MEDIAWATCH: Debbie roasts Shane Jones in angry TVNZ debate





Debbie destroyed Shane Jones in an angry TVNZ debate where Shane attempted to justify the draconian and harsh Hard Right policy about to be implemented as ‘democracy bro’.

Firstly, let’s be very clear here.

Just because they won the election by using race baiting hateful and divisive slogans doesn’t justify implementing that spite once you’ve won!

What Shane is arguing for is majoritarianism, not Democracy!

Fuck majoritarianism – it’s the whip of the autocrat – just because you have the power to implement draconian legislation doesn’t justify doing it!

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Where the debate went way off script is when Shane started up his claim that the Māori Party represented victimisation – Debbie flame roasted his condescendence, his anti-Māori sell out position and his divisiveness.

It was just jaw dropping in its total denomination of Shane Jones intellectually, philosophically and spiritually.

Please sweet Jesus get these two on every single week!

Debbie is not be be disrespected in this manner!

Like most Kiwis, I don’t watch TVNZ Breakfast now John Campbell has left, but to be honest, The AM Show has gotten way too full of itself and I can’t eat Breakfast to that level of self satisfaction in the morning, so I’m giving TVNZ Breakfast another go and wow, I was not expecting the best  political interview of the year!

I like this TVNZ Breakfast.


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  1. Democracy is about everyones rights, and shouldn’t pander to majoritarianism NOR special interests.

    Since the only shred of equal rights in our loose constitution is the treaty, which has been usurped by special interests, we don’t have democracy. We flit between autocracy and dictatorship, all the while anchoured by neoliberalism installed by economic vandals.

    How do we turn a “me too me me me” society back into one with rights and responsibilities, social contract, etc? Because waving flags or banners while the banks laugh on isn’t going to get the job done.

  2. Yes …and another question for Shane Jones, when he talks about democracy, is where did N.Z First get their 4 million, Act get their 6 million plus free use of a jet, and National get their 10 million + from to run their election campaigns…

    Answer white men over the age of 50..

    Everyone knows that more money equals more votes, and while you have a certain cotere of people who have made easy money fortunes off the back of astronomical rises in property markets and inheritance money , when others will never ever get a foot in the door, the imbalance is a walk in the park to sustain the status quo!

    Trouble is brewing, and Luxon, the man who knows nothing outside of corporate buzzz words, is well out of his depth..

    • White men over 50? You have substantial and verifiable proof that is where all party donations come from? Nothing from the Blue Dragons? And what’s the demographic of dairy owners/tobacco peddlers? Give me a break. Why is it racism only applies to white people?

      • Racism doesn’t only apply to white people, get with the programme, it also applies to brown people who vote for the wrong party.

        We have two leaders of the political party’s in power who are Maori, yet the party that only got 3% have decided that only they can speak for all Maori.

    • Rich white men over 50 with 19th century Victorian era ideals are who the Westminster system was made by and for.

      To succeed in it you only need do your best impersonation of one and toe the major party line.

      There won’t be any meaningful change until we change that!

        • As a rich white man over 50, it’s the stupid sad wannabe’s who side with the corrupt crony capitalists who are buggering them that I feel sorry for.

    • Shane Jones along with his leader like to have a “bob” both ways. He has no real credibility with his people who he is distancing himself from. There is no mana in denying your very self. Didn’t Judas do that ??

    • Packer might be OTT to most of your Blue rinse brigade but she definitely has mana from her supporters – I’m fairly sure Shane Jones doesn’t have any – supporters, that is. Pompous twat. I mean – you’d have to be a narcissitic C-word to release that singing video he did. cringe mofo. and then there’s the hotel expenses. wanker.

  3. Shane Jones wants his party to go 3 terms and needs to pander to the majority rednecks in Aotearoa NZ because that where the power lies and he’s not dumb to fuck ova his white fragility pakeha constituency. He gonna go full Winny da Poo mantel claim Maori ethnicity while continuously put the boot into the culture that is hated by the white majority.

    Free Aotearoa

    • ‘Free Aotearoa’
      See how using silly slogans dampens the message they are trying to convey Stephen!
      You constantly have ‘Free Palastine’
      (and miss out the end part of ‘from Hamas Terrorists’, but that’s another discussion) and now seemingly NZ needs freeing also!, from who/what/why?
      Are Maori not allowed any access that non Maori have?
      Are Maori living in reserves and have no access to welfare, can only work in certain areas and not in any job?
      Please explain Stephen why ‘Free Aotearoa’ is needed???

      • NZ is an old boys club that only has Democracy to keep it safe from buggery, greed and avarice. If they could get rid of it , they would.

      • Please Ada don’t give me this democracy bollocks. You sound like Luxon and “people voted for change”. That his constant refrain but he’s using it to defend being an idiot. People did not vote for a coalition of arseholes. It’s like 10 minutes ago he was begging people not to vote for NZF. Only 6% voted for the crackpot tin foil brigade. And at 8.6% of vote ACT hardly drew a ringing endorsement of their bullshit attempt to get the treaty watered down. Yes that MMP for you, but it’s a bit rich to throw the D word around like it’s “the voice of people”

  4. Debbie represents the new gens–70% of Māori now under 40–and Shane the old.

    Ms Ngarewa Packer has made it quite clear that Pākehā and other Tauiwi are welcome in the Te Pāti Māori tent. “Ngati Tiriti” as she describes them are those that recognise that if Māori do better so will the rest of us. People that recognise we are a Pacific Nation and are ok with O Te Tiriti being a guiding document.

  5. But ol shane jonsie’s just a dry, puffed up old sponge cake career politician heading to plump retirement money and he’ll be praying, to obscurity with the loot.
    To call him a soft target would be like arguing whether a wet bus ticket was a dangerous weapon or not. Our politicians are farcical, our politics are corporate manifestos and we, are schmuck victims to their expensive whims, one of which is not having to give a fuck what we think.
    Thus, fuck shane jones, fuck tvnuzillind and fuck the expensive msm media squawkers trying to out narcissist each other.
    Over the next three years get used to feeling rage and boredom.
    This was more interesting on The Guardian:
    Margaret Thatcher is not a good role model – but not necessarily for the reasons you think
    Zoe Williams.

    • rip off the head and fuck the crown while you’re at it Countryboy – it only represents the lord barons of New Zealand and does fuck all for anyone else – even if they can’t smell the boots that they’re licking, NZ is full of wannabe corporate peasants happy to get their allotment and try for the boat, the bach and the BMW like some sort of sycophantic sheep – baaa – moooo

  6. And Luxon is already begging for mercy…

    NZ will probably be downgraded for instability even before the failure of Gnat tax policy explodes the mirage of economic competence.

    If only we had an opposition that had learned the hard lessons of defeat.

    • Yes Stuart…

      How ironic that 7 houses Luxon, who, let’s face it, has bought 7 houses solely to make free money via capital gain off the back of a rapidly rising market, thus shutting most Maori out of home ownership forever, (not to mention many others), and whose party was gifted a 10 million dollar war chest by real estate agents and various other vested interest ‘business’ men donations, is now asking Maori to give him a fair go…

      What a fucking baby !! ….Bwaahhh!..cry me a river Luxo…

      He just doesn’t get it…..Is he a bit simple one must ask?

    • Another turn coat that jones fella.Happy to use Reo when it suits but pretends to be white the rest of the time .I went to school up in the hokianga in the early 1960s and there were redneck white supremists all over the place .The old mans employer would not allow Maori into any of the houses on his farms but got them in to do all the shit jobs .Jones is a red neck plastic pakeha

      • Well I went to school in Rotorua in the 1970s and she’d be described as a plastic Maori, “one that discovers their lineage late in life and becomes far more radical than those who have lived as Maori all their lives”. Especially if they see a potential income life style out of it.

        • Well those Maori who went to school in the 40s 50s and 60s were beaten for trying to speak their native language and not English. She is an advocate for history, you are simply ignorant and typical of schooling of the 70s.

    • Don’t be so lame Den, that goes in the same category of “Cindy” and “Don Key” where people debate from a position of spite instead of trying to have a proper conversation. Surely you can do better.

  7. Shane Seymour from NZ ACT? Tell me politics hasn’t been completely hijacked by these smug haters, representing only themselves and not us.

    • ..And both in on the back of big money and electorate manipulation…

      Follow the money trail…

      Interesting how this upstart, know nothing, greenhorn newbie -‘7 houses Luxon’, backed by huge money to gain power, condescendingly says he wants to help Maori …

      Wow…that’s big of him!!

      Well , i think his time at the wheel will be short and not so sweet..

      Basic law of physics..

      ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’ !!

      • Plenty of non-maori support Te Pati Maori and kaupapa to their message. They are all pretty much united on that message – crony capitalism, greed and avarice is fucked. Putting ones own comfort above those who are suffering is fucked. Having laws and a system of governence that protects the above is fucked.

        TPM are the only ones saying it.

  8. Yeah, GRANT and notice people like Trevor don’t like to talk about the donating of 20 million to these right-wing parties by very wealthy donors. Wealthy donors who want something, they didn’t donate millions for nothing, they want paybacks in return.

  9. Shame Jones said today’s protest was trampling on democracy (the election results) bloody hypocrite how come he didn’t care when his mate Winstone supported the march against the vaccinations and lockdowns implemented by a political party that had a majority.

    • Good point there covid is pa.

      As I often say…Parliamentary politics is just one part of the political landscape…as much as the media channels try to present otherwise. There is a whole Māori world out there that many pākehā and tauiwi would not have a clue about.

      The coalition agreements state clearly the intent by Winston and David to mount a full frontal attack on Māoridom, so TPM are doing what must be done.

    • Shame Jones said today’s protest was trampling on democracy

      If he did – then he has a very corrupt view of democracy.

  10. It’s good that people finally realize these big donors don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s always been the case but now more people see that a reward will be expected. Their generosity is now very suss.
    Luxon is trying to get the ball-rolling as quickly as he can, before more people realize why he’s really there.
    Interesting that there already appears to be leaking of cabinet papers re FPAs. The PM tries to paper over this crack with his ‘full confidence’ in his ministers pep talk.
    What was leaked paints a less than complimentary picture of how the new Minister of Workplace Relations is already ignoring advice from both Treasury and the Unions. She knows so much more than they do, with her VAST experience of governing, and felt consultation with ALL parties was not needed. Power has gone to her head already.
    More importantly, she’s found a way to reward those donors.

  11. Shane Jones, the Minister of Masturbation & Self abuse? This was the Guy who was caught booking up porno movies on the Taxpayers dime in a Hotel Room, Mr OnlyFans, so he could yank himself off & polish his rocket or spank the money, what a sicko?

      • Maybe Peters thinks we have forgotten Shane Jones previous leadership qualities – Porno Politician. It reality just another right wing Whare Nika.

    • yep – the last lot haven’t got an edgelord to this lot on the sense of entitlement. fuckin peasants voting for their lord barons love to polish their helmets.

  12. Don’t know what interview you watched but Debbie Ngawera Pakeha came off looking exactly like what she is .. a deluded Maoist moron.. keep it up Debbie you are digging your own hole . Nga mihi! Bwahaha.

    • You clearly watched a different interview. When you see more rolling protests you will understand who dug a deep hole for themselves, not Debbie but Shane “porn” Jones.

  13. Agree with ya gordon walker Seemore is happy for charter schools’ policy to be called Kura Hourua but all governments departments have to be called by their English name.
    More double standards from our new government WHO ARE CHERRY PICKING.


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