Political Caption Competition


I think painting a shed is the same thing as running a country.

I’m as dumb as a bag of hammers.


  1. I wonder if he can deliver the free cancer treatment Reti promised or is this just a “maybe” now.
    And with the amount of deaths on our roads during xmas I wonder whether his junior transport minister increasing the speed limits was a good policy?

    Every policy he has promised to “deliver” now has a caveat….” We are seeking advice”

    Tell me what does his and his mis salaries cover again?

  2. Oh he’s so Kiwi! So relatable!
    Slip on your jandals and leave the cares of your Remuera mansion behind. Do a spot of shed painting on your Waiheke Island retreat. Kiwi as.

  3. Has anyone noticed the dull dim colours of everything – black is the fashionable colour for today. It used to be reserved for funerals and death. Mr Luxon has chosen the prevailing style – there shall be no colours of nature, flowers or joy in our lives; robots don’t need them – humans do.


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