Labour Team Ready To Take On The Coalition Of Chaos


Labour’s strong line-up for the 54th Parliament brings experience and energy to the job of Opposition.

There are six women and four men in the top 10, it is a diverse line-up and the front bench includes portfolios like climate change and children.

“Our Labour Party team is highly experienced and energised and looking forward to getting back to Parliament,” Labour Leader Chris Hipkins said.

“I am incredibly proud and humbled to have this team alongside me as we take up the important job of Opposition.

“The election didn’t go Labour’s way and we have work to do to make sure Kiwis know and feel that Labour backs them. I have absolute confidence our team will work with communities right across the country to build this support back.

“With the start this coalition has had, it’s clear New Zealanders will need an Opposition that stands up for their values and what is right.

“Unfortunately, we’ve already seen a lack of moral compass in the coalition’s approach.

“This Labour team doesn’t just have experience, it has values and cares about all New Zealanders – not just a few,” Chris Hipkins said.

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  1. Pity they made such a bad job of running the country when they had control unfettered by coalition partners especially one lead by a nasty old bitter Maori
    Kiwirail underfunded so will have to cut services in Wellington.Councils short of funds due to inflation causing record rate rises
    The financial books arecin a mess and the truth is just coming out..

    • Inflation is a worldwide problem and N.Z has been one of the best performers in getting theirs down considering the number of businesses they saved by financially supporting them during covid lockdowns, at the same time achieving one of the lowest death rates per capita of any country during the pandemic,( which is still killing a large number of people worldwide) .

      If you look back at statements made by National and Act at the time, regarding their resistance to city and country lock downs, vaccination rollouts, the deaths in New Zealand would have been substantial -around 15- 20 thousand more deaths.

      Despite all this they achieved of the largest state house building completion numbers ever, dealt with a potentially disastrous Bovis outbreak left by National not doing any thing when it arrived, plus dealt with a string of the worst ever climate disasters the country has ever seen and a massive mass murder event.

      …And that is just a small sample of what they achieved. They should be given a standing ovation, but we now have such an element of low IQ , unhinged, ungrateful, egg- head, rabbit -holers in the electorate that they actually need a taste of the other for 3 years to see what real incompetent, idiotic ineptness looks like.

      They deserve all they get. I have no sympathy for these people..

      Good luck…you are going to need it!


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