Political Caption Competition


Less a Rose between two thorns and more a prick between two more pricks


  1. A crony capitalist, a neoliberal market fundamentalist, and an authoritarian conservative walked into a room.
    Qu: Did something bad happen?
    A: Not yet

    • “Those who have crossed
      With direct eyes, to death’s other Kingdom
      Remember us – if at all – not as lost
      Violent souls, but only
      As the hollow men
      The stuffed men.”

  2. The price of cheese has gone up! Cheese slices in supermarket now – NZ $8+ for 10 slices; Danish interleaved with greaseproof 8 for $5+. Sign of the times – so think about cheese Luxon by all means and consider the people, not the properties. Think now about sheep farming but without pulling the wool over our eyes, we are being fleeced at present. Baaaaah.

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