NZ are bombing a nation for the rules based order but won’t demand an Israeli ceasefire for the rules based order – Kiwis should be ashamed of themselves


Let me see if I can get this completely straight.

NZ has joined America and the UK in attacking the Houthi who have said they will stop attacking Red Sea vessels if there is a ceasefire in Gaza WHILE AT THE SAME TIME South Africa take Israel to the highest court in the land and accuses them of genocide!

NZ is helping bomb a nation for the rules based order but won’t demand an Israeli ceasefire for the rules based order???

Kiwis should be ashamed of themselves!

We are helping America target the poorest people on earth to bomb them for the ‘rules based order’, but won’t demand Israel does the same?

The Houthi will stop if there is a ceasefire, our efforts should be on the ceasefire and supporting South Africa’s case, instead we are helping target and kill people???

Where are our politicians on this?

Have we declared war?

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Who have we killed and how did we help kill them?

Why is it that allegations from a right wing attack  media vehicle of Golriz shoplifting is a more important story than NZ helping America bomb someone???

How have we got our media values so utterly compromised here?

Why the Christ isn;’t heat being put on Luxon and Winston over this military strike we are being praised in helping?

What the fuck is going on?


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  1. Of course the Realm of New Zealand will always try to conceal its crimes from the people of Aotearoa. Therefore it has not acknowledged its involvement in the bombing of Yemen. Now they have to either confirm or deny the US claim of New Zealand participation.
    These people – Peters, Luxon and Seymour – are criminals and cowards of the first order.

  2. Of course the Realm of New Zealand will always try to conceal its crimes from the people of Aotearoa. Therefore it has not acknowledged its involvement in the bombing of Yemen. Now they have to either confirm or deny the US claim of New Zealand participation.
    These people – Peters, Luxon and Seymour – are criminals and cowards of the first order.

  3. NZ distance to Yemen- 8,759 miles
    United States distance to Yemen- 8118.38 miles
    Canada distance to Yemen- 7,284 miles
    Australia distance to Yemen- 6,387 miles
    South Korea distance to Yemen- 5,034 miles
    UK distance to Yemen- 4,761 miles
    Denmark distance to Yemen- 3,474 miles
    Netherlands distance to Yemen- 3,455 miles
    Germany distance to Yemen- 3071.7 miles
    Bahrain distance to yemen- 735 miles

    Imagine if Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, sailed their warships on the shores of these countries and started bombing their infrastructures & peoples? The ships targeted by the Yemenis navigating through their territories are ships own by zionist or any produce heading to apartheid Israel in solidarity with the atrocities inflicted on the Palestinian no human being has been harmed.

    Long Live Ansar Allah
    Free Palestine

  4. Yemen is one of the poorest country in the region that has the cahoonas to stand up to the strongest military in the region in support for the most persecuted people in the world so we need to bomb them for that!!!

    Long live Ansar Allah
    Free Palestine

    • If we randomly attacked ships that passed by in support of the Ukraine how would that be different.
      Yemen ranks 176 out of 180 countries on the corruption index.

      • The Houtis only control the southern part of Yemen, The Yemen government which controls the northern 2/3 of Yemen is indeed incredibly corrupt.

      • Laboursupporter, the west supported its allies with the weapons to bomb and displace the Ansar Allah govt and its people since 2015 because they dare to elect a govt of their choice.

        You accuse the poorest country in the region of corruption because of an index but will excuse the west of practicing warmongering tactics on countries that refute western imperialism. This isn’t over by a long shot as bombing doesn’t really deter anyone. The west have already lost this war when they couldn’t unseat the Ansar Allah govt who have control of locational position of the ‘Bab Al Mandab’

        Long Live Ansar Allah
        Free Palestine

      • Poor war-torn countries do tend to have problems with corruption. But why are they poor and war-torn in the first place —much of it has to do with Western imperialism.

    • Possibly because she is on holiday, overseas, and the Police have yet to finish their investigations.
      Or are you angling for a new system of advocating prosecutorial responsibility – such as by what lil ‘ole NuZull that punches above its weight’s so-called 4th Estate, or whatever the bubble you inhabit lives in.

  5. Exactly what I want to know WHY THE MEDIA SILENCE.
    The Golriz drama is the distraction.

    This govt is the GOVT of silence and distraction, lies , dis and misinformation while stripping us back to the 1980s.

    I piss on the million people who couldnt be bothered to vote.
    They let these bastards win.


    • “These bastards” have not won so long as we remain in the fight. No one should “piss on” those who did not vote. Many of them had good, sound reasons not to vote, and many of them will be in the thick of the resistance to the current regime.
      Yes, now we will have to pay the price for freedom, and it won’t be cheap. It never is. Not so cheap and easy as ticking a box in the privacy of a voting booth.
      This colonialist government has given itself over to the merchants of death. The tobacco companies and the Pentagon. We now have to take the offensive in our own communities, to take responsibility for protecting our own and for redeeming our reputation as a nation in the eyes of the world. We went through this in 1981. We can do it again.

  6. New Zealanders passivity is their own worst enemy.
    The Kiwi she’ll be right attitude on top of the neo liberal ME ME ME has screwed this country.

  7. @ M.B. You ask: “What the fuck is going on?”
    Well, it’s like this.
    Cock and money.
    The Northern hemisphere-esque thatcherite + reganism disease has mated with the Deep South stunted pig-flesh fetishist rogernome to create a world of opportunities. AO/NZ will, in time to come, play an essential role in the above satanic three-way because all those hyper riche butchers can and will in time to come be living here which is why we’re such an important player in The Game. The climate they’re destroying will mean that everyone who can will have to live above or below the 30th longitudes and here is the best of the best places left.
    The israelis have the smell of blood in their nostrils and aided and abetted by the same fascism they themselves now express they’ll believe they now have a free pass to world domination. The israeli’s and all those others with one ball and tiny penises will truly believe they have a god given right to take what they like and if it causes grief and misery then all the better.
    What concerns me more than even that, is that the war fetishist money main-liners are on a total annihilation vector until they convince themselves they all have John Holmes penises. ( 13 inches or 330 mm! ) Transplant that dick onto netenyahoo and chuck in a bucket of lube, a crate of tissues and a mirror and you’d not see him for weeks, months or even years.
    “Holmes’ signature asset in the adult film business was his exceptionally large penis. No definitive measurement or documentation verifying his penis’ length or girth exists, leaving its exact size unknown. Holmes was uncircumcised.
    Veteran porn actress Dorothiea “Seka” Patton has said that Holmes’ penis was the biggest in the industry.[22] In the documentary film Exhausted, she described oral sex with Holmes as similar to fellating a telephone pole.[23] ”
    We can clearly forget our expensive, useless, self serving politicians. We must instead come to terms with the reality that we must take care of ourselves, ourselves. That means we must all stand behind our primary industry and our primary industry must stand by us, and by us I mean you and ewe.
    How about an AI PM? Here’s just a few AO/NZ firsts
    So why not AI Political management because right now the we, you and me’s, are allowing greedy human morons to fuck things up for us all and all we have is a pale blue dot.

  8. “Kotahi, New Zealand’s largest shipping group, says exporters face a shipping surcharge of US$1,000 (NZ$1,600) per container because of disruption at the critical Suez and Panama canals” This also applies to importers and the cost of imported goods adding to inflation and hence your mortgage.

    • Absolute nonsense. As long as we aren’t supporting the pedophiles of ‘israel’ we face no added risks or costs. So, why do you support them?

  9. Yes, and now look at Stuff – starting to pump pro American articles in their Travel section posing America is a great country to live yada yada. Then they have some fucking opinion piece about wording and how “Genocide” needs to be looked in to, distractions, up until our trading route was threatened they didn’t say shit about this war. Its all to strive towards CBDCs and Digital IDs too, I’m sure there will be some sort of bs cyber attack (by Hamas I bet – bs) that’ll force us toward giving up our privacy. It runs deep, very deep.

  10. If our NZ exports and imports that traverse the Red Sea are to keep moving then we’d better make friends with the Houthi. Fat chance from our “leaders”, so prepare for the pain.

    • Understand that the Chinese economy is now double that of the U.S. The economic engine that won us two world wars is no longer there. Watch your mother fucken step.

  11. Martyn, this is what the US Empire does, the disastrous Biden Administration is a Hammer that sees every Sovereign Nation as a Nail that must be hammered, the US doesn’t do Diplomacy anymore, under the inept, incompetent Biden Regime, they are incapable of it, all they do is create Wars & sow chaos around the Globe in a vain attempt to rule the World & if they can’t achieve those objectives by soft power coercion they deliver their Bombs of Freedom & Democracy, it’s the carrot or the stick, usually dished out to poor Nations that can’t fight back? Especially those Countries who don’t comply or follow orders from the US Empire & it’s bullshit “Rules based Order)”, but NZ is safe, we are a compliant American ass kissing lackey that will follow the US anywhere in its murderous escapades like lemmings jumping off a Cliff, like the 500k dead Ukrainians have done, sacrificed on the Altar of US Imperialism? The only problem with the Biden Administration is that this strategy only works against weaker Nations but up against superior Militaries & Nuclear Superpowers like Russia or China, it hits a brick wall! So the US Bully after failing to destroy Russia in Ukraine, is now attempting to initiate multifront Wars that it can’t win in the Middle East! Biden is now setting the Middle East on Fire to deflect attention away from his ignominious & humiliating defeat in Ukraine at the hands of Putin & to protect its other murderous War criminal Proxy, the illegitimate Zionist State called Israel, just as Biden supported the Neo Nazi Zelensky Regime in Kiev! Europe & its Anglo Saxon Western Allies including NZ & Australia are nothing more than US lackey Vassal States, the US Govt along with the UK, it’s British bulldog, poodle lapdog, have just bombed one of the poorest Nations on Earth, which is Yemen & for what?? The Houthis Crime, according to America, is that they have the audacity & nerve to try & stop the killing of Palestinians in Gaza by disrupting Shipping in the Red Sea with a Blockade that only targets Israeli bound ships, others are free to pass, with the goal of trying to stop the killing of civilians in Gaza by forcing the US & Israel into negotiations for a Ceasefire! No one has been killed by the Houthis in their Shipping disruptions in the Red sea & yet the Americans & UK have started bombing Yemen & the Houthis, who have been bombed for over 10 yrs by the Saudi’s & with US Military Weapons, Air Power & IRS support but Yemen emerged victorious from that conflict by forcing the Saudi’s into a Peace agreement, which MBS did because the Houthis did substantial damage to Saudi Oil infrastructure! The Houthis are battle hardened & will not bow down to American & UK Terrorism so the US is going to get bogged down in a attritional War like in Ukraine that they will lose! Regarding the Saudis, the eventual Peace deal between the Houthis & Saudi Arabia & Saudi Arabia & Iran was brokered by the Chinese & Russians, America had bo involvement or was asked to participate & not one US Diplomat was present because America are dishonest actors who only want chaos & War in the ME, the US use divide & conquer strategies to try & cause perpetual conflict in the ME because these Nations are easier to control if you get them fighting amongst themselves & the sole purpose of Israel is to help America achieve that goal of achieving peace in the M.E? So we are heading towards WW3 Martyn, Israel’s attempts to drag the US into a Regional War have now been achieved, the evil Zionist Tail wags the Dumb American Dog with the ultimate goal of destroying Iran but this will never happen, Russia & China will not allow it & will go to Iran’s aid & god help us if that happens because it will spark WW3? Biden has been the most dangerous & catastrophic POTUS in US & World History, in only 3 short yrs of his Presidency, this geriatric Moron has brought the World to the brink of WW3 by letting his Neocons run loose, didn’t they say Trump would be the one to start WW3, Trump never started any Wars on his watch as President but the senile Biden has laid the groundwork for this to happen? Also, if the Biden Regime are stupid enough to attack & bomb Iran, Israel will be wiped off the face of the Earth, Tel Aviv & Jerusalem will look like Gaza & every illegal US Base in Syria, Iraq, UAE & the rest of the M.E & every American Naval Ship in that Area will be sunk & destroyed by the Iranians who have the ballistic, hypersonic & massive supplies of missile technology to do this! If the US wants a War, they will get one & after their humiliating losses in Afghanistan & Ukraine, I don’t fancy their chances of Victory? The Iranians can also shutdown the Homuz Strait which will stop the Worlds’s Oil supplies & destroy the Western Financial System & Economies leading to a Global Depression not seen since the 1930’s & that will be the end of the US Petrodollar system & the USD, think of that Martyn, the Houthis on one side of Arabia who will continue to blockade the Red Sea in their choke point & on the other side the Iranians will blockade the Homuz Strait with their choke point on the other side, what then! Bring it on I say, America needs to have it’s wings clipped & to receive a bloody nose, it’s been running around the World for decades, killing millions, overthrowing Govts it doesn’t like & Regime changing & assassinating Sovereign Nations Leaders including its own with the death of JFK to try & rule over every Nation & people on Planet Earth, to maintain it’s Hegemony, it’s high time that the Global Bully gets taken down, like what you would do to a rabid dog!

  12. Very occasionally Martyn I have to agree with you whole heartedly . This is one of those times. I also suspect that most other Kiwis do as well. What has happened to the sentiment in our administration that made us nuclear free. The people are still as enthusiastic about that spirit of independence as ever. The leaders not so much.
    D J S


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