Foo Fighters Review 2024


My Dave Grohl story (every Gen Xer requires a Dave Grohl story or why bother being alive), my Dave Grohl story is that he came to the studio at Channel Z when I was DJing there and everyone was excited and I popped into the toilet just before his interview and when I walked into the toilet, much to my shock and surprise,  I came face to face with Dave Grohl.

My mouthed opened and I stammered, “You’re Dave Grohl”.

He washed his hands, gave me a wicked grin, winked and said, “Sure am”.

So. Fucking. Cool.

The Foo Fighters are one of the best rock bands alive, Dave’s silhouette with his flowing locks, head bent in guitar genius, rocking out is immediately recognisable as is the back catalogue of rock hits the Foo’s have amassed.

A Foo Fighters gig is more church than music, the reverence towards this band and everything their songs mean to the masses is something to genuinely experience.

The near capacity crowd was a mix of Gen Xers who went to the original Big Day Out and who have then brought their children along.

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Lots of new young fans who love the new albums were mixed with Gen Xers who were there for the Old Testament Foo’s.

From the opening All my Life, Dave ran onto stage exploding the audience.

He’s one of the best front men in Rock, and his banter with the crowd reminded us all we were putty in his hands.

He told the stadium that they have a seismic reading up on their studio showing the earthquake they caused when touring NZ in 2015.

They literally created an earthquake.

So. Fucking. Cool.

New songs mixed with the classics, and while there was a lot of respect for the new tunes, it was Best of You, The Pretender, My Hero, Monkey Wrench, Times like These, Breakout and This is a Call that had the whole stadium jumping.

Jack Black’s hilarious storming of the stage to sing ACDC’s Big Balls was funny but we all hoped it would see a singing of Tribute, that sadly never eventuated.

At the end of an amazing 3 hour gig Dave says he never likes to say goodbye and instead played the Gen X anthem, Everlong which saw the entire stadium on their feet in joy.

The Foo Fighters remain one of the best live rock bands touring today.


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