Jackie Foster – GOLRIZ THANK YOU


Over the last week we have all seen play out, what for me is going to be one of the saddest stories for 2024. 

I have worked alongside Golriz Ghahraman and sat with her discussing great issues of concern. She in turn has supported the vision of Social Justice Aotearoa, sponsoring a petition around a really important issue for our country. 

In her seven years in politics, Golriz has done some amazing things for the people of this country and so many other people around the world. 

I will say I am proud of her for acknowledging the mistakes she has made and honestly feel that now is not a time of judgement, it should only be a time of support and understanding. 

Obviously Golriz is unwell and needs as much love and support as she can get, and I for one am offering her that support. 

I do not believe that the media should focus on Golriz’s mistakes but as we all know the media that is exactly what they will do, which is wrong. 

It is my clear and personal belief that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, some bigger than others, but we as a country need to better understand people and stop judging people. 

If we all did this, our world would be a better place. 

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As I have said, I am saddened by the events of the last seven days, but I will always remember what Golriz did for SJA and our country with admiration. 

Thank you Golriz, Best wishes, stay safe always. 

Jackie Foster


Social Justice Aotearoa



  1. Golriz, in ALOT of people’s eyes, along with Marama Davidson… Did the party (and themselves) a great disservice after the speeches they gave in the aftermath of the Chch killings, an absolute disgrace.

    She will not be missed!

    • Yes, Golriz should have called out those who inspired the monstrous killings committed by Brenton Tarrant- Baruch Goldstein, and his fellow murderous zionists.

    • Seriously take a look at your self,

      Who’s a disgrace because Golriz certainly isn’t and neither is Jackie or SJA.

      i applaud Jackie for her position and guess what we need mor Jackie Fosters in this country not more people like you.
      Yip Golriz was in a position of respect and trust and sure she has made a terrible mistake but guess what she’s human, so if you want to crucify anyone crucify god the eternal creator.

      Golriz is human and sure she isn’t perfect but guess what she has fronted and don the right thing but as jackie rightly says she needs love and support not Muppets like you trying to destroy her more.

    • I’m right. It was Golriz’s leader, and dear friend Marama, who publicly led the way blaming white New Zealanders for the terrible Muslim massacres, and she has never resiled from that, just as she wrongly blames white Kiwi males, but only heterosexual white men, for all of our shocking violence. These pernicious racist and sexist narratives clearly suit the Greens’ New Zealand agenda, and are blatantly dishonest.

      • “Sexist narratives” might be sub consciously driven by being privy to what all those dickless incels send to the likes of Golriz, seemingly daily. No excuse for the stealing but what feral bunch we have in this country

    • There are plenty of Chinese and Indian employers who have robbed their workers and they are still here.i believe what she did was a cry for help which should have been picked up by here party if they cared as much as they profess they do

    • Oh fuck off, Zelda…
      Even the boutique she stole from has shown more grace than you chuds who are only politically motivated by a grudge against your enemies

    • What a fucken dick. Just hope Martyn does not edit this reply because you need to read it. Revoke her citizenship, what planet are you living on.

      Mate move to China where communist’s live and then you might see you DREAMS come true, but while your living in New Zealand your dreams certainly wont come true. my suggestion is wake up.

  2. Thank you Jackie for sharing your insight on Golriz. Yes, the media will focus on her mistakes; a great pity they don’t focus on the extreme abuse she has been subjected too and exposing the perpetrators of that abuse.

  3. Well said Jackie.

    media, media, media where do I start.

    Only decent media coverage I have seen this week is from Martyn Bradbury, at least he was gentle supportive and fair not like the teen wolves roaming the Halls of parliament looking for a story and might I add blood.

  4. A good time to remind everyone no one is perfect but the “old boys” network will always win out till destroyed. Many MPs have committed far worse legal and illegal sins. Why the hell is Judith Collins spy minister instead of the perpetual public outhouse.

  5. I am appalled that the footage from Scotties and wherever else has been leaked to the media.
    It is very sad indeed.

    And Paul, I can think of the comments that the revolting Trevor Mallard threatening to stick beer bottles up someone’s backside, and the fact that he got into biffo in parliament in 2007 in the lobby, he got demoted for a while for that.

    Oh I suppose he is a bloke so it barely counts.

    I think it is a shame some of the filthy racist stuff that Golriz had to put up with happened without anyone being charged.
    A woman of colour, a refugee, she has to be above reproach apparently.

  6. Everyone has an excuse and frankly it matters not. She broke the law and is now a thief. Take the punishment and then she can resume dancing the wokey tokey.


  7. Jackie you are an absolute champion

    Ever heard of women’s lib you are it.

    Screw the comments and applaud Golriz for what she has done for so many people in this country and the world.

    Sure she made a mistake but we all do and those media pricks will just keep hammering.

    I met you the the day you were in Wellington in May last year and you had just finished with Golriz.

    You’re a true soldier and please keep doing what you are doing we love it.

    Stand tall and be proud.

    • Hello
      absolutely agree with you regarding the negative comments.
      I will always stand up against wrong in politics and our community, something I am passionate about.
      Thank you for your kind words.

  8. Sorry people i have just finished work and am fuming at what I’m reading.

    Jackie keep going as you are because we need some one like you with brains to keep us all sane.


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