Netflix Review: Karl Puschmann vs Ricky Gervais vs Dave Chappelle


Ricky Gervais’ new comedy special Armageddon is an explosive dud – Karl Puschmann

I’m sorry to report the latest victim of the culture war is Ricky Gervais. It has consumed him. And it has ruined him.

In his new comedy special Armageddon, which is streaming now on Netflix, Gervais once again wades into the trenches gung-ho with all guns blazing. But his fire is erratic and his aim wild. He rallies against the disabled, trans folk, environmentalists, millennials, the obese, the starving, and, of course, the nebulous being known as the woke.

I don’t like Karl Puschmann’s reviews much.

He is one of the few remaining writers still terrified of the woke cancel culture mob and his denunciation of comedy that challenges woke dogma is tiresome.

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You get the feeling he has everything checked by the Feminist Comedy Guild to ensure no jokes are funny.

You wonder how much longer he’s going to stay at the Herald because after the total rejection of alienating identity politics, you’d expect the mainstream media to start flushing their more toxic participants in the woke culture war virtue signalling because it’s so boring and derided now.

Gervais and Chappelle have been comedians bold enough to mock the extremes of wokeness and as such their shows are always hated upon by those reviewers still being held hostage by woke social media backlash.

The good news about Gervais’ new show Armageddon is that it is very funny, the bad news is that it is no where as funny as his previous show, Supernatural.

In Armageddon, he spends too much time lecturing on why comedy can be funny and offensive and not enough time on being funny, but that doesn’t rob Armageddon of its power.  Gervais like Chappelle have been cancelled by puritan woke censors who claim their jokes against the Trans community amount to a hate crime.

This attempt to discredit the intellectual power and social commentary gold that both comedians present is driven by a belief that good satire should ‘never punch down’, but the problem with that argument is that the puritan woke censors  and their identity politics dogma IS the dominant cultural now, so critiquing the middle class woke’s virtue signalling is EXACTLY the job of comedy.

The joke from Supernatural

They are ladies — look at their pronouns! What about this person isn’t a lady?’ “

“Well, his penis.’

‘Her penis, you fucking bigot!’

…perfectly sums up the crazy militancy and intellectual brittleness of the Woke’s demands over Trans ideology that has plagued that debate to the point where people don’t want anything to do with the toxicity and cancellation malice it inspires.

For comedians to mock that power and laugh at it is the most important thing they can do right now and that’s why the woke and their pet reviewers hate those comedians pushing that boundary now.

Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, The Dreamer, is another example of how a comedian at the peak of their abilities can still force debate. His jokes are still cracking and he demands creative space to speak his comedy.

He details the slap of Chris Rock and his own attack by a Queer activist, and reminisces about how fortunate his 25 years in comedy has been.

They are both very funny shows and proof positive that the woke have lost the culture war.

The glum middle class activists furious that jokes are made about their faith makes the comedy even funnier and a reminder that their time in cultural power is waning.

Surely Karl Puschmann will be part of the first wave of redundancies at NZME this year?






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  1. Gervais totally overcooked it to a point where it became cringe. Terrible show.
    Chapelle on the other hand – BRILLIANT, AS ALWAYS.
    The Alphabet People.

    • It HAS to be overcooked, it HAS to be mocked mercilessly, it has got to the stage where the first and second wave feminists are knocked off the playing field, seems the ‘patriarchy’ has won the feminist battle!
      Sounds strange, but it’s true, and has to be mocked and stopped.

      • Not it doesn’t HAVE to be. Chapelle delivers in style and he’s funny. Gervais is now up his own arse – he’s following a script where as Chapelle just contemplates loudly, and makes us laugh along. Gervais is over the hill now.

      • The first and second wave feminists want to return to 1950’s social norms and undo the sexual revolution. They can get stuffed.

              • lol, as opposed to some virgin who has no idea what she is doing. Though an incel like you probably wont either. Probably wont be able to find it under your fat gut.

                • Virginity is extremely rare in New Zealand. There’s a chunk losing there virginity by age 14 and by 22 y’all are ran through so guys are settling for woman who sleep around the least but the vast majority of men will just tap and gap. New Zealand woman are just to bitter, damaged, and deranged to be a partner. Half of you woman will be single and childless a result of the sexual revolution and I don’t want that for my daughters. But you can shove your sexual revolution right up your arse.

  2. PS…..I see TDB resident poster Millsy, who has been allowed back to The Standard, has so far (that I have seen, maybe more) been issued 2 Mod warnings and he has posted 2 apologies….lol
    Seems, unfortunately, he will be back to TDB soon spouting his ‘whataboutisms’ and accusing everyone of anti-trans/homophobia…sighhhh

  3. Before the Rainbow faction co-opt another letter to add to the collection, might i suggest they dial it back to just G+

    G for gay + the rest.

    LGBTQI+ is taking the piss.

  4. Funny, everyone on the right lauds Gervais and Chappelle for being un-PC – yet ignore or attack Frankie Boyle, who is un-PC about people they like. I know, G is subjective, but I think Frankie makes the other two look stupid.

  5. Lots of LGBT-phobia in this thread. I wish these damn comedians would take the piss out of Christians and Trump supporters for once.

    • Woman will never be ready for the aggression. You can’t have biological men in woman’s toilets. One reason is that the trans community relies on people like me to build the toilets and I don’t want men in woman’s toilets. So if you can’t pass as a woman you will face ongoing problems if you try entering woman’s spaces and I think it is a big mistake getting rid of shaming tactics.

      • So you think that men should be able to attack trans people in mens toilets then? I dont know what the heck you have against trans people?

        • Trannies don’t bother men like they bother woman. That’s the point. It’s not about me. It’s woman having to put up with crazy men in dresses and being told that they are the issue. Trannies lost this debate through and through.

          • As opposed to crazy men who think a dead Palestinan carpenter sits in the room with them and tells them what to do,

            • If New Zealand woman are half as bitter as you are then no one is going to want to enter into a relationship with you. Your ideology ends with you.

      • Oh Sam you are a nasty bit of work, don’t you know that women pee in closed cubicles with locks on the door, not like men who pull it out and shake it all about. In all my years of using toilets I have never seen a “ biological” man using a woman’s toilet , i used to be more worried about sending my grandson into a male toilet without supervision.

  6. What a strange epoch we live in. The “lefties” are now the whiney, humourless puritans protesting any deviation from accepted norms. Meanwhile the “right wingers” are out there drawing applause by pushing boundaries and adopting a chic and coolness by being the anti authoritarian zealots.

  7. I think people are missing Ricky Gervais’s point. Kinda like Right wing people missed the point of South Park’s, The PandaVerse.

    His special, I thought was one of his best, judging by TV ratings, and how many tickets he sold to his shows, people would tend to agree. Ricky is left wing, he does so much for our causes, especially Animal rights.

    I cant believe some people think, he is just doing cheap stand up ina sleazy bar in the 80’s. Maybe some reviewers are just to worried what their readers would think, if they gave him a good review.
    Best of all, it made me laugh.

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