MEDIAWATCH: Newshub’s pro-Israel bias and how many NZ Journalists have taken junkets to Israel?


It’s amazing watching the bias towards Israel during their ethnic cleansing war crime.

132 Palestinians were killed during this news cycle, yet this is what leads Newshub…


Wow. It’s like the Palestinian deaths are meaningless.

The pro Israeli bias by most of the mainstream media is astonishing to watch when you put it side by side with live social media feeds.

It’s almost a different reality being espoused.

I’ve asked the Parliamentary Press Gallery how many Journalists have taken junkets to Israel after Crikey in Australia did an analysis of how many mainstream media journalists had been gifted  junkets to Israel and the Middle East and compared that to those media organisations coverage.

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I wanted to know how many NZ journalists have had Israeli junkets.

I asked the Press Gallery, they replied that they don’t hold that type of information. E Tu the Journalists Union said it would be highly unlikely Union members would take junkets to Israel and that members were very concerned about Palestinian Journalist deaths.

I have approached the main media organisations directly and asked if any of their journalists had taken junkets.

I said it was in the interest of journalism that we know so we can see if that has had any influence over the editorial position those media have taken during the conflict.

None of the media organisations have gotten back to me.


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  1. Quelle Surprise!
    But you know, what’s more important in breaking news is that Stuff has just rebranded, or rather ‘re-imaged’.

    • It’s more than ‘reimaging’. The redesign seems to have broken links to previously published stories (see Bradbury on Damien Grant’s column) which is pretty dumb.

  2. Bryce Edwards has been.
    This is just a small indication of what goes on.
    It is disgusting – but then the Yanks have been doing it for years.

  3. For all those liars who line up about Hamas read this…
    One of these is the lie that the Hamas Charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews worldwide. This was one of the many lies in an opinion piece in the Post newspaper by Daniel Taub.

    The truth is that in the latest Hamas charter from 2017, the organisation says

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Hamas reiterates that its conflict is with the Zionist project and not with the Jews based on their religion.”

    “Hamas is not fighting against the Jews because they are Jews, but against the Zionists who are occupying Palestine.”

    “Hamas rejects the persecution of people or the undermining of their rights on nationalist, religious or sectarian ground.”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    In fact in their new charter Hamas accepts the state of Israel based on 1967 borders – the precise same policy as New Zealand, the US, the UK and most of the world.

    The Post newspaper refused to print letters pointing out the Israel propaganda in Daniel Taub’s lie.

    • And where do we find the retraction and apology for the Last Hour Hadith and other genocidal threats in the original charter Michal? What other organisation would have been allowed to proliferate and be funded by the international community after they had produced that bagful of vile garbage?
      Also regarding the last sentence – show me please the Hamas statements decrying the persecution of and ethnic cleansing of Christians from both Gaza and Bethlehem – in fact from the ME in general.

    • Telling the truth about Hamas makes you a “liar” and a vehicle for “Israel propaganda”. Really?

      If Hamas did in fact accept the state of Israel based on the 1967 borders that could at least be a starting point for negotiations. But Hamas has no such intention. The 2017 amendments to its founding charter were introduced purely to appease its donors who were uncomfortable with the primordial Jew-hatred in that document, which has never been repudiated and which openly states that its central goal is the creation of an Islamic state by killing the Jews. This is part of Hamas’s direct continuity with the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood. From its beginning, the Brotherhood made it clear that there was no place for Jews anywhere in the Middle East. Its founder, Hasan al-Banna, openly collaborated with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in the Second World War.

      That Hamas has not changed its spots, despite its 2017 words quoted by Michal, was proven by the pogrom it carried out on October 7. Hamas political bureau member Ghazi Hamad left no doubt about the group’s real intentions when he told Lebanese television Oct. 24, “We will do this again and again.”


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