Corporate Farmers, Property Speculators, Billionaire Class and Feral Antivaxx Climate Deniers – the 4 new Horsemen of the NZ Political Apocalypse

The Coalition of Crows

As we are all astounded by the petty pissing competition being waged by the most awkward threesome in NZ Political history, the interests that catapulted this hate wish of a Government into existence are champing at the bit to be unleashed as economic conditions get grimmer and grimmer.

The Corporate Farmers are already demanding total subservience to our Chinese Economic Overlords at the same time Gerry Brownlee magically sees no danger from China.

The Property Speculators desperately need international demand to drive prices up and the Billionaire Class ensured Wealth Tax was politically crippled while lining up for crony capitalism to entrench their existing market privilege and dominance.

On the culture war front, the conspiracy theorists will fawn over Winston’s Royal Inquiry into Antivax grievance and the climate deniers will blunt any meaningful adaptation strategies.

The worst interests with the most at stake are all congealing around National, ACT and NZ First

This will be a Buffet of Dead Rats Government bonded only in punishing beneficiaries, prisoners, workers, renters and gangs.

Old Zealand über alles.

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  1. The Billionaire Class class drives climate change, look at the big money, aka the Rockefellers, behind the IPCC for starters. In fact, the billionaire class drives everything including the ability to manipulate us into believing that those speaking out against their actions are raving nutters. They are shrewd, I will admit that.

  2. We need this coalition so we can get on repairing the damage done to our country after 6 years of the worst Government in our history,Labour.

    • Labour were shit. Not the worst. That would be the implementers of NeoLiberalism and their enablers. Of which this next government will be champions.

      Get your facts straight Bob. To do that you need facts.

    • You are right on the button. History will not look good on Jacinda’s time in power.First term Labour were unprepared second term they acted like a stand mullet and achieve nothing despite so much promise

      • Watch this present alliance of the clowns do exactly the same, Trevor.
        Key achieved NOTHING despite talking himself up all the time and his sycophants making him into some kind of hero. He was useless and he damaged our country. How is it you have no memory of the utter waste of 9 years his govt. was?

  3. You missed out pissed of kiwis that are fed up being told they are politically second class citizens in their own country
    They are the people that won the last election and have a mandate .
    Let’s go!

  4. Wrong! Conan! What is best in life?

    Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

  5. Corporate [farmers]… Mmm… How about corporate lacki’s who exploit the fragile biome that’s farm lands to feed rapacious urban greed instead? Using the word ‘Farmer’ in that context is like suggesting because you drive a car that must make you a mechanic.
    Something less nebulous would be awesome to describe the crimes and criminalities of a few urban opportunists exploiting the land and the actual farmers who farm it since the greedy urbanites have rorted and exploited our traditional trading partners in Europe, the UK and the USA which forced [them] to go elsewhere.
    Farmers should unite then employ marketing consultants and agricultural representatives to spread the word about our world class produce then send a public royal commission of inquiry up all the members of the producer boards beginning from 1936. ( The dawn of the Natzo Party. )

  6. You forgot to mention the ‘enablers’ Martyn. You know, the muddle class middle managers and bureaucrats, the ‘movers & shakers’ and parasites. That’s where the wealthy are able to enrich themselves. Or people like Paul Majurey, the chair of Eke Panuku, chair of the Tupuna Maunga Authority, 23 other companies….flogging off everything and anything that ratepayers own that isn’t bolted down.

    People like him and others need to be publicly exposed.

  7. I think that there are parallels between our neoliberalism today with the mostly conservative ‘Continuous Ministry’ of the 1870s and 1880s in which elections mattered always returned a more or less conservative administration and its final term, the penny-pinching ‘Scarecrow Ministry’ of 1888-1891 which galvanised the New Zealand public to vote in the Liberal Party of Ballance, Seddon, Ward and Mackenzie. A continuity possible because New Zealand was “still more or less of an oligarchy,” as William Pember Reeves put it in 1924, the democratic masses not yet organised to put the oligarchy, which in those days was dominated by sheep farmers and the like to the neglect of the towns and cities, out of political business (these days, it’s the lobbyists who are the equivalent of the sheep farmers). One of the consolations of historical philosophy is that, despite all growth and change, some patterns do tend to rhyme and repeat and this may be one of them.

  8. ” The worst interests with the most at stake are all congealing around National, ACT and NZ First ”

    Bomber it starts right here…

    ” As to whether there are conflicts of interest, the newspaper reports a spokesperson for Luxon saying “Any conflicts will be managed appropriately.”

    Yeah I bet they will !!!!

    ” New Zealand’s corporate lobbyists are currently carrying out major manoeuvres in order to ensure they are in the best possible position to influence the new Christopher Luxon-led government. Despite some of these moves being blatantly outrageous, there are no serious rules to regulate any of this ”

    ” Eagleson is also said to be carrying out other roles in the new administration. RNZ’s Guyon Espiner reported last week that “Eagleson has been called in to train new MPs and ministers”. Luxon says other key figures are also involved – he recently told Mike Hosking that Steven Joyce and Bill English had also been coaching his caucus on how to be MPs and ministers, and how to lead the public service. Those two former National ministers now run their own PR consultancies involved in lobbying – Bill English and Co Ltd and Joyce Advisory Limited ”

  9. One more little thing. Nothing really. See this lot here…?
    Courtesy The Rats Nests Zealots aka rnz.
    Week in Politics: Peters’ no show steals the show
    Now, study the photograph below closely and see jimbo bolger’s nestlings roosting around the table.
    Who’s that giggling between bolger and birch? There’s whinny. ( Keep looking… you’ll see them all in there.)
    What many of you must come to terms with is that Whinny isn’t what he’s trying to sell you. A moderate with a solemn voice of reason. An honourable man championing a noble cause… No. He’s a fucking lawyer rat and no disrespect to actual rats. He’s, in fact, a neo-liberal to the very core.
    The no-show thing? It’s a play. He’s playing those innocent amongst you. He’s, in fact, a con artist.
    Not turning up will be a tactic to suggest he’s not on their side but he must do the right thing by his voters and his constituents so ” If I must, I suppose I should. ” Whinny is the consummate Machiavellian Confederate.
    But he’s not the only one. How else does our politics ignore the people and enrich the already criminally wealthy? How else does the foreign owned banking systems exploit us and weaken us by manipulating our housing market to inflated, therefore entrapping faux values which the foreign owned banks feast upon?
    Vast and complex crimes have been committed against us. The problem is, they’re also perfectly legal within our economy and our politics. Funny that aye?

  10. The Plague Doctors, now fearless in the face of the people’s interests.
    They have all their puppets in line ready to do their bidding.
    And a pox on anyone who just wants to live decently in a fair society.

    We don’t stand a chance.

  11. ” In the review Thompson Lewis lobbyist Wayne Eagleson, a former chief of staff to Prime Minister John Key, advised Transpower how to limit media coverage from Official Information Act requests.

    “To the extent possible, release all OIA responses on the same day as the release of the reports/responses to the media, so we get everything out that we possibly can rather than drip feeding material.”

    Eagleson advises Transpower to “shift the narrative” to highlight that these were issues that needed to be addressed by the whole industry and not just Transpower. The media, he tells the SOE, lacks sophistication.

    “They don’t necessarily understand the respective roles of the various industry players. They tend to look for simple explanations even where a situation may be more nuanced,” he told them. “While we can determine what information we give them, we can’t control the headline.”

  12. I’m not sure which will be more entertaining – watching this odd throuple negotiate a 3way – or watching them trying to perform it.

  13. It will still be a better combination than the suggestion Labour Greens and TPM link arms with NZF. We are losing too many good people as it is and the rest would go if this lot combined

      • I will stay and enjoy the next 3 years of good governance and a return to prosperity for all that want to work .

    • Seeking greener pastures is nothing new Trevor. We steal skills from smaller less developed countries and bigger countries steal them from us – it’s the law of the jungle. John Key promised equal pay with Australia to stop it – didn’t happen in his 9 years.

      • Given Nationals history and low wage economy there is no incentive to stay and work in N.Z. Trevor knows this as a former business owner, so of course Trevor prospers whilst employees suffer.

  14. Yeah, but Winston would make a great PM, with charisma, humour, and statesman-bearing plus he’s not a neo-liberal.

  15. Winston produces votes for himself and then makes them … Winston.

    Rather love the loons fooled for nonsense and then, Winnie. The most calculating SOB who will speak their rhetoric and deliver pure Winston — which we’re still trying to discover 40 years on.

    Except he softens the right-wing reactionaries and sometimes brings them around for a Left govt.

    I really couldn’t take talking nonsense for that long. But he’s mostly … kept us from worse Rightist paths.

    It’s not like talking truth has done much for ’35 social democracy.

    Except truth has its own glister.

  16. Disenfranchised Kiwis won the last election and gave the coalition a mandate for radical change
    Bring it on

  17. One of the rights biggest donors Winton Land …listed coy’s shares on the rise.Resource consent a…done deal I imagine.

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