MEDIAWATCH: Newshub Nation Review: Hooton, the crucifixion of Luxon and a masterclass in political humiliation


Election 2023: Humiliating five weeks for Christopher Luxon – Matthew Hooton

A right-leaning political commentator says the weeks since voting day have been “humiliating” for Christopher Luxon.

Saturday marked five weeks since Kiwis voted but New Zealand still doesn’t have a Government.

Hoots was on Newshub Nation sticking the knife into the boiled ham that is Luxon’s negotiation tactics.

To date the negotiating process has been like Game of Thrones, but with more incest and violence.

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Low balling Winston and disrespecting him is the sort of play a CEO who is used to banging the table and getting their way has no currency in politics.

National have fucked up the negotiation process from the beginning because short of unleashing a tsunami of crony capitalism and privatisation using foreign property speculators, they don’t have an actual plan and being forced to negotiate with two political parties who do have actual political values is causing a right wing meltdown.

Hooton mentions ‘Humiliation’ at least 4 times and it has been humiliating for Luxon. He looks rudderless, not in charge and has done bugger all to calm the country during the interregnum.

Hooton hilariously suggests that Luxon is actually following this favourite politician, Jesus, and is in fact crucifying himself with humiliation so that he can cut a great deal and come back to life in 3 days!

Unfortunately National have Todd McClay in their ‘Brains Trust’.

I think anytime Todd McClay is considered part of a “brains trust” you are in terrible danger of becoming ironic.

Todd is part of a “brains trust” the way a brain hungry zombie in a maternity ward is part of a “brains trust”, in that you can trust Todd to eat your brains.

Beyond the personalities however is the fact TDB has been banging on about since the possibility of ACT/National and NZ First having to work together become more and more apparent which is that they are diametrically opposed to one another!

Winston won’t lift the Foreign Buyers Ban and National have built their entire economic package on their Foreign Buyers Tax.

David wants his race baiting referendum and Luxon doesn’t.

Winston wants a provincial slush fund, David despises it.

David wants tax cuts, Winston has ruled them out.

National wants tax cuts, Winston has ruled them out too.

They are bound only in their collective desire to bash beneficiaries, gang members and prisoners.

This is a Government born from a grudge fuck against Labour and the policy direction is a schizophrenic collection of grievance and anger that is utterly unworkable.

The reality is there are genuine questions marks over the actual stability of this buffet of dead rats.

Luxon claimed Labour, Greens and Māori Party were the ‘coalition of chaos’, so how’s the Axis of Dicks working out so far?


This is the worst threesome in NZ History – they all cry out their own names when they orgasm

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  1. Eh. Media just trying to look important. Meanwhile maybe two thirds of people gave enough of a shit to vote at all, and how many care that it’s taking a while?

    I care whether or not they hide the agreements and resulting agenda, I care not for media speculation.

    • How would you know, Jack?
      Have you had the privilege of joining these clowns in their hidden hotel room? Or have they told you what they’re scheming?

      • No inside information needed: they haven’t actually formed a Government yet thus they literally haven’t done any “damage so far”, because they can’t have.

    • No damage done because these arseholes aren’t the government. Sure Labour were a disappointment, but apart from the odd improvement in salary and conditions for some groups, and some token environment measures, the disappointment came from being too like National without tge tax breaks property speculators.

    • Under Labour, workers have had their biggest payrises in 30 years. Also breaks, more sick leave, and more holidays. They are also able to walk into jobs, just like that.

      Also school donations have been chopped, and health care is the cheapest for people it has ever been. Also people dont have to worry about their landlord evicting them or putting up the rent when they feel like

      How is that ‘damage’?!

  2. ACT is against the NATs tax cuts now, because it would be inflationary. So the NATs are fighting for them by themselves.

  3. ”Deeply concerned with the welfare of the country in mind army officers have declared an emergency and taken control of government departments. Citizens should remain in their homes and refrain from interference in the military’s reorganization of the state.”
    (coming soon for an island nation in the South Pacific)

  4. There is no doubt about it we all now know that Luxon is useless and a fool to think he would get all his own way with Winston Peters It would be funny but we all know how we are all in a precarious state in the world right now and I bet the people who voted for this cluster f**k are are having voters remorse and wishing we had a strong and stable leadership not this moronic charlatan.

  5. Good on Hoots for telling it like it is! Bauldylux scores an own goal and gets reamed by Rimmer and taught a few lessons by Winston. Hehehe!

  6. The problem is, the tax on foreign buyers is to light. Should be 40 % or 50% not 15%

    That way they get less investors but more tax.

  7. NZ hasn’t been run as a country as smoothly with(out) a government as it is now. We should demand it to remain this way for a few generations.

    Replace MPs with Governance/Government by referendum!

    • In there with you on that brother. I also think this no muppet with the ability to fuck shit situation we currently have, is ideal. Lets keep it.

    • Yes great and wise Den – this has been a pilot which will guide us towards a more effective and less expensive administration. So go forward ever forward and drop off the abandoned pollies on the way like Hansel and Gretel did with breadcrumbs which hungry flighted predators ate up and cleared away. Pollies are not protected animals so go for it!

    • Yes great and wise Den – this has been a pilot which will guide us towards a more effective and less expensive administration. So go forward ever forward and drop off the abandoned pollies on the way like Hansel and Gretel did with breadcrumbs which hungry flighted predators ate up and cleared away. Pollies are not protected animals so go for it!

  8. Work at the Cordis Hotel yesterday finished earlier than normal as Luxon had allowed Willis and chief of staff Cameron Burrows to return to Wellington to spend time with their families before flying back to Auckland this morning to continue negotiations.

    ” It was put to him that most people don’t have the luxury of seeing their families when they have work obligations.

    ”I think it’s disingenuous to say [that],” Luxon said.

    The flights had been paid for by the taxpayer, Luxon said. It was yet to be confirmed whether the hotel conference rooms booked over the last four days were also taxpayer-funded.

    Luxon, who regularly criticised the former Labour Government’s wasteful spending, defended his decision to send Willis and Burrows south for the night, lauding his team’s efforts over recent weeks and saying the cost of the flights was the “price of democracy”.


    • Just clarifying that last term ‘The price of democracy’; should be ‘the price of hypocrisy’. We have come to realise that we have not had a good working democracy for some time,

      We were working towards getting a great very-little country going in a reasonably disagreeing, argumentative spirit in our version of a democracy until the finance-pushers got Douglas et Al off the tracks and sold them the Simpsons Springfield con and we got left not even having a stop there for the old one.

      I found an old Listener interview wiyh Tony Blair – he and his approach would have been a guide for us here.

  9. I love how the Righties on X eventually get to me. Long disappeared from Winnie, Hooten and Sean whatshis reputation. Love how Hooten has lit out.

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