do not have ‘rule of the majority’.
      The real question is, do we as a society want to roll out Maori culture as no more than PR for visiting dignitaries, or is that culture to have a meaningful place in our society?
      Maori culture has many values that we all would find benificial.
      Obviously forcing one-size fits all has failed, are we brave enough to continue on our maturing journey, or are we going to let those who are afraid of losing some of their privilege thawt us?

  5. It has a certain aggregate of the powerful vs the powerless nature to it.

    It is pro boss against worker, capital against labour, landlord against tenant, taxpayer against recipient of state provision/services, resource exploiter against conservation, polluter vs environment protection, short term opportunism vs long term planning for the common good.

    And White settler nativism exploiting migrant workers is a bit like the Old South USA (slavery and post slavery given those low Fed MW) – 200,000 in one year – how many could vote?

    It’s common cause with anti GW partners abroad is a threat to the planet as a humanity habitat, and also to our brand in foreign markets.

  6. Politicians usual job is surely to keep the peace and ask for calm, not stoke the fires of division. Luxon is a coward

    “RACE WAR!”
    “General non-specific anger.”

    At least it’s moving back towards politics.


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