The Daily Blog Open Mic – 8th December 2023

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

The Editor doesn’t moderate this blog,  3 volunteers do, they are very lenient to provide you a free speech space but if it’s just deranged abuse or putting words in bloggers mouths to have a pointless argument, we don’t bother publishing.

EDITORS NOTE: – By the way, here’s a list of shit that will get your comment dumped. Sexist language, homophobic language, racist language, anti-muslim hate, transphobic language, Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, Qanon lunacy, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics, 5G conspiracy theories, the virus is a bioweapon, some weird bullshit about the UN taking over the world  and ANYONE that links to fucking infowar.


  1. Just as a passing thought, I’d be interested to see/hear @Bomber’s take on Barry Young, if only because he’s a mate of an acquaintance (simply from having been in the IT sector).
    It was really quite depressing to see comments on the SCOOP website relating to this individual (prime wanker, look at me look at me). Mates of people that think things like HIV can be cured/prevented with CocaCola instead of using a condom.
    Baz the Freedom Fighter for democracy – I don’t think so!
    A good, experienced DBA he may be (may have been, because He shouldn’t be let near any public or persona; data ever again).
    Is he now a citizen? (And I don’t mean a Sovereign Citizen Nuremburg 2.0 one) or simply a resident.
    Let’s hope he’s had the arrogance to have never applied for citizenship. Deportation is the least charitable option we could do for the wanker. One serious pratt!

  2. Unseen Academicals is I think the last book presented by Terry Pratchett, with the help of amanuensis Rob Wilkins.   It seems to be a last gasp manuscript written just for a rather dingy democracy such as we have here.   But Pratchett’s Disc World, ruled over by tyrant/patrician Havelock Vetinari continues to cope with people who are only too human and wizards who are adept at side-stepping from taking responsibility for anything, highly skilled in their chosen areas of concern, also in butt-covering, being driven by a love of fine food and very competitive to the point of experiencing surprising mortality.  

    Wonderfully like the bunch of bright young-middle-aged beings here who have greased paths that defy gravity, so sliding upwards, here in the Shire.  Think on our CEOs, and their handmaid? (handmade?) politicians, who live happily in a democracy where even if some project is not executed correctly, feel certain that no executions will follow – for them.

    Some representative quotes here from Pratchett and Wilkins in the book.   The Unseen University of the book is a venerable institution undergoing unsettling change which can be mastered only by a lively mind, careful expression, and light feet. Perhaps this book provides a factional handbook on how to exploit or bestride our evolving futuristic society; such as introduced under the aegis of ‘All is well, there will be a short break for reworking our systems and normal services will resume as soon as possible’ or ‘Don’t rock the boat and alarm the populace’ with the reality of the permanent changes and their outcomes.

    From p224Life as an unseen part of Unseen University was a matter of alliances, feuds, obligations and friendships, all stirred and twisted and woven together…
    Glenda was good at it…right now the Great Hall owed her favours, even if all she had done was keep her mouth shut.  Shiny Robert, one of the head waiters…gave her the cautious nod due to someone who knew things about you that you wouldn’t want your mother to know.

    There is no way to get out of paying what needs to be paid for Interisland ferries. There is no wiggle room, it’s more straightforward than with other transport spending. Gnats cannot waste more money and lose standing with citizens and business and tourists by going for cheap ships and then not service them properly. It’s no time for Ms Willis to play dominatrix. Stay your whips and shackles National and buy what’s needed and pay for it.


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