MEDIAWATCH: NZ Media & Political Pundit Panelists have let us all down over Coalition Negotiation Coverage

National back on track

This fiasco of a negotiation process has been made far worse by the pathetic level of analysis the NZ mainstream media have managed to give it.

The only pundits worth their salt has been our own Tim Selwyn, the hilariously wicked Matthew Hooton and the ever brilliant Graeme Edgeler!

The rest have really been horse shit!

How many times can you tell the Press Gallery that the negotiation deal is just around the corner and for the Press Gallery to glibly believe them?

TVNZ’s Political Reporter Benedict Collins was predicting a Government sorted the weekend after the results for Christ’s sake and most pundits seem to have no idea whatsoever of the policy problems.

All the mainstream media have done is manufacture the pretence of stability.

As TDB has been pointing out before the election, the ACT, National, NZFirst Government was always going to be wrought and riven with egos and diametrically opposed policy positions.

David and Winston need to both be in Government and in Cabinet so they are both bound by Cabinet Responsibility and ties the fate of one to the other.

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This Government is a scorpion, sitting on a fox’s face, riding in the open jaws of a great white shark.

ACT and NZF are negotiating a Mutually Assured Destruction agreement to hold the peace for 3 years.

How aspirational.

The lack of analysis of what is actually happening is a disservice to the obligations of the Fourth Estate.

We don’t have a watch dog for democracy, we have a lap dog.



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  1. It might speed up the process if the deals were done in a motel in Patea to Huntly But, if this bunch of bunnies can’t sort it out, I suppose Labour just keep soldiering on.

    Could be worse I suppose. . .

  2. Tax payer funded New Zealand rail after muldoon then roger and his gnomes had at it. But hey! We now have logging trucks ripping our roads new arse holes.
    You fucking morons who dumbly voted for The Three Stooges will get what you deserve. The gravely serious problem is that your stupidity and greed will take the rest if us down with you. But wait? It gets worse! We, the rest of us, are too gutless to resist. AO/NZ= Dumb and gutless.

    • What was the alternative? Really? Classroom Socialism? I respected real Leftists. Class Warfare bovver boys and such but the middle-class idiots who scream “Comrade” are not the solution to the woes of our nation. All Identity politics has done is mutilate the left into screaming eco chambers. I miss the old adversary.

      • ” Classroom Socialism”, is not left wing.. The book burners throughout history have come from all parts of the spectrum… The only thread that binds them is the underlying authoritarianism that informs the majority of the identity politics debacle being forced upon us presently…
        I’ve reached the point where I no longer believe that NZers have a clue about what true democratic socialism is… It isn’t about “me me me” for a start, and that you can put in the bank..
        This is the new age of the book burners… NZ walked into it like lambs to the slaughter, just like the rest of the western world… But from what I’ve seen since being trapped here in 2020, has done nothing but reinforce the reasons why I can make a life for myself outside NZ, but never again in my own birthplace..

  3. Yep, the media brigade have got out the hot towels and rose water again, as they used to for SirKey, ’cept Mr slippery himself got a handy under the table from fawning presenters as well!

    For some reason there seem to have been less bad news stories on the media channels during the wait–bad news that is in terms of Māori running amok, ram raiding and sad arse small business people and farmers.

    One of the many funny old things about the NActFirst lot is that a number of right wingers in the public service are now going to get hammered with incel David’s planned state sector slashing.

  4. “…pathetic level of analysis the NZ mainstream media have managed to give it.”
    That’s because the “NZ mainstream media” is owned by the [its] and not by us.
    Consolidate the MSM into the centre of the largest population base which is Right Wing Auckland then bombard the rest of us with nonsensical Far Right propaganda to ensure the on-going exploitation of us while swindling our primary industry. Multi-billionaires and multi-millionaires just don’t grow on trees ya know. The literal reality is simple. If our politics were still ours we’d still have a Labour government maintaining a balance between the inherent cravings of greed with the essential focus on our broader society so that it didn’t become a polluting factory of societal dysfunction i.e. it all falls back on us lot to make sure our politic is well maintained and carefully monitored otherwise you get this shit. A sadistic version of William Golding’s fictional Lord of The Flies.
    Instead, We’d have been better served by this version. One based on reality. Not lies, greed and dubious psychiatric health.
    The Guardian.
    Rutger Bergman.
    The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months

  5. If this last three weeks was an exceptionally long time to work through a genuine three way coalition there may be cause for some genuine anxiety. IMO it’s not exceptionally long because we haven’t had a genuine three way Coalition before. If we haven’t got a government by the end of this week I think giving these coalition hopefuls a hard time is justified. I would rather the media leave it alone rather than making rash speculation and just making stuff up. Which is what they’re doing. The only ones getting paranoid are the media.

    • Correct. The media freaking out and the (soon to be) opposition wringing their hands because that’s politics. I’d rather see stability in the country then chaos from a quickly cobbled together agreement.

  6. The news has dried up because the government pr machine has stopped hand feeding our useless msm millennial reporters who just churn out the governments line that happens to match their own woke ideology.

  7. Yes, New view but our elected PM highlighted his negotiating skills, and we expect him to live up to his talk and walk it otherwise it’s better to zip the lip sweetie.

  8. Seems our we are not the only ones over the coalition talks…

    “As talks dragged on, a large international economics consultancy stuck the boot into the incoming Government for its tardy formation.

    BMI, part of the Fitch Group, one of the big three international ratings agencies, downgraded New Zealand’s score in its political stability index to the lowest score since 2010.

    The downgrade to 78.5 out of 100, down from 79.4 out of 100 reflects risks to “policy-making” and the “potential of a snap election”.

    The accompanying report warned “internal divisions within the coalition could limit or slow policy-formation”. The “policy-making process score” which feeds into New Zealand’s overall score dropped from 86.7 to just 83.3.”

    So much for Luxon’s brag of “getting things done”. It’s what happens when ego’s take over.


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