Labour, Greens and Māori Party urgently need to hui now to counter offer Winston



Let’s be very, very, very clear here.

A National, ACT, NZFirst Government would produce draconian policy backlash towards the 600 000 who use food banks monthly, the 24 717 on the social housing wait list, Kainga Ora tenants about to be kicked onto the street, the workers losing Fair Pay Agreements, the renters losing tenancy, the beneficiaries, the drug addicts and the disabled.

Chippy said all policy was now under review after losing, so then his ruling out if Winston is now off the table as well!

The Labour Party, Green Party and Māori Party should immediately meet to thrash out an 11th hour counter offer to that of ACT and National.

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The agreement would be: Supply and Confidence for a NZFirst/Labour Minority Government with Māori Party and Greens pledging Supply and Confidence and not in Cabinet.

A policy win all parties could hold up would be removing GST off all Supermarket groceries.

Winston would be Prime Minister for 18 month to guide NZ through these geopolitical shockwaves, and whoever was elected Labour Leader in a leadership contest during those 18months would then become Prime Minister for the remaining 18 months.

The one thing Labour, Greens and Māori Party could give Winston is the one thing National and ACT went give him, Prime Ministership.

If it’s Winston as PM for 18 months implementing a Labour/Green/MP agenda, (as much as that is possible), or National/ACT/NZF untethered by animosity, I’d take Winston as PM for 18months to avoid the alternative.


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    • There’s only 1 person who can definitively decide the next govt, and that’s Winston.
      Coincidentally there’s only 1 person who could lead National down the coalition negotiation path for so long and then inexplicably change his mind, and that’s Winston.
      And there’s only 1 person with the intestinal fortitude and a hide thick enough to weather the blithering backlash that would come from all over the commentariate, and that’s Winston.
      It would be one for the ages in terms of NZ’s political history. At first glance, such a deal wouldn’t appear to be something you would favour. But from NZFirst viewpoint, the weaker the party’s they go with, the stronger their hand. Basically they would be in the position to roll out much of their policy agenda, and assume most cabinet minister positions, and last but not least, a smiling Winston as PM and foreign minister Jones, finally confirming Muldoons astute appraisal of the then up and coming Winston, all those years ago, from the previous century. And it would give NZFirst by far the highest profile they have ever had in govt, and Winston’s highest profile on the world stage, rubbing shoulders with Biden or King Charles, and his friends around the pacific islands.
      The fat lady has already started singing, the curtain has started decending, and the ushers are standing at the doors, but she has not yet completed the last shrill passionate notes of her magnificent aria.

  1. Yeah well:
    Courtesy The Rats Nests Zealots aka rnz.
    Week in Politics: Peters’ no show steals the show
    Now, study the photograph below closely and see jimbo bolger’s nestlings roosting around the table.
    Who’s that giggling between bolger and birch? There’s whinny. ( Keep looking… you’ll see them all in there.)
    What many of you must come to terms with is that Whinny isn’t what he’s trying to sell you. A moderate with a solemn voice of reason. An honourable man championing a noble cause… No. He’s a fucking lawyer rat and no disrespect to actual rats. He’s, in fact, a neo-liberal to the very core.
    The no-show thing? It’s a play. He’s playing those innocent amongst you. He’s, in fact, a con artist.
    Not turning up will be a tactic to suggest he’s not on their side but he must do the right thing by his voters and his constituents so ” If I must, I suppose I should. ” Whinny is the consummate Machiavellian Confederate.
    But he’s not the only one. How else does our politics ignore the people and enrich the already criminally wealthy? How else does the foreign owned banking systems exploit us and weaken us by manipulating our housing market to inflated, therefore entrapping faux values which the foreign owned banks feast upon?
    Vast and complex crimes have been committed against us. The problem is, they’re also perfectly legal within our economy and our politics. Funny that aye?

  2. I’m sorry but this would destroy all three’s support… Labour promised not to work with Winston, and Greens and TPM are even more diametrically oppossed to them, the left needs to hold the line for now and plan ahead for 2026 (or sooner Nat/ACT/NZF collapses)

    • Raijin I think it was Hipkins who said that he would not work with Winston, so replace Hipkins with a less inflexible Labour leader. Hipkins also regretted not helping to silence women at Albert Park. Odd.

  3. I’m sorry but this would destroy all three parties’ support, the left needs to hold the line and plan forward to 2026 (or sooner if the Alliance of Assholes collapses)

  4. Need to roll chippy first and give the axis of ignorance an opportunity to implode.

    Give it a year to marinate…

  5. Martyn – Yeah, great idea …get the Coalition of Losers, Labour – Greens – Te Pati Maori Parties together

    • The Greens and Labour got more votes than Act and NZF so let’s not pretend Seymour and Peter’s represent winners.

    • Would not National and ACT be a coalition of losers? They hold less than 50% of the parliamentary seats between them – that’s why the need NZ1st even though the latter is not actually part of that block.

    • Well I tend agree that there is no way Winston Peters should be PM. That said we will need to be on drugs if Seymour is deputy PM.

    • Jack when you make such a direct opinion please exercise your mind and show to whom you are referring even as a passing thought. This post is read by many, and not all write in but just think; it isn’t just about you you know.

      • Isn’t that what National are doing to gain power? That’s MMP the way it’s being operated here. Nat and Lab have over 60% of the vote, the law should make them govern together – that then would be ‘proportional representation’.

      • Benny the warning signs of a coalition of clowns are there, its so bloody obvious its not going to work, if it was going to work it would have been sorted by now, they would / should have been working at it for the 3 weeks it took to finish the counting instead of moaning about the time the count was taking , that was irony all by itself don’t you think. Whatever they come up with now will be a crock of s**t, neither any good for man or beast and worst of all for NZ. Luxon is a useless empty vessel nothin more nothing less, and all I can say is god help New Zealand because none of these 3 clowns will.

  6. The left needs smart policies. And GST off veges is a dumb policy – it will increase admin costs, and there’s no guarantee the difference will be passed on to consumers. A better idea would be to take GST on EVERYTHING back to 10%.

    But you have serious problems with reality if you think NZF is going to get into bed with the openly racist Maaori Party. NZF’s candidate in Port Waikato is Casey Costello from Hobson’s Pledge – she’s a committed opponent of the parliamentary left’s ethnostate agenda.

  7. I have never heard of anything so ridiculous. Winston got 6 percent of the vote Labour were rejected the country would be a laughing stock overseas and the voters would not except it

    • If they have the numbers then they have the numbers.

      It’s no less ridiculous than National and Labour never even considering a coalition together.

      • Germans had such “great coalition”
        Our largest parties seem to be too similar to do that…scared of merging into a MMP (Middle Mediocrity Party) .

    • Yet you are more than happy for Luxon to accept the ridiculous. Says more about you Trevor, it is you who is ridiculousl. You are a laughing stock.

    • Yeah, nah it would be viewed as a mature MMP. Helmut Kohl led a minority party and was the Chancellor of Germany for 16 years. The centre-right won 67-56 but that bloc has been unstable since Jenny Shipley forced Winston to walk away. The centre-left won 63-60 and Winston aligns more closely with the kind of socialism NZ had up until 1984 than with Act’s meth neo-liberalism. If the left make him King he will be forever grateful.

    • Trevor “A laughing stock overseas? “. So what? Biggest problem is those parties currently have leadership vacuums, but Winston Peters would make a better PM than any of the current offerings.

    • The fact that NZ1st got only 6.5% percent shouldn’t make any difference to the proposal. Whether Winston would make a good PM should be the only consideration.

    • If you believe Luxon has what it takes then you are not a Business owner. In fact, people like you are fast becoming dinosaurs.

  8. Shit no, leave it as is.
    They negotiate for another 3 years by the looks but that means they will do nothing and in the meantime Chippies hands are legally tied so he can’t continue with the silly shit of recent years that got his mob kicked out.

    What is there the public shouldn’t love.

    • Are Hipkin’s hand’s really tied legally? But even if they are, surely that would be another reason for bringing in a Winston led government.

      • No no no, we want none of them with any ability to fuck more. Today none have the power to do bugger all damage, lets leave it just like that.

        Labour were very fortunate, and totally caught on the back foot, with Winnie last time and it appears went on to disrespect him so I can’t see him falling for that twice.

  9. A LOT of us have been saying that since the election results were known. Give Winston what NACT cant-wont give him. He’ll want to have held that position so much that he’ll swallow a few more rats than otherwise.
    But definitely Idiot-Captains call has to go, and go as of yesterday.
    Neat idea of 18 months and then switch.
    THIS would help Winston enormously, hence I’m surprised he isn’t hinting at it, even if he has NO intention of doing so. As he’d get a WAY better deal from NACT than he’ll get presently.

    • Nicko. Peters has a track record of putting New Zealand first and he is unlikely to upsticks like Key and Ardern if the going gets tough. Nor is he as American smitten as those two are.

      • As soon as you wrote “track record” I presumed that you were talking about a horse called New Zealand. My impressions have always been that Peters looks after himself first & is cunning enough to give a few trinkets to selected voting groups that pander to him.

        • Bonnie. Nope. Peters’ track record available to read on Wikipedia is pretty good. He is also the only political leader with the integrity and the courage to publicly address the sexualisation of young school children with the non-scientific gender ideology which is now part of the curriculum. In private, the Nats say that they will address it, and it has all flourished under Labour and the Greens – while our kids drop behind in literacy and numeracy skills- and concerned parents get labelled anti- transgender, which is nonsense.

  10. I mentioned a few weeks back that chip will be the next PM (and he was sworn in again, though i hadn’t contemplated the scenrio that played out). According to my sources, the energy around the final outcome is completely uncertain, even now. There IS the very real possibility of the left pulling one out of the hat. It’s very much on the table. It has been for months. But the parties have to want too AND take ACTION. Free will and all that. Geez the window of opportunity is bloody near closed though. Or is it? FWIW.

    • Hipkins is PM at present and will continue in that role until a new election can be held. If the present coalition talks break down, and National is unable to form a government, the “ext election” could be in October 2026.

  11. I agree. Winnie gets PM and our little motu and all our people get a fucking break. We survive another day without all hope being sucked out of us, and the generations behind us trying to eek through. Fingers crossed. Arms, legs and eyes too! Why not? 🙂

    • Agreed. There is no way in hell NZF are going with LINO. In the Port Waikato by-election, NZF are standing Casey Costello from Hobson’s Pledge, an organization conceived to combat the parliamentary left’s ethnostate agenda.

      • [There is no way in hell NZF are going with LINO.]

        You are probably right, but that doesn’t mean the idea is a bad one, even if the parties don’t see things that way.

  12. Winston is the most experienced politician in the country former Treasurer, former Deputy PM, former Foreign Affairs Statesman, a guy once tipped to be National’s First Maori PM. He’s been PM material since the 80’s. Why do you think a guy named after Winston Churchill hasn’t retired yet – job not finished, ambition not satisfied.

    Obviously, NAct haven’t twigged yet to the deal that will form a government. Willie, JT and Marama could make it happen for the left and for Maori. Will they?

    • Joseph. Peters, yes The others, no. Marama, IMO, is the most racist person in Parliament and shockingly historically ignorant; Tamihere, aka Mr Front-Bum, too misogynistic, all three are divisive.

  13. Bahahaha. Get real.

    Firstly, Winston ruled out working with Labour before Labour ruled out working with Winston.

    Secondly, there is no way TPM would ever agree to this.

    Thirdly, this would be the final nail in the coffin of the Labour Party.

      • It would be a positive strategic game changer if TPM do get on board. We are living through the “long game” right now. They’ve been given the mandate. It’s the time for TPM to rise. Just my opinion.

    • Ollie Winston might rethink working with Labour with Ardern and Hipkins gone. Hipkins could quit for the good of the party, like Ardern.

      • Yeah right. Winston would work with Kieran McAnulty who’s a staunch advocate of 3/5/10 Waters and “co-governance”? You’re dreaming.

  14. A fascinating idea! And it may at least help him get some of the worst Act ideas wiped! I like him having the clout more than I do Luxon or Seymour

  15. Not sure about your idea Martyn but Labour certainly need to URGENTLY rebrand themselves away from neoliberal policies. If a deal is struck, chances of it holding together for long are very slim. Even the right wing commentators can see that.

    • The arrangement could lead eventually to Labour and NZ1st combining to form a new party like the Liberal and Reform parties did many decades ago. That party would probably need a new name since the Labour brand does not seem to have much meaning any longer.

  16. Good point. I hate Labour. Just politikking now rather than ideals. Is there any solid in them? You know the answer as well as me, Martyn. These pricks think they can come back with their weak water. Cunliffe at least tried to imagine a more rightful place.

  17. Sounds like a Plan & not so much a crazy idea Martyn as it appears as Winston was a fantastic Deputy PM under Ardern’s Govt & would be a great PM, the only problem is his anti Maori agenda & Chippy in the way? The silly insipid Hipkins who stupidly ruled out working with Winston, which was just idiotic in a MMP environment & after previously having Peters working with Labour in the past, Chris Hipkins should have been more conciliatory because Winston Peters is a known Politician who was a handbrake on dumb policies, Winston could be accommodated but Martyn your scenario won’t happen, Hipkins would need to be sacked & the Greens, Maori Party appeased & thats a big ask, a four ring Circus, it’ll never happen but here’s a scenario for you, a Labour/National Party Coalition, both are Centre right Neoliberal Parties & both bloody useless as fuck & equally capable of screwing this Country & it’s Citizens over, both Political Party’s have been doing this for decades & both have more in common than any differences?

  18. We actually don’t yet know what this coalition will be like but what we do know is-
    Identity politics and division.
    Virtue signaling wokeism.
    Broken promises and lies.
    Economic and social neglect.
    Labours 4 donkeys of actual apocalypse.

  19. Labour, Greens, TPM oughta get ready for the snap election. No deals with NZ First. Just win back a chunk of their base by getting serious about regional development etc

  20. “Labour, Greens and Māori Party urgently need to hui now to … Dump their shite MPs and then they’ll have a chance to cut a deal with Winston.”

    Have been saying that this kinda senario could happen, and fuck me! It looks like it has become a reasonable probability, until Key pops up and has a word in Luxo’s ear and says to him,” cut a deal dickhead or else youre toast!”

    • Prunella. Yep. The prospect of John Key and slippery Bill English mentoring Chris Luxon is very sobering indeed.

  21. The fly in the ointment with this idea, is that Chippy did not want to win. While Chippy may be partial to being in coalition with another centrist party like NZ First, Hipkins did everything within his power to avoid Labour being in coalition with the Greens and TPM in case they dragged Labour to the Left undoing Labour’s long love affair with neo-liberalism.

  22. Perhaps Winston should simply form a government himself, with the support of the parties of the left. He could point out that another election is not in their best interests since it would in all probability provide National and ACT with enough seats to form a government without further support from a third party.

    Such a move on his part would be a pretty classy form of brinkmanship: another election would not be in NZ1st’s best intersts either, because of the risk that electorate might blame Winston for the breakdown in the current negotiations.

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