Rallies and demonstrations continue despite “4-day pause” in Israel’s war in Gaza


Despite the “four day pause” in Israel’s war on Gaza Palestine solidarity supporters will be rallying and marching around New Zealand again this weekend.


“A pause in Israel’s genocidal rampage through Gaza is a welcome small step but must be made permanent” says John Minto, National Chair of Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa. “This will just be a “tea break” in Israel’s wholesale slaughter of Palestinians unless governments like New Zealand speak up and act now”.


“Palestinians are under sustained attack because western countries such as New Zealand refuse to hold Israel accountable for its 75-year history of war crimes and systematic brutality against the Palestinian people.”


“As well as a permanent ceasefire the rallies will also be calling for:


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·      our political leaders to condemn Israeli war crimes just as they have condemned the killing of Israeli civilians


·      an international protection force to be put in place across all the Occupied Palestinian Territories – Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem


·      a well-resourced International Criminal Court investigation into war crimes committed on and since the 6th October attack on Israel -including the crimes of genocide snd apartheid


·      Kicking out the Israeli ambassador


·      BDS – Boycotts Divestment and Sanctions – against apartheid Israel just we did against apartheid South Africa


  1. All good demands and suggestions John–hit the Israeli state where it hurts–economically, politically and culturally.

    • International campaign to end the blockade on Gaza
    • Union bans with community support on trade with Israel

    • That will be Egypt’s blockade also, or just Israels blockade?
      If Egypt does not lift it’s blockade you will still expect Israel to?
      No ask why Egypt has had a blockade for years….or you not interested, just Israel needs to bow to your wishes?

      • One reason or one of several reasons for Egypt not accepting Palestinians is that if/when Israel drives Palestinians into Egypt then they won’t be allowed back. But you do pose a good question, what are all the reasons for why Egypt does not accept Palestinians?

        But then this poses two even bigger question – (1) why is Israel driving Palestinians off of their land in the first place and (2) why does the world turn a blind eye to this?

      • “….ask why Egypt has had a blockade for years….or you not interested, just Israel needs to bow to your wishes?”

        You asked, so I will answer; Egypt bends its knee to Israel.

        Egypt is ruled by an American backed military junta that takes its orders from Washington. The US puppet ruler of Egypt General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi opens the Gaza Border crossing with Egypt at Rafah only with American and Israeli permission.


        • That is correct. Millions of ordinary people in the Mid East support Palestine, but their authoritarian rulers, under pressure from US Imperialism will not.

          There is huge support for Palestinians around the world which is why the working class whether BRIICS or “western” need to boycott hard and put on trade bans.

    • So evidence does not matter?
      The cause of the Palestinians is all that matters.
      Truth is dispensable…… The UN is set up that way. Ideology trumps facts.

      • Speaking of evidence: Here’s a snippet or three of recent shenanigans….

        Amnesty International, Oct, 2023 – “Damning evidence of war crimes as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families in Gaza”

        Human Rights Watch, Oct 2023 – “Israel Still Blocking Aid to Civilians in Gaza”

        The Guardian, Oct, 2023 – “Top UN official in New York steps down citing ‘genocide’ of Palestinian civilians”

        • If Amnesty International says so, that makes all the difference.
          Add the Guardian and Human Rights Watch on top of that……makes irrefutable evidence. Yeah right!!

          • “Yeah right” you say, well – I agree – never take any evidence (or link) as gospel. All claims and or the general thrust of a news piece should provide verifiable evidence that supports the points, the arguments, being made.

            Nonetheless, you only pointed to evidence, not verifiable proof, still, Israel’s blockade and evacuation order are easily identifiable crimes anyway, ditto Hamas’s taking of hostages (Israel has taken hostages in response, but we don’t hear about that ditto the thousands of hostages that languish in their jails which was one reason for Hamas taking hostages in the first place).

            Bigger point being, you make some good points here. There is always two sides to an issue and evidenced based opinions/clams hold more weight than just opinion and or empty claims and claims that do provide verifiable proof that supports them, this is what we and all media should be striving for.

            Now, all you have to do is back up your words with action. Give your side of this issue, provide as much proof or verifiable proof as you can, but understand, that if you don’t do any of this, that all you are really doing is using your argument as a way to de-legitimize points of view that you do not agree with. And that means, in short, you have no come back to the points being made.

            • My comment was aimed at the support given to a very biased opinion. It was not my intention to convince.

              I see debate based on an improved outcome for Palestinians and Israelis in future as the only approach to create a better outcome. Focussing on history is destructive and in my opinion stupid. Knowing that a tomato is a fruit is cool, putting a tomato in a fruit salad spoils the fruit salad.

              • A ‘biased opinion’ is simply an opportunity to even up the score, so to speak. Better outcomes are more achievable when one debates or presents an opinion rather than when one calls out the action of opinion alone.

                As for history, it can be vitally important depending on the context it is given in.

        • It is very apparent that there are human rights violations on both sides.

          My point is/was that there are at least two sides to any story and that one cannot rely on the UN to help one form an opinion.

          One must make sure that one’s opinions are based on facts.

          • Problem for you, though, is that you are not giving your side, despite ample opportunity to do so. All you are doing is arguing the ‘presentation’ of the side that you do not agree with, while the ‘content’ being presented is left alone. This tells me that you have no argument either to back up the side you are on or to counter the side you are against.

            Furthermore, one only needs ‘facts’ when one argues that they are presenting fact.

            • I have presented you with my “argument” and position on this matter.
              I responded earlier and you can find my argument below. Refer you moment below.

  2. Nice to know, still, a pause in the rampage. Fcuk me. Goes to show that there was always room for negotiation despite all the b/s talk to the contrary. Hope we find out, one day, why now and why this did not happen earlier given that smaller or less significant – consequence-wise – negotiations had taken place earlier. A pause in the rampage.

    Otherwise, what is being called for now, permanent ceasefire aside (ceasefire meaning back to the usual apartheid, subjugating crap) and holding our pollies to account aside also, what is being called for now is so obvious that it should have been in place a long ago, meaning it ain’t gonna happen now. Better to keep our calls simpler and more in-tune with what everyone identifies with like freedom as in equal rights, equality, democracy for all – from the river to the sea.

    The political world is rotten and our Govt goes right along with it – its all rotten and yet we believe in them anyway. Bout time we learnt what side of humanity our pollies are on, aka, money and self interest trumps the interests, the humanity of the people.

      • The violence here speaks volumes, but speaking generally,we get to see how utterly corrupt politics is, especially Western politics ditto the mainstream media that supports this bent system simply because if this was Russia inflicting this level of carnage upon Ukraine or any Western ally, then the politicians and the media would be singing vastly different tunes to the one’s they are trotting out here.

        • Take a look at what Helen Clark has to say on this matter. She was interviewed this morning on Newshub Nation.

          “Maybe this horrific event will be the catalyst that is needed to get us where we need to be.” Paraphrase.

          Begin and Arafat shaking hands gives on some slim hope. So yes, history gives hope but finding the solution in history is a fools quest in my opinion. We must look at the history and the present but the future is ahead of us.

  3. A pause is something you do with a video game, you can not pause real life.
    Under pressure from Israeli protesters, who demanded their government negotiate for a prisoner exchange Israel’s government has stopped their genocide with a promise to restart it.
    The people of the world must increase the pressure on our governments to demand that the genocide in Gaza must not be resumed.

    Young people in Australia lead the way.

    Australian students to walkout of schools in support of Palestine
    By Anna McGuinness
    November 21 2023 – 8:44pm


    ….A genocide is taking place in Palestine. Since the siege on Gaza began over 13,000 people have been killed, entire regions turned to rubble, and millions of Palestinians displaced with no electricity, water or food and nowhere safe to go. We have to take action!

  4. Israel wants all land between the river and the sea. It will not stop until the people of the West Bank and Gaza are rubbed out.
    This is what genocide means.

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