Iowa Results: The Horror, the horror – White Christian Fascism is coming


Trump’s landslide Iowa win is a stunning show of strength after leaving Washington in disgrace

CNN — Former President Donald Trump’s huge win in the Iowa caucuses on Mondayenshrines one of the most astonishing comebacks in American political history.



Part of you simply doesn’t want to accept it.

The idea that after all the damage Trump has done that Americans would once again re-elect someone as dangerously deranged as he is seems incomprehensible, and yet here we are with a stunning victory to Trump in Iowa.

Trump understands resentment probably better than any other politician in modern history.

He knows first hand what it feels like to be looked down upon and laughed at by the Billionaire class who never saw him as one of their own. He understands the resentment of being mocked and because the modern Democrat movement alongside middle class wokeness has left the working classes behind, Trump taps that resentment.

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His popularity is driven by a bitter American electorate that has been alienated by the Democrats and unleashed all the dark angels of the American psyche.

Trump’s plans to militarise internal immigration police and build mass prisons for immigrant expulsions is nothing short of a fascist police state and his possible re-election will be a destabilising influence in the Ukraine/Russia war, the Middle East and the South China Sea.

His willingness to lie and attempt to undermine his own democracy with an insurrection  putsch marks him as a threat to America and the planet.

If Trump wins, he will unleash a White Christian Fascism the likes we have never seen before.

We are in terrible danger globally this year.


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  1. Completely understand and agree with the resentment that many Americans will feel towards the ‘establishment’ etc but not that this is finding a home in voting for Trump of all people.
    How can there not be another Republican candidate able to harness this resentment and actually create some good from it?

  2. This is taken from a book printed in 2011 although there are earlier records of the same thought (I do not have them on my computer to copy & paste)
    “While one class, by accepting the sign of submission to
    earthly powers, receive the mark of the beast, the other choosing the
    token of allegiance to divine authority, receive the seal of God.
    Heretofore those who presented the truths of the third angel’s
    message have often been regarded as mere alarmists. Their predictions
    that religious intolerance would gain control in the United
    States, that church and state would unite to persecute those who
    keep the commandments of God, have been pronounced groundless
    and absurd. It has been confidently declared that this land could
    never become other than what it has been—the defender of religious
    While you need to read much more to get the best understanding of future events & most of you refuse to believe in the existence of a loving creator God just keep an open mind is my main request.

    • That should be said with extra vigorous hand-waving and references to the chicken’s entrails to have any chance of being taken seriously, Bonnie,

      • Richard Christie. I dunno… “Stuff” online now resembles one of the kiddies’ activity books which we buy to try and keep holiday grandchildren occupied or my breakfast eggs contain hallucinogenics. Anything is possible nowadays…

  3. This documentary needs to be spread near and far. Everything you see, read, watch, listen to or log on to may, or may not, be reality in the given sense of the concept.
    A strange orange man has bewitched millions of people by using formulaic rhetoric to beguile them into believing in him to the extent that they have every intention of doing his bidding. In time to come, those who will vote for the strange orange man will look back and wonder why the fuck they did it.
    Let me just quietly mention the National Party with its two mini-clone parties at this point. I must ask, were those who voted for National, ACT and NZ First in control of their own minds or were they being unconsciously tweaked and manipulated by an AI ‘entity’ ?
    Please. You must check out the documentary below.
    ‘The Social Dilemma’. I promise you, it will blow the fuck out of your mind.
    ” This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous impact of social networking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations.”

  4. He’s popular with majority of Republican base, but not with the US populus.
    He can’t be POTUS from a prison cell.

    The sooner USA confronts its cancer with due accountability instead of appeasement the better off they’ll be, even if it results in violence. Fascists don’t go away by being nice to them.

    • Wrong on both counts!
      1. In recent polls a Biden/Trump election would deliver a Trump presidency. Biden is THAT awful!
      2. And according to US law, he can in fact be POTUS from a prison cell. Then he can pardon himself.

      If you don’t follow or understand US politics, be wary of what our MSM is telling you – it’s mostly lies.

      • Derp.

        1 He isn’t popular with the majority of the US. but he may swing an election due to the inadequacies of the Electoral College to accurately reflect popular viewpoints.
        Those are too different things.

        2 He can’t pardon his way out of imprisonment a State RICO conviction. Good luck with trying to be president of the US from a Georgian prison cell.

        You display your usual level of understanding.

        I decline your invitation to rely on Fox, Breitbart, Prison Planet or anything else that is beamed directly in from the lizardmen on Rigel 9.

        • Someone who doesn’t sexually assault would be a start jkt. Someone who doesn’t state he’d have sex with his own daughter if she wasn’t his daughter and no Andrew , this was Trump on camera saying this.
          Can I suggest you up skill on American politics, you embarrass yourself with your self proclaimed knowledge of it.
          I don’t need our msm to see through your own narrative and lies.

  5. While I don’t think Trump is suitable as president, it is worth thinking about what he can actually do. But not by hyperventilating about the prosp[ect.

    The US is will still be governed by law, so the president can’t just do as he pleases. The courts will limit extreme measures

    So while there will be severe restrictions on migration, and there will be a wall, I doubt whether there will be mass incarceration of immigrants.

    The President can’t just withdraw from Nato, there are too many congressional steps. He won’t reduce defence spending, neither will he close all US bases in Europe. He will push Ukraine into a deal, probably on the current front lines. Predictable enough, but in my view not all that bad for Ukraine. It becomes firmly embedded in the West, with EU membership beckoning.

    As for China, hmm, tricky. Probably more tariffs, but he won’t want war with China.

    The Middle East; he will have Israel’s back, but he won’t start a war with Iran. He will try a fresh start on the Abraham Accords, though obviously that is now affected by the war in Gaza. Most Arab nations will want to see a pathway towards more peaceful times.

    He is limited to four years only as president. How much can he really upend America and the world in that time? In my view, not as much as the alarmists portend.

    • U.S. bureaucrats will spend the whole 4 year fighting Trump against pulling the U.S. out of NATO to be able to do anything else. Trumps already road tested his no WW3 slogan.

    • I think you are right in regards to what he can and cannot do but it is unsettling to think that the American people could vote in this terrible person as their leader. Things must be really bad for the voting public to think Trump can solve their problems.The crazy Christians are his main support base yet he is a rapist and tells lies which should rule him out.

    • I’m not worried about his four years, I’m more worried about his first day, when he has openingly stated, retribution.

  6. The Democrats are sleep walking to a Trump victory.
    Biden’s stand on the Israel/Gaza conflict and lack of action on illegal immigration, as well as obvious aging of Biden make a Trump victory highly likely. That the Democrats have not over the past 4 years positioned someone to replace Biden is beyond belief.

  7. I laugh at the alarmism , the terror the so called Left have of Trump. And the faux Right. And the crypto fascist establishment types who give you that holier than thou woke nonsense.

    Why does Trump frighten them so much? Fuck knows, because he really is merely a reflection of their own worst nature. An image that forces them to face their own insecurity and inadequacy.

    How many bloggers here have spoken out about the squalid lawfare leveled against Trump and the corrosive corruption of Biden, the Dems, the whole inside of the beltway? It’s always the same insipid Orange Man bad routine, never facing the systemic rot that is the USA, and that of every Western system post neo liberal revolution.

    Soon a whole lot of bovine will surround the election of Trump or Biden or some other cypher, none of whom will deliver anything. Reality will then set in and all hell will be revealed. Last time that happened a fellow called Lincoln appeared. In crisis someone always stands up.

  8. The rising far-right wave in America is rising even more with immigration policy. This situation has become a political argument of the Republicans in domestic politics.

  9. I once went to an evangelical website in the US and asked them very politely why they could vote for Trump, given how unchristian he is. I had to put it very tactfully, because I wanted to hear what they had to say. The replies I got were interesting – almost all of them wanted conservative judges and an end to Roe V Wade. One or two said they couldn’t vote for Clinton because she was a witch, but the vast majority were about judges. And they got what they wanted. I’m less sure about why they are voting for him now, but let’s face it he’s become a cult – and there’s no logic in cult followers, or rather they have a weird logic all of their own.


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